Christmas 2016 Astrology Predictions

The most unusual line-up in years takes place at Christmas 2016, twelve months away, as I write this in Christmas 2015. If your personal horoscope has any factors at 20 degrees, you will be profoundly affected, as Jupiter at 20 Libra, Uranus at 20 Aries and Saturn at 20 Sagittarius all link up in the heavens. (Click to enlarge the chart).

Uranus is opposite Jupiter, which is rare. What is even more remarkable, though, is that Uranus is also trine Saturn, and Saturn is sextile Jupiter. What does it mean? Massive opportunities. Extreme change. Tremendous life lessons. And all at the same time!


The astrology of Christmas 2016 is unusual.
The astrology of Christmas 2016 is unusual.



The United Kingdom will be affected most by this line-up as she was founded (or born) with Psyche at 20 Taurus and the Moon very close by at 19 Cancer. Proserpina is also at 19 Libra. The dramatic events at Christmas 2016 are about the Royal Family. The Moon in Cancer rules the UK ‘family’ and of course that is the one residing at Buckingham Palace. The Moon is always about the Queen Mother or the Queen. What can we expect? A quantum shift. As the Queen’s head appears on the currency (Taurus) there may be a related question about that too.

On a broader level there is a dramatic story about the UK economy, her business interests, her pound and her values. (Click to enlarge the UK chart, set for 1801). Proserpina at 19 Libra is about the ‘special relationship’ with America.  It is also about the country’s allies against a common enemy.

This is not just one story. It is three stories, close to one day – Christmas Day, when the Queen traditionally makes her annual speech to the Commonwealth.

United Kingdom 1801



The clash between Uranus in Aries, ruled by Mars, the God of War – and Jupiter in Libra – the sign of peace, but also ‘war for the sake of peace’ raises nuclear questions. Why nuclear? Because of Saturn. Saturn is returning to Sagittarius, for the first time in about 29 years. By 2017, just around the corner at that point, that sends us all the way back to the year 1969 when the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament dominated the news. This clip created by British Pathe (the most amazing channel) on YouTube shows what was going on, the last time Saturn moved through Sagittarius. Why is this sign so important to the nuclear debate? Because it rules foreigners and foreign countries.




There are some more clues to the Christmas 2016 issue, which is both a revolution and an opportunity, as well as a massive learning experience. Nicola Sturgeon, dubbed ‘Queen of Scotland’ by The Daily Mail, is fiercely opposed to Trident. So is Jeremy Corbyn, the left-wing leader of the Labor party at Westminster. What is truly amazing to see is that both these political icons have horoscope factors at 20 degrees too. Jeremy has Proserpina and Minerva at 20 Aquarius in his house of groups. That is not only Labor, it is also CND.

He also has Mars close by at 19 Taurus which you will remember is a hotspot for the UK as a whole. There is a big question here about selling out at any price – the UK making money at any price – and it’s about Trident, but it may also be about other military or nuclear expenses. Mr Corbyn does not give a birth time, but even without it, the position of Mars does not change very much.

Nicola Sturgeon, for whom we have a timed birth chart, also has 20 degree horoscope factors. She was born with Saturn at 20 Taurus, right on Mr Corbyn’s Mars in Taurus position. We might phrase this as ‘war and money’. It is very much tied into the psyche of the United Kingdom (shown by her Psyche, also at 20 Taurus) as of course the country has a long history of mixing up its economy with its military spending and bases. Click on Nicola Sturgeon’s horoscope to enlarge it.

Christmas 2016 is a defining moment for the United Kingdom and her national identity. The peace movement is coming back in a big way. There is also a separate but related issue for Her Majesty the Queen and the Royal Family. 



Nicola Sturgeon



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Hellou Jessica,

My DOB is 20/09/1975 in Slovakia. I have Mars in 20 degrees Gemini and
Vulcano in 20 degrees Leo. Can you tell me please which areas of my life will be affected the most in Christmas 2016?
Thank you very much. You make great job!

Hi Jessica,

Another really fascinating article. 2016 is such a massive year for me and I have Saturn at 20 Gemini, which completes a stellar St Andrew’s saltire, or the X of Xmas. What for my quatre vingts?

With many thanks,

My natal chart shows Saturn in Sagittarius at 20 degrees. My birth time is correct within the hour. Are the outer planets larger trends that trickle down, personal choices or a mix of both?

Hi Jessica. I think this will still be relevant for me with saturn 18 21 libra..ic 21 aries?? Cheers

Hi Jessica,

I have the followings at 20 degrees: MC in Libra, Minerva in Gemini, Cupido in Cancer, Salacia in Capricorn. What Christmas 2016 might mean for me? I’m virgo sun at 4 and sagittarius rising at 3.

Happy Xmas Jessica! Where do I go please as a premium member to learn about my ‘degrees’ for my DOB? Don’t quite understand this yet.
Would appreciate yr help w this.

Hi Jessica,

I have Uranus at 20 degrees in Virgo and Apollo at 20 degrees in Cancer.
How is this going to affect me in 2016?

Merry Christmas!


Hi Jessica,

I have Sun in Aries at 21 degrees in the 9th house.How would these transits affect me?

I have my moon, 19 Virgo, Venus 21 Libra, Cupido 21 Aries. and Vulcano 21 Sag.,
in my natal chart. I’m hoping this is good for me regarding, meeting a partner? 11 years
divorced after a 22 year marriage.
What do you think?
Thank you, love your work,


Hi hope youve had a wonderful holiday! Could you tell me what areas of my life will be affected Christmas 2016?

Hi Jessica,

Love the website –

I have Venus 20 Gemini, Mars 20 Gemini, Jupiter 20 Taurus, and Salacia 20 Capricorn – that seems like a lot of 20 degrees!

Hoping 2016 will be a year for focus on more creative working way of life (writing) and a possible new home environment?

Hi Jessica, I’m very grateful for your articles and predictions. I’ve been following them for a little longer than a year now and I find them very accurate and interesting. I specially like your kindness, positive approach and wit. Reading them has been very useful for improving my English too. I’ve learned so many new words and idioms! Last december you made a very accurate prediction about my love life and I would appreciate very much if you could give me some hints about the future as I feel I’m some how stocked in this area. How does Christmas 2016… Read more »

Hi Jessica,

I have Chiron 20 degrees Aries and Psyche 20 degrees Aquarius (DOB 7/12/1974). I’m new to working with my birth chart, so what this might mean for me Christmas 2016?

Happy New Year x

Hello Jessica and a Very Happy New Year to you! Thank you for the interesting article and pointing out this influential astrological aspect. I have my True Node at 20 degrees Libra in my 11th house, Jupiter at 19 degrees Gemini in 7th and Mars at 18 in Taurus 6th house. I can feel 2016 will be a very important year for finding my true purpose in life and I would be very grateful if you can help me understand what this alignment represents for me. Thank you!

Hi Jessica! this is my first visit and I really like it here, I ll be back often. You re great.
Could you please help me to figure out how next Xmas stars would affect me?
Sun 20 Leo 6th house
Mercury 25 Leo 6th house
Pluto 21 Virgo 7th house
Uranus 27 Virgo 7th house
Neptune 23 Scorpio 9th house
Saturn 25 Aries 2nd house
Placidus, sorry… just learnt that it is not the best one for a woman.
still dealing with Pluto squaring my natal Moon at 13 Aries, oh my!
Thank you SO very much!

Hey Jessica,
Hope everything is going well on your end. I have been facing a lot of emotional ups and downs since September 2015 and can’t seem to look for a standard pattern in my day to day happenings. My relationship with my partner seems like an emotional ride. My date of birth is 10th October 1990 time being 9:35 a.m. All I have is faith in the almighty!
Love and warmth!

Hello Jessica and Happy New Year! My Sun is 20 degree Scorpio. My birthday is 11/13/70. Can you tell me how this alignment will affect me?

Hi Jessica,

I have Uranus at 20 degrees in Virgo and Apollo at 20 degrees in Cancer.
How is this going to affect me in 2016?


Hi Jessica, thank you very much for this interesting article. I am a 12 degrees Aquarius sun, born on February 1, 1975, at Romania and I have the following natal factors: -Chiron at 20 degrees Aries -Part Fortunae at 20 degrees in Pisces -Jupiter at 20 degrees in Pisces -Moon at 20 degrees in Libra. I am new to astrology, but I suspect that Jupiter’s transit in Libra will bring opportunities regarding the relationship with a nurturer / my mother (Moon) or related to the motherhood role. Uranus in Aries will activate a wound (Chiron) regarding my role in… Read more »

Hello Jessica I am so thrilled that I’ve found this website and am learning to navigate it pretty well and learning about fixed stars etc. Please can you tell me what is in store for me,I have just 2 planets at 20 degrees Venus in Gemini and Scalacia in Capricorn. Fingers crossed it’s good. Thank You for all you do you are a blessing in my life and your horoscopes are accurate always.Truly a God Send!


Hi Jessica, I’m also new here, really enjoy all your articles and learning more about astrology. Have been reading everyone’s posts and your responses to learn how this transit will affect me. I get a little overwhelmed with astrology knowing how far from a transit degree is significant, and secondly with more than one area affected, where to focus, or how to decide the most significant activity? (i.e asteroids vs planets, how many degrees +/- from 20 are within orb to count as significant) (21.4.67 4:04am Aus) Hope you can answer this for me, Best regards + Happy New Year… Read more »

Dear Jessica. Happy new year and thank you for another oracular article. I have had clear knowing about the UK Royal Family too, just wasn’t sure on timing.

I have:
Sun 4 degrees Capricorn End of House 2
Mercury 24 degrees Capricorn House 3
Moon 6 degrees Leo House 10
Ascendent 15 degrees Scorpio
Venus degrees 27 Sagittarius House 2
Mars in Pisces 5 degrees Fifth House

I am separated six months. Would you please let me know what I need to know on how my life will unfold particularly by this planetary arrangement in Dec.

Many thanks I really think you are amazing.

Hi Jessica,

This is fascinating, I have Saturn at 20 degrees Saggitarius in the second house. I was born in 1987.

Sun 9 degrees Pisces 4th House
Mercury 7 degrees Pisces 4th House
Moon 24 degrees Pisces 5th House
Ascendent 3 degrees Scorpio
Venus degrees 27 Capricorn 3rd House
Mars in Taurus 5 degrees 7th House

Any idea how it will affect me? I definitely can see how the structure of how we do things is changing a lot!

Have been studying astrology for a while and this is the best blog I’ve come across so far!

Best wishes,

Hi Jessica, I am a 12 degrees Aquarius sun and I have the following natal factors: -Chiron at 20 degrees Aries -Jupiter at 20 degrees in Pisces -Moon at 20 degrees in Libra Natal Moon (rules emotions, mother) in opposition to natal Chiron gives imbalanced emotions and difficulty to connect. The transit of Jupiter at 20 Libra, Uranus at 20 Aries and Saturn at 20 Sagittarius will activate this natal configuration. Jupiter will inconjunct natal Jupiter in Pisces bringing solutions and opportunities to study, travel, move or to explore religion or other spiritual belief systems. Uranus in Aries conjunction with… Read more »
Hi Jessica, Love and blessings to you! Your accuracy and how you interpret the charts is just incredible. I’ve been following you since I bought 20/20 in 2010 and read you every month. Since 2016 has been SO intense, I finally had to sign up. Financially, things have been intensely up and down… There’s also a person on the scene that’s been aspecting parts of my chart over this retrograde season – Sun in Gem at 13, Moon in Aqua at 28 and Virgo rising at 20 – Jun 3 72 @ 13:13ET). There are many other points in our… Read more »

Hi Jessica, I came upon your site via another site that noted your Christmas 2016 prediction. In my 4th house I have Venus at Capricorn 20 as well as Mars at Capricorn 22 and Saturn at 14 degrees. I appreciate your time:-)

I’m born on Dec. 22 , 1946 with my ascendant in mid Leo, my fifth house has the Sun at 0.38 Cap, moon at 25 sag along with south node at 19 sag, and Mercury at 13 sag. With Venus at 20 Scorpio and Jupiter at 18 Scorpio, I guess that 2017 will be one interesting year.

I’ve just re-read this with my chart in front of me! Vesta 20 Gemini, Uranus 20 libra, Apollo 21 Virgo, psyche 20 Scorpio…..should I be afraid or excited?!?
Maybe both? :-)))

Apollo 19 Virgo, Fortuna 19 Scorpio, Proserpina 19 Aquarius
Anything significant for a Sun at 15 Scorpio?

Thank you. If by line up you mean planets at same degree, then yes it is.
Please care to explain what do you mean by ‘six degrees of seperation’? I am still in my learning phase.
Thanks to an amazing astrologer and a wonderful human being!

I semm to have a lot of planets in 20. What am I looking at in December? Thanks

Hi Jessica,
Just stumbled across this… I have a couple of planets at 21 and 19, and I was wondering if this affects me – for future reference, should I consider planets at 1 degree difference (more or less) than the ones you mention… in general I mean? Also, if you could just mention, any important moments leading up to Xmas? …still struggling with a new business… and love life (inexisting one I mean, lol)! Thanks a lot.

Hi Jessica

Can you tell me what’s in store for me this Christmas, particularly interested if my dreams to be restart a relationship with a past love. He is sending me very mixed messages (26/03/68) over the past year and I can’t work out if he wants to return to me on a more serious level or not.

Also, Are you doing any events in Melbourne in Dec (9-11) as I’d like to come along and meet u.
Thank you

Hi jessica, i am curious about this alignments of many 20 happening in the sky and how their interact with my own chart. As it stands i have a grand square and everything feels like it always is being set in motion.specifically i have Jupiter at 20 degrees in cancer, and saturn at 20 degrees in scorpio, mars is at 24 degrees in aries and uranus at 24 degrees in cancer. the moon is in capricorn at 16 degrees and mercury in aquarius also at 16 degrees. Aquarius is my sun sign as well. as a previous writer asked –… Read more »

Uranus will trine my Natal Mercury, Uranus. Right? And Saturn will be celebrating right with them. Who do you see winning in this 20:20 ? Anything Jupiter may bring? Bcz Saturn will be there after crossing 16 degree thrice( trine my moon).First two occasions it brought job, visa to me.So it kinda revived me

Hello Jessica I am so thrilled that I’ve found this website and am enjoying the articles, and I am also a newcomer to Astrology
Please tell me xmas 2016 is going to be my best xmas ever
as I am in desperate need of some good news in my life after the last few years which have been the worst years of my life

I was born on 13/7/43 2pm Queensland 151e18, 25s36
My Sun Cancer 19°54’03
Moon Scorpio 20°20’29
Saturn Gemini 20°29’17 Thank you

Hi Jessica Just re-read this (very Mercury retro), but in a new light – more understanding of astrology thanks to you. It’s really lovely to see people share knowledge and empower others rather than jealously guard and nurture as their power base. So a big “thank you” Jessica for all you do. So, I have Chiron 20 Aquarius which means that Jupiter would trine(?), Saturn would sextile (?) and Uranus would sextile (?). Aquarius being my second house of friends and groups. Assuming I’ve correctly read my chart should I interpret this as being more than just a great get… Read more »

Hi Jessica,

How are you today? I have Venus 20° Aries – will the love gods bring me x’mas gifts? Thanks.

Hi Jessica,
I have really enjoyed reading the articles and predictions about Christmas 2016 and looked at my chart below my premium info and see that I have:

Venus 20 degrees in Sagittarius
Fortuna 20 degrees in Libra
Psyche 20 degrees in Libra

Can you throw any light on how I might be affected?

Thanks, RosiT

Hi Jessica, my wife found this article and we have been reading and re-reading this endlessly trying to figure out how can this aspect impact us as we are due to complete the purchase of our house in England during this period. But we will be converting the currency from Euro to GBP. Also i have Sun and Jupiter both at 20 degrees in Leo- so bit worried if maybe better to postpone the contract or maybe it will have advantageous consequences if we actually do it at that time? This might be too much to ask, so, many thanks… Read more »

Hi Jessica!
Hope you and yours are all well!
I have been exploring more articles on your site and came across this one. I don’t have factors at 20* but have a few at 21* and one at 19*. Looks like a lot of challenging aspects and even a yod with my sun as the focal point with saturn and jupiter. Any thoughts as to what i should watch out for?
Thanks so much!!

Happy pre-holiday season Jessica! Since I have become a member, my birth chart is close at hand and I find myself scanning my “numbers” to match with upcoming events and daily alignments. Not quite sure how to tie it all together (yet) so I’m sticking with matching the degrees. I saw this article and wanted to ask what these matching (and close to) aspects (?) will mean for Christmas this year: Diana 20 degrees Pisces Bacchus 20 degrees Virgo Moon 19 degrees Virgo Ceres 19 degrees Cancer As said in above comments, this is an absolutely wonderful and informative website!… Read more »
Hello I love the fact that whenever I’m wondering about an astrological event you’ve usually got an article on it! I have the Sun at 19 Cancer, Pluto at 21 Libra, Chiron at 21 Taurus, Vesta at 19 Virgo and Minerva at 21 Aquarius. I’m also fairly sure that my AC falls on 20 Leo. There’s a double-whammy Jupiter-Sun square going on as well, I don’t know if that’s good or bad! I’m fairly sure that there’ll be some home-related issues (Jupiter transiting Pluto in solar fourth and squaring Cancerian Sun, and that I’ll have to exercise my great wisdom… Read more »

Hi Jessica,

Just read this article, great as usual. Appreciate your efforts.
I have Hygeia 20 at Libra, ASC 19 Aquarius, Proserpina 19 Scorpio, DESC 19 Leo. Could you please tell me which areas of my life will be affected the most in Christmas 2016 ?

Thanks very much !

Hello Jessica Thanks for your fantastic work and your patience with our questions. Looking at my chart I have sun and moon in Cancer with Chiron at 20 Aries. I’m thinking this aspect has got to do with my overall image/appearance/self/profile and how I make it work for me and my interests? I have no idea about sextiles, squares or conjunctions, etc. affecting me so hoping you could throw some light on this? Please If I could also ask about my husband born on 12 May 1958 and our relationship. Getting truth and honesty from him is like pulling teeth… Read more »

Jessica, thanks so much for such a detailed and positive answer ! Curious about the Uranus ” surprise” effect.


Hi jess,
I have my natal Jupiter in sag at 20%, natal Uranus in Leo 20% I think this transit forms a kite? If that the case how do you see this playing out ?
With 2 0f the major planets involved being the Sam as my birth chart I imagine that this is a very significant event for me .

My birth details are 7/1/1960 Sydney 5.45 am

Thanks Jess and merry Christmas to you and your team


Hi Jessica. Although I am a novice at horary charts. I posed a question to myself about finally meeting a lover/partner as I have been alone for many years. It seemed to indicate, at the time I set the chart, with Cancer on the ascendant and moon at 10 degrees Cancer (17th Nov) that a likely meeting was imminent. Would you know if My natural birth chart 18 Jan 1959 London 08.58 concurs with such a loving meeting? Thank you

Thanks for the reply Jessica , very generous of you to answer all this post .

Will you be writing on this planetary line up again before Christmas?

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