Your Chinese Astrology for the Year of the Monkey 2016

What does Year of the Monkey hold for your Chinese zodiac sign? It is the year that Rupert Murdoch will marry his third Monkey wife, Jerry Hall. How does 2016 look for you? Your soul quest, or life mission, will be triggered this year. Read on to find out more.

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Dear Jessica,

Hope you are doing fine. My D.O.B if 17 september 1975. I have just turned 40. Will there be any major changes in my life? Up to now i have only lived for others been miserable and suffering from anxiety all my life. Thank you for your answer.



Hi Jessica, still exploring and understanding this site as a premium member. Love your predictions and follow religiously.
Wrt to mines DOB 01/26/77 I read alot about gaining on the financial side and travel in 2016 for me, that’s spot on! I am concerend about marriage though. Still single, was in a relationship with someone in a complicated situation and as much as I love him I’m ending it. What do you see for me to ease my mind? Any chance he stays?

Greetings Jessica
So grateful for your wise counsel. Coming from a 11/20/1961 female, rest assured I am truly grateful. While im much a novice in the world of cosmic intelligence, I am allowing a romance to unfold with a Gemini lady. It is my first involvement with this sun sign. It’s a rich blend of thrill, topsy turvy awe and confusion. Any advice?

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