How Astrology Predicts a Brexit

Back in July 2015, on this website, you read an astrology prediction about a Brexit, or British exit from the European Union. The story, GOODBYE EU, was about Greece (who will quit eventually) but in this story I also predicted Britain would go.

What we lacked at the time was a referendum date, but we have it now – Britain will vote to leave the EU on 23rd June, 2016. That makes the prediction firmer.

The ‘Stay’ vote is beating the ‘Go’ vote according to newspaper polls at 22nd February 2016, but there are vast numbers of ‘not sure’ and they will decide the outcome. The horoscope on the day is very sure, though. Uranus rules the vote. There is a rare conjunction with Ceres, which is always about demotion and promotion. (She was promoted in 2006, the year they threw Pluto out of the solar system).


How on earth can astrology forecast this far into the future when we don’t have good, firm birth times for the major players, Boris Johnson, David Cameron and Nigel Farage from UKIP? 

This is where you have to stick your neck out! No proper AA birth times means astrologers have to go to the UK charts, set for 1066 and 1801.


At least we know the Sun Signs of all three players.  Boris Johnson is a media-mad Gemini, Prime Minister David Cameron is a diplomatic Libra and Nigel Farage is a fearless Aries.  We do have a timed birth chart for Nicola Sturgeon, though.

She is boxing clever. She says if Britain leaves the E.U. then Scotland will go to another referendum on independence. You may remember the prediction here about Scotland (that it would vote NO then YES eventually). Nicola Sturgeon is in the peculiar position of having a party which wants to stay in the EU, at the same time that its greatest wish (independence from Westminster) can only come if the whole kingdom votes to leave the EU!


It was possible to predict a Brexit as long ago as July last year based on the transits of Uranus, the planet of revolution, freedom, rebellion and ‘new, new, new’ and sure enough, it’s the main factor as the country approaches the referendum.

UKIP even has that Uranian word ‘independence’ wired into its name.  It also won a massive 3.8 million votes in the election, which shows how one single issue dominates British hearts and minds. People are saying ‘No’ and it’s ‘No’ which is the Uranian key word.


The final week of April is dramatic and decisive for the push towards a Brexit. It is foreshadowed by events near Friday 4th March when Uranus conjuncts Bacchus in Aries. Uranus is all about that electrifying moment when people realise they are edging closer to freedom. Bacchus is basically a great bit party. That’s a remarkable, champagned-fuelled weekend for fans of Indie Britain. It’s a political party, party!



It all heats up after Sunday 20th March when the Sun enters Aries, alongside Uranus for the first time in 12 months. After Tuesday 22nd March Mercury enters Aries.

Cue big press announcements and breakthrough headlines. What is really crucial, though, is the lunar eclipse at Full Moon on Wednesday 23rd March. That is a cover-up job which is going to skew the results quite a lot. It falls with the Sun in Aries and Moon in Libra, David Cameron’s sign.

On Thursday 31st March we find Mercury conjunct Uranus in Aries, and at that point we’ll see more Tory defections towards UKIP or just towards a Conservative Brexit lobby. David Cameron has a serious battle on his hands now and particularly with Boris Johnson, who some in the media muse might be Prime Minister one day.

April as a whole is about overturning the walls and breaking free from chains which is how some see the E.U. which rules the country from afar. After 5th April when Venus joins Uranus in Aries, there will be one rather glamorous woman – a professional seductress, like an actress or singer – who comes centre-stage for Indie Britain. Venus also rules romance, of course, so there may also be quite a prominent, loved-up couple who take the headlines.

The New Moon on 7th April is the fresh start that people have been waiting for.

Here is the 1066 chart and the 1801 chart for the United Kingdom in two incarnations. What amazes me about both charts is that they share factors at 23 degrees, or very close to it. On referendum day we have a rare pattern involving Uranus (revolution) at 23 degrees.



The United Kingdom Union astrological chart set for 1801.
The United Kingdom Union astrological chart set for 1801.


The United Kingdom was ‘born’ or founded in 1801, with these placements –

Vulcano 22 Cancer
Saturn 23 Leo
Ceres 23 Taurus

In 1066 in an even earlier incarnation, the country had these placements –

Ascendant 22 Aries
Descendant 22 Libra
Neptune 22 Taurus
Juno 22 Capricorn


Nicholas Campion’s legendary Book of World Horoscopes (The Wessex Astrologer) has even more horoscopes for the island in all her many incarnations. All of them have triggers at 23 degrees or very close by. This nation is ancient. Its castles and underground tunnels still stand from the days she was fighting France centuries ago – and Germany as recently as the Second World War. If you want to see what ‘old’ England is likely to do, on E.U. Referendum Day, then you need to check those crumbling parchment papers.  All of them show triggers for that day in June 2016.

The result is almost irrelevant. There is an historic push for independence after 23rd June which will only increase in momentum as Uranus, the planet of revolution, goes to 23 degrees again in September 2016, October 2016, March 2017 and April 2017, almost one year later.

Zodiac Signs Horoscope symbols

If the result is ‘Goodbye EU’ in June 2016 the revolution will only gain in heat, energy and power and it’s going to bring in Scotland, headed for Indie status. If for any reason the result is ‘Stay’ in June 2016 then nobody will accept it. This is not the end. If anything, it will only add to the push for independence, later.

The horoscopes tell the story.

Uranus at 23 Aries conjuncts Ceres at 23 Aries on E.U. Referendum Day, just before lunch.

When  Pluto reaches 23 degrees of Capricorn in April 2019, semi-sextile Jupiter at 23 degrees of Sagittarius, all remaining attachments to the E.U. are utterly gone. This very specifically includes any ghostly traces of old Euro trading as by then we are into the radical currency cycle started by Uranus in Taurus, the money sign and the Euro is on its last legs, if not only history…but that’s another story!


21st March 0287
Moon 23 Scorpio, Jupiter 24 Scorpio


20th March 0410
Uranus 23 Aquarius


12th July 0927
Moon 23 Scorpio, Sun 23 Cancer, Uranus 22 Aries


11th May 0973
12.00 LMT, BATH
Jupiter 23 Virgo


14th October 1066, 5.28pm LMT SENIAC, NEAR HASTINGS
Uranus 24 Sagittarius, Neptune 24 Taurus


20th January 1265 12.00 LMT, LONDON
Mars 23 Taurus


3rd April 1603, 1.30am LMT, RICHMOND
Mercury 24 Aries


27th March 1649, 12.00LMT LONDON
Moon 23 Virgo, Mercury 24 Aries


23rd February 1689
Moon 22 Aries, Pluto 23 Cancer


12th May 1707
Neptune 22 Aries


7th December 1922
Moon 23 Cancer

The last horoscope above, reflects the Britain of Winston Churchill (below). It shows the moment that, to quote Nick Campion, ‘the greater part of Ireland became independent and the UK was renamed the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.’ Just look at that fiercely patriotic Cancer Moon at 23 degrees. When the nation votes to leave the E.U. on 23rd June 2016, Uranus and Ceres will be at 23 Aries, exactly square that Moon position. This is like two express trains meeting at cross-angles and one of them is not going to stop, until it gets its way.

Churchill by Oscar Nemon, National Portrait Gallery (Adams).
Churchill by Oscar Nemon, National Portrait Gallery (Adams).



Without AA data we can only use the Sun signs of Farage, Johnson and Cameron to look at the political fall-out of a Brexit. What we can see for Nigel Farage in the final week of March and throughout April is a relaunch. Gone is the old wardrobe. In comes a stylist. Out goes old Nigel, in comes new Nigel. (The Uranus in Aries transits are about his image).

Boris Johnson has the same wild winds blowing through his Eleventh House which rules friends and the group. In other words, the Tories and his old university chums. This is a full-scale rebellion. The final week of March and all of April will radically alter the Conservative Party and there will be rebellions which excite Boris as much as they fracture the old group.

Prime Minister David Cameron has all this action in his Seventh House of enemies, opponents and rivals. Even though the results won’t be known until June, the final week of March and all of April will be full of the most hair-raising battles and big wow-factor twists and turns, involving those who are against him. Boris, of course, is first on the list.


Prime Minister David Cameron could have chosen any day at all, for a referendum on independence. He chose June 23rd and the deed is done.

What can we tell about the day? Well, as we go into the early hours of the morning, Mercury at 16 Gemini is conjunct Vesta at at 16 Gemini. That’s David Cameron surrounded by a group of women, either within his party, or within the European Union. Just after this, Apollo, the sign of leadership, enters Gemini too.

Boris Johnson, with his Sun in Gemini, quickly becomes man of the moment.

After this, seething, fermenting, powerful, overheated Vulcano enters Cancer, the sign of patriotism and nationalism. That’s a pretty striking omen.

The stand-out aspect of the day is at 12.06, just before lunch, when Uranus at 23 Aries conjuncts Ceres at 23 Aries, as we’ve seen (above). Conjunctions are rare events at the best of times, but this one is historic.

Why don’t astrologers use Ceres more often? Because they are often reading an Ephemeris which has not been properly updated since 1982. In other words, Ceres (reclassified in 2006) is not in it. How much does Ceres matter in prediction? Well, she’s Pluto’s Mother-In-Law. Put it that way.

Uranus was discovered in 1781 when the Americans beat the British in their war of independence. In that year, the French also took the first step towards revolution and independence – and in Britain the major bridge of the Industrial revolution was built.

Ceres is about sharing, compromising and dividing power. It is about dividing time, energy and resources between two or three players. She was found in the same year that The Four Seasons debuted. She rules share policies so that everyone has to take their turn at Winter, Summer, Spring and Autumn. She was huge in the horoscopes of European nations after the Second World War and the division of Germany. This Brexit referendum is a carve-up not only for the EU but also for the Tories and indeed – the relationship between UKIP and the Tories, too.

If it does not happen on June 23rd 2016 it will happen eventually. You can’t ignore Uranus conjunct Ceres! Which other planets are at 23 degrees on the 23rd? Mars is stuck there at 23 Scorpio. Mars Retrograde spells anger. Protests. Demonstrations. Riots. This is explosive stuff. Ceres herself is a symbol for deep emotion.

Uranus favours the new. In mythology he was the father of Saturn, who rebelled against him, castrated him (lopping off his penis and testicles with his scythe) and then brought his liberated brothers and sisters with him. The new world which resulted saw the birth of Venus, among others.

When he was discovered in Bath in 1781 the whole sky changed. So did astrology. Uranus is about extreme, radical departures from the old and the breaking away from tradition, convention, the past and all the rest. At six minutes past noon on referendum day, that Brexit is announcing itself in horoscopes up and down the land, as Uranus conjuncts Ceres. And that day or another day in the not-so-distant future, that is a clear signal for rebellion against the E.U.


Expect wild electrical storms in the final week of June and into the first two weeks of July. Forked lightning, powerful thunder and purple skies. Uranus tends to announce himself through nature and he is associated with two kinds of lightning, both forked and sheet, which seem certain to light up the sky over Britain as she votes for freedom from Brussels’ rules and the excitement of a Brexit. Isn’t astrology fun?

Without accurate AA (Rodden Rated) birth times for Prime Minister David Cameron, Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage it is impossible to predict their individual fortunes – but the two British charts for 1066 and 1801 are saying, June 23rd 2016 sees the biggest push for independence in years.

One way or another, Britain will be out of the E.U. sooner or later. And Scotland is also on her way to Indie status. Greece will join them, at some point.

This is a good test for astrology and astrologers. Can we call the future without AA-rated birth times? Are the national charts for the United Kingdom enough? And most of all, is it time that our entire profession began using Ceres, the potent dwarf planet who was promoted to equal status with Pluto in 2006?

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I love these blogs, so interesting. Every Union is creaking, the UK itself. Watching Scotland will be key, but I think you’re so right, England is out. Let’s hope it’s at least peaceful. Michael Gove’s statement could have been written by Nicola Sturgeon pre Indy ref 2014

Hi Jessica just read this with interest, at the moment you seem to be the only astrologer, predicting a Brexit. I’ve looked at some other really well know astrologers and they are predicting an in vote, with one describing David Cameron’s chart showing him as being very upbeat at the time! I’m not doubting you but it will be very interesting to see this play out. Thanks for such a great and interesting analysis.

Sorry Jessica ur obviously pro brexit all the way through this I’ve read other predictions that indicate britian remaining in the EU David Cameron has returned from a punishing negotiation in Brussels claiming victory and a special status for the UK ahead, while the Brexit campaigners says it was a hollow deal only offering minor changes. Plus ca change in politics. The UK IN/OUT EU referendum will now be held on 23rd June with the Neptune opposition Jupiter square Saturn in place which has a high worry, and nit-picking factor; plus a confident Jupiter trine Pluto. David Cameron’s Govt chart,… Read more »
regardless of the intricacies of ceres and so on, one factor seems to be overlooked in these lengthy speculations, assuming the polls close at 22.00hrs. Taking London as the terrestrial basis, Pluto rises, scorpio rules the midheaven, mars in 10th, Saturn rules ascendant, and squares Jupiter in 8th. So…. bad news for ‘foreigners’… EU wants GBR to stay…. Uranus occupies an insignificant position, and ‘freedom’ is illusory, regardless of outcomes… but that’s another story. but Pluto…. the ‘planet’ everyone wants to demote… rules ‘beginnings and endings’… and here is the Big Boy, not some insignificant iceball of no note. I… Read more »

that being said Dave’s chart looks strong…. but again the favourable aspects of Jupiter may mislead us, after all, if he doesn’t get his way, then maybe the sense of liberation and freedom he might feel may well relate to his personal retirement from political activity, and that can only be a sense of relief… taking it easier…. with ‘someone else’ in charge… after all it is a ‘personal’ chart…and although ‘beginning’ charts are valid, the ‘closure’ chart is surely more important since that is also a beginning… and 15hours is a long time in politics….

The man above who says Cameron’s chart is “too chipper” to fail at the moment – hasn’t he got transiting Pluto squaring his natal Sun this year? Isn’t that likely to be one of the most difficult, critical times of his life?

I have been searching for weeks now for some good astrology for the EU referendum on 23rd of June. I have enjoyed reading this report especially as a Capricorn who intends to vote to leave.

What I am amazed at that there seems virtually no astrology on this subject if you search google!? Is it being suppressed, other astrologers haven’t got the bottle to put there neck out? I am very surprised almost mystified!

I think you can find birth times for Nigel Farage, David Cameron and maybe Boris too, if you google ‘David Cameron, astrotheme’ ‘Nigel Farage, astrotheme’.

I have spent the weekend accessing all the astrological predictions I can find on the internet. I have discovered some astrologers claiming David Cameron’s Birth Chart after the referendum is far too good for someone who has lost. They also quote the charts of the other politicians in the other Brexit camp as being quite poor except Boris’s which also seems to be quite good. I note here you say there is no Rodden Rated data available for these politicians, so can take it that what I have read elsewhere is based on inaccurate data? Can anyone put more light… Read more »
No matter the astrology. I am a Scot living in Scotland and I can’t believe Scotland will vote for Independence any time soon. The current economic climate eg.oil price, Scottish deficit, makes that a certainty – we just can’t afford to be independent! It would also seem inconceivable that the UK would vote to leave Europe given all the heavy hitters, including many employers, advocating to remain. Boris Johnston is seen as a baffoon outside London and not PM material. Nigel Farage could not even win a seat at the last General Election. I would not pay much attention to… Read more »

“The EU lacks any kind of democratic legitimacy, which means that the end could come sooner than the politicians imagine.

Very interesting to read this prediction and all the following comments. I have been a passionate outer for decades and was not able to vote in the last referendum as I was only 17 at the time but would have voted out if I could have. Things in the undemocratic E.U. have only got worst in the intervening 40 odd years. The point I wanted to make is that I agree with Jessica, even if the vote goes against us in June, I believe the genie is out of the bottle now and the ‘outers’ are so passionate, unlike the… Read more »

Hi, I’m French (sorry) and follow with much interest the debate about Brexit. As many British (English ?) people, I think of EU as some undemocratic monster and my question is:

You think that astrology stands for “Free Scotland. Free England. Free Greece”. Free France ???

Hello Jessica Adams, I have enjoyed reading your article about brexit.
I’m a 47 year old Aquarian who intends to Vote Leave.
Can you please tell me how the recent speech by USA President Obama will affect the referendum outcome ?
Most national newspapers in the UK are leaning towards the Vote Leave campaign.
However there are just 2 papers that I’m aware of ( The Daily Mirror and The Guardian) that support the in campaign.
Thank you Jessica for taking the time to read this.
I wish you all the best for the future.

Its a funny old world to be sure. Scotland leaves the UK, the UK leaves the EU, the EU breaks up with itself and only some of the rest of the world really cares.

Maybe we all just need to break up before we eventually make up. Only next time round on different terms of engagement and hopefully different terms of endearment.

When I was young I came across a saying, “unity in diversity”. If the universe has a lesson for us to learn then it seems it might be the never ending art of compromise.

I am a financial astrologer with an interest in political astrology. I have examined the transits on the day of the referendum. Major events in World history, such as the outbreaks of the first and second World Wars, the assassination of Kennedy, the destruction of the World Trade Centre and many others, have distinctive elements showing dramatic change. I cannot find this sense of major timing and great change, quite the contrary, I see the continuing status quo. As much as I would like to leave the EU, being a Sun conjunct Uranus person, I cannot see it happening. Even… Read more »
Hi Jessica, Just reading this article now (I’m an Aussie living in the US and my attention has been on the crazy local election politics over here). You make a valid point about 23 degrees being a critical point in the events of the UK. Along with Uranus and Ceres conjoining at 23 Aries, there is another slow moving asteroid which is just reaching that degree this week (and will stay there for some time) – Eris. In Greek mythology, she was the disrupter, the uninvited party guest who threw up a big distraction. I wonder if this will also… Read more »

Earlier on in this page Jessica Adams predicted that a well known actress would come centre stage for Brexit. Well Dame Joan Collins widely regard as being 1 of the worlds most famous actresses has endorsed the vote leave campaign. Thereby proving ( up to now anyway) Jessica’s referendum prediction right.

Does it still look like UK will leave the EU?, i know leave is now ahead. Maybe it is the Cameron factor people just don’t trust him any more. I have already posted my vote it is out. I just have a feeling if we stay it will be more of the same nothing will ever change and we will get dragged down with the EU. Come on people where is the British fight?

Cameron almost always shifts any worries and objections about sovereignty and immigration back to “The Economy”, just as he shifts away from the fact that his so-called “reforms” or “concessions” (which the lovely Juncker has already said, leave or remain, will be hard to implement) actually amount to almost nothing. Aware no doubt that remaining in the EU would also be a real step in the dark, not least because of its aim to be a Federal United States of Europe, he projects all of that step into the dark onto Boris etc. Jung’s shadow is hard at work! “The… Read more »

I hope that you are correct, not knowing a great deal about astrology myself.
My gut feeling tells me that there are a lot of surprises in store. Cameron extending voter registering time says to me that he may be in panic mode and attempting to move the goalposts, might he even try to move the actual date to something more auspicious for his ”Remain” campaign?

A possible political player no one talks about is Theresa May. Although she decided to shuffle into the Remain camp at the beginning of the campaign, her silence and lack of open involvement is surprising. It was often thought she would side with Leave. Maybe her lack of involvement gives is room to manoeuvre back to the Leave camp in the final week or days?

Thanks for a most interesting article, which I came to via the Oxford Astrologer’s latest blog comparing the Brexit predictions of a number of astrologers. Interesting to note the natal charts of those who have posted replies here who have said they will vote Leave. I have an Ascendant at 22 Virgo, together with a packed 11th House consisting of Sun conjunct Uranus conjunct Mercury in Leo, plus the Moon at 29 Cancer. My Jupiter is in Scorpio at 22 degrees. Much of my working life has involved working in political PR and as a charity worker, assisting migrants and… Read more »

hi. I feel the Uranus/ Eris conjuction at 23 Aries is very significant. Also Ixion is at 23 degrees Gemini. Check him out, he is ruthless. you are a cool astrologer. thanks.

Interesting your saying the leave campaign may gain the support of a glamorous actress/ Showbiz persona as Elizabeth Hurley has voiced support of Brexit.

Today’s murder of Labour Party MP Jo Cox may be of significance, at this point the suspect does not appear connected to the Brexit campaign, but there are those who may try to politically point score on this.
Not sure how this would fit into your views of it in terms of astrology.

As predicted it would have to be a shock result the things are going now.

The eu fiscal system is not viable(NIRP )
where is the money for these refugees to house and feed them?
they are unemployable even for slave labor!
it will collapse whether England leaves or not

the only question is whether it takes the usa down with it. because the us fed system is WORSE!
I am cap op Uranus :moon aq/;mars scopio trine

I see that Referendum day began with violent thunder storms moving across Southern England! A remarkable tie-in with your prediction. A portent of UK Independence?

Wow, just wow! Well done Jessica, amazing forecast.

Amazing Jessica! You predicted the lot, even a seductive actress (Liz Hurley! And a loved up couple (Tom & Taylor) perhaps haha, oh and those those thunder storms stating Uranus making itself felt through we break from Brussels… Have a great day – Jayne (cappy)

Congratulations! You called it correctly.
England has awoken at last.

Brilliant prediction Jessica. You are a fantastic astrologer. I follow your tweets on a regular basis. You always get me thinking. For those who refuse to believe in astrology – what fools!

Re-read your article this morning after hearing the Brexit news, amazing how astrology – the way you use it – predicted this so accurately!! Including the crazy weather we have been hit by. As much as I was hoping Britain would stay in the EU, I am also very curious to see what happens next! Nothing like a good shake up of things and it is kind of exciting to see history develop in front of you. Maybe it’ll bring all kinds of opportunities once the dust has settled, instead of all the negative stories the press has been feeding… Read more »

so what is going to eu migrants living in uk,will they be deported?

Fantastically accurate prediction, where many astrologers predicted remain to win! Nicely done.

Amazingly Correct Prediction by you Jessica..So impressed !!
More intrestingly you made normal people like us BELIEVE that astrology is PURE SCIENCE and you can be accurate if you have all the ingredients(Information) in place.

Most of the predictions were opposite to that.

May i Predict one you got millions of followers and belivers of your prediction.

Keep doing good work.

Could not believe the electrical storms over the uk as we went to the pollsL
Your predictions completely amazed me they were so accurate! Will the uk rise above the initial volatility?

I can not be happier about
Brexit! I hope other EU countries will do the same. How about the Baltic states?

Hello Jessica,

I’ve enjoyed reading your article even though a touch long. As a student of astrology, I wish I had started in my early twenties, not after my retirement. Still it keeps me mentally alert and gives me a deeper appreciation of existence. I didn’t realise that Ceres was so important, something I never learned from my studies, so I have my reading cut out for me. Would not UK and Cameron charts be sufficient? I’m really glad I found your site and will become a regular reader. Many thanks.

The UK has voted to leave the EU. What is the astrological forcast for countries like Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, France and Spain. Will they also have a referendum in 2016 or 2017 to leave the EU.

Wow, Wow, and more Wow, just read your predictions because I was curious to see if astrology predicted a Brexit win, which I voted for. Jessica you are amazing. I like how you know your stuff. Our politicians and the rich have no clue. They are so out of touch with ordinary working people. They have all been so negative and feeding us so many lies. We are the ones suffering, seeing our pay and jobs eroded, I hope and pray that we can govern ourselves for the better and that we can include vulnerable people when we take back… Read more »
found this post/website after being all wound up about the fact we left the eu and this has calmed me down some. please god let it be a good thing we left our safety net! im only 21 and loved the fact being in the eu meant we had the opportunity to freely work and live in 27 countries. and the fact that now that right has been taken from me by the majority of older voters because the younger ones mainly wanted to remain has been very disheartening for me. but this article restored some faith in the planets!… Read more »

Absolutely fascinating! Have always toyed with astrology and after what felt like such a dark day (although I must say the vote itself was not entirely clear for me given I see the EU as a harsh neo-liberaly bully boy!), it still feels frightening. Your post gives me hope that like the Chinese symbol for crisis, being both danger and opportunity, maybe this is for the best. Thank you!

Congratulations Jessica! I am so surprised we voted out. I am very sad that so much Racism was whipped up against refugees and immigrants. Also it was obvious that the politicians were lying when they said we would save 350£ million per week and give it to the NHS by being out. Immediately this morning we’re told that this promise was “a mistake”. Any thoughts on this? Unfortunately Racism is now mainstream and respectable.

Oi Jessica!

Jessica, I do think you and another astrologer on YT called Liza Lazuli called it perfectly right!

So where now for Scotland and Northern Ireland ? Amazing predictions, by the way …. even down to the electrical storms !

What a wise and well-researched piece and in hindsight how accurate. Thank you. I’m British, 67 years old with Moon conjunct North Node at 23/24 Aries so this feels very personal. I voted Remain. I lived and worked in France for 10 years in the 1980s when the EU was the European Community, and it was a tremendously enriching time for me, and part of my modest retirement income is a French pension. So right now I feel a whisper of financial insecurity, though I know I’m probably catastrophising – our two countries have too much that binds us together… Read more »

There is a popular call for 23rd June be made a public holiday as our Independence Day. From the Astrological point of view could this special day be classed as the birthday of a new Great Britain with a new horoscope chart? By the way Jessica, you were bang to rites with your predictions, even down to the weather! I came across your page while looking for biblical prophesies on the subject which were adamant that Britain would leave the EU. Your site is now on my list of favourite places. Congratulations, and thank you!

Like another commenter, I came here from The Oxford Astrologer and am simply stunned at the accuracy of your predictions. I doff my hat and swear to follow you for all time. :) My own natal chart ties very closely to the UK 1801 chart (and my Sun is 23 Capricorn, so I expect I am being impacted by these dramatic transits too) – I’m another who voted leave; it is time for a change, the EU has become a deeply un-democratic, bombastic, bully and this is coming out now in the reactions of the EU and other member countries… Read more »