How to Read Your Personal Weekly Horoscope

So you’ve just read your personal weekly horoscope.  One of the heavenly bodies is lining up at exactly the same degree (number) and sign of the zodiac, as something in your chart. Which area of your life will be affected, and in what way?

Example – you were born with the Sun at 15 Virgo and this week, there are patterns also at 15 Virgo. Looking down the list you see that a personal story involving your body, daily routine, lifestyle, work ethic, service, duty, food or drink is set to unfold.



ARIES Image, brand, appearance, self-interest, self-promotion, profile, reputation, publicity, packaging, style.
TAURUS Money, business, charity, value, communism, socialism, economy, possessions, property, charity.
GEMINI Multimedia, publishing, internet, words, ideas, images, journalism, books, public speaking, songwriting.
CANCER Mothers, home, family, home town, country, patriotism, roots, heritage, houses, apartments, home exchanges.
LEO Children, babies, young adults. Youth projects. Junior generations. Lovers who could make you a parent/aunt/uncle.
VIRGO The Body. Daily routine, lifestyle, work ethic, service, duty, food, drink, drugs, doctors, healers, surgery, exercise.
LIBRA Partners. Partnerships. Former, current and potential partners. Enemies, rivals and opponents. Deadly foes and lovers.
SCORPIO Power and money. Sex and money. Death and money. Basically – property/finance in power-based relationships.
SAGITTARIUS Travel. Travel in the mind. Academia, education, publishing, beliefs, foreign or regional ties, the internet.
CAPRICORN Ambition. Social climbing. Social status. Achievement. Being at the top of the hierarchy. The top of the ladder.
AQUARIUS Groups. Friends. People power. Clubs, societies, associations, political parties, bands, teams, Twitter networks.
PISCES Drugs and alcohol. Meditation. Mediumship. Secrets. Operating behind the scenes without any credit or recognition.



Now, which heavenly body in your horoscope is affected? Or which angle or point of your personal chart? This describes a very particular part of your personality which is about to be triggered – in the area of life described above.

Example – you were born with the Sun at 15 Virgo, in a week when there are also patterns at 15 Virgo. Your personal Sun is being activated, so this is a week to shine, glow in the dark, gain attention, be judged, receive feedback and be in the spotlight.

THE SUN How you shine, glow in the dark, gain attention, receive judgement, find feedback and experience the spotlight.
THE MOON How you need to be needed. How you ‘mother’ other people or animals, no matter if you are a man or woman.
MERCURY How you communicate. How you use the internet. That part of your personality which is a writer/public speaker.
VENUS How you run sexual relationships. How you feel about your children and in-laws. Your vanity expressed through love.
CUPIDO How you stir up desire but also succumb to it. That part of you which falls in love with people, places, ideas, things!
PSYCHE How you survive tests and trials. The rewards are something about yourself that lives forever – that never truly dies.
MARS How you compete, fight, assert yourself, go all-out to win, come first, attack, respond to emergency, stress and heat.
VULCANUS/VULCANO How you gain power by willpower – controlling your emotions and impulses with a will of iron.
JUPITER How you give back. How you are generous with others. How you use your good fortune by fixing other people’s lives.
JUNO That part of your personality which wants to commit. Your desire to lock up agreements in exchange for security, kudos.
FORTUNA How you blindly spin the wheel of fate and fortune for other people. How you unconsciously affect their highs/lows.
MINERVA The wise part of yourself. That part of your personality which counsels, advises and knows the best answers.
DIANA A fiercely free and independent part of yourself which dislikes commitment and demands space and autonomy.
BACCHUS The pleasure-seeking and pleasure-generating part of your personality which sees life as one big, long banquet.
APOLLO Your inner leader! The part of you which mentors, guides and inspires others. Your inner superstar multi-tasker.
CHIRON Your inner maverick. How you bend the rules to see if you can change them. How you get away with the ‘impossible.’
AESCULAPIA/AESCULAPIUS That part of your personality which revives, resurrects and brings things back from the brink.
PANACEA You can fix, repair, heal and resolve situations, people or ‘things’ by using your Panacea – but is it also ethical?
HYGEIA The safety and security conscious part of you which protects the future by insuring against risk or possible problems.
SATURN The scared part of you which self-sabotages in order to feel ‘safe’ – is your coping method worse than the actual risk?
OPS The strong, practical, optimistic, positive part of yourself which strives to fix up even the most negative of situations.
VESTA The part of your personality drawn into gender politics with one male/two or more females. Feminism will help you.
URANUS How you trigger rebellion or revolution by rejecting what you create, produce or invent – your accidental ‘creation.’
NEPTUNE How you escape from the so-called real world by losing yourself in an alternative reality without any boundaries.
SALACIA Your ability to comfortably co-exist in two different parallel universes, or alternative realities. How you escape.
PLUTO Your dominating side which changes the balance of power for yourself and others. Your passionate, powerful self.
CERES How you do (and do not) cope with enforced compromises over control and power. How you learn to successfully share.
PROSERPINA Your inner go-between. How you keep both sides happy. How you connect two powerful people/organisations.
ASCENDANT (RISING SIGN) How you project a particular reputation or image, for better or worse, getting it right or wrong.
DESCENDANT (DC) That part of your personality which is mirrored in your partner, but strangely also your enemy too.
MIDHEAVEN (MC) Your highest spiritual achievement. Your mountain top. It may or may not be related to your career.
IMMUM COELI (IC) Where you come from. A dominant theme in your family tree, culture, country, home town that repeats.
NORTH NODE That part of you which has reincarnated to watch particular life stories repeated, from a distance.
SOUTH NODE That part of you which has reincarnated to repeat particular life stories in order to learn detachment.

You can find out more about the signs or heavenly bodies by entering them into the Search box on this website.

If you haven’t entered your birth data yet, here’s how to do it.



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I do not seem to be able to access my profile so i can set up my chart.can you send me a link as i have wasted ages already..

Hi Jessica, this is really exciting to actually be able to interpret one’s own weekly horoscope. I am still new at this, so there is still some confusion. For example I see that on Tuesday 1st Sept : “6.23pm Saturn 29 Scorpio trines Salacia 29 Pisces” I have factors at 29 in : Uranus 29° Libra 05′ 56″ Diana 29° Aquarius 42′ 50″ R Juno 29° Cancer 02′ 17″ You have written a very clear and extensive guide to understand the planets asteroids and signs, but I can’t seem to connect the dots… How do I interpet how I will… Read more »

Hi there. Having just signed up for premium membership, I entered my birth information and double-checked it. Unfortunately the natal configuration shown is incorrect, reflecting a birth time 14 hours prior to the one entered in my profile. Easily verified at or etc. Note that my natal timezone was UTC-7, i.e. half the discrepancy. Would be much obliged if you’d fix the bug.

I am a premium member and I still can’t get access to Chinese Western horoscope. The page is blank and no contents…:-(


I’ve just looked at my birth chart data and was wondering what ASC is? My MC is listed but not AC, DC, IC, North Node and South Node. Are you able to add these or tell me what they are please?

Jessica, I was born on September 29th 1973 at 10:45 am in San Salvador, El Salvador, Central America. I do need your guidance, please see my questions below: 1) My marriage: I am getting divorced, but I still have doubts about it. Should I try to make my marriage work or should I continue my divorce and start a new life away from my husband? 2) What is going to happen with my love life? I will be able to know and feel real love and happiness some day? How soon this is going to happen? 3) I can not… Read more »

Loving the personalised birth chart. Astrology is still reasonably new to me and am hazy in piecing it all together.
Have just read the September horoscope, it’s given me some hope about a certain situation but before I get my hopes dashed I’d would like some guidance and clarification:
Me: DOB: 9 Oct 1986, 8:13am Tamworth, Aus
I’ve been enemies/not on speaking terms with Taurus man 5 May 67 since about 2011. He’s partnered with a Gemini woman. Any chance of reconciliation with him, even just to get on speaking terms again I’d be so happy with.

Dear Jessica, I am Preethy Joby, female, born in 23 March 1981, at 14:13 in Quilon, Kerala, India. I would be very happy if you could advise me on some concerns below. -I have had no luck in any relationships so far from my teenage years. People get removed from my life unexpectedly and all my exes remain friends not available to connect due to many reasons like relocations, family issues, misunderstandings and so on. But the only good thing is all are still in my life as friends. I’m currently involved from December 2014, with a Leo man, 24… Read more »

Thank you very much Jessica for your response

Dear Jessica,

Is there anything critical for me to decide on this week? 23.03.1981 at 2.13 pm at quilon, India – birth details


Hi !
I am so glad I got the premium membership. The new updates are really exciting. Thank you !

Report a bug: I can’t see DC, MC, IC, North Node, South Node and Psyche in my birth chart data. Please make the necessary updates.

Thank you :)

Dear Jessica,

I have Pluto at 20 Virgo, and the eclipse is at 20 Virgo. What do I need to know? I’m a Sagg and have Saturn back into my 1st house next week too. So I’m a bit ‘nervous’ ;-)

thanks so much for your great work.


Hi Jessica Would you please advise me as to the timing of paying out quite a bit of money (for me as a retireee) to set up a website to promote a counselling practice. (probably using your webmasters as I really like your site) … I work in a Jungian dream analysis framework, using the a chart for the dream if appropriate. I also work somatically as well. (Focussing, Gestalt,) I have never really known what I wanted to “be” … but working with clients dreams makes my heart sing. That of course does’t necessarily mean that I am meant… Read more »

Hi Jessica, l just wanted to know……when looking up current planetary positions…..if for example jupiter is at 11 degrees virgo 51, 21…….and in my birth chart l have prosperina in virgo at 11 degrees 50, 25……does that mean something or am l only looking for jupiter in virgo at 11 degrees 51, 21??? Does everything have to be exactly the same…..sign, planet, house….. ….l am really confused….l am a beginner in astrology and am finding it really difficult to understand…..weekly and monthly horoscopes using this information….

Hi Jessica,

Thanks for this post, it’s very helpful!

I’m a Sagittarius, but I also have a large number of horoscope factors in Libra. More than I do in Sag! What does this mean? Should I be looking at what’s happening in the Libra horoscope as well?

Hello Jessica, I was Born on 04/30/1984 at 6:15 AM in Morelia, Mexico. I need your help, I would like to know where do I stand in my Love life. It seems like every relationship i go through they always break my heart. Im not a mean person don’t understand why. I had contact with a person for couple of years and all of the sudden stop contacting me without a word I wonder why like what happened to him how did he all the sudden changed he was born in 08/31/1986 born in guanajuato mexico is he contacting me… Read more »

Hello Jessica,
I’m now a premium member super excited. I have my birth chart on hand, but i don’t know how to read my chart where do i go so i can understand my chart. Also, do you do consultations? it has to do with love. thank you

Latitude -33.8674869 Longitude 151.2069902 , 16May60 – life a mess, had my Saturn return a few years ago (I think) – a Libran from long ago came back in contact from far away. We talked and laughed and a lot was said. Financial problems and other things kept him away. But now he’s met a Sagittarius and I’m devastated. I feel we never got an opportunity then or now to see if it could ever work. Will I ever see him again? Will he ever realise the pluses I could bring to his life? Will he let go of the… Read more »

Hi Jessica, I am just become a premium member after browsing your site for quite a while. I am trying to get to grips with understanding my chart.
My main issue relates to my career, I fear that I am about to become unemployed again, this causes me anxiety as I return to college and obtain a law degree leaving a job behind.
My dob is 31.01.1978 born in drogheda, Ireland.
Has my chart any insight for my career.
Hope you can take the time to answer this.
PS really enjoy your site

Hi Jessica, I a recent premium member and wonder if you can help me interpret the current planetary line up. In seeing what current positions line up with my natal chart, among the bigger players, I have these at the same degrees as natal: Sun, Uranus & Chiron with my natal Mercury & Ceres; Jupiter & Bacchus with my natal Mars & Apollo; Mercury with natal Jupiter; Pluto & Panancea with natal Neptune and other common degree patterns with asteroids. I am at the cross roads with my work. I have good prospects though have had 4 years of difficulty… Read more »
dear jessica, full moon madness? i have 22 degree Ceres in Pisces and am currently looking for direction with regard to usefully and safely investing for the predicted down turns in the economy. from your fabulous predictions regarding the timing to do something about property and business i feel compelled to take action and make a decision but so far I am still treading water and feeling very insecure about striking out – especially when property prices are so heightened and my resources so limited. have i missed the ‘right time’ through indecision and confusion? or is my gut wanting… Read more »
Jessica, I want to ask to address this question directly to you because I am unable to connect the dots in my chart. I have had the absolute worst time with regard to housing since September – I am a university student and it thus has impacted my work and well-being. First home didn’t work out with school, second home I encountered horrible man who became obsessed with me. Talk about a spooky Halloween. I thought the situation would clear up following the Mercury RX cycle however it has not changed. Can you help decipher what may be the issue,… Read more »
Hi Jessica, I’m browsing your website (new premium member, yay!) and I enjoy it so far. I’m really interested in astrology, but as a novice, I have a bit of difficulty to connect the dots in my birth chart. As I have a lot of scorpio in my chart, 2012-2015 put me through hell and back. Basically everything I knew crumbled to allow the reconstruction phase I’m into now. It’s a special time, because I can almost feel the changes happening daily in me. I am grateful for the evolution that tough periods produce. However, I’m still trying to figure… Read more »

Hi Jessica,

I have been trying to find my correct birth time for years to no avail, Is there any way I can work it out by the charts. 24/02/1963. As I would love to know my moon sign, I am definitely not a pieces sun and moon. I am too organized and determined.

Thanks so much

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