Mercury Retrograde December 2016, January 2017

It’s on again. Mercury Retrograde begins with the shadow on 2nd December 2016 and will not leave us until 27th January. Make allowances for extreme weather affecting transport and commuting. Telephones and computers may not be your friends at this time. Allow for product recall. Plan for rescheduling. None of this will be ordinary, everyday stuff. Mercury Retrograde brings drama which affects whole cities and nations.

Back on 12th August I gave you all the dates for Mercury Retrograde through 2020 if you need to check. This great photograph from my Twitter friend Esme shows how December and January will look to us. Back in November, we thought we knew where the leaves had fallen. We figured that the shakedown of the American election was over. Mercury tells us that this was only the beginning. Nothing has really shaken down, as it will be permanently for 2017, until we are over the final shadow of this planet at the end of January.






Messy Mercury Elections
I’ve posted before about messy Mercury Retrograde elections. The most famous one in history was Bush versus Gore in 2000 when it took around a month for the decision to become final.

The 2016 Election did not happen on Mercury Retrograde, but early voting did – and Electoral College and Inauguration will also occur on the cycle.  This is what I wrote about the early voting period, back on 11th May.

“It’s the time to take extra measures to ensure mistakes don’t happen and to have Plan B in case things go wrong. It’s also the time to be very wary with the internet, computers, the media, buses, trains, cars and planes – which Mercury rules. The most simple error can create a chain reaction of events on this cycle.  Mercury Retrograde in Virgo is about the internet, most of all. It is about Microsoft Word and Apple. It is about Google.  It is about hackers. It is about technical problems. It is about manufacturing faults. Basically, if it’s about your computer (or the computer at work, or university) then expect Mercury Madness.”




Pre Voting in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina
Electronic voting machines and hacking are both typical outcomes of a Mercury Retrograde period. So is extreme weather, issues with postal votes and so on.  This one ran from August 10th through October 7th. Hurricane Matthew appeared at this time. It formed on 28th September and did not dissipate until 10th October. You will remember on 3rd October Florida and North Carolina declared a state of emergency. One million people in Florida had no power. In South Carolina, half a million people had no power. (American flag image: Tumblr).

On this Mercury Retrograde cycle, December-January, the previous Mercury Retrograde cycle will come back to haunt us. What went wrong with the candidates and the election during Mercury Retrograde, August 10th to October 7th 2016, will be revealed during this next cycle, starting December 2nd.

December and January in Government and Business
Mercury will retrograde in Capricorn the sign ruling government and big business in December, January. This will result in chaos at the top. It will have a domino effect on your own life. Demotions, promotions, departures, resignations and redundancies will affect you directly, or through one-two connections in your world. These will not be smooth. They will be delayed and they may even be overturned.

We are going to see muddles and mess in Downing Street, in Canberra and of course in Washington. One of the reasons for that is that Mercury will get stuck on Ceres in Capricorn in the US chart. As I write this on 23rd November, the power structure is – President Barack Obama preparing to leave the White House, and Donald Trump and Mike Pence moving into position to take over. People are talking about ‘transition’ but this is not a transition at all.

Shocks Galore
Adding to the uncertainty of December, January we are in for some shocks. There will be a revolution in every country of the world. Why? Uranus at 20 Aries, Saturn at 20 Sagittarius, Jupiter at 20 Libra, Mars at 20 Aquarius. Each national chart will show where the rebellion come from and why.  (Image: Victoria and Albert Museum).




What To Do, What Not To Do
Have Plan B and C prepared as you will find the ripple effect of chaos at the top of government and business, affects everything from airlines, to traffic, to computers or other technology. Get it in writing and read the fine print. Don’t just assume everything you hear and read is going to stick. Be aware that Electoral College begins on the same day as the actual retrograde in America. Also be aware that Christmas itself is the time for most of the big shocks to occur.

It’s a good couple of months to rehearse, create a first draft, a first edit or a beta test. It’s not so great for big launches, appointments, decisions and declarations. Do allow for extreme weather December 2nd through January 27th all around the world – storms which cut power, snow which stops flights, extreme heat or bushfires which hit traffic and so on.

For most of us, December and January are months to unwind, take stock, recap the year, review things and then slowly gear up for 2017, which we will all feel, does not even get started until February, when Mercury is back to normal!


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From what I’ve learnt through your blogs not all Mercury Retrogrades are terrible, I mean yes they are in a way.. but not really. Is it odd to have a new year begin with Mercury retrograde any case this year has been one long homecoming season and I can’t wait for 2017 to start.. I will be moving in Dec second week ( I mean I’d have to for new job) although I did sign the papers now in late November heeding your warning about Mercury retrograde. Hoping new city, new social circle and new job will bring a… Read more »
Hello Jessica, Thank you so much for writing this with such clarity. It’s been so lovely speculating about this on Twitter! I can’t wait to see the real outcome of this election. It’s all very suspicious but I have faith that Jupiter in Libra will bring justice and reveal the truth of what happened with the votes. Despite my deep devotion to astrology, we are moving into our new house on December the 19th… May I please ask for your insights for me during this time? I am now feeling quite worried as both my husband and I have several… Read more »

Hmmm. Thanks Jessica. I feel like the mayhem has already begun at my workplace. Any tips from my chart?

Hi Jessica – If you can have a look at my birthchart – is there anything specific coming my way to look out for? Many thanks. K

Hi Jessica Can you expand on the 20° conjunction with saturn, uranus, jupiter and mars. I have pluto, desc, ascendant and apollo at 20°. It seems major? Hoping not so, or positive as need to unwind this christmas ! By the way reading all your posts on Trump and elections, there are rumours that many voters were prevented from voting and also rumours of rigging. I don’t know if you know the work of Greg Pallast, but he’s taking up the mantle (he’s an investigative journalist specialising in uncovering the unsavoury world of dirty money and tax havens amongst other… Read more »
Hi Jessica, just want to say I love you, my partner and I moved country 2012, he got a good position, but after many rows I left him 2014. we got back together January this year, its be brilliant, but I cant get work I had a job but a woman was telling lies about me ( on the eclipse ) and ive tried everywhere, I would love to move back,but my partner wants to stay. he is hoping for a better position, but they do just pile more work on him I’m aquarius my partner is cancer, I know… Read more »

I have Uranus in my first house, sun and mercury in Capricorn and Libra moon and ascendant, what sort of ways do you think this retrograde will affect me? Many thanks and congrats on your 20 awesome years!!

Interesting take on what’s happening globally. Do you think Trump is going to impeach himself? Back to more personal issues, what are the likely influences of mercury retrograde have in my life/ chart at the end of this year? I’ve been waiting for a conversation to recommence with an ex but it’s been stuck for months, don’t know why? any signs of us moving forward together soon?

Thank you for another great article! You mentioned revolution and shock, as well as chaos at the top in December. I happen to have quite a number of trigger points at 20 degrees, and wonder whether it will be a bumpy ride for me. This year has not been the easiest, and I would love the holiday season to go smoothly.

HI Jessica, firstly I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the astrology report I recently purchased from you…I’ve even gone so far as to have it professionally printed and bound…all before Mercury goes retrograde :) one thing I wanted to check in with you about was that I am considering enrolling in a course of study for next year…should I wait it out until the official retro period is over? Cheers! xx

Hi Jessica. Brilliant article, as usual. Do you think the previous Mercury Retrograde cycle will have any effects on this coming retrograde cycle, at an individual level if we have strongly experienced it August through October? In addition to having Saturn in my ninth house (that you have so graciously advised me about in my other comments), the most weird things happened to me August 12 to the end of the retrograde, the kind of baffling things that really has you thinking of these cycles. I was working on a behind the scenes project (I’ve actually worked on it the… Read more »
Hi Jessica, Great article, as always. Am I reading correctly that the muddles from one Mercury retro can influence what happens in the next one? A bit like series of eclipses being related or part of a group in some way – may have that totally screwed! If so, could the career opportunities from Sept/ Oct that danced in and out of my life before just abruptly disappearing possibly return? With one particular role, even though quite different to the norm, it came to me rather than me applying, and, I just had a really good feeling about it. To… Read more »

Hi Jessica. Thanks for a great article. I am dreading Dec and Jan because mayhem looks like it will happen in Capricorn. I suffered greatly during the Saturn transit in Scorpio and I am not totally over what happened. What should I expect relationship-wise and work-wise. I am starting a new job in January and can’t have a double whammy on my hands. Thanks

I love reading about Trump and what might happen in December, it’s superexciting and you really are fenomenal!

As for me, there’s quite a situation at my workplace and I was rather hoping in a solution by the end of next week but after having read this article I’m not so sure.. Should I be worried? Is it going to be a rollercoaster ride?

Hi Jessica. I’m interviewing for a role that I am so hopeful to get, on November 30. Should I be successful do you see mercury retrograde as an issue in starting this role? I have interviewed with this government agency in the past and I am really interested in working with them in the future. Do you foresee this Interview being successful for me? I have been without work for the past 18 months and am looking forward to this role being of benefit to me in the future. Thanks so much for your insight!

Wow, another interesting article! Thanks as always Jessica. I’ve got mercury in Capricorn at 21degrees, a change of job in the next few weeks and 2 foreign trips either side of Christmas so I’m hoping everything will turn out ok!

Hi Jessica,

Thank you for the article. It’s interesting to know how Mercury will affect us in December and January. You mentioned changes as in promotions, demotions etc. Do you see anything in my chart in terms of career changes?

Many Thanks

Hi Jessica, being from Canada I am very interested in what is going to happen with the American politics in December! I have Venus at 20 libra, is this going to affect me in December? Thanks again for all you insights!!

Thank you again for an awesome article…

Can you please look up my birth chart to see will I have job after shock in December and January…

Also I am trying to refinance my home mortgage… Will I be successful…

I am not good with surprising shocks as I am more terrified than ever if December and January affect my life negatively…

Thank you so much…

Hi Jessica

Could you have a look at my chart and reflect on how this particular retro period will effect me personally . As far as I know I suppose Capricorn will be my 6th house . Are there any other factors like conjunction or sextiles etc. Which may effect this retro for me personally . Thank you .

Hi Jessica. I’m interviewing for a role on November 30 that I am really excited about. I have interviewed with this government agency in the past and I am very interested in working with them as it relates to the position I have been called to interview for. Would the nercury retrograde have any impact on the process involved should I be successful? I have been out of work for approximately 18 months and I am looking forward to gaining within my career at long last. Thank you for your insight!

Hi Jessica, My questions / concerns are two fold for this Mercury Retrograde period. How will this period affect me personally in that I recently started seeing someone again whom I had a been seeing up until about a year ago. Prior to that, we’d had a somewhat ‘odd’ relationship for about 5 years. (We’re coworkers.) My second question is regarding my work situation. I am on a project which can potentially be impactful for my career and there have been recent rumblings that a management shakeup is inevitable. Any comments you have based on my chart about these two… Read more »
Another interesting post Jessica and I plan to buy a new laptop this weekend before Mercury goes shadow!! As well as the usual travel/tech issues on merc retro, I find that people and situations from my past have a habit of appearing at this time. I’ve tried to look at my chart and see what this one will mean for me and I’m worried. I’ve been involved with a man recently and things have progressed a bit too slowly for me (he’s a Taurus). He has three daughters from his last relationship and in my chart I’m seeing vesta at… Read more »

Hi Jessica, I’m posting this again, I was not logged in the fist time. My apologies, I’m new here. :-) I’m looking for a new job right now, is this a bad idea because of mercury rx or is it supported in my chart? Thanks!

Hi Jessica,

Can you please look at my chart and let me know if there will be major delays in me finding a full-time meaningful job in the months to come. It has been very tough for me in finding a long-term career since 2008. Also, I’m looking at changing my profession and going into another field all together does this make sense at this time in my life.

I really appreciate your feedback! Thank you.

Good Evening Jessica – Thank you for the article and the recent birthday 2016-2017 publishing. Upcoming events will be impacting me in Dec and Jan then again in Feb and Mar, in the summer and the fall. It is an understatement to say I am uncomfortably numb. Taking the proper measurement and your guidance did not make previous mercury retro easy. You and I did our part while external factors outside my control disrupting my progress and imposing undesirable outcomes. My life pyramid is at stake!! I can share from experience to prioritize matters in hand. I am hoping to… Read more »

Hi Jessica,

It is amazing how the US election is more unpredictable each day, between the recount and top jobs in the new administration remaining unfilled. There is a daily sense of – what’s next?

Regarding this blog, you describe ‘shocks’ when certain planets are at 20 degrees and I have Mars at 20 degrees Sagittarius so I wonder if there is any significance for me?

I really want to change jobs and wonder if this will happen possibly btwn now and February.

Thank you.

Hi Jessica,

I read on a number of other sites that the Mercury retrograde actually begins December 19th. What do you think about this?

There is a whole lot of changes and shifts happening in my husband’s company right now and we are hoping for a promotion and transfer back to the US. Do you see that happening? If so will they announce it before the retrograde? My husband is born in Kristiansand Norway on 2nd Jan 1976. Time of birth is 5:05 AM. Thanks in advance!

Thanks for your blog. Love reading every one of them.
Just wondering how this Mercury retrograde is going to affect me over the next couple of months with my 7 factors in Cancer, 4 in Aquarius and 4 in Leo. 3 pretty much everywhere else and no Sagittarius.

Hi Jessica,

It’s been a very rocky year for me and I’m truly hoping things will settle soon after having relocated to the top of Australia almost 3 months ago for work… Still suffering terribly with home-sickness and feeling lonely with mo relationship to speak of…
Is there anything coming up for me in the near future??? Something/anything good to look forward to??
12th May 1983
Melbourne, Australia

Hi Jessica, Oh boy. Interesting times indeed. Something else that’s going to happen here in America during the Retrograde, the Veterans Stand For Standing Rock from December 4-7. In their own words from their FB event page; Come to Standing Rock Indian Reservation and hold the line with Wes Clark jr, Michael Wood jr, Tulsi Gabbard and hundreds of other veterans in support of the Sioux nation against the DAPL pipeline. Bring Body armor, gas masks, earplugs AND shooting mufflers (we may be facing a sound cannon) but no drugs, alcohol or weapons. Updated OP Order 11/27 will be pinned… Read more »

Hi Jessica,

Thanks as usual for your article. I was wondering if you could give my any insight into what I might expect. I am trying to finish a big project I’ve been working on for years this December, and I am taking a trip from late December until mid-January. I’m just going to assume that travel will be wacky, especially being a Cap. I am more concerned about this project. . . . Thank you in advance.


Hi Jessica,

Can you tell me if Mercury retrograde will affect the job I started two weeks. ago? Things already appear disorganized. Will the current repeat of the same personal issues continue into the new year?

Hi Jessica,
I see many people requesting you to comment on their charts – how do you know their charts? Is this is what is meant by premium member? I would be so curious to see what is coming my way!

Hi Jessica,

Thanks for the article. I have Saturn and Salacia in Capricorn – please let me know how you think the retrograde will affect me. The things I have planned over the next 6 weeks are some bathroom refurbishments and a long haul trip.
Thanks in advance.

Hi Jessica,

Seems like my comment are not going through! I hope you receive this one!
Thank you for the article. It’s interesting to know how Mercury will affect us in December and January. You mentioned changes as in promotions, demotions etc. Do you see anything in my chart in terms of career changes? Also, the situation I’m currently facing with that special someone is being stagnant for a while. Is there any sign in the current planetary situation for progression in that side?
Thank you in advance.

Hi Jessica

Thank you for such an informative site. I did have to smile when I read up on Diana and saw her in Capricorn in my chart but then I noticed she’s retrograde. One of the (many) things I am intrigued about is the effect of retrograde planets and asteroids in natal charts. Does being retrograde have any effect on interpretation?

Hi Jessica, I Have been following your blog for over two years now and am excited, nervous and secretly hoping the big shake up or shock would take President elect out of the picture:)

Thank you for posting and updating regularly as new information comes up.

I am still struggling with Jupiter in Libra and cannot see it being positive yet but haven’t given up hope. Is there Any thing specific I have to worry about in this mercury retrograde.

Thank you again. Wishing you a wonderful holidays season ahead!

Hi Jessica Just had an upsetting letter from tax office tonight saying I owe them money… again… due to unpaid taxes despite using their tax codes …this has been going on for over 8 years and I am at my wits end as I do check and repay the tax due… but our tax office HMRC is noted for making mistakes and I wonder whether I should review and challenge them? What do you think? Also, I want to get really fit again having lost all interest in myself and wonder whether I have the drive to start and the… Read more »
Hello Jessica – My heart always sinks a little at a Mercury Retrograde but I’ve learnt to use the time to tick boxes, cross ts & dot is [so to speak] & prepare the ground for more communicative times! That said, I was wondering how close to 20 degrees is close enough? For example I have Sun 22 Aries, Moon 23 Virgo, Jupiter 23 Virgo, Dian 22 Sagittarius, NorthNode 19 Scorpio, SouthNode 19 Taurus, etc. but that may be insignificant? Life is on a reasonably even keel at the moment in most areas – work, studies, kids – except for… Read more »

Hi Jessica!
Thank you for another great article! Things are going crazy at work as it must be true. It’s like Murphy’s Law. I don’t know how much longer I can work to wee hours of the night but it’s exciting at the same. I hope it all works out soon with no heads rolling.

Hi Jessica. You never cease to amaze me with your predictions. I got so tickled a few days ago when watching the news and heard of the Mid-West recount for our Presidential election…all I could do was chuckle. Being Virgo Sun/Gemini Moon, I am no stranger to Merc Rx harshing my mellow. In fact, I started feeling the effects last week when I moved my website over to a new host…and yes, it’s getting worse by the minute. I already have Plans B, C & D on standby. But here’s a question, how could this Merc Rx be harshing the… Read more »

Hi Jessica…

Just received a letter from HMRC tax office that I am owing money…they keep changing my tax code…this is really upsetting as this saga has been going on for some years. I find it all very stressful. I do pay my dues as I have done over the years..but I have read that HMRC are guilty of making some major mistakes and wonder whether I should challenge them. Thanks.

Hi Jessica, thanks for another very interesting post. One event that is being overshadowed by events in America is Italy’s referendum this Sunday, 4 Dec. A rejection (looking likely) of the reform proposals will send shockwaves both politically and economically, not only in Italy but also throughout Europe. Who’s the dunce who set the date in a Mercury retrograde?!

On a personal level, I was considering signing up to an accountancy course in January, it’s online/distance learning, should I wait until Feb?

Hi Jessica,

Your website is wonderful.

There are many planets at 20-21 degrees now. Is this significant or important for Mercury retrograde?

20-21 degrees today:

Thank you again.

Hello Jessica
Love your work!
I have moon Sagittarius 28 degrees natally. I am guessing Mercury retrograde will monumentally affect my expected finish for a major publication?

I have been following your political predictions for years and watch with interest the next moves for the White House.

Hi Jessica, I have been reading your site for years so I’ve just become a member… I’m not sure why I waited so long to be honest!! Hopefully you can see my chart. Also born with Mercury Rx ;) Thank you for your comments so far. I love that you say that my new lifestyle will find me… Could you tell me about love?? I’ve not been in a committed long term relationship for almost 5 years… It’s lonely – I’m lonely. I know you have said that home-sickness is temporary, and I truly pray it is… Staying here sees… Read more »

Thanks Jessica …have started going online and putting it out there… have received a quite a few responses and all with the same issues but failed with their own challenges with the tax office! I am looking to enlist a tax advisor… Thanks again.

Hi Jessica, I applied for a research grant in September and should know whether I am to get it or not in February – will Mercury retrograde put a spanner in the works?

(Fantastic article, as always!)

Hi Jessica, I’m new to your site, and I absolutely love it. I noticed that your article about Nov. 14th moon lists those with 22 Scorpio as being personal, and I wondered what that would mean to me with Mercury 22 Scorpio in the 4th House and Taurus Mars in the 10th. On that night, I was encouraging a friend that this diverse country is worth fighting for. Trying to piece together the concepts you teach here and what my role should be moving forward (in general), I notice that I have many planets and asteroids at 20 degrees all… Read more »
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