Uranus Retrograde and Independence Day Two

On the 19th of June, four days before the United Kingdom voted for Remain or Leave at the EU Referendum, you read a story called Why 23rd June 2016 is Your Independence Day.  It wasn’t just about the British push for freedom from Europe. It was about a global quest for independence, which was global and local. We saw it in America as Democrats staged a sit-down protest over guns.  In Australia the push for equal marriage accelerated, days before an election. The push for justice for indigenous children suffering abuse in jail began, ahead of the famous Four Corners program on ABC-TV which might just change the nation.

If you felt the lights going on in your own life, your personal chart was triggered at 22, 23 or 24 degrees in a way that will never happen again in your lifetime. Maybe you had no idea just how trapped and confined you actually were, by a system that is now truly leaving your life, or an old set-up that had no place in your future.  I love this lightbulb illustration which turned up on my Twitter feed. Uranus rules light and lightbulbs. They found this planet in 1781 when the first big step towards the development of the battery was taken. It was also a major year for the Enlightenment.


From Twitter @Drdaviddugan
From Twitter @Drdaviddugan


Was Your Chart Triggered? Here Comes Stage Two

I had more comments on that story on Independence Day than any other this year. Why? You felt it! Now, we are going to see a strange backwards move by Uranus in your chart, and the world chart, which promises a replay. That was not finished. It was not remotely complete. It was a rehearsal. With any retrograde we put ‘re’ in front of words to sum up the cycle. Uranus is about all the lights going on. Now, the switch will be flicked a second time, in your chart, repeatedly, until April 2017. Only then can you say the revolution is over. This also applies to Brexit. It’s not over.

That rare pattern involving Uranus at 23 Aries, Ceres at 23 Aries and Mars at 23 Scorpio actually unfolded at 12 noon on EU Referendum Day. People were shocked. As you might expect, Uranus is associated with shock and also shockwaves, because of its long link with electricity. It goes back beyond 1781. The planet himself, was the father of two kinds of lightning in the ancient world – forked and sheet. All the myths we have about Uranus going back over 2000 years tell us that. This is why I predicted Brexit months before it happened – along with wild electrical storms. I was really struck by the number of people commenting on that prediction who said they went to bed trusting astrology would deliver that result, because of the storms!

Other patterns, very close to June 23rd 2016 included Minerva at 23 Leo and Psyche at 23 Cancer. People are asking me if Brexit is going to last, in Comments. Psyche is the asteroid which reveals permanence. Whatever goes down on a Psyche pattern is for eternity.


Michelle Obama is Having a Uranian Moment

Michelle Obama, the FLOTUS with the POTUS, Barack Obama, was born with Saturn at 22 Aquarius. We don’t have a birth time for the First Lady of the United States, but Saturn would not change his degree position in any case. Her Uranian moment is best summed up by this speech – which went live today – and will go down in history.

She wakes up every morning in a house that was built by slaves…Uranian cycles like the one we have, repeating, through 23 degrees of Aries are about breaking free from what or who enslaves us!  This is history and astrology, as you will see below. In fact, Barack Obama decided to run for the White House on a major Uranian transit too. The buzz words for this planet may be touching your horoscope too, if you have those 22, 23, 24 degree placements. Breaking free. Ignoring convention. Bypassing tradition. Zapping yourself as much as you zap other people…



What Happens in the World, Happens To You

Referencing Michelle Obama, who is experiencing a transit which will never happen again quite this way, in her lifetime – I use a horoscope system which means, what happens in the world, happens to you on a smaller scale. So if you have horoscope factors at 22, 23, 24 then what happened to the British Isles on Brexit is a little mirror of your own life.  What is happening with that famous ‘slaves’ speech in the USA is a symbol of major themes about freedom in your own world!

Uranus Retrograde is repetition and recycling of what was basically just a rehearsal. What do you get with Uranus transits? Revolution. Rebellion. Rejection. Independence. Excitement. Freedom. Electricity. Broken Chains. Shocks. Stormy weather. Shockwaves. Thrilling moments! Radical change.


Twitter @DaveDiCello
Twitter @DaveDiCello


Uranus Retrograde at 23 Aries  – Expect Independence Day Two

Please make a note of these dates. The month of September 2016 is a major replay of what happened to you and your life in June, if your personal birth chart was triggered. You may also have experienced a revolution in June because your lover, partner, relative, boss, employee may have had chart factors at 22, 23, 24 and been ‘struck’ by lightning. This affected you!

Uranus Retrograde Dates – Freedom Replay

September 4th through October 3rd, 2016
March 20th through April 6th, 2017
(We will also see Uranus at 24 Aries, which is close enough to have an impact, between December 2nd 2017 and February 3rd, 2018. This will be the final of the three aftershocks, or late shockwaves, affecting your chart and also the world chart.)


Brexit Two, UKIP Two?

The word ‘independence’ is hidden away in UKIP, the United Kingdom Independence Party. That is why it was possible for astrology to predict the future of that vote. Even a student who was an absolute beginner could have seen the cycles coming and seen what was going to happen (if you are curious, hit Search to see a prediction that was almost a year in advance).

We are going to see Brexit Two and UKIP Two in September – dramatically – and then Brexit Three and UKIP Three (Newkip? NUKIP?)  in March, April 2017. For all you astrologers out there who ignore the new planet Ceres, these are the various horoscopes for the United Kingdom, England, Great Britain, the British Isles – throughout history – which clearly show the key 23 degree position in every single horoscope, which was lit up by Ceres at 23 Aries, Uranus at 23 Aries, Mars at 23 Scorpio on 23rd June 2016.  Who’s the main player? Arron Banks. The Arron Banks horoscope chimes with the times. Mr Banks, the multimillionaire who bankrolled the Leave campaign, was born on March 22nd 1966 with Jupiter at 23 Gemini and Ceres at 23 Aries. His personal birth chart, even without a time, has a fated connection with the new Britain and Independence Day II. Just look at all these historic horoscopes below to see why…


From Twitter @Aaron_banks
From Twitter @Aaron_banks


21st March 0287
Moon 23 Scorpio, Jupiter 24 Scorpio

20th March 0410
Uranus 23 Aquarius

12th July 0927
Moon 23 Scorpio, Sun 23 Cancer, Uranus 22 Aries

11th May 0973
12.00 LMT, BATH
Jupiter 23 Virgo

14th October 1066, 5.28pm LMT SENIAC, NEAR HASTINGS
Uranus 24 Sagittarius, Neptune 24 Taurus

20th January 1265 12.00 LMT, LONDON
Mars 23 Taurus

3rd April 1603, 1.30am LMT, RICHMOND
Mercury 24 Aries

27th March 1649, 12.00LMT LONDON
Moon 23 Virgo, Mercury 24 Aries

23rd February 1689
Moon 22 Aries, Pluto 23 Cancer

12th May 1707
Neptune 22 Aries

7th December 1922
Moon 23 Cancer

*All data from The Book of World Horoscopes by Nicholas Campion, The Wessex Astrologer. Banks data – Wikipedia. 


What To Expect From Independence Day Two

You will feel Totally Wired, to quote The Fall.  You will be running a lot of nervous energy through your body and may feel as if there are currents in the atmosphere. Why? For that we have to go back to the year they discovered and named Uranus, in 1781, when Italian doctor Luigi Galvani demonstrated the electrical basis of nerve impulses in 1781, when Uranus was discovered. He made the muscles of a frog twitch by using a spark from an electrostatic machine to trigger them into life (US National Library of Medicine). Galvani lends his name to the word ‘galvanised’. When Uranus is also triggered by transits, you will characteristically feel galvanised. The house of your horoscope where we find Uranus shows where you will regularly be jerked into life. You can decode the house, or life department, just by looking at the sign which is triggered at 22, 23, 24 degrees. So if you have a planet at 22 Taurus it’s about your money and if you have an asteroid at 23 Cancer it’s about your family. If you have an angle at 24 Virgo it’s about your work. Advice for this time? Feel the change. Pursue the change. Stay grounded. Try to ‘earth’ yourself by taking long walks, getting back to nature – even doing the gardening.


Uranus Transits – Good or Bad?

Uranus transits, like the one we are seeing replayed in 2016 and 2017, are always a good thing in the end. Every single time we have seen a rare pattern involving this planet, we have seen enlightenment. This image from my Twitter feed, below, illustrates it really well. It’s like seeing clearly and never knowing how limited you were before. This goes beyond politics. It goes into history. The French Revolution, Industrial Revolution and American Declaration of Independence either had their origins in 1781 or were completed that year. Astrology is history.


Image from @CARE on Twitter.
Image from @CARE on Twitter.


Specific Dates for 23 Degree Patterns – Independence Day Two and Your Journal

If you are a Premium Member you will have your complimentary journal already which will give you detailed dates showing you all the patterns around 23 degrees. You can also just note these dates for your calendar.


September 2016

Allow 24 hours either side of these dates for world time zones to catch up with each other. On or very near these dates, you will experience the next wave in your independence. We are also going to see the next wave of the two big people power movements that pushed through on 23rd June 2016. One is the American Democrats’ rebel stance on guns and the other, of course, is Brexit. I know that the Democrats’ sit-down may have passed the media by, and as I look at the internet today on 25th July, all I can see is Donald Trump’s face. The astrology says, switch your gaze. 2016-2017 is about guns.  The weekend of Saturday 17th September will show the world where the priorities just switched to in American politics. Another reason? By then Jupiter will be in Libra. Every time this happens in the U.S. the peace movement is powerfully triggered.


Saturday 17th September 2016

Mars is at 23 Sagittarius exactly trine Uranus at 23 Aries and the Sun is at 24 Virgo. That is an extreme line-up. In your own life (if your personal birth chart is triggered) you are going to experience a real moment of truth, when you realised that what you changed, so rapidly, back in June 2016 was only the dress rehearsal. You didn’t actually have the full revolution at all. You were just taking a first step. Keep walking because you won’t be finished until March-April 2017 (the last step). Once we arrive at Sunday 18th September, Venus is also at 23 Libra. This is a really big weekend for you. Count Monday too.


From Twitter @AustralisTerry
From Twitter @AustralisTerry


The Full Moon of October 16th 2016

We are one degree away from a major transit to that original 23 Aries/Scorpio position on Sunday October 16th when the Full Moon occurs at 23 Aries on the same day that Uranus is at 22 Aries. That is explosive and rebellious and that weekend will see demonstrations, riots, strikes – and let’s hope this is the rule – peaceful protests using people power to push change.


Breaking Your Chains

The 1926 Slavery Convention  was an international treaty that went into effect on 9 March 1927 to prevent slave trade and ultimately eliminate it. Uranus stood at 28 Pisces and Chiron stood at 28 Aries on that day. Any time we see historic patterns involving Uranus, people break their chains. When Uranus moves through a sign – Aries or Taurus – he transits one house of your chart and travels through at high speed, squeezing out sparks, sending shockwaves and radically changing that part of your life forever. New things come. New people arrive. New organisations, ideas and systems are born. Turn to America in 1781 if you want to learn how to deal with what is coming. Year zero for the planet Uranus and year zero for independence. You have to break your chains and respect other people’s rights to break free, too, on this cycle. I think this planet is so important2020 Astrology that  I wrote a whole chapter on Uranus in my new ebook, 2020 Astrology – Your Five Year Personal Horoscope Guide.

If you have major Uranus patterns in your personal birth chart or you are affected by these transits of Uranus at 23 degrees. I will explain more in the book how the United States back in 1781 is our go-to source for understanding what this cycle is all about.

Writing in The Power of Myth, Joseph Campbell noted how impressive it was that thirteen different colonies could act in their mutual interest, without losing sight of the individual priorities of any one of them. It was not only the colonies that had to co-exist in the name of freedom in 1781. America’s different religious and belief-led groups also had to live, side by side. Jews, Quakers and Freemasons all had to respect each other’s independence.

What works as we all go towards Independence Day Two? Tolerance. Space. What doesn’t work? Staying stuck in the past. Not respecting people who pushed to be free. Pretending nothing changed. Ignoring a natural revolution which has been gathering speed all these years, but suddenly broke through very quickly in June 2016. Rejecting those who have genuinely felt enslaved to a system or set-up which they have had quite enough of. Remember, 1781 was also the year not only for giant strides with electricity and batteries, the Enlightenment and the Declaration of Independence – it was also the year that the French Revolution began. Ask yourself where the French aristocracy is today. Nowhere! You have to surf the wave of personal and world/national change when it arrives. Otherwise you end up stranded in your own quicksand. 


Keeping Up With Change on Independence Day Two

Whenever Uranus enters a new sign, there are people who resist the revolution and are left behind. Elizabeth Freeman (note the name) was a black girl who was only six months old when she and her sister were purchased by Colonel John Ashley of Sheffield, Massachusetts. In 1781, the year they found Uranus, the mistress of the house tried to his Elizabeth’s sister with a hot kitchen shovel, she took the blow for her. Then she quit. When Ashley appealed to the law to come after her, Freeman (also known as Mum Bett) asked an anti-slavery lawyer, Theodore Sedgewick, to help her. He did. The rest is history. Without her, nothing. That’s what a Uranus transit can do.


More Dates For Your Journal

November 2016 is important as Ceres will Retrograde back to 23 Aries, the spot she occupied when the EU Referendum was held in Britain. This happens from November 11th-16th. Ceres is about sharing power, carving up control and the forced compromise that happens when there is a massive reshuffle. She was found on the day they created the United Kingdom itself. Friday 11th November through Wednesday 16th will reveal Stage Two for the Brexit cast of characters, from Boris Johnson, to Nigel Farage – and of course, Theresa May. Mark November 11th-16th in your journal and watch what happens. Real astrology happens when you observe your real life!


The Big Finish – March and April 2017

All that remains is for the remains of Remain to be tidied up and swept away, which will happen on the third historic pass of Uranus over 23 Aries. This occurs March 20th through April 6th 2017. We are going to see a massive focus on the pound sterling, the Euro and currency then, along with the strange, wild, weird new world of post-Brexit business, tax and trading. Why? Right in the middle of this period, we see Ceres at 23 Taurus, the money sign, which takes place April 13th-14th, 2017.

The Sun is also at 23 Aries on Thursday 13th April, 2017 so we can narrow The Big Independence Day Finish to this period, specifically. It’s a glimpse into the long-term future, as Uranus himself moves into Taurus (currency, economy, tax) from May 16th 2018, when we will see the collapse of the Euro and the beginning of the new world digital currency. Again, you don’t have to be an experienced astrologer to see that Uranus in Taurus is going to see a money revolution, like no other!

Your Big Finish with Independence Day will also occur, March-April 2017 when you can look back at the last ten months of your life, take a deep breath, shake your head and understand that what happened in June was just the start. You think you’re being radical now, in July 2016? Just wait. By the time this cycle is over you will have experienced a genuine revolution in your life, if you have factors around 23 degrees. It will liberate you without any compromises and show you just how ‘in the dark’ you were, before the lights went on and Uranus did his thing. 






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Jessica Thank you for these insights. I’ve just become a member and have read my 1st premium wkly horoscope. It’s ringing very true for me. My marriage is difficult and I’m contemplating divorce and moving overseas. I have 2 young children. Could you elaborate please as I have a very many factors lining up. I’m in contact with an ex from 15 yrs ago who I’m trying to ignore my feelings for. She is in contact with me but I’ve not met her yet and I’m avoiding replying to her messages, although I feel I want to. My feeling is… Read more »

Awesome article Jess!! So many things happened last time. Some heartbreaking.

Do you see anything positive happening with this in my chart….it gets pinged by Uranus aspects continually.

Be well and safe.


It looks like my chart is going to be triggered a little bit! The next six months are really crucial for me and my family, any advice? Thank you

Sounds exciting Jessica. I see that my chart has Sun in 24 aries, psyche in 23 gemini. Am I correct in assuming this will affect me? Appreciate your inputs. Thank you JR

Hi Jessica, Two quick practical questions. When you say ‘Astrology 2020’ is free on this website on 1st August, do you mean its a kind of ‘one-day only’ special offer? Secondly, I’m thinking of signing up for Premium membership as a birthday-treat-to-self for next week as I’ve been absolutely loving your blog posts on world events and so impressed by the extent of your gift. One thing that makes me hesitate is that I never seem to be in synch with general forecasts for my sun sign (e.g abundance, expansion and other ‘Jupiterian’ areas were all noticeably static during the… Read more »
Hi thanks again for such an interesting article – we live in interesting times. It was a reference to your Brexit prediction that brought me to your website – that was electrifying in itself! I’m getting interested in Astrology again and gone through the journal marking down where I have planets in my natal chart on the same degrees. I made up a spreadsheet with the planets listed in ascending order by degrees to make it easier for me to look up the planets. I spotted this cluster below at 22/23/24. The Uranus / Ceres is close to my Chiron… Read more »
Holy smokes, Jessica. This is packed with good information. It’ll take me a while to really process all of this. It seems like most of what youre saying is geared around significant global changes. Will Uranus retrograde also affect personal aspects for us? I have a more direct question: In June I had an ectopic pregancy and my mother died (lots of mother/child loss). All of this happened within a few days on each side of June 23. My question is – does this mean more loss in the months to come? My husband and I are planning to do… Read more »

Hi Jessica
Thank you for your wonderful work. I’m just post srx2 at zero sag and notice I’ve got s Uranus square my cap sun at 23 degrees thereabouts. I’m struggling to sleep as my brain is racing and I’m very nervy. Not sure how this will affect me but I’ve been feeling trapped and frustrated and need to sort out this last part of my life.

Thanks for the interesting piece. How am I affected? My DOB is 15.10.74 Nuremberg Germany. My situation is still stuck. There is no proper job I can live on and I am involved in a family conflict. Will I become independent from a domineering relative and a unreliable employer?

Hi Jess, Well look at this – it’s the re-death by 23s, I thought June went too well! But look at 10-17 September with Chiron hanging about the street corner like a delinquent youth at Pisces 23. On 9-10 September it appears that Mercury, Chiron and the Moon at Sagittarius 23 form a T-square. With my nodes where they are, I must have something serious going down that day with Jupiter at Libra 0, right where I am. It’s got to involve my ex-wife (court date adjourned for 3m of course!) and a new start. But between two eclipses, the… Read more »

Jessica this is super. I will have to re-read this again until it makes sense. You mention angles, but what about planets? I have Venus and Moon at 22 and 24 Virgo. My ascendant is 20 Aries, so I am well versed in Uranus and its effects, I feel I am at the end and the beginning, I am scared to death yet also very excited.

I really enjoyed reading this article (especially american history) and I’m interested to watch everything unfold with politics.
On a personal note, June was horrid. I had a car accident on 9th June and was only able to return back to work last week. July relationship wise has been…well…. weird…I have factors at 22 and 23. So I am presuming my chart has been triggered and so stage 2 is going to be activated??!! Please could you help me to understand if this is the case so I can brace myself ;-).
Thank you :-)

Jessica! Love the article. Can I just say how much I love everything you write about. You help people grow with your wisdom and words. I am so glad you wrote about this again! Please help me understand what the story is for Uranus in my life as the only thing that occurred in June (which I think is boring) was that my principal – an Aries- announced on email that he accepted a higher position and is leaving our school in 2017. Other than this change, not much has happened in terms of relationships. I didn’t think it was… Read more »
Hi Jessica, I loved this article. It feels like it’s going to speak to me in many ways! Can you please help me clarify what’s coming up for me? My daughter is having so many teenage freedom (or lack thereof) issues. So part of me suspects things are going to shift there. But she’s only 14 and it scares me how! I am also trying to break into freelance writing for young women…is now a good time for this? I’m a premium member and I have the 23 and 24 degree factors that you speak of. Can you please help… Read more »

Hi Jessice, I have elements really close @ 23 in Libra and Capricorn how is the Urano retrograde will work for me.

Gosh! There sure is a lot going on here, Jessica! Another brilliant article I will be reading a few times to absorb it all.. How do you see it affecting me and my life? I’ve written to you before about nasty dynamics in my work situation involving a clique of my female colleagues, which has gotten worse. I have tried to be stoic throughout it all and I can’t afford to leave my job right now…..I have Salacia 22 deg Capricorn, Jupiter 24 deg Gemini and Apollo 23 deg Libra. I’m interpreting the Apollo/Libra aspect as rivals/enemies in this case.… Read more »

Wow, what a great article. Thank you Jessica! I have a few patterns in my birth chart that relate to this story, can you help me understand a bit more on how my life could be affected?

Venus 23 Aries
Fortuna 23 Scorpio
North node 24 Libra
South node 24 Aries

Hi Jessica , another fascinating read with such research that you put in. My husband has finally agreed to give up working on a Saturday so we have some family time, so yes, I have already seen signs of some greater independence for me. This occurred on the 23rd June, the First Independence Day. With factors at Sun 21° Cancer 18′ 56″, Moon , 05° Scorpio 00′ 01″, Mercury 28° Cancer 29′ 05″, Uranus , 24° Aries 23′ 47″ , Minerva at 29° Leo 38′ 02″Psyche at 29° Cancer 45′ 03″, Ceres at 29° Aries 07′ 42″ what can you… Read more »

Hi Jessica, The end of June did feel as one of the more productive weeks of the year. However I’ve been ‘feeling’ stuck ever since. I have Chiron, Psyce and Panacea at 22 and 23 degrees. How will this play out in September? Thanks!

Really intriguing Jessica. Can’t wait for your book on the 1st, love reading your stuff! Read an article last night how Scotland will almost certainly seek to gain independence ( round 2) from UK so in keeping with your predictions! Speaking of my own Independence Day. I only have Uranus at 5 degrees Libra, but have other factors at 23/24 degrees. Is this significant in any way to Uranus cycle or does it have other meanings? Serving divorce papers either 1st or 9th Aug and start a fab new job on the 15th after 4 yr break. Talk abt opposites!!!

Hi Jessica,

What does MC at 23 Scorpio and IC at 23 Taurus means for me?
I also have Saturn at 23 Virgo and Mars at 22 Leo.

I Haven’t felt the same since June though nothing has changed.
What areas of life I can expect independence?

Thank you for your time.

Fantastic article Jessica you have great foresight to everything going on in this crazy world.
I have Mars activating my Jupiter at 22 Scorpio as well as my MC at 23 Virgo and Chiron at 25 Aquarius I’m currently off work for 6 weeks and now realize I have worked myself to the bone for the last 3 years and my family life has severely suffered Uranus has definitely. thrown curveballs at me. your thoughts would be much appreciated. So looking forward to your new book.When can I buy a hard copy? Warm regards DebG

Hi Jessica, Can’t wait to delve into your free eBook on 2020 Astrology. I may be find answers. Am having some psychic dreams for some time now, one in particular stood out. Just had sudden piece of information from my partner witch relates to my dream(Jupiter transit, to natal Jupiter and Uranus)… Dream was about house,my partner information was the same house in the property paper could not believe this picture and place were this property is. As Uranus is in the 4th relate to home,land etc. Seems a very strong attraction to this house and location, is Uranus sending… Read more »

Hi Jessica, as per usual I am always intrigued by these articles. Being new to the astrology thing, I’m not sure I always grasp what exactly gets triggered by having the sames numbers. I do have Juno 23 in Capricorn, Vesta 24 in Leo, & Proserpina 25 in Libra but I’m not sure how to decipher what that means. Is it those aspects that are triggered or does it mean those aspects go backward with Uranus? Help! :S

Hi Jessica – astrology got a whole lot more real and interesting since you started to develop your blogs. It feels great to connect and share experiences with people across the world. I do hope that what you say about guns and the start of a peace movement in September comes to pass. So many of the terrible things that have happened recently could have been prevented without access to guns. I hope people begin to recognise that guns only exist for one purpose. To kill. On a personal note, I’ve been looking at what happened in June (I live… Read more »

Hi Jessica, great article again. :)
Anything I should be paying attention to specifically?
Thank you in advance.

I have moon 23 deg Aries, what does this mean and how is this going to impact next few months? Any other factors from my chart to watch out for?

Hi Jessica…I have my sun at 22 degrees capricorn so how do you see this playing out in September? I had my car stolen the morning of the eu referendum – shocking!

Hi Jessica late June was brilliant for me! Energy, charisma, and charm all increased. Wanting to teach a class in September. What would be the best weekend for that?

Thanks for another insightful article Jessica.
I have 22-24 degree factors in Aries, Taurus and Virgo. What I found happening around 23rd June is helping sort out other people’s ( my parents’) money and property issues which have some connections to my general well being, happiness and sense of usefulness and finally independence. Do you think this is happening due to Uranus factor affecting my life ? Can I expect further developments in this area during the 2nd Uranus phase in September?

Hi Jessica,
I have a few areas in my chart that will be triggered. Can you help me understand how this cycle will affect me?

Hi Jessica, I’m not certain if this is the most appropriate place to ask my question, but working on the premise that Uranus is in Aries (4th house of property / home ?) I wondered if you could cast some light on my current situation and, God forbid, a possible end date? I’ve been searching and trying to buy my own home for a year now. I ended up going into rental accommodation last November (our buyer wanted us out) and within 6 weeks the Landlady wanted to sell. We are now in another 6 month rental and so far… Read more »

Hi Jessica!

Thanks as always. This 23 degrees thing is fascinating. Can you tell me how I can best position my career life (academic life) and love live (gulp) during this time of independence?


Hi Jessica. Amazing post, gave me chills! (In a good way). I have both Jupiter at 24 aries and Saturn at 24 cancer. Where’s my freedom?LOL. I am so ready for it!

Hi Jessica I have become an avid UK based reader of your all of your articles and they have made me passionate about astrology, especially from a world politics perspective. I read your Brexit prediction last year and have shared it with everyone I know, it’s so impressive. Thank you for all the articles you write, you have ignited a massive interest in astrology for me. I have always been very interested in politics and world affairs, however in the lead up to and since Brexit, I just can’t get enough – this is where the lights have come on… Read more »
Reading this straight after the Generation Sag piece is giving me that twitchy, ‘buckle your seatbelt’ feeling. I get a direct hit from both as I’ve got Neptune at 22 Sag… My own ‘independence day’ in June was all about screenwriting/film. So that seems to linked… It also hit me via Pluto (23 Libra, 1st) and Midheaven (23 Cancer), and at the moment I keep using the phrase ‘out if the closet’ to explain how much my life has shifted since June 23rd… It really has been like getting a giant bolt of electricity to bring me to life! Thank… Read more »

Hi Jessica .. Your insights have been powerfull & accurate with a seismic shift in the power & control at my work from 19th… 24th June … I suffered the brunt of that.
But in the last 2 days, external forces have added a bit of Accountabilty to that power base.
I understand that this continues until April 2017… But I wonder if the outcome will be for professionalism & fairness? or people politics?

Wow! Do you still look at 1-2 degrees away from 23 degrees for Uranus Retrograde? If so, I’ll pretty much be on fire. I also have Aries at 26 degrees on my descendant would that play into this as well? I’ve been feeling a little impatient with people! I think I’m on overload. Thank you Jessica

Nothing to say , just passing by to let you know how much I enjoyed your article ,,,, really lovely & detailed !!!

Hi Jessica, thanks so much for these great insights. Ive been a premium member for about a year now and i wrote you a couple of months ago because everything in my life was in a waiting pattern. Since then I’ve been accepted to university, started a new job, and moved across the world. Can you please tell me how these patterns affect my chart and what they mean for me? Thank you so much Jessica!

Hi Jessica,

In reading the tea leaves, it looks like I’m going to get canned shortly. I got pulled into a meeting with the CFO on Thursday which didn’t leave me with a confident feeling about my future here. I’ve been wanting to leave for two years but I feel this is the “push” I needed. I am sending out resumes and trying to get ahead of this.

I feel this Uranus retrograde has so much to tell me.

Thanks so much!

Jessica, excellent post! It’s truly commendable the way you use astrology to unite the world with the personal. I have four planets at 22* in my chart.I made the decision to move back to US with my kids( Both of them have 2-3 placements each at 22, 23 and 24 degrees). It feels like freedom from a situation that was oppressive and claustrophobic for a long time. Feels like finally going home, in every sense. What do you think? Is it going to work out?
Thanks for this and your insightful blogs. I don’t miss reading a single one.

Hi Jessica, thank you for your wonderful work, it is very much appreciated. I’m having trouble relating this information to my birth chart, can you please help out?

Kind Regards, Sally

HI Jessica,

I am confused about the freedom or liberating part of the uranus aspects going on now. as i have told you before i am developing property where i live with enemies not wanting me to do so. i have approvals now from the gvt. but people undermining me with lies about the property history. so i am confused about the freedom part? do i have to compromise with the liars? do i prevail? so confused! thanks

Hi Jessica Amazing blog! I have been feeling stuck for the last month after an amazing first half of the year through to the end to June exploring new skills and finding my voice – the last month however I’ve felt stuck – in a job that sees me re-living elements of past-life corporate nightmares (yuck) and living arrangement with my sister that is well bast its due date…and then I read your blog and it has made me feel so hopeful! You’re predicting independence on my birthday weekend – can you tell me what form it will take? Throw… Read more »

Hi Jessica,

On July 9th I had a nasty fall which caused me to fracture my arm and my foot, and I won’t be able to work for some more weeks. Maybe Uranus played a part in this? Clearly there is a lesson here I need to learn… Could this relate to the way I take care of my health, to my work, or to something else altogether? The picture doesn’t look clear to me. Any insight would be much appreciated and helpful!

Thank you for your time.

I have the following in my birth chart, how will this affect me

04° Capricorn 22′ 30″

I am longing for that everlasting love in my life

Hi Jessica, I have the sun at 23 Libra. It is only now becoming clear that the time around 23rd June was the beginning of a release in two aspects of my health, as my new vitamins arrived and I was beginning back exercises recommended by a new osteopath. As a result, I am now beginning to experience independence from a lifelong mild chocolate addiction and lifelong back problems. It is quite extraordinary, but I can’t find anything in my chart that would account for these changes being related to the 6th house. Also, I am mystified what form my… Read more »
Hi Jessica, I found it fascinating that William Lilly’s prediction of the Great Fire of London was so accurate that he was suspected of playing a part in it. Which brings me to you :D You predicted here a new UKIP and the rise of Aaron Banks. Bizarrely, due to some shenanigans and infighting about who can and who will lead UKIP, Aaron Banks is calling for a new NEC and a new, more democratic way of choosing who will stand for leader. Old UKIP seems to be imploding and a new one seems on the cards. How could you… Read more »
Dear Jessica, I am fascinated and at the same time overwhelmed by a wealth of info you are so generously providing. Going or rather crawling through my Saturn return period, I have realised I have also as many as seven factors at 22, 23 and 24 degrees (Merc, Sat, Jup, Chiron, Cupido, Aescu, Fortuna). My partner died in late 2010 and since then my love life has been just as dead. I have been unemployed for a year, reluctant to retire early – yet just as reluctant to try harder to get a similar job as I had previous years.… Read more »
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