The Meaning of Ceres in Astrology

The meaning of Ceres in astrology became easier to define for me, once I used her as my primary clue for predicting the Brexit. In fact, I would not dream of casting a horoscope without her. I began using Ceres in 2006, when astronomers reclassified her as a planet and I believe that just by knowing your Ceres sign and house, you can unlock your entire horoscope.

Ceres on a cigar box with her cornucopia.
Ceres on a cigar box with her cornucopia.

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Hi Jessica!

With my Ceres in Taurus, I can vouch for money being the story of my life, and probably every poor soul around me, too.

Can I please ask you how long does it take for Jupiter to move one degree? And does this make for saving money easier when Jupiter aspects my natal Ceres?

Thank you xx

Hi Jessica – I have Ceres at 26 Sag – any comment you have is always great. Many thanks Karin

Hi Jessica, Thanks for this informative article! I have been wanting to ask this question but its been a while since you posted your last one on ceres , so I am asking now. I have Ceres at 6 aries, Diana at 7 Aquarius North node 6 virgo South node 6 pices Jupiter 6 virgo My area of struggle has been low self esteem nad self worth, depression ( had a very bad episode at the start of 2015), and having to share my matrimonial home with my in-laws against my wishes hence forced compromises. I am in much better… Read more »

Hello Jessica …I find your work fascinating and as a novice to astrology I am very appreciative of your generosity . I have Ceres at 26 Virgo and also Uranus 26 Virgo and Chiron at 26 Pisces. Reading your blog I wondered the implications of this for me as i have Libra 27 as my sun sign and am waiting expectantly for Jupiter . Many thanks again for you sharing your knowledge. Jules Hartlepool

Hi Jessica, interesting article…..l have Ceres in Aries at 01, 38, 42, what does this mean for me???? l was born in Melbourne, Australia on the 8th of July 1965 at 10pm. Thank you

Hi Jessica

Thanks for another fascinating post. I have Ceres in Sagittarius at 28.

The bit about raw feelings and emotions particularly resonates with me. I’ve got a lot of good work stuff going on but keep having moments brooding over past failings, particularly regarding education, and end up spending way to much time thinking about what could have been.

Would be interested to know how I can deal with this phase (as I hope it will pass) as it’s really dragging me down.


S x

Good evening,

I have Ceres at 28 degrees Libra. What does this mean for me and are there any points of significance coming up with Jupiter about to enter Libra? Other things I have in Libra is Sun and South Node.

Hi Jess,

You and I have already discussed how synchronous and important this Pluto / Ceres saga is to me and to the UK. I just wanted to tell you what a great article this is and to thank you for it. I love the bit about the French banknotes too. Information and foresight really is power and you are kind enough to share it with us.

Many thanks,

Hi Jessica thank you for another interesting article firs time I comment on article about lunar eclipse august 18 and you was amazing everything happened the way you said thank you!! ! have ceres in leo but my main concern is I have pluto in libra at 00 degree. Any advise thank you for your generosity

Hi Jessica
Thank you for a fascinating article!
As I have Ceres 17 in Cancer would this relate to my husband and adult children in particular? Especially as there has been many blessings but also pain (chronic long term illness with my son) with my family?
Thank you again for the time that you share with us.

Thank you so much for this! Ceres is much clearer now.

Hi Jessica I have Ceres in Aries and lots of others in Aries please can you tell me what this means please, thank you

Hi Jessica!

Another great post, so very informative, I love reading these articles on astrology and going back checking with my own birth chart!! Could you please have a look at my Ceres in Aries and tell me what it means?
Thank you

Hi Jessica,
I have Ceres at 28 degrees Virgo and my life at work has been a nightmare in the past few days. I have some serious issues with a colleague of mine, we don’t seem to understand eachother and communicate properly. I feel like quitting this job and start looking for something else. Is it going to get better? What should I do?

Hi Jessica,

It’s really interesting reading more about Ceres and your predictions for the UK (it has got me wondering about Australia and China too – does Australia have Taurus in the 4th house?)

Ceres and Uranus will conjunct my North Node close to 7º Taurus (and sextile natal Ceres 7º) next year, is this the major transit to Ceres for me in the coming months and how will this work in my chart (finances and assets can’t get much worse!)?

Thank you !

Thank-you for information on Ceres. Ever since Jupiter came in Virgo & aspected my Capricorn placements, my health matters have been expanded. There have been only tests,scans,lots of money spent but doctors are baffled, not reaching any conclusion. Medicine are not proving effective Interestingly after reading this article, I immediately looked again my chart only to find Ceres there in Virgo natally. I want to ask you 1) In a Virgo placement natally, would that mean that time & again I might have health issues of varying magnitude. 2) Jupiter should have brought some breakthrough when it aspected it natally?… Read more »

Hi Jessica I have Ceres in Aries at 5 degrees, my son is an Aries as is his father. I separated from his father nearly 2 years ago & have custody as his father had become violent. My mother takes my son to see his father and extended family once a fortnight. My son is still very small. I very often get the Ceres card in readings too. What does Ceres mean in my birth chart?

Thanks so much for this article. The themes of having it all, losing it all, compromise and depression struck a chord so I looked in my birthchart for what was happening on the day of the most traumatic event of my life, a few years ago, which triggered a long depressive episode. Without going into too much detail of the event, on that one day, Pluto at 6 degrees was hitting my MC, IC (conjunct), Venus, Proserpina and Juno. Ceres at 13 was hitting my Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto, Asc and Dec. Juno at 21 degrees hit my Bacchus and…Ceres. The… Read more »

Hi Jessica,

I have Ceres in 4 degrees Aquarius and was wondering when Ceres will work for me and when against me and what will help me the most to navigate through life with this aspect.

Thank you!

Hi Jessica, I have Ceres at 12 Aries in my chart. I read your last reply to the lady who had Ceres in 01 Aries and I see you mentioned job and role. I have been trying to get on with this company that would be my dream job. They hired me on in Nov 15, then it was delayed and finally in Jan 16 they told me that the position I was to fill wasn’t available any more (it is a large company and a very slow hiring process. The position I was taking was someone who was on… Read more »

Hi Jessica,
I see I have Ceres in Gemini, and I was wondering what should I pay attention to… I also noticed you mentioned Uranus returning to 21 Aries in November, and I have the Sun in 21 Aries.
Thanks a lot!!!

It’s true, the last quarter of 2006 was the beginning of a much more financially secure phase in my life and coincided with Jupiter conjoining my natal Ceres. I hope I’m not going to be biting my nails next April as I live in the UK and have Sun, Chiron and Proserpina in a 23 degree T square. Sounds like I need to get as much of my mortgage paid off before then as I can.

Another great article! I was especially drawn to the painting where Ceres and Neptune were pictured and after that discovered that I have Neptune at 4 Sag and Ceres at 4 Sco. Also have MC, Pluto and Minerva at 3° of Sag, Lib and Pis. Are they and how are they connected? I have a Scorpio sun and lots of planets in scorpio too. At times it has been a compromise when it comes to shared resources but I always seem to end up alright in the end. Still, it has not been an easy ride and at times I´ve… Read more »

Hi Jessica,
Thank you for another post on Ceres. I know first hand how powerful she is last year when you pointed out that Ceres was triggered in my chart and my status in the group at work changed because I (literally) received a ‘Promotion’ (the degree title)!

I’ve got Ceres and Diana in 8 Aquarius that aspect Neptune and Prosepina in Capricorn. Do these likely to be played out in a profession rather than personal life? And should I also consider Pluto in my chart because he is intertwined in the Ceres mythology but made no aspect to Ceres?
Thank you!

Hi Jessica, Thanks for the detailed piece about Ceres – it’s really interesting how it’s movements are linked to the fate of the UK / Brexit. I’ve got:
Ceres 26° Aries 54′ 16 & Aesculapia 26° Aquarius 33′ 25. I’d be grateful for any comments you can make on it’s influence in my chart.

Hi Jessica , I have Ceres in Cancer and from what I understand it does rule mothers, family, home, etc,. Even though in a much better place now in some aspects (work, married life,etc), my relationship with my mother has been in turmoil and she doesn’t not even speak to me or my sister anymore – owing to her burning bridges with the family , severe depression and alcoholism (which she refuses to acknowledge). Reading this article does sort of fit the bill of the power struggle Ceres can lead to? Am I right? I just wish to have a… Read more »

Hi Jessica,

Thank you very much for this. I’ve been digging deep into my chart trying to resolve some things. I think what you’ve written about Ceres, so brilliantly, might have unlocked some painful repeating life experiences for me.

I’m not happy about this little planet. Ceres is in Capricorn, different houses depending on house system used, yet what you’ve written…this thing keeps manifesting to the point that I detest it. Any advice?


Hi Jessica, thanks for the fabulous article. I have Ceres in Aquarius (retro). Like one of the readers, I’m a woman who has had tremendous issues with my parents in law. The mother basically commands everyone else so influences the father so much that he doesn’t have an independent judgment. She tries to victimise herself mostly and portrays me as the evil daughter in law to everyone else in the family. She was born Chakwal,Pakistan on 27 Dec 1950 5:30 am. My husband doesn’t want to be seen as allied with my stance as much either as he wants to… Read more »

Hi Jessica,

Could you let me know what Ceres in my charts placement of Scorpio means. I’ve never been particularly fond of the sign, so very curious as to how this family of placements play out for me, and why I have a resistance to the sting in the tail of Scorpio people, maybe I need to tune into more of my Ceres in Scorpio and embrace it. Would love to hear what Ceres means for me in my chart. With huge gratitude as always

Thank you, Jessica for the thorough background in Ceres! I have Ceres in 8th house Gemini, with Pluto in Virgo at 7 degrees, is there anything I need to watch out for? Thank you for your knowledge!

Hi Jessica My posts keep getting stuck in moderation. So hopeful this one will make it through to your attention. Promise to make an offering to the goddess of email queues! :) Many thanks Another really interesting blog. I’m finding it so helpful with the advanced alert to the potential for something manifesting – next April / May looks very tense! Could you please comment on Ceres transit 11 Taurus for me please. In the Sacred Geometry blog part you replied “Aesculapia at 11 Virgo and Mercury at 11 Capricorn. Every time you deal with an organisation or person with… Read more »

Just wondered why my comment from a few days ago is waiting moderation when others have been answered since? It’s a normal question with nothing controversial in it.

Hi Jessica
Have been working hard on understanding my chart!
I found this earlier blog about Ceres truly interesting !
I have Ceres in 12degrees Scorpio and 9degrees vesta how does this affect things in my world!
Love everything about your website and am so pleased I became a member !
Regards shirley

Hi Jessica. Many thanks for valiantly striving to get through your que of questions! I have Ceres at 0 degrees Aries. With my 0 degree points throughout my chart I am interested how this can be useful to me in the future. I can honestly say that money issues has dogged me throughout my past. I am hoping that my future may be a bit brighter on that front. Thank you so much Jessica!

Hi Jessica Omg …reading ur posts n understanding connections aftr all these years…..I am Aries with saggitarius rising……my natal chart says Ceres at Libra 4 degree R, Pluto at Libra 12 degree R….so is tht the reason why I hd all those sudden dramatic losses of my partners,,,the same cycles hitting me….grieving very sudden loss of my loved one n later compromising with destiny….omg is this how astrology actually works!!!!! My Juno is at saggitarius 0 degree R ……so now plz tell me jupiter in Libra cycle,wht more will hit me here on???? How will jupiter cool off Ceres n… Read more »
Hi Jessica, What you predicted about Saggitarian my star side last week and this week about Ceres, about children are so accurate and it scares me . I’m in pain right now but I have to took all my strength to write you this email as I need your help ! Please !! Yesterday Wednesday 19th afternoon, after school as usual my children & me sitting at the dining table eating and we were talking about how was school & what they’ve learned , we were get ready for my son football training… We were so happy. Then The bell… Read more »
Hey Jessica I read this article today only . I have ceres in Capricorn . The most interesting thing I came across here is the price on independence . How does this works for me . Over few months I have realised to get to a certain level in life I can’t do it alone anymore . I am contemplating of getting married as money is something I can’t possibly mix until unless someone is officially partnered up with me . Bring single and alone my folks really don’t believe in me to start my own buss. As it will… Read more »

Hi Jessica,
Thank you so much for this post! I have Ceres in Aquarius 6°43′, however, it is Retrograde. What does this mean and how can I work with Retrogrades in my chart? I have 6 in total and I feel it.

Wow Jessica, I learned so much about Ceres with this article and I’m amazed at your generosity here in helping others understand they’re charts. You’re an Angel! I am in a Ceres transit at the moment which is why my interest was sparked (Mars/Neptune in Pisces 8th house just trined my natal Ceres/Uranus and I’m not only super motivated to heal my past and do past life therapy but also found a new supplement system that I think will finally help my adrenal fatigue). I’d love to get your insights into my Ceres placement. I have changed homes so many… Read more »
dear Jessica, this is a great article. I have been reading a lot of early Romantic literature at the moment (from the period 1799-1802) and I am amazed at how some stories, poems and biographies reflect Ceres themes, especially the cycles between death and life, loss and return, grief and abundance. Usually Romanticism is associated by astrologers with Neptune, which I always found a little bit problematic… And the same with communism – I think as goddess of the field and of agriculture Ceres is equally involved in such movements, which I think is also strongly reflected in the Ceres… Read more »
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