The Astrology Show #010 – May 2011

Here comes Jupiter in Taurus! (Wellcome Collection)


Ahead of the arrival of Jupiter in Taurus, there are plenty of inner planet transits to lead the way. If you are a Taurean born in late April, then gradually, each of these planets in turn will trine your natal Sun, allowing you to shine more brightly, more easily. If you also have heavenly bodies or points in the sign of Taurus, and you know these are in the early degrees of the sign, you will also begin to see expansion and growth in your life mid-year as the trines begin to take hold. Whatever your natal chart looks like, the ingress of Juipter in Taurus, explained by Adam Smith in the May show, is good news for at least one department of your life, as the relevant house of your horoscope will start to reflect Jupiter’s change of sign. Jessica Adams will look at specific dates for you. And while Neil Spencer is away, we’re putting together some special features for you in June, including The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to William Lilly by Julian Venables.


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