Diana, Freedom and Independence

A symbol of freedom and independence

Diana is a symbol of freedom and independence in your horoscope. She is an asteroid, and the daughter of Jupiter in Roman mythology. Of course, all our modern astrology is based on these Roman/Latin gods and goddesses. Diana is thus an important part of the family tree you can find in your horoscope. She can show you (by sign and house) why you may be reluctant to commit. With Diana in the Tenth House, for example, you may not want a lifetime career path. With Diana in the Fourth House you may be very shy of mortgages.

This is an ancient archetype, or symbol, which has survived the centuries. Here is Diana in the Middle Ages with her bow and arrow, and her dogs. To the Romans she was their version of the Greek Artemis, the goddess of the hunt. Diana is that part of you which roams free. She is all about Women Who Run With The Wolves.

Diana image from Twitter @OEWordHord
Diana image from Twitter @OEWordHord


Diana: Key Words and Ideas

Non-binding agreements. Commitment phobia. Autonomy. Space. Liberty. Spontaneity. No Ties. No Strings.

Diana was the goddess who begged her father Jupiter to release her from motherhood and marriage. Jupiter granted Diana her wish and set her free to hunt with her only companions, a hunting dog (usually a greyhound) and her nymphs, who were her followers, but also her friends. They are often seen in art bathing naked together. Some people have suggested this makes Diana a bisexual symbol. She had male lovers, too. Famously, Endymion was one of them. Endymion spent his entire life asleep. Diana only visited him when he was slumbering. They had children together, so it was a passionate affair, but it was never an active partnership (to put it mildly). Diana types often need Endymion types. The house and sign where you have Diana shows where you are always ‘hunting’ and roaming free and wild, but may need someone who is passive to partner with you.

I photographed this statue of Diana with her slumbering lover in Bath. You can see Diana’s dog underneath his leg but Endymion has passed out! It is common to see Endymion types in modern life who are addicted to television/computers/games/meditation and thus, barely present. Or, Endymion can manifest as a man with depression, or someone who is an habitual stoner or drinker – physically there, but not wholly there at all.

There is the suggestion that Diana falls for Endymion precisely because he will not get in the way of her hunting, her swimming and her dog! Can you see Diana-Endymion patterns in your own life?

Diana and Endymion by Jessica Adams.
Diana and Endymion by Jessica Adams.


Diana in the Signs and Houses

The sign (below) you find Diana in, also gives you the house, or the life department she’s involved with. Of course this may be a complex and sometimes contradictory part of you! Why? Diana may be in the same sign as the Moon (for example) and the Moon needs to be needed. Or she may be in there with a number of heavenly bodies, which makes this part of your life rather complicated.

If Diana makes aspects (patterns) at the same degree as other chart factors, she’ll be quite busy in your personality and your life. If you have Diana at 1 Aries and the Moon at 1 Cancer, for example, you’ll find Diana pops up quite a lot.

Strongly Diana types are typically single women who don’t want children, who tend to have affairs or part-time relationships with men rather than commitment or domestic life – and who are either the outdoors type (active) or born to travel. If you have Diana in Pisces in the Twelfth House then you may be a secret free spirit who ‘roams’ when nobody is watching!

ARIES Image, brand, appearance, self-interest, self-promotion, profile, reputation, publicity, packaging.
TAURUS Money, business, charity, value, communism, socialism, economy, possessions, property, charity.
GEMINI Multimedia, publishing, internet, words, ideas, images, journalism, books, public speaking.
CANCER Mothers, home, family, home town, country, patriotism, roots, heritage, houses, apartments, home exchanges.
LEO Children, babies, young adults. Youth projects. Junior generations. Lovers who could make you a parent/aunt/uncle.
VIRGO The Body. Daily routine, lifestyle, work ethic, service, duty, food, drink, drugs, doctors, healers, surgery, exercise.
LIBRA Partners. Partnerships. Former, current and potential partners. Enemies, rivals and opponents. Lovers or foes!
SCORPIO Power and money. Sex and money. Death and money. Basically – property/finance in power-based ties.
SAGITTARIUS Travel. Travel in the mind. Academia, education, publishing, beliefs, foreign or regional ties, the internet.
CAPRICORN Ambition. Social climbing. Social status. Achievement. Being at the top of the hierarchy. ‘Making it.’
AQUARIUS Groups. Friends. People power. Clubs, societies, associations, political parties, bands, teams, Twitter networks.
PISCES Drugs and alcohol. Meditation. Mediumship. Secrets. Operating behind the scenes without any credit/visibility.


Working with Diana in your chart

We live in a world where security is sold to us as the ultimate kind of happiness, yet the truth is, we all have Diana in our charts somewhere. I know that big business, government and banks long for us to commit (that fits nicely into their spreadsheets and projections) but Diana has nothing to do with security, safety, commitment, longevity, assurances, responsibility – or anything else. She is all about hunter/gatherer instinct. You can spot her all over the world. Here she is in a Paris antiques shop. She is always shown with her bow and arrow, and usually a greyhound or spaniel at her feet. Diana is usually shown with one foot raised, as if to run. She’s that side of you which does not hang around! Diana helps you deliver the goods, but you will want to do it on your own terms, in your own way, on your own time.

Her famous fight with Actaeon came about when he accidentally saw her swimming naked with her nymphs. She was so enraged at this invasion of her space that she turned him into a stag. He was torn apart by his own dogs, as a result. Diana can be a fierce, remorseless, part of yourself too. This is where you will not stand for anyone or anything taking away your territory. If you have Diana in the Sixth House of the body, for example, you will be fiercely independent about your food, drink, fitness, healers, doctors, drugs and so on. You won’t take kindly to others (even accidentally) tramping on your turf.


Diana by Jessica Adams
Diana by Jessica Adams
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Dear Jessica,
Can you please comment about the Diana on my natal chart?
On your email on Friday, You said that there are 2 charts – one is the sun sign and the other is the birth chart. I did not understand that. I see only one birth chart under the premium members.
Is the 2017 reading still open? thank you

Would you please check my placement of Diana? Does a Diana transit relate to fertility and increasing odds of conception? Love your website! Thanks.

I love this Jessica! Can you tell me what Diana means for me in my chart? Thank you.

Super interesting! My Diana is 16 Capricorn, IC 15 Capricorn. Moon is 16 Aries and Pluto 17 Virgo. I really am ready to pursue my career now I am 50. Any thoughts?

Hello, This morning I had a conversation with my husband about the asteroid Diana in both our natal charts and I was attempting to determine what it meant for the two of us and our personalities. What wonderful synchronicity that you posted this article, this morning, about an hour after my conversation with him. I am hoping maybe you will help guide my conversation further with him. You can see my Diana from your chart. I have his chart from astro.com and he has diana 23 cancer. Also at 23 degrees in his chart is Ceres conj. Ops 23 Leo,… Read more »

Hi. I have Diana in Pisces at 21 degrees. I have always been a free spirit but lately have been struggling with feelings of wanting more security from a partner. Could you please explain this for me. Thank you

Hi Jessica, thanks so much for this super interesting but VERY unnervingly accurate article! My Diana is in Libra. I’ve come to recognize the patterns that I make in my relationships, and you couldn’t be more accurate if you knew me. Both the Diana and the Endymion bit!! I both love being in a love relationship and hate the idea of settling down, but I’m going to be 35 soon so you can imagine I’m in a tight spot. I guess I’ll settle with Endymion…. because, as you said, at least he’ll let me do my own thing right?!

Diana is conjunct North node… Born free?

HI Jess – Dianna in Taurus – funny, any other comments from my birthchart? Many thanks K

Just testing out my understanding… I have Diana in Cancer squaring my Juno in Libra, which seems like a hell of a clash. I do find that while I’m often aiming for an equal partnership, I do tend to prefer my own space, especially at home (they don’t seem to go together!). I’ve also realised that I can only really feel secure when I have space to move and independence, which could be Diana trine Moon at 24 Scorp (but could also be my Moon-Uranus conjunction). Diana’s also semi-sextile Ceres and Ops in Leo – not sure about that one… Read more »

Hi Jessica, love this article after my little run in with Diana at the Met! In my birth chart she is in Aquarius together with her brother Apollo, Mars, Vesta, Salacia and Prosperina. A rather busy house…How does this cocktail affect my life?

Hi Jessica,

thank you for the interesting article.
I have Diana in 22deg Aquarius and she is in the same degree as other important players – Jupiter in 22deg Aries and mercury 22deg in Libra. And very near is my South Node 23deg in Taurus and North Node 23deg in Scorpio.
Can you help me to understand in which way Diana influence my life?

Thank you!

Hello Jessica,

Thank you for always writing such generous and detailed articles.
I learn so much from you and it is life changing.

Could you please clarify what Diana means for me?
I have Diana at 22 Libra.

I’m a bit confused – I am happily married to a Libran.

Does my Diana mean I want freedom from my partnership?

Thank you so much.

Kind regards,


I love how you explained Diana. Now I get it more. She is in my Sag house (3rd and 9th?)…how does she work in my horoscope? Especially with my stellium in Sag…? Thank you!!

This is so interesting Jessica. Can you tell me what Diana means for my horoscope? If I am reading my chart right, Diana 17 Capricorn 00′ 20″.

Hi Jessica, my Diana is at 16 Capricorn with my Apollo at 16 Cancer. Any thoughts about the meaning of this dyad? I also have Pluto at 17 Virgo and the Moon at 15 Pisces. Thank you!

Hi Jessica, interesting article. l have never been in a relationship that has lasted more than a month……and never met a man who wanted to commit to me. l really crave having a loving relationship and sharing my life with someone, yet it also scares me!!! l have Diana in Libra at 21 03 43. Will l ever be able to share my life with someone for longer than a month, or am l destined to be single forever?????? Thanks Jessica

Hi Jessica can you tell me what Diana means in my chart.

Thank you for this post, Jessica!
Could you please comment on Diana in my chart that is (yet another heavenly body) in Aquarius, in particular its aspect with Ceres, Proserpina(?) and Neptune?
And any upcoming Diana-aspect that I should be aware of in the near future?

Thank you!

Hi Jessica – I’ve got Diana at 4 Aries as part of a stellium. As a Libra I’m not exactly commitment phobic, so I’m not sure what this means?

This is very interesting. I’ve been single all my life and was wondering what you see regarding my Diana in Aries.

Hi Jessica- I have always wondered how Diana in Scorpio works with my Venus in Libra – seems a bit conflicted. Only now am I starting to realise that although I value my independence, I still hope to find a soulmate to enjoy life with. Could you shed any light on this and also how I can tone down my sun conjunct pluto tendencies which does seem to be keeping some prospective suitors at bay. Thanks for an interesting article. Incidentally, I thought I was wait listed for 2017 horoscopes? Maybe I was wrong, perhaps I was just inline incase… Read more »
HI Jessica, I have Diana at 23 Aquarius and Mars at 23 Leo. Interestingly, my name is Diane and people always call me Diana. I had a dalmation dog who was my beloved friend. I work with planetary energies, and I DO love Jupiter! Hence my profile name here. I never had children but helped raise my sister’s kids and several other people’s kids! I feel Diana in my chart is important but I’m not quite sure what she’s up to. I also have Mercury and Saturn in Aquarius and frankly I am a writer and have a lot of… Read more »

I have Diana  @ 26° Virgo in my birth chart. How will that impact me ?

Hi Jessica,
I have Diana at 13 Aries, Moon at 13 Virgo, Neptune at 13 Sagittarius, Panacea at 13 Taurus….
Can you tell me please what do they mean?!
Btw, I see the North Node at 12 Scorpio with South Node at 12 Taurus, but I’m not sure if they matter in this context.
Thank you so much.

Hi Jessica

Thank you for the interesting article on Diana, it has awaken me to protect and safeguard my future outcomes . Also freedom, peace of mind and integrity is priceless.

When Uranus in Taurus conjunct my Diana in Taurus in 2018, what would happen to my life regarding a radical change? My husband has Sun in Sagittarius @11 degs and
Diana @9 degs Pisces 12th House.

Thanks for another interesting article Jessica. I have Diana at 24 Taurus, sextile Bacchus in Pisces, square Pluto in Leo, trine Ceres in Capricorn (and we’ve talked about that Pluto/Ceres story already this year!)
I would love your input on this as I still have trouble interpreting aspects, despite all the help you give. :(
What story do these guys and gals tell?
Thank you for your time – it’s very much appreciated.

Hi Jessica,
I love the story of Diana. I work in textiles and we have a beautiful print of a Diana scene.
I have her placed in Aquarius, along with a cluster of other planets. Can you tel me more about how Diana works for me
Best wishes

Jess, this is so spot on it’s ridiculous! Diana in Libra – married for nearly 20 years to someone who really was absent. And thinking more about it, Moon in Cancer explains the importance of my relationship with my children.
I haven’t been keen to re-marry since, with a preference for relationships that maintain independence. Good to know where I’m coming from – and not that there’s something wrong with me, as some have suggested!!! …
I have Juno at same degree in Aquarius – significant? Also, MC in Libra means that notwithstanding Diana, relationships are a high point in my life?

Hi Jessica
Just curious if Diana 29 Cancer could be linked to Proserpina at 28 Gemini? Despite your very helpful hints, still a bit rubbish at seeing the links!

Hi Jessica

Fascinating article! In my chart I have Diana in 15 Sagittarius, does this portend more so for travel in the mind for me as opposed to physical travel? I have recently had alternative crystal healing and one of the most interesting insights to come from this experience was a deep yearning to travel back to the country of my roots in Northern Greece, even though I have never had any inkling to do this at all, as I was born in Australia. I love the synchronicity of everything! Thank you.

Hi Jessica,
I have Diana at 15 Virgo, North Node 15 Libra and Ops 15 Leo. My Sun is 14 Virgo. I love to roam free and loved that my childhood was spent with countless hours to roam the woods. Can you provide any further insight into what this means to my relationships and career?

Hi Jessica, This is the third comment i have left under this blog, which i was really interested in. It seems as though my comments somehow don’t register as you have managed to reply to all comments except for my two, which is commendable (unless you are me!). I have contacted your support team as this happens every time i leave a comment, and they tell me that you are just too busy to answer all comments. And I am sure that you are busy, but i dont think that you would only be too busy for my questions, each… Read more »


I think my previous post was unnoticed. Just posting again.

I have Diana in Leo, so I’m not keen on children? How does Diana then effect 2017 and in general for me?



Please could you tell me what Diana means for me as I have 3 other asteroids at the same degree in other houses so not too sure how to put it all together.

Many thanks.

Thank you so much for such an enlightening article about Diana in the horoscope! I was just wondering about Diana’s impact in my life when I read your post! What does it mean for me that I have DIana in my first house? Also, I found out that I have Hekate conjunct exact my Ascendant. Ceres is also in my first house, too. These archetypes seem to tell a story, and I’m really wondering what does it mean for me in my life? Thank you so much for everything you do! I really appreciate it!!

Hi Jessica, a great article indeed!!! and thank you. I have Diana at 7 Aquarius along with north node at 6 virgo and south node at 6 pices and also ceres at 6 aries. Also my ascendant is at 7 aquarious and descendent at 7 leo which you may not want to consider due to inaccuracy in the time. My mom said I was born at 01.05 pm at my maternal grandmother’s place, but my aunt said the clock was always 10 minutes ahead or so. So anyway, Diana in Aquarius might explain why I am so particular when it… Read more »

Hi Jessica
I could not figure out my diana in cancer. Could you help me . Diana in 15 degree cancer (currently opposite by Pluto). I’m not sure whether to use sun sign or natural house system.
Thank you.

Hi, I see myself in Diana. I was a leader of a girls group for many years, we have had many family pets who I always treated as family members, and I have had a few chances to marry but always felt they weren’t the right one, though the right one is out there somewhere, and he will understand me and let me be me. I have always wanted my own achievements and accomplishments independent of a spouse, on my own merit. My independence is important to me. I don’t want that to change, but I still hope to meet… Read more »

Hello Hello Hello
Bugger! Got leap-frogged again.
Love your articles!
Could you give me an insight into Diana in my chart.
Diana 10 Virgo
Mercury 10 Sag

Are Fortuna 9 Libra and Sun 11 Sag close enough to contribute to the Sag aspects?
I’m super curious as Freedom is what I crave the most but alas circumstances and responsibilities keep it well and truly beyond arms length. Is Freedom on the horizon?
Have an awesome day wherever you are!
Very electricky, buzzy, zappy at the moment!
And that’s not the drink! :0
Ms Piggy

Also, back in ancient times hunting was regarded as a profession that provided food to survive and also income for sale of the hides or fur and so on. Hunting requires skill and ability.

So I see hunting as whatever skill or profession someone has that enables them to be independent.

How nice that Diana’s father enabled her to live her dream and have that time to be free. Really cool.

I see the sleeping/passive partner as someone who does not interfere in what she want to do.

Hi Jessica, very interesting post! My Diana is at 22nd Libra and my sun is at 22nd cancer, along with chiron 22 Pisces and Salacia at 22 Capricorn. That’s a lot of influence from Diana. What are your thoughts on it. Thanks in advance.

Hi there Jessica. Thankyou for this article. I have just realised I have Proserpina and volcanos conjunct my diana at 15 and 16 degrees of cap. Also pluto has been and will be conjuncting all of this!! Does this mean anger/volatility?? Hope you can help me understand as there seems to be a lot going on with this stellium. Thanks and happy new year!

Happy New Year Jessica!
I wish I was in London to attend your astro-meetings, but I’m making do with trawling your web-page instead. Making plans for 2017 – one of which includes finally biting the bullet and getting a mortgage (I may have to change my name from Gypsy ?! ) Am I understanding this correctly – is Diana in my fourth house, thus giving me a lifetime of cold feet re: mortgages? (That’s how I understood your explanation earlier). It would help explain a lot.
Hope your having a safe and cheerful festive season x

Hi Jessica,
Diana was such an interesting woman and certainly did not fit the mold, so I very much enjoyed reading your article on Diana and your insights. All of your articles are well researched and analyzed.

I was born on 8/20 and my natal chart has a birth trine of: Sun in Leo 28 degrees,
Rising/Ascendant in Capricorn 28 degrees,
Jupiter in Sagittarius 28 degrees.

Could you give me some insight as to how this eclipse that falls a day after my birthday will effect me?

Thank you so much,

Hi there Jessica and Happy New Year! I loved the article. I have Diana at 22 Aquarius. What does this mean for me? Many thanks in advance.

Hi Jessica, love your site. I’m really glad you posted about Diana as she has always resonated with me. Just did my chart and i have Diana in Aries in the 10th at 28 degrees-exactly conjunct my partner’s moon. Can you please me how this plays out in our relationship. Thanks

Hi Jessica,

I have Diana in Leo. Could this mean that I attract or choose partners/lovers who won’t commit? Or there is other aspect in my birth chart that what would reflect this?

Thank you for your time.


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