The Astrology of the Royal Baby

What does astrology say about that baby?  Jessica Adams looks at the stars for the expected due date for the future heir to the throne. By the way, did you know that the new Windsor  will also share a horoscope signature with Her Majesty the Queen?

On January 16th, US Magazine reported: July is going to be a very busy month! Britain’s royal family and reality TV’s royal family are expecting babies midsummer. Kim Kardashian, 32, and Kate Middleton, 31, revealed this week that they are both due to have their first child in July.

Turns out Kim’s baby was due somewhat earlier. But let’s zero in on the latest Windsor.

Is there a royal or celebrity signature in the skies in July 2013? There are actually several and any baby born that month will be a VIP. All month long, Ceres is in Leo, the royal sign of the lion. Her Majesty the Queen was also born with Ceres in Leo, as was Princess Margaret.

The sisters, born to rule, symbolise this horoscope placement perfectly. What is remarkable is that Prince Charles was also born with Ceres in Leo – and his first grandchild will also inherit the royal horoscope signature.

Depending on the actual birthday (now expected any time from 17th July on), Prince William and Kate Middleton may also find their babies with a large number of other heavenly horoscope bodies in the sign of Leo too. The zodiac sign of the lion  has ancient associations with Kings and Queens. The Royal Arms of England (pictured below) dates from the Middle Ages. Astrologers have been using the constellation of the lion to predict leadership traits in Leo types ever since.


The Royal Arms of England (Wikimedia)

Kate Middleton and Prince William’s astrological charts reveal they were both born with Hygeia in Leo. This all-important asteroid describes your cautious, protective, careful side. Placed in the sign of royalty, it makes them both tread very carefully when it comes to the throne. If you are curious about the planet Ceres or asteroid Hygeiea in your own horoscope, you can look them up at by choosing Extended Chart Selection and entering the numbers 1 and 10 in your astrology chart.


It’s common for children to inherit the horoscope signatures of their parents, royal or not. Kate Middleton’s Leo-looking mane of lioness hair may be down to the strong Leo signature in her chart. Her child may emerge with a definite Leo look later in life.  Astrologers don’t have a birth time for Kate Middleton as yet, but even without this, Hygeia in Leo is exactly placed in her horoscope, here, as it does in her husband Prince William’s.

Do you know a child who is due in July 2013? As the month goes on, the chance of having super-Leo babies increases.

If your baby arrives on the following dates, then you will be growing up with a prince or princess in the household. The more heavenly bodies this child has in the sign of the lion, the faster you should order the monogrammed baby blankets. Remember, not only Her Majesty the Queen and Princess Margaret, but also Prince Charles were born with Ceres in Leo, just as this baby will be.

This child will be a natural leader, but have to learn to share and compromise. Ceres in Leo children are passionate about being ‘prince’ or ‘princess’ and feel entirely at ease with being the centre of attention, yet they also have a sense of entitlement.

Ceres in Leo children will want heirs, or a dynasty, of their own once they become adults. They may pour themselves into creating this, at any price – or find a professional or charity project involving children to act as their other appointed ‘heirs’. It’s a hallmark of the sign.

Let’s start with the babies, though (all of whom will expect to be the centre of attention – you have been warned). Here are the due dates and times for these brilliant new July arrivals  and their individual horoscope signatures. These dates are all calculated for London, so please adjust for your time zone.

Babies born July 1 through 22, 2013

Born from the first minutes of 1 July through 1.40pm on 22 July – These babies have Ceres, Venus, Vesta and Apollo in Leo. They are born leaders of their particular pack, although even at school, they will have to deal with competition in their social circle. A junior ‘court’ at primary school or high school is very likely. With Venus in Leo, they relate to people by playing prince, princess, king or queen in close friendships and relationships. That’s okay if the other person is happy to be a courtier – in fact it can be spectacularly successful. Look for great pride with the July 1-22 babies. They are the team captains and prefects of the future.

If any baby was also born on 9 July from 11.49am through 11 July until 11.11pm, then there’s an extra dose of regal Leo – the Moon will be in the sign of the Lion too. These children will be on camera from the moment they are born and fame will find them, in a small or large way, throughout their lives. They have what it takes to dazzle and their mother will be a central influence on them.

Babies born July 22 through 31

Babies born from 4.56pm on July 22 until the final day of July, the 31st, will have the Sun, Apollo, Vesta and Ceres in Leo. This particular group, will have relationships later in life which are very different to those they have in their careers. Their partnerships and closest friendships will reveal a completely different side of their natures which has nothing to do with the person they are at work, or in the community. Born with the Sun, Apollo, Vesta and Ceres in Leo they will expect to lead their siblings and friends, even if they are younger. Along with the babies born before July 22, they will be natural leaders – team captains and prefects.

Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom (Wikimedia)


Leo appears strongly in the horoscopes of the British royal family tree, beginning with Her Majesty the Queen and Prince Phillip. The lion is known as ‘king of the jungle’ or ‘king of beasts’ in folklore and since the 6th Century BC, in Aesop’s fables, the lion has been associated with courage. Throughout history, British monarchs have always charged into battle with the lion on their coat of arms. The remarkable repetition of the sign of Leo in the House of Windsor gives this particular royal house, a certain style and boldness.  Note the way that some family members share exactly the same astrological chart signature, too.

Her Majesty the Queen – Ceres, Moon, Proserpina, Neptune in Leo
Prince Phillip – Moon, Neptune in Leo
Prince Andrew – Ascendant, Apollo, Uranus, Hygeia in Leo
Princess Beatrice – Minerva, Apollo, Sun, Cupido and Mercury in Leo
Princess Eugenie – South Node in Leo
Prince Charles – Ascendant, Pluto and Ceres in Leo
Princess Anne – Sun, Pluto in Leo
Princess Diana – Bacchus, Minerva, North Node, Uranus in Leo
Prince William – Hygeia and Proserpina in Leo
Prince Harry – Bacchus, Apollo in Leo
Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge – Hygeia in Leo


Check your own horoscope at (use Whole Sign Houses) to see if you have any planets in Leo. If so, you may be passing your Leo side onto your child. The picture becomes even more interesting once you look at the asteroids too. Please see my book on asteroids, free on this blog at The Astrology Show, to find out how to calculate these in your chart.


Kate Middleton’s first child is making history in July 2013 – right in tune with some historic planetary alignments. The grand trine in water is something special. Saturn is at 4 Scorpio, Jupiter is at 4 Cancer and Neptune is at 4 Pisces.  And not only that – Princess Diana was born with Mercury at 3 Cancer too, tying into the pattern. Here is the chart (all data Solar Fire). You can see Mercury in the Eighth House of legacies and wills (click the chart to enlarge it). Logically, Diana’s grandchild will inherit some of her estate. And astrologically? Absolutely. This is a hugely fated link between the heavens in July 2013 and Diana’s birthday, back in 1961.

The Princess Diana Horoscope
The Princess Diana Horoscope


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