Astrology, Bernie Sanders and the Horoscope

What does astrology say about the Bernie Sanders horoscope, as Hillary Clinton confirms she has pneumonia? Could he possibly become President if Clinton abandons her race for the White House?

Here is the main horoscope problem. Astrologers still do not have a confirmed birth time for either Sanders or Clinton. This makes exact prediction very difficult.  It is still possible to make some forecasts about Bernie Sanders, though. So, for all of you who have been asking me about him, here they are.





I predicted the Democrats would be in power at the White House in 2017,  back in August 2015. This prediction was made so far in advance that Donald Trump had not even announced his candidacy. I’m sticking with that astrology forecast about a Democrat victory in November 2016.  You can read it here.

It is based on one simple fact. Generation Libra. They were born with outer planets in Libra, the sign of equality and they want a woman in the White House.  That is obviously Ms. Clinton. If they can’t have Clinton, then they want a male feminist. A man, who also wants a woman in the White House. That’s Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders.

We are not going to see Donald Trump in the White House. Why not? There are too many media criticisms of his stand on women and he polls too badly with female voters. He’s not going to win over Generation Libra, and as Jupiter goes into Libra for the first time in 12 years, they want a big change. They want a historic change.





I am still seeking confirmed AA birth data for Joe Biden, so let’s look at Bernie Sanders, as promised, as it’s clear that the Democrats will win the race for the White House in 2016, but how?

Will Bernie Sanders become President of the United States, or will he make his comeback as the American in charge of the new ‘special relationship’ with the United Kingdom?

We can’t tell that, because of the missing birth time – but one thing is clear. Bernie’s huge return is part of a jaw-dropping new 2017 trading partnership between the United States and Brexit Britain. The astrology makes it very clear that The White House and 10 Downing Street are linked by fate and Bernie is the connection. We are going to see a fascinating new partnership develop between Bernie Sanders and the British Prime Minister Theresa May.



This is Bernie Sanders’ natal chart, below, using a 12 noon birth time. Look at the stunning stellium in Libra, the sign of equal partnership and special relationships.

The ‘Special Relationship’ between the United States of America and the United Kingdom is an historic fact. We saw it with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and President Ronald Reagan. We saw it with President George W. Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair.  It even became a television series. Bernie Sanders will have his own ‘special relationship’ with the United Kingdom, following the November 2016 U.S. election.






Sanders has Mercury, Juno, Vesta, Panacea and Venus in Libra. That’s a stellium. It lines up perfectly with the 1801 United Kingdom astrological chart which also has a stellium in Libra. Boom!

The key to the whole chart is Minerva at 14 Gemini in the Third House of communication and commuting. Bernie has it almost perfectly square his Sun at 15 Virgo – and Minerva is exactly trine the position of the United Kingdom’s North Node at 14 Libra in the Seventh House of partnerships. It is also beautifully trine the position of Prime Minister Theresa May’s Sun at 14 Libra, again in the same house of allies.

Bernie Sanders' horoscope. Amazing astrology.
Bernie Sanders’ horoscope. Amazing astrology.



Our data for Bernie Sanders comes from via the work of Isaac Starkman. The key dates for peering into the future are below, based on a chart with a 12 noon birth time using modern astrology (including the new planets Ceres and Vesta) and the Natural House system.

Watch these dates to see how the zodiac sign of Libra (equality, feminism, duets, double-acts) works in Bernie’s birth chart, because across these dates, he is going to show us why the power of two is the key to everything. You will see astrology working in real time.

This is about Bernie Sanders being handed the biggest, luckiest opportunity in 12 years to work two people, two countries, two sides – everything!

Jupiter at 2 Libra
September 19th to 23rd, 2016
Jupiter at 3 Libra
September 24th to 28th, 2016
Jupiter at 10 Libra
October 27th to 31st, 2016
Jupiter at 19 Libra
December 15th t0 22nd, 2016, March 25th to April 2nd 2017, August 15th to 20th 2017,
Jupiter at 22 Libra
January 11th to 27th, 2017, February 16th to 28th 2017, March 1st to 5th 2017, September 2nd to 6th 2017.



Bernie Sanders and his Libra stellium.
Bernie Sanders and his Libra stellium.




Back in August 2015, before Trump had even announced his candidacy for U.S. President, I made this prediction:

“Fellow Democrat Bernie Sanders, who is pulling bigger crowds than either Hillary or even Barack Obama ever did, is a real threat. We don’t have a birth time for him, but we know he is a Virgo, born on September 8th, 1941. He is campaigning on health care, as every good Virgo should. He is competing against Hillary for the precious Democrat nomination for President. Will Benghazi, Bill and Bernie stand in her way? At some point astrologers will be given accurate birth data for Bernie, and I will add to this prediction, in August 2015.”

Well, we still don’t have a birth time, but we have had a new British Prime Minister since that time – Theresa May. She also has an untimed chart, but her Sun is very clearly trine Bernie’s Minerva. It’s a beautiful relationship. If we do eventually get a birth time for Sanders, we can look at the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of the deal!

Posted Monday 12th September, 2016

Cover Photo of Bernie Sanders by Michael Vadon

6 thoughts on “Astrology, Bernie Sanders and the Horoscope

  1. Jessica,
    I don’t normally post comments on sites… but as an astrologer who is just now coming out of the closet…I have to say that I’m really taken by your skills and method. Your mundane predictions are amazing. As for Bernie, I see that he declined to make a comment about the Brexit…except to say this: “What this vote is about is an indication that the global economy is not working for everybody. It’s not working in the United States for everybody and it’s not working in the U.K. for everybody.” (from Huffington Post). So your insight makes a lot of sense, and gives me some hope that a voice of reason can prevail to bridge the terrible wage gap.

    I love your blog — and so appreciate your prolific posts. Thanks for everything that you provide to your readers.

    I’m about to launch a blog on various spiritual subjects, including astrology. You are so generous with your readings…can you see any future success for me with this new project? Thanks much!

    • I am very flattered, thank you. I must go and find that Bernie Sanders comment on the United Kingdom and find out more about why he declined to say more – how interesting! I am also glad you are pursuing alternative ideas. The world needs more astrologers and also more spiritual websites. You may want to launch once Mercury is out of retrograde shadow, though, from 7th October 2016. If launching before that date, allow for changes or delays. With the North Node/South Node axis in Sagittarius/Gemini you have written and published before in other lives so I am not surprised it feels so natural to pursue Gemini/Sagittarius themes like spirituality websites. Just be aware that Saturn will conjunct and oppose the nodes at the end of his cycle, next year. In November 2017 you may want to bear that in mind – I am sure you know all about the stuck, serious, slow situations that can arise. If not pick up 2020 Astrology here now and read more about this planet.

  2. Hi Jessica, again, great blog … I apologise or shamelessly raising questions about my chart … I have always been more inclined towards the “inner” as the “outer” world has been particularly problematic for me … i wonder if you can see this in my chart? I see it as Chiron/Moon, Saturn/Mars, Venus/Jupiter in Aquarius. Progressed Mars retrograde . . .
    However, i have great respect for your abilities with prediction and your way of interacting with outer reality … you are also seem to be a confident and charismatic communicator but I suspect you know this otherwise you couldn’t have achieved what you have. Self belief is a wonderful gift, especially with achieving in the outer world. It is something that I don’t possess much of. Someone said to me recently that she realised that I viewed and related to the outer world through a transpersonal lens. Early trauma has that effect I’ve discovered. The outer world isn’t safe … ones only resources ARE those of the transpersonal or psyche-given when one is traumatised pre and post birth.

    Sorry this is a LONG winded preamble but it gives a context for the question which is:

    I am 67 this year. I am wondering where to focus my energies (nothing knew of course). I play a number of musical instruments, am at present in a really nice duo which you predicted would occur via your broad prediction around Jupiter going through Virgo. (I have Saturn/Mars there).
    I also have been doing dream work with clients for 4 years and have a website (we share the same webmaster … James). I have set it up and done nothing with it. I am thinking of starting a blog around matters of soul/psyche/dreams etc. (One has to be active with content to keep the website up the top of Google search, as you know). These are my two passions. I just get stuck in inertia … I don’t manage both/and and end up in either/or but I would like to do both.

    Could you please cast your eye across my current astrological situation and comment?
    I am really at my wits end with this. I suspect it is Sagittarius dilemma actually.

    Some people just seem to have a sense of their destiny and are one pointed in the pursuit … I sense that Bernie has a “mission” … a vision. He is a man who cares about people … How does one GET this? Maybe one doesn’t get it by trying to get it. It is bestowed perhaps by the Moirai, Ananke … the gods. If you’ve read this far Jessica … thank you for your indulgence.

    • Your Sagittarius stellium is behind this soul-searching. I am not sure if you know the work of P.L.Travers beyond Mary Poppins? She was fascinated by the esoteric and she comes to mind as I look at your birth chart. She also had her own struggles with her unique inner vision of the truth ( a great deal of which ended up in Mary Poppins) and Hollywood! Saturn in Sagittarius is a hard ask. You know the cycle ends at Christmas 2017 but until then you will need to adjust your speed, accept some learning experiences about the way the world actually is (not as you wish it would be) and the usual Saturn tasks. It is not a bad idea to read up about Saturn now. The Ninth House and Sagittarius are occasionally tested like this. It is difficult because so much of the Ninth House is about what you believe and what you have faith in. Nevertheless, once you wake up in 2018 and particularly 2019 when Jupiter goes through Sagittarius, you will be oddly appreciate of what you went through. It will make a lasting difference to your philosophy of life. Foreign people and places will probably be your greatest teachers.

      • Thanks Jessica.
        Mm, yes, this all rings true . . . I am also aware that Saturn thru Sag is a call to “solidify” or “concretise” how it is inside . . (much like the author of Mary Poppins. We actually had a discussion about Mary Poppins some time ago on this site). This seems to be occurring … I am actually about to “publish” on my site … I am playing more music with someone I like and who appreciates me … Jupiter thru Virgo … I have struggled with Saturn “forever” it seems but I am starting to appreciate the gifts. I feel so much better when I actually “just do it!” … with a Saturn/Mercury mutual reception it is so important for me to write, to communicate musically (that is also the Mercury square to Neptune) … ah, the cosmic wonder of it all! But ain’t it the truth! Hugs to you J.

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