Mercury Retrograde October-November 2013



Please Mr Postman – deliver the letter, the sooner the better. Unfortunately, your chances of this happening Monday 1st October through Wednesday 27th November are not great. Yes, it’s time for Mercury Retrograde again, and this one requires very special planning. Story Jessica Adams.

As you’ll see from my previous articles on Mercury Retrograde at The Astrology Show, it’s associated with late or undelivered mail, computer problems, internet issues, travel complications and transport delays. Paperwork and negotations go forwards, backwards, then forwards during this cycle. Be smart. Either fast-forward to December or factor in changes or go-slow situations when planning October and November 2013.

You’ll see that some astrologers only count Mercury Retrograde from the actual day he appears to turn backwards, which is Monday 21st October. They will then tell you that life is normal once he’s direct, from Sunday 10th November. Much as I’d love this flakey cycle to be shorter, history and astrology tell me – that’s wrong.

You need to count this cycle including the shadow. 

That’s the bit when Mercury appears to be moving normally, but is actually fooling us all. Why? Because he’s moving over the same part of your horoscope where he’s about to go backwards (and then forwards again) giving you an unreliable situation.

Here are the dates. Have Plan B, back yourself up, and pay special attention to the mail, negotiations, signatures,  the computer, the internet, your car/bike/motorbike, trains, buses, boats, telephones, fax machines – all of which are ruled by Mercury.

And by the way, sceptics – Britain is selling its post office. And on September 13th, two weeks before this famously flakey cycle begins. Strikes are expected. Cue world chaos.

All dates and times are calculated for London so adjust for your time zone.

Mercury Retrograde Shadow Tuesday 1st October 11.36am at 2 Scorpio 29
Mercury Retrograde Monday 21st October 11.29am at 18 Scorpio 23
Mercury Direct Sunday 10th November 9.12pm at 2 Scorpio 29
And when are we out of the madness?
Mercury Ends Shadow, Wednesday 27th November 8.24am at 18 Scorpio 23.

Put re in front of anything and it works. Rethink, review, rewrite, reconsider, resend. Mercury Retrograde is time for a dress rehearsal. A first attempt. A first take. Alternatively it’s good for going over old ground. If you are so cunning you’d actually appreciate a delay in some process, launch it now. It will take weeks. Even months. Read the fine print. The ‘story’ in motion from 1st October through 27th November may change once. Even twice.

Do not consider anything fixed, firm or final in the area of life affected by Mercury Retrograde now. Look up your sign below to see how this cycle will unfold in your solar chart (sun sign horoscope). If you know your natal chart, look that up too. Read both together. If it involves Mercury-ruled things (telephones, computers, faxes, mail, signed agreements, handshake agreements, buying/selling) either fast-forward to December or allow for X factors.

Aries – Money, property, business, charity, possessions.
Taurus – Former, current, potential partner. Enemies, opponents.
Gemini – Work, university, volunteer roles. Health, wellbeing, lifestyle.
Cancer – Children, godchildren, young relatives. Projects involving younger people.
Leo – House, flat, family, household, home town, homeland.
Virg0 – Media, the internet, publishing, your voice, your words.
Libra – Money, property, business, charity, possessions.
Scorpio –
Your brand, name, image, title, personal appearance, web profile.
Sagittarius – Your dark secret, invisible role or confidential project.
Capricorn – Groups, teams, societies, associations and other networks. Friends.
Aquarius – Your career, university role or non-profit commitment.
Pisces – Foreign connections, academia, education, publishing, the web, travel.


Copyright Jessica Adams/Curtis Brown 2013


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