Ten Ways to Handle Saturn in Sagittarius

People who are going through a tough Saturn transit to their horoscope are often too tired to read more than a few sentences about this cycle. I understand. Saturn rules lead. It’s heavy. It can feel like you are being dumped on, or squashed flat. Saturn also flattens us out – so we are flat on the bed, or ‘flatlining’ at work. If we are men, we can’t get it up. If we are women, we can’t get out of the house.

At the moment, Saturn is in Sagittarius. So how is it affecting your horoscope and what can you do about that? It can feel like being in a Waiting Room for a year or two. But there are ways forward. Ultimately, what you are forced to do on your Saturn Cycle (assuming you have done a lot of research) is always right. In fact, it will ultimately change your life for the better. But – let’s not gloss over this. It’s tough.

Saturn is not the only indicator for down times in astrology. It is among the best-known, though. You will know if you are dealing with Saturn in your chart, if you are around people, organisations or situations which feel stuck or slow. Heavy or leaden. They are hard (perhaps impossible) to shift.

Here is one thing you can do for yourself, right now. You can give yourself the luxury of more time to deal with this. Allow time to drift by. Do not pressure yourself. This will take as long as it takes. And this too, shall pass. 


Saturn in Sagittarius


Your Sun Sign horoscope, or solar chart, shows the headlines of your life. What is publicly and obviously happening to you! It’s an accurate guide to the ‘what’ of the current Saturn in Sagittarius cycle. It started on September 19th 2015 and will last until December 20th, 2017. 

ARIES – Publishing, books, writers and websites. Academia, education, lecturers, students and graduates. Travel, foreigners and foreign people. Regional differences. Religious, spiritual or philosophical differences. Beliefs of all kinds, including astrology.

TAURUS – Life insurance. Mortgages. Legacies. Contracts. Investments. Leases. Shares. Business. Companies. Taxation. Accountants. Banks. Insider Trading. The economy. Credit cards. Loans. Debt. Precious possessions. Theft. Charity.

GEMINI – Husbands. Wives. Boyfriends. Girlfriends. Love rivals. Business partners. Enemies. Opponents. The opposition. Legal conflicts. Disputes. Battles. Love. Sex. Equality. Sexism. Professional partners. Double acts. Duets. One-on-one situations.

CANCER – Drugs. Doctors. Healers. Drink. Food. Hospitals. Nurses. Surgeons. Gymnasiums. Trainers. The mind, body and spirit connection. The skeleton. The nervous system. Work. Housework. Unpaid work. University. Lifestyle. Routine.

LEO – Pregnancy. Fertility. IVF. Adoption. Parenthood. Nieces. Nephews. Godchildren. Sex. Contraception. Termination. Impotence. Illegitimate children. Serious lovers. Grandchildren. Youth. Juniors. Step-parenthood. Fostering. Paid/unpaid youth work.

VIRGO – Mortgages. Leases. Property investment. Renovations. Builders. Landlords. Landladies. Tenants. Air BnB. Hotels. Land. Neighbours. Councils. Patriotism. Your country. Your home town. Planning permission. Family. Relatives. Your household.

LIBRA – The internet. Your telephone. The media. Academic journals. Magazines. Newspapers. Facebook. Language. Literacy. Reading. Writing. Hearing. Vision. Publishing. Education. Books. Radio. TV. Your voice. Commuting. Short haul travel.

SCORPIO – Savings. Credit cards. Salary. Taxation. Investment. Offshore banking. Leases. Mortages. Debt. Wealth. Allowances. Settlements. Possessions. Property. Sales. Purchases. Charity. Inflation. The economy. Revenue. Trade. Your company.

SAGITTARIUS – Your reputation. Your title. Your personal appearance. Your image. Your public face. Your identity. Your name. Packaging, presentation and profile – particularly online. Cameras. Microphones. Self-promotion. Advertising.

CAPRICORN – Skeletons in the closet. What you cover up and hide. Classified information. Dark secrets. Confidential concerns. Any role you play behind the scenes, where you are virtually invisible. Your unconscious mind. Dreams. Mediumship.

AQUARIUS – Friends. Groups. Clubs. Teams. Committees. Societies. Ensemble casts. Political, environmental, animal welfare and other organisations. Social media. Your community. Bridesmaids, or any other group. Movements, like feminism.

PISCES – Career. Status. Success. University/College. Profession. Class. Ambition. Your Curriculum Vitae or Resume. The phrase ‘Making it.’ Your position in life. Your mission in life. Your vocation. Your full-time job as parent. Climbing to the top.

This is the public, obvious, visible side of your Saturn cycle in 2016 and 2017. There is also a deeply personal, private story going on, which only your personal birth chart will reveal.


The Saturn scythe (look sideways) forms the glyph. Wikipedia.
The Saturn scythe (look sideways) forms the glyph. Wikipedia

No matter if it’s your Sun Sign (public) horoscope being affected or your private Natal Chart (birth) horoscope being triggered, there are ten proven ways to handle Saturn.

One Understand that the people or organisations who cause you the most pain on a Saturn cycle are self-sabotaging. They are their own worst enemies. They are typically paranoid, pessimistic, or ‘fools unto themselves.’ They are Saturn in human form. They will not last long in your life. Alternatively they will be forced to learn some tough lessons. This will change them. Depressed people or old man types can arrive now.

Two Remember that Saturn is about cowardice. Plain old fear. It is sometimes dressed up as worry. It can occasionally present as paranoia. On the physical (body) level do all you can to stay grounded, centred and connected to the earth. Walk more. Lie on the grass more. Don’t smoke the grass, though – it can add to the paranoid atmosphere. Saturn can make us stiff, frozen, immobilised. Move your body. Swim. Stretch. Dance.

Three  What balances Saturn? The cycles of Ops, his wife – and Jupiter, his son. Watch the planets and asteroids as they move through the signs and see what patterns they are making. In your birth chart (if you are a Premium Member) you can look at your Jupiter sign and your Ops sign, to see where the plus factors are for you. Ops and Jupiter both beat Saturn, in the Roman myth. Counteract Saturn cycles with Jupiter and Ops cycles.

Four Try to avoid Saturnstrologers. A Saturnstrologer is an astrologer who puts all their time and energy into thinking about Saturn, at the expense of Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and the rest. They probably don’t use Ops either! When you hit doom and gloom merchants, professional pessimists and oh-so-serious astrologers, you are probably in the company of someone who looks at a chart and only sees Saturn.

Five Saturn is represented by this symbol (above) which clearly shows the hidden scythe in his story. The scythe was used two ways by Saturn. First, he chopped off the penis and testicles of his father, Uranus. Second, he used it to help the Italians discover farming! Saturn tells you two great truths. In the first part of the cycle you get the pain. In the second part of the cycle (usually the final 12 months) you get the progress.


The scythe. From buycostumes.com.
The scythe. From buycostumes.com.

Six  The Saturn Return is famous and even people who do not know about astrology have heard of it. It occurs between the ages of 28 and 30 and you will go through 1-2 years of slow, stuck situations which force you to confront how you deal with your fear. We all have a Saturn Return which triggers the one thing we cannot avoid or escape about ourselves and our lives. That’s hard. Yet, by facing our fear, we manage it.

Seven The golden rule with a Saturn cycle is to be really mindful of the strategy you use to cope with what worries you, or scares you, or confronts you. Do not run away (it will not work). Do not freeze and do nothing (that won’t work either). There are even sillier things we do to protect ourselves and feel safe, on a Saturn cycle. Ironically these can end up causing us more problems than the thing we’re trying to avoid! Be aware.

Eight Time heals Saturn experiences. If you have your personal birth chart, then look at your Saturn sign and house. This shows where you will typically have a couple of really hard, heavy life experiences that (at the time) seem as if they will never heal. They always do, because Saturn is all about time. In fact he is sometimes shown as Father Time, and often portrayed on clocks. As the years pass, the wound heals completely.

Nine Read widely about Saturn when you hit Saturn transits, or there are difficult transits to your natal Saturn. (In plain English, when the patterns are triggered). Liz Greene, the astrologer, academic and author, wrote a famous book called Saturn – A New Look at an Old Devil. It also helps to hit internet forums and find out what others are experiencing. Sharing and comparing notes is a very good way to handle Saturn.

Ten The standard advice for any Saturn cycle is to seek out older, wiser and more experienced people and ask for their counsel. This is something astrologers have been saying for decades, for the very good reason that it is true. They have been through Saturn experiences too – they know what to do! The other trick is to get all the knowledge on board early. Do this before Saturn goes to Capricorn in December 2017.




Are You a Premium Member? 
If you are a Premium Member, you may have Saturn directly affecting your personal birth chart as he travels through the sign of Sagittarius. This is more likely if you have horoscope factors in Gemini or Sagittarius. You can ask me questions in Comments. Your chart pops up when I see your message and I can look at specific details for  you.


If this story has personally affected you, these are recommended online resources for you.

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Hello, Jessica. I felt like my Saturn return (when it was in libra a while back) was so difficult, but mostly during the last year of it in 2012. I have 4 planets in Sag and my moon sign in Gemini. How does Saturn effect me now? I feel it with my phone for sure and the way I communicate – I feel like I can’t or no one understands me. I wouldn’t mind understanding how Ops and Jupiter help me with this in my birth chart. Thank you. :)

Hi Jessica, I appear to have lots of Gemini in my chart and have Saturn/Cancerian in my 6th House too. I had an unsuccessful elective operation, from my natal chart would it be best to postpone any further surgery until after December 2017? Thank you.

Hi Jessica – I really enjoy your insightful astrology. I have really struggled with social isolation and awkwardness. It makes for a lonely existence – do you think this will improve for me? thanks Karin

Hi Jessica. Thank you for your recent articles on both Saturn and Ceres. They’ve been helpful in framing the anxiety. I have Neptune (retrograde), Ceres and Juno in Sagittarius in the early degrees (4-6). I’ve been feeling some pressure from the Mars retrograde. As far as Saturn is concerned, am I past the worst parts of this transit? Saturn won’t go back as far as 6 the rest of its time it is in Sagg.

Hi Jessica, this article is amazing.!!!!!…l was born on the 8th of July 1965 at 10pm in Melbourne….and last year my dad was diagnosed with bowel cancer, (he is currently undergoing a new treatment which has had a lot of success with other patients) my brother who also is a Cancerian and l are his carers.. l am in the midst of having dental implants which will take about 9 months to complete, if all goes well…and l am on a waiting list for surgery on my eyelids…l almost forgot l have just started juicing and walking for an hour… Read more »

Thank you for this article! I have read so much about the Saturn return that is around the corner, and unlike yours, they were quite depressing and did not give me much hope to get through this transit.
Could you also give me some insights on my Saturn story that is unraveling? And how to use Uranus, Ops, Jupiter or other factors in my personal chart to handle my Saturn return? I know that I have Jupiter in Aries and Ops retrograde in Leo but have no idea what they mean.

Thank you!

Dear Jessica! Thank you for your insightful writing. I really enjoy your emphasis also on the female deities and their meaning in ones life. I am a scorpio and Saturn is thus affecting my finances. Natally I have my Ascendant in capricorn and Saturn in gemini. As it happens I have taken time off from work until the end of 2017 to finish my studies and thesis. Ultimately my goal is to change careers and try and get a foothold in my new field. My secret dream is to get published and establish a good reputation. My former field is… Read more »

Hi Jessica – I really enjoy your astrology – what suggestions do you have with regard to my social discomfort and inability to make long term friendships – I am socially isolated, but not sure how to address. thanks Karin

Hi Jessica. My NN is in Gemini in conjunction with Psyche and Panacea. My Jupiter and Vesta are in Gemini as well. My MC is at 0 degrees Saggitarius. I have felt at a full stop over the last year or so in all aspects of my life specifically in the areas of relationships, finances and life goals. Are you able to point out how I might strategize my way through to a better lifestyle? Your astrology blog has been such guiding factor…Thank you!

Hello Jessica, Thank you for this great article. I’m Sagg sun with Gem rising, and have had a doozy of a Saturn transit so far: death of mother last year; marriage breakdown (well, it is transiting the 7th as well as the first); complete change of career with (yes, you guessed it!) some horrible ‘image’ issues coming up this year – e.g. being unexpectedly and harshly attacked by some very grumpy students (I teach at university). My question is about Saturn’s strength and effects: I seem to have been SO affected thus far, and my sun is at 7’59” Sagg… Read more »

Thanks Jessica, I have not felt this saturn transit nearly as much as the previous one in scorpio. Are there chart factors that would explain this?

Hi Jessica,

As a Capricorn I don’t really relate to the potential issues outlined in the Sun Sign horoscope above – would this be due to a complete absence of planets in Sag? I do have Hygeia at 10 Gemini. How is this likely to be felt?

My second Saturn return is due in a few years and the first had enormous ramifications – should be interesting!

Thanks as always.

Hi Jessica
Can you tell me how the Saturn in Sagittarius cycle might effect me?
I’m dealing with a long running battle with a business partner, and have brought in government agencies as the dispute (extremely complicated and linked to global events unfolding in tax havens) to help investigate.
Thank you.

Saturn in gemini, jupiter in scorpio and ops in libra. Add to that other gemini factor of fortuna and sagittarius factors of Neptune, asc n vulcano…I guess I will be affected by this but how?

Dear Jessica,

In regards to your Saturn in Sagittarrus article, could you please look at my chart and tell me how Saturn is directly affecting my personal birth chart?
Thanking you in advance

Hi Jessica, Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us! On the personal level I couldn’t have thought about better timing for this post. Could you please have a look at my birth chat and share your thoughts about Saturn in Sag story in my chat. After working abroad for 15 years I decided to settle in my birth country.I have to mention that my natal ethnic background is different to the country’s I was born and raised in. Nothing radical but unfortunately I always struggled to relate myself to my birth place’s culture. At the moment it got worse… Read more »
Dear Jessica Adams: This is an amazing post. I found so much truth here, even if I don’t believe in astrology as much as my friends do. I did not see many benefits in second half or the last year of Saturn transit. There was, however , one very important development. I learned an aspect of Oracle that I did not know about. It will stay with me forever. Typical of the third house!! I am so surprised that you write great posts despite Mercury retrogrades. MaryJo cannot post herself because of some cyber bullying and tracking. She uses a… Read more »

Hello Jessica –

I love this site and the work you do everywhere.

Saturn squaring my sun – taking care of my dad as we speak, which is quite heavy but I’ve been super supported from unexpected sources (jupiter)

However, I’m very interested in financial news. I see the uranus venus but I tend to focus on those two. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you so much and kind regards,

Scared! Scared! Scared! Hi Jessica, I am Aries with saggitarius rising……wrote a book on healing,,,revolves around character chiron….it has taken a delay of around two yrs n finally is due to be published v v soon,,,infact within days perhaps….I was purposely delaying it so tht Mercury retrograde thing gets over so maybe aftr 7th June,,,though publishers may finalise any day v soon,,depends!!! But my greatest fear is Saturn in publishing …..fingers crossed!!! Really scared …NY insigts ??? Any chances how well will be accepted by the readers??

Hi Jessica,

Thank you for this site. I’m a bit confused. I’m a 23 degree Cap with Aqu rising, but my 1st and seventh houses contain Aqu / Pisc & 7th Leo / Vir. This makes it seem as if I have Saturn in the 10th now. It certainly feels that way, but I, on the other hand, get no sense of Jupiter in my seventh. Can you help me out with this? Thanks!


Dear Jessica,

Wow – these last few articles that you have written are very helpful and interesting. Glad to know jupiter and Ops trump Saturn.
would you kindly tell me how saturn is affecting my chart now? I liked what you sat about “flat” because flat in bed is where I tend to be these days. depressing. thanks


As a Gemini I wonder about what connections you can see between this Saturn cycle and the women in my life. Please have a look look in my chart. Thank you.

Hi jessica,
My third try at posting. Retrograde at play here.
The ‘foreign’ aspect of saturns effect on my sunsign has been around for a long time just more pronounced during this cycle. Is ‘foreign’ in relation to my place of birth and chart or where i reside right now? What do you see for me for the rest of saturn in sag?
I have noticed that jupiter and saturn seem to constantly oppose each other. I cannot use the opportunities presented to me (mainly due to fear) for my jupiter cycle but spend energy in resolving my saturn cycle. Whats that about?

Hi Jessica
You missed off Pisces from your list

Thank you Jess, my least favourite planet :-( Although, I get the re-new, re-think and re-train bit. I have saturn in Taurus, as you have said before, it is past life and income. Thank you, I got offered a position on May 13, just waiting for the contract. ‘Fingers crossed’ Please do give me insights into Saturn. My main concern is health. I am diabetic and hypertensive, on meds. My goal is to decrease the meds through good diet, walking and meditation, at the moment, I am struggling with all with good days and bad days. Appreciate any insights. Many… Read more »
Hi Jessica, I’m a Virgo Sun, so Saturn is affecting my place in the world, issues with hometown and family etc, I was born with Saturn at 27′ Virgo, and in the 2015 annual horoscope, you predicted a crossroads to do with Saturn In Sagittarius for Virgo, and I ended up relocating, are there any similar transits this year or next and do you have any advice on this, when Saturn moves into Capricorn, what will this affect? leading the younger generation? I can never translate the Capricorn transits on a personal level, I have no factors in Capricorn, does… Read more »

Hi Jessica, When Saturn went through Scorpio it hit me really, really hard and it actually made me feel not wanting to leave the house as you described. Somehow that feeling has lessened recently and I was wondering if that’s because Saturn is in Saggitarius and what else I can expect from this transit?

Thank you!

No Sun Sign info above re “Dealing With Saturn” for Pisces?

Hi Jessica – something in your post about saturn prompted me to ask about my love life and prospects for partnership (and marriage) as I long to share life and build the future with another . Have begun to feel the burden of single life, the lack of daily intimacy etc and wonder if you have any comments on this and where love might come along, assuming it will somehow or other! You have answered so much here – if you can squeeze me in too I would be ever so grateful! Kate

Hi Jessica , thank you so much for this article . It has certainly made me think . I have Saturn transiting my twelfth house squaring my natal sun in Pisces this year . I have been trying to sell my house and relocate and as you say it has been a slow and frustrating process, especially with Mercury retrograde getting in the way. I would be grateful for any insights you may have about this issue and also any other ways that this transit may be affecting me . Thank you .

Dear Jessica, Thank you for this invaluable article. So practical! From your chart calculator it seems that not only my sun sign is Sagittarius but also Ascendant and I have many planets there too….It’s been so tough…husband left last year, 2 young boys, partial thyroid removal, building new career, and all the other emotional and psychological changes. On the plus side I am studying again and slowly slowly building hopefully a new future and career. That is my priority right now. I am also having to look deeply at my habits, choices…but except for daily walks in the woods, and… Read more »
Hi Jessica, I visit your website everyday and absolutely love your horoscope writing. I wanted to ask about the Saturn transits, through Scorpio and now in Sagittarius. I was hoping things might start to feel better after a really, really tough period which actually kicked-in late 2008 and apart from some really great moments has been very hard…in particular late 2012 until early 2015 has been one thing after another going wrong. There has been a slight pause for breath and I’d hoped Saturn in Sagittarius would change the tempo but it is feeling pretty relentless still, with things just… Read more »
Hi Jessica. Saturn’s transit in Scorpio was very difficult, and I notice that it has affected my self confidence. I lost my brother, my business, and have not been in a relationship since then. I have changed and not for the better – I’m reserved and unable to open up. I have been able to form new business partnerships, which all seem to be moving in the right direction. However my personal life is stagnant, and this is really beginning to depress me. I’m worried about Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius which I thought would not affect me that much but… Read more »
As someone else said, 3rd time trying to post! #retrograde Hi Jessica, As you can see, I’ve got Saturn in Gemini and I’m all about publishing, social media platforms and building a blog at the moment! Not ideal, I know ;-) I’ve been through and feel like I’m only just really emerging from, an incredibly difficult 4/5 year period. I now raise my two kids completely on my own and we have a fab little family unit in a great community. I feel ready to branch out myself now and although I’m still in the homework period, I’ve got to… Read more »
Hi Jessica, I love reading your horoscopes daily,weekly and monthly! they provide me some sense of comfort knowing that sometimes how I feel isn’t always just because I am an utter nut job! :P haha You have mentioned in this article that the Saturn movements will affect the Libra sign in various was listed below: “LIBRA – The internet. Your telephone. The media. Academic journals. Magazines. Newspapers. Facebook. Language. Literacy. Reading. Writing. Hearing. Vision. Publishing. Education. Books. Radio. TV. Your voice. Commuting. Short haul travel.” – extract from article I am finding that these issues and points are also being… Read more »

Good Mornining Jessica,

I hope that this message finds you in good health and good spirits…

Could you give me some advice, please? When is the best time for me to join Tinder? I’m very old fashioned with regard to dating, but thought that I should give my destiny a helping hand.

I do appreciate your help and absolutely love your forecasts and writings.


All the best,


Hi Jessica, thank you for these detailed articles they are so fascinating. Things sure feel heavy for me, I had hoped that I was out of the worst of it from 2012-2015. I read your horoscopes a lot in the last few years and it definitely helped, you were right, things did get better! Until this week feels like I have been slapped in the face with some of the old issues from the last few years. My question is what is it in my chart that keeps getting triggered this week and in general the domestic daily grind, while… Read more »
Hi Jessica, Wonderful article on Saturn, thank you. Saturn in Scorpio was some of the most challenging years ever for me, as I lost both parents and a dear older friend ( like a mother), big issues with siblings during the end stages of my parents life, health scares with children, loss of pets. I happen to be a very optimistic person, and with my saturn return coming, Im hoping things can only get better as I am getting tired…. very tired. A lot of being a hermit. Waiting for life to become fun again, and to meet a partner.… Read more »
Hi Jessica, I have Saturn in Sagittarius and am in the middle of it too. So far Saturn’s been quite nice to me and I had been doing a loooooot of things that I wouldn’t have dared do just a year or two earlier (going to the dentist for the first time in 14 years, taking care of my body and health, travelling and practicing speaking in a foreign language etc etc). I have a day chart, which supposedly means that Saturn return will be more constructive for me, which I guess helps. My Saturn’s in the 3rd house and,… Read more »

Hi Jessica, I have premium now and would be soooo grateful for any further thoughts in regard to your previous observations about Pluto and Uranus at work in my chart. I noticed I have a lot of Virgo…I feel like I’m choking in something at the moment. Thank you.

Hi Jessica As a Virgo sun, Saturn is meant to affect my country, roots, family etc. but I am not feeling any such influence at the moment. Could it be because I have Ops and Jupiter in cancer and am accordingly ‘protected’ in that area? Where I really feel stuck is in my (academic) career and related income. I have worked tremendously hard over the past five years by engaging in a PhD at 45 after 10 years of being stuck going nowhere raising two kids (felt like climbing the Everest). This ‘rebirth’ took me down a completely new path… Read more »

More fantastic information from you, Jessica – I have learned so much from you! I’m a Libra and Saturn was in Aries on my birthday, and it looks like there’s a lot of overlap with what Saturn influences in Aries and Libra, having to do with writing and publishing. Writing is a big part of my job ( and sometimes I struggle with getting it done), so I’m wondering if some of that is Saturn’s influence. Can I blame writer’s block on Saturn?

Hi Jessica any other tips about Saturn you could share when you look at my chart would be much appreciated.

Hello Jessica,
My life has completely derailed since the end of February-lost my job, broke up with my partner. I will have to make some urgent decisions soon but I don’t know which path to take either: should I change career, should I go back to my partner? I am really wondering when I will have some clarity as to career and relationship matters. Thank you!

Morning Jess! Can you please give some insights into how Saturn has/will effect me – given I’m an Aries-influenced Sun Libra with a Sagittarius rising? Cheers

Hi Jessica,

How do I get my Aquarian potential lover out of my head. He’s been in the background for five years or so now – keeps coming back into my life. I’ve met him three times – other than that the communication is by email. I don’t have his telephone number. I wish that I could meet someone to help me forget about him. Someone that would give me the time of day rather than make false promises.

Hi Jessica,

Could you explain about the implications of Saturn in Sagittarius to me, a Sagittarian, please. Thank you.

Honestly, after having hosted saturn in my own sign and now the sarurn return, I have come to a conclusion that one need not fear saturn, like I hear some sags chanting for everything out of order these days, “it’s saturn”. No, saturn is here to teach you what you need to learn. There is no running or escaping. You will have to pay heavily in case you try to do any of these. Strengthen you value system if it has been weak. Work hard with saturn. Learn, learn and keep on learning and then execute.Then saturn does spell massive… Read more »

Thank you for your prompt reply. I am learning so much from you.
I have my jupiter in gemini at 3 degrees, but since this is not in direct opposition to saturn, I think I will work well with saturn, my writing and my publishing.
You got me wrong with regard to my sun sign. My sun is in scorpio at 15 degrees. But yes I do have Bacchus 17, Aesculapia 26 and Psyche 10 as well in sagittarius. And to be very sure, you did mean 2019 right?
Thank you.

Hi Jessica I have been single for about the last eight years which I quite enjoy – I feel fortunate that I’m not being affected in personal relationships by the Saturn in Sagittarius transit however I have struggled to make progress with some work relationships since last Autumn which slows things down and also meant I moved to a different job in April! I guess after reading your useful blog I’ll have to be patient for the next year or so. I’m not particularly desperate to find myself a personal relationship and I’m quite self-reliant but I’m curious to know… Read more »
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