How to Use My Astrology

I am often asked questions about the kind of astrology I practise, both online and offline. I use the Natural House system (sometimes called Aries 0 Ascendant) which puts the angles into houses and always puts Aries on the cusp of the First House.

I stopped using Placidus many years ago, switched to Equal House and now prefer Natural House. I use orbs of no more than one degree and include all the asteroids of modern astrology which complete the Roman family tree which began with Mercury, Venus, Mars and the rest.

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How to Use My Astrology

Whenever you use my astrology in talks, workshops, personal readings, answers to your questions, podcasts, Twitter comments, columns or my books, you must accept it is for guidance only.

I can’t be held responsible for your decisions, about your life – any more than any other astrologer. You make your choices. Neither I nor astrology can make them for you! This applies to all the horoscope advice and information which has come from me – and will come from me, in future.

I’ve had some questions lately which have concerned me, as some people seem to think that I can tell them how to run their lives, or make their decisions for them.  This is quite wrong.

Like most astrologers I know, I cannot accept responsibility for the decisions you make about your life based on any of my horoscope guidance. The practice of astrology is always for guidance or entertainment only. You choose to accept it or reject it. It’s your call. And it’s your life, to live as you choose.

Astrology shows the currents of time. It shows where you are most likely to end up, given your starting point and current progress.

That is what my prediction, information and advice is based on. You have free will at all times, can change your direction or alter course. That is why my astrology is just one tool for you to use, in the tool kit of life.  Let’s look at Princess Diana as an example.

Your Horoscope, Fate and Fortune

This is Princess Diana’s horoscope (below) using the Natural House system and all the asteroids of modern astrology. She saw at least three astrologers, one of whom I know today. She also saw two psychics of my acquaintance.





Does the chart show her marriage to Prince Charles? Yes. The MC or Midheaven is in the Seventh House of marriage. The MC shows your highest achievement and ambition – for her it was the wedding to Charles and the prospect of becoming partner to the next King.

As we all know it didn’t end up that way. Does the horoscope show her death? No. In astrology there is no signature for death, because the transition from this life to the next means so many different things, to different people. I sometimes hear people saying Pluto or the Eighth House ‘shows death’ but that’s nonsense.

You may read about a horoscope being able to tell you about the circumstances or timing of your death – not so. I’m afraid astrology has attracted a lot of myths and fallacies over its 2000+ years of existence. That is one of them.

Could my astrology (the kind of work I do, summed up in this example horoscope above) have told Princess Diana what to do with her life, when to do it, and why to do it? Absolutely not.

Astrology has thrived for over 2000 years because it has been used the right way – to help you navigate. That is all. It does not work like an auto-pilot to fly your own plane for you. What would be the point? This is your journey and you control it, not astrology and not me! If your horoscope turns out to be a good navigation tool, though, that’s great.

In common with many other astrologers, I can’t be liable for any decisions you make in your life. That holds good for all the astrology I practise, both online and offline.  I don’t hand over ‘liability’ for my own life choices to the other astrologers and psychics I occasionally consult. Nor should you.

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Well said Jessica!

Hi Jessica, very well explained! Even though you are an amazing astrologer and medium! Your guidance had proof to me to be of great accuracy and help. Congrats!!! and thank you so much

Jessica, I have enjoyed reading your work for many years and find it useful in my life. I recall in the early days you likened astrology to the weather forecast. It provides an indication of things ahead. So like when rain is forecast and you plan a picnic, you can choose to stay at home, take an umbrella or go out and dance naked! The choice is yours but you know what may be ahead. Keep up your most excellent work. I particularly enjoy your articles, the combination of writing style and research is awesome!

Hello Jessica,

Thank you for your clarification on the houses and the system you use. Also for the next post – it is very informative and comprehensive!
I also have MC in libra. Overall, where do you see this play out in my chart? In the area of marriage, family, work or other?

Hi Jessica, in using the natural house system, are you also simultaneously using whole sign houses? This would effectively put my MC in Pisces in the 12th house with Chiron soon to conjunct? Could you give me some idea of what that means? Thank you!

Beautifully honest and modest article!!!!
Kudos to you Jessica for being so daring, clear hearted and sincere to your readers!!!
This article speaks volumes abt your commitment towards your readers…and that’s what makes you stand out from the rest!! God bless u always

Aquastell62 I love that
Plan a picnic stay home grab an umbrella or dance naked in the rain!!
I love your forecast I use it to know what’s coming and prepare myself, but I also know it is my decision to make life brilliant. If I have Sagittarius 10′ in. My mc what is my overall marriage or journey? I am consistently single for now but I would hope in the future I would find someone ..

Thank you for all your articles.
Honestly it was hard for me to believe that you have to come up with such article. People are so into 2 minutes burger world. They want everything in the smallest phase of time or may be there is less awareness of what astrology actually means.
Personally, It’s been 2 years for me seeking all light and guidance from your write ups. I cant thank enough to you for expanding my views towards life.
What would a Taurus ♉ midheaven means?

Jessica, I am a Gemini and my husband is a Scorpio. Your weekly ‘scope for the week of March 28 – April 3rd – with the Heart card pulled for both Gem and Scorp. (I LOVE how you are using the Lenoremand cards!) Dead on. Tough week, but forewarned was forearmed for me. Thanks again!

Hi Jessica. Thx for the follow. I have read been reading my horoscopes for some time and I’m still unclear of their meaning for me. My dates 28/04/1970 born 18.01 UK 1)My marriage: I have asked my husband ( 28/05/66 born Calcutta 12.05 pm) for a divorce but he is refusing. We have not slept together (intimately for 7/8 yrs or have shared same bed for last 2/3yrs). We pretty much live separate lives apart from doing stuff with kids.We have 2 young children ( both IVF) who see that our marriage is not like other parents. I don’t want… Read more »
Hi Jessica, Before I open up my box, I would like to tell you that at this time around last year I landed on your site. At first reading your horoscopes was like a balm for my wounds but then slowly and gradually and exactly a year later it has become empowering for me in the true sense. You deserve all the wonderful appreciation for your great work. Also, as one of the readers has already mentioned I am a fan of your “research” into astrology. Now my box of queries!! I have midheaven in Leo which happens to be… Read more »
I cannot thank you enough! I want you to know this from the bottom of my heart. Will you believe me if I tell you that since 2015 I have been digging deep into the purpose of my life and had come very close to the insights offered by you in February of 2016. I have thoughts, visions and in search of a foundation. I believe I will get there. Please, care to answer my boundaries question. It has stagnated me for very long. I just need to know when is the final “THE END” coming, so that I can… Read more »

hello Jessica Adams,

Thanks for sharing some good information. if you could also share the chart with d-9 and d-30 charts that would help us to explore more intricate connections.

Thank you again. You are very generous!

One last query- Since you have mentioned natural house system I am trying to learn about it with no lead so far. Which sources can help me gain a basic understanding about it?

Hey hey!! Didn’t mean to take away your precious time since you take care to respond to almost every query so genuinely.

You have opened me to a new world and such a good understanding of myself and why certain things things unfolded in my life the way they did and how I am now better equipped to deal with anything that unfolds in future. The astrology of asteroids is hands on!!

Can you tell me what to look for in a chart that can tell me if I will marry a person of different nationality than mine?

Hi Jesica,

I really love your forecast prediction and blogs. I am a regular reader of your blog. You write very truth and useful blog for the websites.

Hello Jessica Previously when enquired about clairvoyants you suggested Ruth Phillips & Anthony Kasner. Don’t have access to Skype/international phone calls so Ruth is out (my questions aren’t suited to one line email), can’t find email for Anthony to contact him. Would help to know if need umbrella or best to stay home. Every area of life is not going well, nearly 42, been this way whole life. Years of counselling, therapy, personal dvlpmt, groups, etc does not help nor does all kinds of medical treatment including traditional and alternative. Tried several spiritual churches but they were not friendly and… Read more »

Well said Jessica!
I would like to ask something regarding May 2016 forecast., I am a bit confused …
wich areas of my personal chart will be affected since my ascendant is in 0 degrees but so is my descendent ?
Thank you for your time,

Hello Jessica,
I have made a decision to untangle myself from the joint ownership of a home.
The people involved are both libra, ex inlaws born in 57.
Any insights?
Thank you,

Hi Jessica I’m really confused about houses. I’m a Capricorn. Which is my first house? Is it Cap or Aries? Do the houses follow in anti clockwise direction? If Mars is currently in my 11th house now (from your weekly Capricorn ) is that Scorpio? I thought that was my eighth. Sorry to bug you with my complete lack of knowledge. I’ve really tried to figure this out. I’ve read lots of your articles and just when I think I’m with it I read another of your blogs ( which are really brilliant by the way) and end up confused.… Read more »

I would just like to say I LOVE my subscription, thank you very much Jessica xxxxx

Hey Jessica ! I have a question for you related to Mercury retrograde. I know it is not advised to make big decisions during this time but I kind of did and I feel as excited as I feel scared of maybe making a big mess. My work contract will finish in the end of June and I resolved that I will inform my boss that I will not want a renewal as expected. In reality I decided I will embrace a new journey and start my own online business as a freelancer. I’ve had this idea for ages but… Read more »

Hi Jessica,
I am a premium member and love all that I have been learning through your website. Last year was the worst of my life and I have a north node in Scorpio at 29 Degrees which I learned was one of the reasons since Saturn was in Scorpio for a few years. I just read that Mars is entering Scorpio at 29 degrees so I was wondering how this is significant for me? Thanks so much for all that you do for us on your website it rocks!!

Hi Jessica This seems like a good place to ask this question. I note that you seem to reverse the interpretation paradigm for the Nodal Axis. Most astrologers I’ve read etc. teach that the North Node is that which we are aspiring to embody/embrace … our “karmic” destiny, for want of a better term. The South Node is generally spoken of in terms of “what we came in with” or “our past Karma etc..” and that the task, (trying not to sound too schematic here) is to take that which we’ve come in with and take it with us to… Read more »

Mm, further thoughts… So, really, it isn’t that much different from a “traditional psychological” approach. I have to keep remembering that you are more “literal” or “outer in the world” orientated. Obviously because you are a predictive astrologer. If you were to put on a psychological hat for a moment, how would you describe your nodal interpretation paradigm?

Hi Jess,

The late great Jonathan Cainer was very clear about the sign for Capricorn being viewed as a ‘mere goat’ and not a ‘mountain goat’. It would appear from your latest monthly forecast you do not share his view, so which one of you is right?

Daily horoscope has been missing Wednesday 22 and Thursday 23 June 2016, when will it return?

Hello Jessica, I do have Saturn and pluto in scorpio I think in my 7th house, and also MC in Capricorn.
What does this say about my relationships in general?

Hi there Jessica. Thanks so much for putting out the extremely activated astrology in the blogs in the past weeks. I am currently moving toward a new career opportunity with an interview on July 5. The astrology looks a little complicated for me based on your July forecasts. Is this a day that I should personally skip based on my chart factors? This potential position is a big factor for me. Thanks Jessica! Your predictions are absolutely spot on!

Hi Jessica, I am seriously wanting to move house as I don’t like it where I live anymore but I’m worried I won’t have enough to find somewhere better as the area has gone downhill in the last few years. I also have a small amount of equity in another property and I’m thinking of selling that too to try and raise a bit more. Do you have any idea if or when the time is ripe for this and any signs of love appearing? It’s been a long time and I suppose I’ve resigned myself to never finding anyone… Read more »

Your Aussie website is poorly updated lately. Daily horoscope out of date today. Weekly horoscope was published three days early. Posting errors are becoming more common. This is disappointing.

Thanks for the clarification about the house system, Jessica. Can I just ask (and I hesitate seeing as my chart looks like a teacher has gone to town with a red pen on it :) ) I seem to have a lot of planets & other bodies in retrograde? Does this alter how I (and others in the same boat) should interpret current planetary movements?

Hi Jessica,
I love your blog, makes so much sense to me :-)
My MC is in Virgo, what does that mean? My works has decreased a bit and I am a bit worried that I will not get enough (casual teaching), appreciate your thoughts.
Many thanks JR

Thank you Jessica feeling hopeful. A permanent part time position was offered in May and then nothing has happened since. I have concluded a semester of teaching without appropriate wage. Now I have asked for more work….fingers crossed. Bless you for sharing your gift.

Hi Jessica. I was in the running for a role that I felt was tailor made for me however just recently found out it is not being filled at this time. I really don’t see anything on the horizon although I’m hopeful that this may change soon. Based on my work aspects in my chart do you foresee a turnaround for my professional interests? I have been out of work for the last year and feeling a little lost. Thanks Jessica, so love your articles and thoughtful observations.

Dearest Jessica
God bless you and bless you so much more. You have changed my life for good. Thank you for the wonderful astrology. Thank you really!

Jessica, I do have leo and virgo factors in my chart. I’m considering a business arrangement with 3 brothers in the same line of work as myself. They are 20+ years younger than me. I have know them for 10 years, helped them get started back in the day.
Any insights?

Also thank you for the advice pertaining to my previous situation with in laws …I was able to untangle myself from that and the time line worked out in my favor!


Hi Jessica
I’m so glad I signed up as a Premium member on your website. Your astrology has helped me plan through some uncertain times, some of which is going on. I’ve also opened myself to reading & learning all sorts to improve myself and my environment (I put this down to Jupiter in Virgo) and the strong need to expand myself mentally. Thanks for your great work!

Hi Jessica. I think your website is fantastic and I have recently read a lot of your previous blog articles having only recently found your site. I commented recently on my Saturn cycle and your reply was very much spot on (having had a few very hard years of Saturn in Scorpio – had my full time job end in a very distressing way, relationship difficulties, serious health difficulties and ended up moving house a number of times – it seemed to affect every part of my life and all that I had previously stood for. It feels as though… Read more »

Hi Jessica, I’m a Leo 27/7/64 Bristol UK 00.30 BST, I read my horoscopes and particularly enjoy your world predictions BUT Leo horoscopes are rarely accurate for me (and only the bad stuff when they are). Is this something to do with an individuals chart or do some people just move outside the flow of astrology waves? Thanks

Thank you so much for your reply and insight into my situation. I truly appreciate your kindness and patience in answering my questions.

Dear Jessica,

Thank you for your wonderful explanation of eclipses. I have read where the eclipses are only in effect if they conjoin or oppose a planet on one’s chart. But you have included other aspects. Does this mean squares and trines should be included as well? Thank you.

Hi Jessica, Sorry didn’t mean to imply you were inaccurate. A Leo friend’s horoscope is always accurate but not for me (not just your horoscopes). Haven’t had much to do with the web and it hasn’t changed my opinions in any way? Just not much interested in communicating or the internet. My query was more to do with are some people buffeted more by astrological forces while others are more ‘captains of their fate’? Incidentally it was seeking the latest predictive poll on Brexit (I voted out) the evening of the vote that led me to your site accidently and… Read more »
Hi Jessica, thank you so much for your website but also for your 2020 Astrology book – my mum has been doing my astrology (very accurately!) for years, and put me onto your site after reading something in the Women’s Weekly that was spot on. I’m still working my way through all the information you’ve made available, but I started with the monthly horoscopes. I had an unexpected promotion in May 2014 and then a baby in January 2016 and, having recently returned to work, feel a lot of pressure to bring work in and prove to my superiors that… Read more »

Jessica, many thanks for your insight. I’ve done some searching on T-squares and they sound rather dramatic, but I’m not clear on how best to develop under the influence of one. I’ve often felt incredibly ambitious about my career, but I want to do things my way, and at the moment, with the lack of work, it’s making me feel rather powerless. My mum (with her astrologer’s hat on) keeps telling me to be patient …

Rebecca 18th April 1970, Johannesburg at 00:15
Hi Jessica – thanks for your insight (how to use my Astrology) – such clarity! My mom is an avid follower of yours and has put me onto your work – we’ve both been rivited. Jessica, could you shed some light on something I’ve been struggling with for years now: My son’s father has an abnormal (abusive) relationship with him, (my son = 24th March, 2010, Johannesburg at 09:38am). Is there anything you can see for this in the future, any way I might resolve it, or does it even have a future, the father is mostly absent (overseas). How… Read more »

I am amazed how I can relate my sun, moon and asc horoscopes to your predictions! Could you help me get a understanding on if I’m this is a karmatic relationship or if this is the one I need to grow? Me: 08-19-78 at 4:58 pm, des moines iowa, him 12-20-77 at 5:02 am, providence rhode island. Thanks for all you do!

Wow! About to file legal papers for his visitation for 2 of his kids, then papers to a different mother for the final child. My child recently got married. Bf and I lost a child in Dec 2014 due to some medical issues. I think I’m fated to bring him and kids together legally and show him how to trust and love again, unsure if I will get the same from him, crazy Sagittarius…

Hi Jessica, I just love reading your website and the astrology 2020 ebook was wonderful! I have a question, have I got caught up in Jupiter in libra excitement?-especially as I’m having my Jupiter return- in work I’ve been waiting for a new opportunity and one came up in the last 2 weeks which I took but now I’m feeling I jumped too quickly and I’m having second thoughts , any insight would be great! Thanks

Thanks for all you do. It is really helpful. Very often we are at our wits end and nothing we do seems right or we can’t find a way out of the problem. It is then we look to you for guidance. May I ask a question too? My horoscope for October says to accept the new coming my way. I was ready for it in March but then took a step back in the interest of the family. Now it seems the new will likely happen meaning a sea change for me. I am nervous but think this will… Read more »
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