The Astrology of Gone With The Wind – Alex Trenoweth

Astrology Show regular Alex Trenoweth is also an author and teacher based in London and a longtime member of The Astrological Lodge. This podcast is her take on the astrology of Gone With The Wind.

Gone With The Wind







The Astrology of Gone With The Wind

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Thats really interesting thanks, my take on Gone With the Wind is based on the charts of the actors

Excellent analysis! Very clever and revealing! I’ve read in Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs that Scarlett O’Hara was a typical Mars ruled Aries, so no surprises there. I always thought Rhett Butler was a Scorpio – the man seemed so overtly sexual! Remember the way he was eyeing O’Hara at the barbecue like a ‘tomcat’, as the novel says… also the fact that he decided to have extramarital affairs when Scarlett made it clear that she did not want to have a relationship with him because she did not want to get pregnant again (too bad they did not have contraceptives… Read more »
Dear Jessica and Alex, What a terrific podcast! As a gigantic fan of Gone With The Wind, particularly the movie, this novel has always fascinated me and I’m not ashamed to say I’ve read the book and seen the movie perhaps 30+ times! Having been interested in both Astrology and Gone With The Wind since about 8 years old, I have always wondered about the link between the two, daydreaming about the astrology of who’s who…I just knew there was a connection between the two, I knew it! And here it is! With my Moon in Aries and Sun in… Read more »

Thank you so much for you positive feedback! I loved doing this podcast and Jessica Adams, thank you so much for the opportunity to share!

Interesting – I’ve got the novel and in some ways Rhett reminded me (a hard-nut Aries) of my Aquarius ex-husband He said to me once: “I love you all the way up to the attic and all the way down to the basement. You haven’t even got off the ground floor.” He was flippant, smiling-faced and salty-humoured on the outside, but clearly a different kettle of fish underneath. I don’t think Rhett was a Leo, but he may have had “elements”. He is much, much more like Aquarian men I have known. My ex-husband was Aquarius with Leo Moon, Scorpio… Read more »
Hi I just want to be clear that I did not assign the star signs to the characters: Margaret Mitchell did. The characters of “Gone With the Wind” embody the general characteristics of the signs. The source is from Neil Spencer’s “True As the Stars Above” and he in turn quotes Darrell Martinie who had a friend who had seen the original notes from Mitchell herself. By the way, I went to Atlanta to see if I could find a better source–and was a bit chagrined to have Neil’s as well as my own research quoted back at me. And… Read more »
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