Saturn in Sagittarius

Saturn in Sagittarius

Saturn will be in Sagittarius from Christmas 2014 through Christmas 2017. In this 20 minute exclusive podcast, I explore how will this affect your life and your horoscope. If you have questions about the content of this podcast, please leave them in the comments below.

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11 thoughts on “Saturn in Sagittarius

  1. Hello, Jessica! WOW! Thank you! That podcast opened my eyes as it helped me understand what I am going through with this person whom I thought was giving me my freedom (Uranus). Could it be possible that my former partner is the Saturn person whom I have allowed to bring me down? He sabotaged us in the past again and again. With his systems in place (sending albums and hiding behind his music and lyrics, girlfriends that he uses for protection/image) that he uses to communicate his story/pains while trying to make me hold on? How do I “protect” myself with Saturn in Sag? Born 20/10/1978, Chicago, USA; 2:42am. Much appreciated. :)

    • The trick with Saturn is not to let Saturn people (stuck, slow, stagnating and stuffing you up) affect your over-arching goals too much. Of course you will hit obstacles with them but you have to keep your eyes on the prize. Remember you have other transits to help you out – like the stunning Jupiter-Uranus trines ahead.

  2. Hey Jessica !
    I came here through the weekly horoscope to know more about how the Saturn in Sagittarius and the new moon on the 11th will affect me.
    I understand that my communication house will be difficult. And I feel it in the way me and my boyfriend ( 3 September 1986 ) have been having some trouble communicating while starting to arrange our house to start living together. At work too, even if less.
    Do you have any tips to help the communication and what kind of questions should I be focusing on ?

    Another question, related to the Saturn in Sagittarius cycle : How strongly will I be affected and how can I try to attenuate the extension of it ? I only have Sagittarius at 21 in Diana BUT I do have some other asteroids in degrees affected this week. Including my Sun at 16 Libra and, between others, some signs at 18 and 19 on the 11th.

    I’m definitely someone experiencing the 11/11 phenomenon. And I have also Anxiety Disorder (aggravated by the fact that I’m in Paris right now and stressing every hour of everyday) so… I’m having a really hard time and I would like to prepare myself in any way I can. Even if it’s just trying to find ways to calm my spirit.

    Sorry for the long questions !
    And thank you for your work.

    • Okay, let’s get to the key thing first which is your anxiety. Can I recommend an amazing woman called Dr. Claire Weekes to you? She passed over many years ago, but her books have sold over a million copies. They really work, for so many people I have known. Please do go to Google and see what is out there from Dr. Weekes. Let’s now get to your question about the New Moon and your Virgo boyfriend. Obviously, you are also concerned about Saturn in Sagittarius. Honestly, I am so happy for you – because I can see you actually have a strong Libra chart signature. So please do not worry. You will find your best, biggest partnership phase for 12 years from September 2016, carrying over into 2017. So it’s either him or another person. It is so unusual to find an equal, balanced, symmetrical, harmonious partnership. Yoko Ono found it with John Lennon. John Lennon found it with Paul McCartney. You are going to have your own ‘Lennon’ cycle in under 12 months and I think you will be overjoyed.

  3. hello Jessica
    after listening to this podcast I realized that pre-08 I was in a degree program at college and further back to 05 I had started taking classes in college for the first time…uh, yes transformation in higher education! so now looking back to 2014 I was in the process of initiating a return to college for another somewhat related program…fine tuning my direction if you will…and found at times it was stop and go and put a semester on hold to keep the peace at home with hubby…unfortunatley through my own ignorance my birth data is incorrect (workiing with support now).
    So basically was wondering if there is anything else I might need to be aware of in getting to where I am trying to go career wise. I have many factors in Gemini but none in Sag. I am Taurus Sun, Virgo on MC, Scorpio rising and top 3 signs for factors are Aries, Gemini and Taurus (6,5,4) Thank you so much!!!

    • Your experiences with your degree program are typical, as you heard in the podcast. Career? The biggest and best is yet to come. I appreciate that November does not bring the perfect solution or answer and you are either at odds about what is there, or others are in opposition to you. However, this sows the seeds for a tremendous opportunity from October 2017 with a real milestone in November that year and incredible work or academia improvements in 2018. So this is one of those paths you take, this month, with an eye on late 2017/2018 too when Jupiter moves into Scorpio. I suspect a new title, role or letters after your name is the outcome.

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