Astrology on the Radio in February

I am appearing on a couple of U.S. radio shows specialising in astrology in February 2016, if you have questions to ask – or just want to download a program.

Voice America host Janey C. McCarthy asked astrologers  and authors Joanne Madeline Moore, Victor Olliver and I to join her in a show dedicated to the future of astrology which will be broadcast on February 15th. We  look at the long-range transits of Pluto and Uranus and their impact on astrology, during the show.



Joanne writes widely for an audience that also includes Indonesia, is the author of Love and Sex Signs – and also writes regular forecasts at Boho Astro, online. Victor is a bestselling Amazon astrology author and well-known as the Editor of the Astrological Association Journal. His overview of 2016 is here. 



If you are in Seattle or Vancouver you can listen live (and call in with questions) when I join Kyra Oser on KKNW Psychic Radio this month. The show will also be broadcast worldwide online. Kyra is one of those psychics who actually make specific predictions (in writing, too) and she has some really intriguing guests, including my friend, Tarot reader and author Daisy Waugh in London. Why not join us?


13 thoughts on “Astrology on the Radio in February

  1. Hi Jessica – hope you’re well! Love your site and have been hooked since attending an astrology tea in London that you attended a while ago. Had a Capricorn question for you – everything you’ve said about career/reputation has been spot on. When does it end?! Do you have any Capricorn career insights – my birthday is 13/01/78 @ 13:15pm (Johannesburg/SA).

    • Thanks so much for coming to the London astrology afternoon tea with Shelley Von Strunckel and I…I’m glad you love the site and will pass that compliment onto James, Justin and Alyas. You have a stellium in Capricorn. Most people have 2-3 factors there and you are almost double that. Between now and 2024 you will see massive changes in your chosen industry, business, special subject or profession. There will be demotions, sideways moves, promotions, departures. You could easily switch careers too. The uncertainty, lack of stability and permanence that has plagued your work since December 2015 is now ebbing away and you can look forward to a much more empowering and straightforward time. Mercury was Retrograde through Capricorn since last year which is why you have been unable to nail anything or anybody down! The next really big decision point for you will be the weeks before Christmas 2016 and into January 2017, when you will see the game of musical chairs with bosses, staff, colleagues, clients, competitors played yet again.This time when the music stops grab the chair that is right for you. If you can do this every year, now through 2024, you will end up being remarkably powerful.

  2. Hi Jessica. Firstly thank-you for this great site and your fantastic insight! I’m hoping you can help steer me in the right direction. I am feeling a great need to move to a locale nearer the sea as I have become stagnant where I am. I have moved a lot and hope to make the right choice, but I am sooo confused at the moment! Thinking of sharing, which I haven’t done in a long time. Maybe even move States?? Sorry to be so unclear…hope you can help. Thank-you!!

    • I am really pleased you think this is a great site – I will pass that onto James, Justin and Alyas. You are having a classic Neptune transit (the sea – and sharing) and are seeking escape and no boundaries, which are Neptune indicators. The confusion is also typical. You may want to let March go by before you choose permanently. Why? An eclipse in Neptune’s zone in your chart. It’s a blind spot.

      • Thanks Jessica. I have now decided to go back to Adelaide SA (Family) after 2 years in Northern NSW. Hoping that I can hold onto my new found wisdom and peace and not slip back into previous negativity!! This will take place b4 the mercury retrograde shadow in April. How does this look to you?? 24.12.1957 Adelaide 7.25am. Excited and scared all at once. Appreciate your guidance. Thanks

        • You will be amazed at how free you are, how exciting life is, how independent you become and how utterly electrifying your new life is. April is the month. Light a big candle on a big cake and welcome yourself to your new home. (But yes, try to take care of all the details before April 14th).

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