Astrology Prediction – The 2012 USA Election

Can he do it again?

Who will win the 2012 American presidential election? The final verdict will not be final. And Barack Obama’s horoscope shows stress. Story – Jessica Adams. Written September 18, 2012.


The 2012 Olympics gives us our best clue about the way the 2012 U.S. election will run, because it also coincides with the same chaotic cycle, known as Mercury Retrograde. This Olympics had the feelgood factor, but it was also known as the Empty Seat Olympics. The music was great, but the seats were vacant.

It was a classic Mercury Retrograde Olympics as no less than eight badminton players were ejected. Runners ran off the track. Gold-medal winners were declared winners – then losers. And a North Korea-South Korea flag dispute (wrong flag on the screen, mass walk-out by the North Korean women’s football team). The NBC coverage was so full of errors that it became one of Twitter’s most popular threads – NBC Fail.

2000 Bush-Gore Flashbacks in 2012

Mercury the Messenger of the Gods

The Mercury Retrograde cycle dominates the Obama-Romney election, as it did the confusing Bush-Gore election of 2000. Both before the election and after, Mercury Madness rules. This is a prediction it’s easy to make.

Winners will be declared winners in the 2012 American election, then undeclared. There will be computer problems. Media errors.

Expect a state of flux about the outcome, around the world, until at least November 27th and possibly as late as December 15th.

Less certain but also worth mentioning –  there may be an event so epic in November or December 2012 it makes a dramatic legal judgement about the election necessary. Why am I saying that? Because this is a Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio, and that’s the sign where we also now find Saturn, the North Node and a Total Eclipse. Scorpio rules joint finances, big business and power. It is also associated with everything that is hidden and complicated. This is not a regular presidential election.

Why 2000 is like 2012

The 2000 election was held when Mercury was stationary (doing nothing, going nowhere) in Libra, before turning direct and making his mind up in Scorpio. The 2012 election will be held when Mercury is stationary in Sagittarius (doing nothing going nowhere), before lurching retrograde, one sign behind, to Scorpio.

Obama’s Leo Solar Chart

Barack Obama in Time magazine

Mercury is retrograde in Leo Obama’s solar fourth house of property, family, removal trucks and decorating over the whole election period. It looks as if Obama will be spending October making ‘firm’ arrangements about where he lives, and how he lives, only to find they are altered or even scrapped from November 15th through 26th. No matter if he thinks he’s moving out of the White House for good – or celebrating a comeback and redecorating, there’s a big u-turn showing up after the election is over.

The u-turn may well be down to Pisces Romney. Looking at his solar chart, everything Romney is assuming about his 2013 career from October 30th comes unstuck from November 7th and he won’t know where he stands until December 12th.

Mercury Shadow Warning

During the media frenzy and electoral administrative planning before polling day in 2012, Mercury will be shadow at 18-29 Scorpio and 0-4 Sagittarius. A lot of astrologers try to pretend it’s not there, but if you look at World War Two and the Wall Street Crash, it was everywhere.

The Obama and Romney Natal Charts

 At 3 Sagittarius Mercury Shadow opposes Obama’s Moon at 3 Gemini. At 28 Scorpio Mercury conjuncts his Midheaven at 28 Scorpio. At 27 Scorpio Mercury forms a T-square with Obama’s North Node at 27 Leo and the South Node at 27 Aquarius. At 27 Scorpio, Mercury Shadow conjuncts Romney’s Jupiter at 27 Scorpio and his Moon, also at 27 Scorpio. Vesta is also at 27 Aries. (All data: Solar Fire.)

What Media Astrologers Predict

Susan Miller, the sun-sign astrologer from Astrology Zone predicts an outcome very similar to the uncertainty of 2000 when George W.Bush and Al Gore were, separately, both ‘declared’ winners, at different places and times, by the media. Miller’s forecast is similar to her 2000 prediction to Bryant Gumbel on American television the day before polling began, that day. Back then, Wired reports, she had predicted ‘long, uncertain days of counting and recounting ahead’ as Cancerian George W.Bush went up against Aries Al Gore.

“I did say on the air that we will not know a winner,” Miller says of her spot-on Election Day 2000 prediction, afterwards. “But all the astrologers knew that. It was a no-brainer.” That’s huge modesty from Susan Miller about an epic astrological prediction that did great things for the profession. Yet, in many ways, Mercury Retrograde is a no-brainer.

New York astrologer Michael Lutin (a horoscope columnist with Vanity Fair magazine in its glory days) also had that same forecast of uncertainty as Miller, back in 2000. Fox News actually believes Lutin had perhaps his biggest moment as an astrologer during the 2000 election.

Michael told them, “I was on the Judith Regan show one night, and I said we’re not going to know the results Wednesday morning because Mercury is retrograde! And I said that the winner’s going to be the loser and the loser’s going to be the winner. People thought I was this great genius, but that was the only time I’ve ever been right about an election.” Again, Lutin believes 2012 will be a far from straightforward race.

Jeff Jawer from Star IQ, writing twelve years ago predicted, ” This could be such a close election that the winner of the popular vote is not the winner of the electoral vote that determines the outcome of the race. Such an event could lead to a reconsideration of the Electoral College and a possible change of the Constitution.”

And so to 2012, and over to Michael Lutin again –

“If you thought that the election of 2000 race was crazy, that’s nothing compared to what’s going to happen in November of 2012,” he’s quoted online. “Don’t count on anything being smooth.” Another New York astrologer, Shelley Ackerman, has this neat appraisal – “There could be tabulation problems, problems with the polling machines. Vote absentee to make sure your vote is counted.”

Anthony Louis and Peter Stockinger, two eminent horary astrologers, are definitely worth reading too. See their discussion about the 2012 election in the light of horary prediction here.

Times and Dates for Mercury-watchers.

At 7.00am on election day 2012, Tuesday 6th November, as New Yorkers are turning up to vote with coffee and bagels in their hands, the heavens shows Mercury at 4 Sagittarius, in a stationary (standing still, confused) position. At 6.04pm on Wednesday 7th November, the following day, Mercury turns retrograde at 4 Sagittarius. He remains retrograde until  Sunday 25th November at 5.48pm when he stations at 18 Scorpio before finally going direct. He will actually not be moving direct at 4 Sagittarius (picking up where he left off on election day) until 13th December. This pattern is incredibly similar to the chaos of the 2000 election.

2012 – Not all astrologers agree

Can astrologers repeat their incredible accuracy from 2000?

The American astrology conference, UAC, asked astrologers from various disciplines to make a prediction earlier this year – the small group was unanimous. Barack Obama. Here’s the view from Patrick Watson and Chris Brennan filed on Sunday April 29th 2012 taking Mercury Retrograde into account  at  The Political Astrology Blog

“We have some concerns that the Mercury retrograde on election day could reflect some problems or controversy with the election itself, as it did in 2000, but ultimately based on the considerations outlined above, as well as some that we did not include in this writeup, it is our opinion that Obama will be elected to a second term.” You can listen to a September podcast about the election by Chris Brennan and Patrick Watson here.

How Mercury Retrograde Works

Mercury won’t be direct for weeks

Many of Florida’s year 2000 election night problems (which resulted in the farcical result later) stemmed from the mental confusion of voters. When Mercury is retrograde, and even stationary, that’s common. Mercury also rules office equipment . Many voters back in 2000 had difficulties with the voting machines. This resulted in an unusual amount of  overvotes and undervotes. Most of all, Mercury rules the media. The Voter News Service in 2000 called Florida as a win for Al Gore 12 minutes before polls closed in the Florida panhandle. The networks had to retract their retractions. There were other silly mistakes. All five major US TV networks back in 2000 assumed Florida’s polls had closed at 7.00pm. They hadn’t. In 2000 it all ended in Bush V.Gore in the United States Supreme Court.

A Range of Opinions

Not all astrologers agree with Michael Lutin and Susan Miller. Thus, Jonathan Cainer, to a reader, on September 10th 2012 – “Mercury won’t actually be retrograde on the day of the election. It will be stationary. I shall keep discreetly quiet about who I expect to win. But I predict the outcome will be unequivocal.”

In contrast, media stargazer, author and British astrologer Penny Thornton at Astrolutely has this to say in her newsletter –

“In simple terms, and in keeping with a stationary retrograde Mercury, we could say the result of the forthcoming US election will prove to be a backwards step. It is unlikely to mean that the country will have to wait until 26 November and Mercury to turn direct to get a result. The most probable scenario is that of many recounts and challenges in the days following the election. And when the victor emerges it will be in the certain knowledge that half the country doesn’t want him.” Penny Thornton finishes, “ I’m going to tip Mitt Romney for president. Please don’t shoot the messenger.”

Penny also reminds us of the result from the last British election –

“On 6 May, 2010, Great Britain held a general election. Mercury was retrograde. The result was a hung parliament: neither of the two main parties had enough votes to form a government. It took another six days and Mercury’s turning direct before the coalition government could be officially formed.”

Final Thoughts

Sometimes astrology can be so simple. I predicted that George W.Bush would beat John Kerry in the 2004 election by using a cookbook. Using the ancient art of bibliomancy, I randomly selected a recipe. It was Crab Royale. George was a Cancer-Leo type and Kerry wasn’t. Plus, on election day, the astrological voting mood was Cancer-Leo. People were looking for a family man/Lion King/super patriot. And by George, they got him. You can read more about this bizarre prediction from Garry Phillipson at Deborah Houlding’s website Skyscript. 

We’ll Never Know for Sure

The thing about Mercury Shadow, Mercury Stationary and Mercury Retrograde is this. Even after the ‘final result’ comes in and everyone accepts that it’s history – We’ll never know for sure.

Here’s my favourite example of ‘We’ll never know for sure’ with Mercury Retrograde. On July 30th 1966 when Mercury was going backwards in Leo, England (with three lions on their shirts) played West Germany in the World Cup Final. Except there was nothing final about it. Was British player Geoff Hurst’s third goal really a goal, or not? The Swiss referee asked his Russian linesman, using sign language (as they could not understand each other) and the goal was awarded. Some 40 years later people are still arguing about it.

The results of the American 2012 Election will be disputed. The vote-counting and final declaration will be chaotic. Barack Obama’s horoscope shows patterns which spell one word – surprise.

Filed September 18th 2012

Mercury by Hans Thoma Merkur, Wikimedia Commons


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Fantastic Jessica in all relative senses of the word/world.

Perhaps there’ll be revolt under Romney. Obama gets a second term later. Though it tears me so to believe it . . .

Really good piece. And exciting! Thankyou.

excellent article…what would be interesting to know is the transits to Romney’s & Obama’s chart on inauguration day (Noon ET January 21, 2013)

Pity Obama won.

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