Revolution! Astrology and Your Money 2018 to 2026

Thanks to Generation Scorpio, an unusually large number of people now in the world, who were born with horoscope factors in that sign (ruling finance) your money, house, apartment or business will transform between 2018 and 2026.

If you have planets, asteroids or other horoscope factors in Taurus and/or Scorpio then your life will be changed by the new money in the most personal way –  and this revolution will unfold from May 15th, 2018 until April 26th, 2026.

We are going to see the end of banks and currency as we know it. Why? Uranus, the planet of rebellion, freedom, liberty, independence, radicalism and revolution, is going through Taurus, once in your lifetime. This triggers both the Taurus and Scorpio factors in your chart. If you have more than three factors in either, you’ll make the revolution happen. Where will it happen? With new technology. Some devices have not even been invented yet.


From Wired online.
From Wired online.


My thoughts on the Euro began with a prediction that Greece would vote NO all the way back in July 2015. The astrology was right. Greece did. Then the nation changed its mind! The Greek horoscope said more, though. It pointed to an eventual Grexit (Greek exit) from the European Union and a Brexit as well (a British exit). Well, as you know, the astrology was right about Brexit. I am going to stand by the prediction that Greece will also go. The Euro is doomed.



The British pound crash in October 2016  and more wild ‘adjustments’ in 2018 against other currencies, will help a boom in farmers’ markets from May 2018, which become part of everyday life by 2026. Local produce, in season – and most importantly, home-made products like butter, which replace those normally found in the supermarket – will be a huge hit with Generation Virgo, who were born with Uranus and Pluto in the Sixties. They will also be a hit with Generation Scorpio, born with Uranus and Pluto in Scorpio – the new enterpreneurs. The notorious EU stranglehold on food and particularly ‘Elf and Safety’ (Health and Safety) regulations will no longer hold growers and buyers back. Cue the new food economy. Supermarkets look dated.

This will be different to the middle-class, expensive Farmers’ Markets for foodies that we’ve seen in some parts of London. It will be a national return to British vegetables and produce. It’s the new British egg economy. Cheep cheep!





Between these dates, the world will see the greatest economic, business, taxation, banking and financial revolution of the century. It will be digital. It will liberate people from borrowing. I am making this prediction two years into the future, in September 2016, but the astrology is very clear. We are going to see Uranus oppose the Scorpio birth chart factors of billions of people, in these years.


Uranus in Taurus May 15th 2018 to November 6th 2018
Uranus in Taurus March 6th 2019 to July 7th 2025
Uranus in Taurus November 8th 2025 to April 26th 2026


Want to gain? Start thinking ahead of the curve, now. Be ahead of the pack.  Premium members, login below to check your birth chart. If you have Scorpio chart factors, then you are lucky. Jupiter in Scorpio will bring you tremendous answers, benefits, gains, solutions, savings and advantages when he moves through your Eighth House of finance, business and property. This takes place from October 10th, 2017 through November 8th, 2018.

Use the New Moon in Scorpio on October 30th, 2016 and other key Scorpio patterns I will tell you about on this website, to set goals and make plans. Do it consciously. Read the business, economic and financial news. See where the trends are. In October 2017 it begins. 

 If you have Scorpio chart factors then Jupiter, the planet of opportunity and repair work, will conjunct or sit on your personal horoscope patterns from October 2017 through November 2018 and you will make or save a small fortune. If you have Taurus chart factors, he will oppose them in the same period. Even in opposition, though, Jupiter shows you the way forward and the way through. Jupiter benefits you. He makes you and the whole world optimistic. It’s a boom.

Your Birth Chart

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Taurus Vogue


Do you have these signs in your personal birth chart signature? You are destined to play a small or big part in the revolution, as Jupiter conjuncts or opposes your Scorpio and/or Taurus placements. Once Uranus also moves in to conjunct or oppose your Taurus and/or Scorpio placements, there is no stopping you.

Uranus enters Taurus on May 15th, 2018. On the same day we have a New Moon in Taurus on May 15th. Allowing for different world time zones, the planet will see the birth of a revolution in banking, currency and the global economy very close to May 15th, 2018 – which will affect the world for years.

Uranus is a symbol of freedom and independence. He is associated with lightning and with electricity. He is associated with electric shocks. What happens around May 15th 2018 is a shock to the system. The banking system. The tax system. The capitalist system. Why? Uranus is in Taurus the sign of the bull.  Since 9000 BC, cows have been a commodity. In astrology, Taurus thus rules money. Uranus will move over 0-1 degrees of Taurus in May 2018 and semi-sextile Chiron moving over 0-1 Aries. May 2018 is a month the global economy will never forget.



If you have a Taurus and/or Scorpio horoscope signature in your chart, particularly if you have a stellium (more than three factors in each sign) then it’s over to you. More than anyone else on the planet you have a fantastic instinct for fundraising, charity, philanthropy, land, houses, apartments, business and the rest. What can you see?  How will global warming affect export? Scorpio is the sign which rules mortgages, legacies and life insurance. How will this change? If you’re in that heavily Taurus/Scorpio group use Comments at the end of this story to exchange predictions. We can come back here in 2018 to see how you did!



At the moment, as I write this in September 2016, one American dollar is worth the following in digital money. You can buy 10 Facebook credits (if you are a Facebook user, or used by Facebook, as some people put it!) You can also use your dollar as the equivalent of 80 Microsoft points. It’s 250 Linden dollars on Second Life.

Do you think all this is just a little bit odd, right now? You have no idea how many e-currencies will arrive from 2018. Taurus rules values (what you will, or will not, sell out for.) Taurus also rules who/what you consider to be priceless. In the future we will have a phenomenal number of currencies to choose from. We’ll set the value. Not Wall Street.


Taurus at the National Gallery of Victoria (Adams).
Taurus at the National Gallery of Victoria (Adams).


If you have a Taurus/Scorpio chart signature I strongly recommend you begin doing your research on the new money, as soon as you can. Wired magazine is one way in. It comments:


“The banks and credit card companies have spent 50 years building a proprietary, locked-down system that handles roughly $2 trillion in credit card transactions and another $1.3 trillion in debit card transactions every year. Until recently, vendors had little choice but to participate in this system, even though — like a medieval toll road — it is long and bumpy and full of intermediaries eager to take their cut.”

How can you see the Uranus in Taurus revolution changing that, and how will you make or save money in future? Astrology is not about an astrologer like me, telling you what’s going to happen to you. It is about owning your Taurus or Scorpio placements, in particular, and reshaping the future, your way, as opportunities emerge. 2018 could be big.



The best business or charity brainstormers I know have Taurus/Scorpio chart placements. How would you solve the problem of  ‘basket abandonment’ which happens to websites trying to sell us products? I do it all the time. Why? The hassle of remembering passwords or filling in forms. The future belongs to people who fix basket abandonment.

Think about alternative ways to make or save money. How about the online auction? EBay made this famous.  Uber are reviving the ancient concept of bidding with taxi cabs. How about no money at all – just bartering?

What about a restaurant that is run without cash? Lower insurance charges for the restaurant (no theft) and less administration (no queuing at the bank with bags of coins).

There is not one single aspect of money that Jupiter in Scorpio and Uranus in Taurus in 2018 will not alter. What begins with a bang will continue. Pensions. Superannuation. Insurance. Credit Cards. Personal Loans. Currency. Taxation. Investment. Wall Street. Sharemarkets. What’s your prediction?





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Thanks for these predictions Jessica, I find it fascinating! I have the Sun in early degrees of Cap and Pluto early degrees of Virgo so I am very excited to see what Uranus in Taurus brings!! Thanks.

Thanks for this, Jessica. Intriguing article and I’m sure disruptive Uranus is going to make himself known in the money markets and our food supplies when he enters Taurus. I just received advertising from Avios this morning and their headline ‘Did you know that salt was used as a currency in Ancient Rome’. How bizarre but you have to love the synchronicity in relation to your predictions in this article :)

Really interesting article (again), Jessica. I have said for several years that land and the ability to produce your own food will become vitally important in the future, and I think everyone believes I’m crazy when I say it! I’m lucky as I have a large garden and I already grow quite a few vegetables (an activity I love) and I am very interested in events such as Apples for Eggs, where you can get together with other “micro-producers” and swop your home produce. I suppose it’s because I’m an Aquarian, is it?! I was recently involved in a protest… Read more »

Further to my last comment, there is a short video by Paul Mason, a highly-respected UK economics journalist, on The Guardian website, which links in with your post and which I think you may find really interesting. It’s about post-neoliberalist-capltalism (!!) and alternative currencies, and gave me a lot of food for thought…

Dear Jessica,
I have just had a ‘breakthrough’ which is: the decision to put my house in order in 36 mo. pay debt, animate the restaurant I own, resolve my personal life to my satisfaction, write & paint.
I picked September 19th 2018 as my completion-date. So I looked up the date & there you are.
Toby Tylor
b. August 28, 1949
(moon) Scorpio…..
so you see…lots of good stuff/love yr site/looking forward to meeting/you too!!!!

Hi Jessica, I am quite impressed with your articles… I want to ask you as proffesional astrologer something that is allways at the back of my mind. My daughter was born 3. 9. 2004. at 6.40 am in Sydney, Australia. When I was trying to read her astral chart trough internet it always says she would have problematic relationship with her mother and possibly her father…though we really have good relationship with our daughter, she is very outgoing, bubly personality… Thanks for your wanderfull articles and Happy New 2016!

The first thing which comes to my mind when I think of Uranus in Taurus is “The Green Party,” Is a Green Party revolution possible between 2018-2025

I’ve just come across your site – as a Brit you can imagine how phenomenal I think your work is at this point, lol! Its great work and absolutely fascinating. I’m passing this article on to a friend (we’re both both Taurus NNode and Pluto in Virgo so it couldn’t be more relevant) but I’d love to know your thoughts about what’s next? I read an astrologer who wrote that they see both David Cameron and Jeremy Corbyn having left the field come the next scheduled election in 2020, and one has already gone. Your Christmas 2016 prediction suggests Jeremy… Read more »
I am really grateful for your work, Jessica, and the time you have put into replying to comments. Clear, brief, concise – and also compassionate, humane, kind. A very different sense of ‘dispassionate analysis’ to the one I have felt to dominate academia; also, blissfully, one that overturns the despondent ‘there is no alternative’ meme palpable amongst lecturers. (No wonder many of our young display numb cynicism?) I’m nearing the end of an MSc in Climate Change and Policy. Perhaps, to echo one of your earlier correspondents, the “new world economy” is coming regardless of what part academia plays in… Read more »

Hello Jessica
Amazed at how you have awaken everyone before time about Brexit. Jessica I am Male
Born 01-03-1979
Have online real estate site
Going through very hard economic Phase
When will see better days?

Hi Jessica, I just took a position that pays me less but with more responsibility. I am also more aware of my capacity to make and expend money. Still I struggle with the money slipping from my hands no matter how much I make.

I appreciate your comments …what is next?

Hi Jessica another great article Im watching this very closely worry about this transformation I try to protect my family in future so I bought some silver coins to help in dark times, my husband think Im crazy and my sons also make fun of me all my family even my parents told me I should relax and not to worry because I have food supply for about 6m. can you please check my chart I have in scorpio Hygeia at 14 , mc at 14, in Taurus ic 14 venus 15 mars 26 Thank you !!!!!

I have sun in Scorpio and Taurus ascendant. I see lots of changes will happen in education, banking, less consumerism, children empowerment, the euro zone may disintegrate back into independent currencies, changes in real estate

I was just thinking about my money situation. What does my chart tell you?

Hi, You are getting us ready for future. I am a church mouse and nothing will affect me. Can I get away like that? My ascendant in Taurus (8th house) and Juno in 1 degree Scorpio. I have Taurus cousin ( 2 May 1988) who has Sun conjunct Jupiter in Taurus and Pluto in Scorpio. Who does not like to work but want to become rich and famous . She would love this. My husband and I are stuck with 9 to 5 jobs but my cousin’ s generation is different. I see a big difference in thinking when it… Read more »

Hi Jessica. With three factors in Scorpio I am interested in how the Jupiter in Scorpio and then Uranus in Taurus will trigger financial resurgence for me. Thanks!

Hi Jessica… I have only IC in Taurus but in Escorpio I have Fortuna, Phsyce and MC. I have invested some money during Saturn retrograde in Scorpio and you predicted already some recovery. But I am not sure how IC will play a role.

Many thanks again.


HI! Thanks for this lovely new$. As I mentioned to you previously, I really want to start a fashion/beauty business. And, I know you told me this time frame would be perfect. It’s a risk and a stress, but what do you think? It most likely would be w/my sister. She has a Taurus and Scorpio stellium and has Jupiter in Taurus (13/12/76 Chicago, 2:45am). Any thoughts? Thank you! Xxx

Interesting. I have 4 aspects in Taurus and Neptune is retrograde in Scorpio. What does retrograde mean in this case? Thanks Jessica

Hello Jessica! Thank you so much for this. I’ve got 5 Scorpio factors – including the South Node (which means that I’ve got the North Node in Taurus!!). What should I be doing to prepare for the transits? Have you any thoughts on my personal situation as well as how I might find myself involved in this massive transition to a new economy? (Btw, I totally agree with you that there are major changes afoot – as do most sensible economists! There are lots of economists, as you would know, who are saying ‘we are never going back to the… Read more »
Hi Jessica, Fascinating article. I’ve been seeing for a while how regions and nations are looking inward and becoming increasingly ‘communal’ in their approach. At some level, i think this is where the economies will head … more insular, focused on national growth, currencies and systems. Building and protecting their own. So a myriad currencies, numerous economies not ruled by the stock exchanges, huge move to digital money to unite growth but at the same time a lot of activism on ground. It feels like a lot is in limbo at present and when it shifts the switch will take… Read more »

Hi Jess – you always give me something to look forward to, or to work with. :)
I’m hoping you can shed some light on my financial situation. A revolution must be good for me.
With Neptune in Scorpio, and quite a few factors in Taurus – and a dire financial situation!! – I need some direction. And hope!
Thanks, as always.

Hello Jessica, This article is very inspiring. For my chart on this site, I have four Taurus planets/asteroids in the 2nd house and four Scorpios in the 8th house. I have intuitively felt for a while that the future of employment is self-employment where people create their own little niches in exchange for money. I think the days of relying on others for employment and getting that job will be a thing of the past by 2025. I can see bartering being a big thing too. Everyone is unique and everyone can contribute something to society that will give them… Read more »

Hi Jess

Please can you have a look at my chart please lots in Taurus. I too think community will become all the more important, interesting gold prices have gone through the roof so too Bitcoin although my sense is that barter trading will come back, possible global currency reset, changes to superpowers and the introduction of greater transparency. I hope anyway.

Hi Jessica The revolution won’t be televised…it may not even be streamed by 2018 as some new technology may emerge. Fintech is a very interesting revolution and yet I suspect it’s all about understanding how the new tech still allows for people to take a cut from your funds (transaction fees; processing fees; currency translation; advice fees for roboadvice). There is also the issue of regulatory supervision and how that will change and evolve in response to this evolutionary landscape. I have several factors in Taurus and in Scorpio…plus factors in Virgo which will be trining the Taurus factors and… Read more »
I have been following closely this money situation as I have a small business plus an online business. It’s been a bumpy past few years, people are spending less and more wisely. So the good thing is that you have to reinvent yourself constantly to find ways to sell. I have noticed also, that people don’t carry cash like they used to, they pay very easily with their credit card. I was wondering about the fact that one day cash might not exist and bank cards would replace physical money. What is scary about this idea is that banks would… Read more »

Amazing insights as always, I have;

18 N node Taurus
18 S node Scorpio
19 Neptune Scorpio
17 Pluto Virgo
19 Uranus Virgo
18 Apollo Cancer
19 Hygiea Libra

Anything of note?

Hi Jess,
I have a stellium in Taurus and Scorpio
I have some properties as investment, which I want to sell some of them for cash, but it is better to let it like that?

Nep 13 sco
Diana 9 tau
Hygeia 16 tau
Proserpina 29 tau
Psyche 16 sco
Panacea 28 sco
Fortuna 11 tau

Thank you, rose

A great post Jessica, love the comments too! This has been weighing on my mind for some years now – the social and technological shifts that hint of new financial (& power) structures. I have no shortage of ideas for making money but have always had barriers to pursuing them, recent years it has been my health – so I’m not sure if there is anything on the horizon that will help me overcome this? I’ll have a go at a prediction. I think that national barriers will disappear as governments lose power. In their place super structures built on… Read more »
Hi Jessica, Here is someone who cannot wait for the new revolution in the money/banking fields etc. as I have gone through real horror shows since 2009!! Your predictions are so accurate. You are truly an amazing human being and for what you offer to us all, we are eternally grateful. As you have mentioned before I am a super-Taurean as I have the following in my natal chart: Sun at 24 degrees Taurus Moon at 13 degrees Taurus Mercury at 22 degrees Taurus (Retrograde) Minerva at 1 degree Taurus Vulcano at 1 degree Taurus Psyche at 00 degree 23′… Read more »

Hi Jessica, I’m excited to know what my Scorpio and Taurus horoscope factors can bring me.
I have Scorpio in Saturn, Hygeia, Proserpina and Psyche and Taurus in Chiron, Fortuna and Minerva. Hope you can enlighten me about my money, house and business. Thanks!

Hi Jessica

As a new member I’m a complete novice at the moment, but read as much as I can on your site and your amazing new book 2020 astrology and its beginning to sink in. Can you give me any insights for my Scorpio/Taurus future to come please.

Neptune Scorpio 03
Fortuna Scoprio 28
Bacchus Scorpio 27
Psyche Scorpio 18
NorthNode in Scorpio 01
Vesta Taurus 21
Hygeia Taurus 09
SouthNode Taurus 01

Thank you

Jessica, thank you so much for your articles! I have a stellium in Capricorn, Scorpio and 3 planets in Taurus. And I also work in a bank, in a credit cards technology department. Looking forward for 2018!

Hi Jessica, what can you say about this.Thanks
Zodiac : Tropical Placidus Orb : 0
Sun Scorpio 11°34′ Ascendant Taurus 10°55′
Moon Aries 27°25′ II Gemini 10°03′
Mercury Libra 23°37′ III Cancer 5°33′
Venus Sagittarius 16°42′ IV Leo 1°06′
Mars Virgo 26°46′ V Leo 29°56′
Jupiter Virgo 27°54′ VI Libra 3°59′
Saturn Aries 20°35′ R VII Scorpio 10°55′
Uranus Libra 2°08′ VIII Sagittarius 10°03′
Neptune Scorpio 25°44′ IX Capricorn 5°33′
Pluto Virgo 24°21′ MidheavenAquarius 1°06′
Lilith Gemini15°31′ XI Aquarius 29°56′
Asc node Aries 9°07′ XII Aries 3°59′

Thanks Jessica for another great piece! But how will the youger generations benefit from this Jupiter in scorpio? If this is their first Jupiter return, what will be impacted. Thanks for your insight!

I have a stelium in Scorpio and I think we’re going to go back to using gold as it has real value unlike paper. I heard that in Roman times a Roman could buy a smart toga and sandals with 1 gold coin. In present times we can buy a smart suit and shoes for 1 gold coin. So no inflation in all these years. I have : Fortuna in Scorpio MC in Taurus IC in Scorpio Pluto in Scorpio Bacchus in Scorpio Psyche in Scorpio If Fortuna is about how we spin the wheel of fortune for others then… Read more »
Dear Jessica, Many thanks for this inspiring article. Since the financial crisis, it is very hard to get a credit from a bank, here in France. I’ve seen people and companies, with very good earnings/revenues, being refused a loan. In a way, the banks are blocking the economic revival. I consider joining a crowdfunding scheme, because I believe in people power. I’ve been thinking about it for a while, but after reading your article, I really want to take action as I have a stellium in Scorpio and some Taurus factors. What do you think ? My partner born on… Read more »

Hi Jessica, here is another person who was born with the Nodes on the Taurus/Scorpio axis (:
I have also Ceres (Ceres Return?) and Mars in Taurus. I do not consider myself as a person who knows how to “make money.” Is there something in my aspects that could change this?

A very thought-provoking article, Jessica, thank you. I have long been worrying about my savings at the bank, and wondering whether they might simply evaporate one day, due to some global calamity. Two of my adult children still live out of a suitcase. One is in Kiev, the other is a books/film events manager and straddles the globe. They are like a sack of fleas. I have offered to help them buy a modest home each, as I’d rather see them benefit than see my money go kaput. They can’t make up their minds as to which continent/country, so the… Read more »
Hi Jessica, How does my chart read regarding money for next few years? I want to quit my 9-5 job and start something on my own, may be tution classes for kids, or a school. Both my parent have been teachers and are willing to help me with my venture. I am planning to start this sometime between 2018-20. Till then I plan to work with someone who can guide me, and have to take up job that can help me with. This will be a compromise as I have to let go if my highly paid job… But its… Read more »

Hi Jessica, I have the Sun at 16 Aries, Ops at 16 Taurus, Juno at 29 Taurus, Cupido at 16 Scorpio and Vulcano at 28 Scorpio. All those 16s seem significant. How do you see the financial revolution affecting me?

Hey J what a reading. Always so interesting and reach in info that isnt available anywhere else. Does it mean that getting into Wall Street may not be a good idea or we have a bit of time before it reshapes itself.? will there be a Wall Street as it is so distorted now and doesnt really reflect economical situation? We just decided to invest in our retirement with a help of the broker. I think outside of the box but i am not sure if brokers are. And we bought a house (closing was on August 2nd, 2016). I… Read more »

I guess that makes me part of this Scorpio generation as Uranus will oppose natal Uranus of many people born in my generation. I’m looking forward to the currency shifts across the planet. Long overdue. Thanks for the article.

Hi Jessica, I have Mercury at 5 degrees Taurus Vesta at 27 degrees Taurus Hygeia at 2 degrees Taurus Minerva at 26 degrees Taurus Neptune at 28 degrees Scorpio I think that’s how I say it :/ Are those factors good? It looked like at the beginning of your post it was better to have Scorpio instead of Taurus. I can’t figure it out.. Thank you :)

Hi Jessica,

A great read, you are my go to source for news and politics.

I have multiple Scorpio and Taurus placements. What are the key areas to watch?

Best wishes,

I heard on the radio today about Fingerpay where a light will read your finger tip and connect straight to your bank account to make payments. How ET is that? I have a stellium in both Taurus and Scorpio – I work in charity fundraising and sometimes grantmaking. My hope is that in 2017/18 more people spend less on stuff and give more money (digital or otherwise) to causes close to their heart or do fun or adventurous things to raise money for them. There are charities out there for every possible cause and they are helping people who are… Read more »

Hi Jessica

I’ve got Taurus on my MC. Not sure what this will mean.

Hi again Jessica, Capricorn Sun 27 degrees.32 and Aquarius ascendant 19 degrees, born 18 Jan 1959 London 08.58 am. It is so good to learn that we are in for a major transformation. I have always been good with money and then everything went wrong after I invested in buy-to-let properties overseas which when the markets collapsed left me in debt and borrowing money like I have never allowed myself to do before. I am still in a financial mess 10 years on. I have a stellium of planets etc in both Taurus and Scorpio: Lilith Moon at 6 Taurus… Read more »
Hi Jessica, this is a very interesting post. Things can’t go on as they are in Britain as there is a serious housing crisis, with houses that many can’t afford to buy and extortionate rents. It’s all tied up with the finance industry who encouraged Buy to Let loans to landlords, and this took out of the property market a lot of first-time buyer properties and of course this whole mess of a situation impacts on people’s personal finances. I can see a time when the non-property owners will finally rise up and do something to force change, maybe Uranus… Read more »

Hi Jessica,

Thank you, your articles are always an interesting read.

I have:

Uranus 21’Scorpio
Mars 0′ Scorpio
Proserpina 4′ Taurus
Diana 11′ Taurus
Chiron 18′ Taurus

On a side note, should I book a holiday for christmas, or as long as I don’t hop on a flight, maybe a cruise instead, I remember you said in the Saturn in Sagittarius article, about staycations being the better option…

Thank you

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