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If you are a Premium Member of this website, you can download your 2017 Moon Calendar now, which reveals every New Moon, Full Moon and Eclipse in 2017, with full explanations of the impact on your horoscope. You will need to be logged in to do this.

You can be creative with this calendar. Download and print it for your pinboard, or add your own cover and convert it into a Moon journal (adding extra blank pages). You can also park the PDF on your computer for convenience at work, and check on the Moon’s progress every month.

Image from Pinterest and Under the Moon of Love.
Image from Pinterest and Under the Moon of Love.

The New Moon or Full Moon in Capricorn brings news headlines about people at the top – Presidents, Prime Ministers, Kings, Queens, Chief Executives. People you know with heavily Capricorn horoscopes have career, university or unpaid work choices ahead. If you have a Capricorn stellium (more than three horoscope factors there) you will feel the impact of a New Moon or Full Moon in this sign very strongly. Questions about success, status, ambition and achievement will arise. Capricorn is the mountain goat who climbs.

The New Moon or Full Moon in Cancer brings news headlines about families, property prices, mortgages, motherhood, patriotism and other Cancer concerns. People you know with strongly Cancerian horoscopes have choices about their houses or apartments to make. If you have a Cancer stellium (more than three factors in that sign) then your people and your place really matter to you – where you come from, and where you belong, defines who you are. The New Moon or Full Moon in Cancer will remind you just how Cancerian you truly are.

Thursday 12th January
Full Moon
Sun 22 Capricorn opposite Moon 22 Cancer

If you have personal horoscope factors at 21, 22, 23 Capricorn you have a bridge to cross regarding your career, degree or unpaid work. Factors at 21, 22, 23 Cancer concern your family, home, household, town, country or apartment. Allow more time and space now.

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20 thoughts on “Your 2017 Moon Calendar

  1. Happy New Year to you, Ms. Jessica Adams!
    Thank you so much for all the help you are giving me and the World.
    Your website is so outstanding. Please thank your webmasters for their
    efforts to support your work and communicate to all of us.

  2. Dear Jessica,
    Happy New year and thanks a lot for the Moon calendar. I had a look at it and am wondering if 15 March is a good date to release a novel ? I remember you saying that releasing a product on a full moon is not a good idea.

    • Thank you. Happy New Year – I’m glad you like the calendar. Full Moons in general are not a great idea, not because the sky is going to fall on your novel, but because the whole world is feeling stress or pressure. A Full Moon is always D-Day for a high percentage of people and when that happens, they are not in the mood for anything new – they are too busy trying to deal with a serious climax in one area of their life. I should also add that as you have Saturn passing through your Ninth House of publishing, crossing your Sagittarius stellium, you may find 2017 is quite slow or challenging, yet once Jupiter in in Sagittarius from late 2018 through 2019, your life as a wordsmith will be delightfully easy.

  3. Hiya Jessica, I’m really loving the Moon calendar and was just noticing the moon in taurus in April. We are hoping to buy our flat this year and could potentially be ready by April. I have seven heavenly bodies in Taurus including my sun sign and hope this will be the green light timing. Considering the financial markets as you say may go through some changes and get a bit difficult to navigate in the next few years, I’m wondering if we should try and go for it sooner than later this year and around April as a loan would be involved. Do you see any potential hang ups in my chart for that timing? Thanks so much.

    • I’m glad you love your Moon Calendar. You are reading your chart correctly. Once Ceres enters Taurus on Sunday 5th February you will realise that all kinds of deals must be struck over the money/apartment as Ceres rules hard compromises. From Friday 10th March when Mars enters Taurus it all speeds up and heats up. From Friday 31st March until May 21st you will have Mercury Retrograde, though, so if you haven’t signed, sealed and delivered the deal by then, you could go back and forth over that time frame. You need to be sharply aware of the fine print on terms and conditions over that period.

  4. Dear Jessica ,
    Happy New Year and thank you so much for the forecasts and the moon calendar ,
    will appreciate your insights on the moon factor in my charts ,( moon in Cancer ) born 4th July , how things will play out for us . ( my son & i )
    with the full moon on January 12th , is this regarding our home , do you see us having to move again ? we recently moved to this rental in September , moving cost a fair bit and things snowballed i have struggled to pay rent last month as incoming money has got delayed . will i be able to over come this , is this the decision the forecasts point towards ( need to be made )
    many thanks for your guidance .

    • Thank you Jo. I’m glad you like the Moon calendar. It will work out really well for you with your home in 2017 so please don’t worry. However you do need to be proactive about what is happening. Have you checked out each and every available source of financial support or help? Not only through official sources, but the people around you? You might also want to think laterally about your property and lifestyle situation in 2017. Maybe you could house-sit for a year. Maybe someone needs a live-in person for their business. The more you open yourself up to the biggest, widest possibilities, the more this cycle can deliver. In the meantime, you have Jupiter in Libra on your side so keep pushing. This will work out.

  5. Thank you Jessica , this means so much to me , it gives hope & direction & courage that if i keep pursuing something will work out ,felt lost past few weeks , would be great if i could but cant house sit as i have 11 year old , they can get noisy sometimes . although been thinking of ( airbnb ) or flat share , or doing something else on the side..bake on orders am browsing through the net for ideas , my web site is on , no sale yet hopefully soon one day …
    Thank you so much once again for your insights . am so grateful .

    • Thank you J and please continue the search – open up to all the possibilities the universe can throw – I have seen all kinds of things happen for people with apartments and houses, once they drop their attachment to one particular outcome. If your 11-year-old is noisy sometimes, you need to factor that into the outcome, but it’s quite nice to sit down with a notebook and make sketches/notes to the universe – leave it out where your guides can see it – and hope for some celestial matchmaking as they line up your offers with other people’s similar requests.

  6. Hi Jessica

    Best wishes for the new year 2017! the full moon falls directly on my jupiter at 22 degrees cancer in the 6th house. Given it is a full moon and endings and it touches jupiter I was wondering the personal implications for me… Appreciate any insights into this…..Thanks so much in advance

    • Actually Jupiter is in your Fourth House in the Natural House system. When it comes to your family, home town, homeland, house or apartment you have a natural advantage and over the course of your life have always been terribly lucky. You have had lots of wins on the board with your relatives, the place where you grew up/belong, property, real estate and so on. Every now and then you are reminded of this and also reminded that you are in a good position to give back or do more. This is exactly what the Full Moon will trigger. It may be complicated but you’ll have a situation where you’re invited to act. I have seen this aspect in the charts of people who are lucky enough to live in one of the world’s best tourism/travel cities, having inherited a family home there – the way they give back is by stopping local developers destroying old buildings.

  7. Dear Jessica,
    hello . Was curious to know whether we will be having a horoscope journal this year . Really enjoyed the journal last year . Eagerly waiting for it .Thanks .

    • Thank you so much. This year I decided to give you a Moon Calendar in the first quarter, and then in the next quarter you will receive an I Ching digital oracle to use. You will also have a free Relationship Astrology ebook for February. Later this year you’ll also receive a podcast on Jupiter in Scorpio and an ebook on The Astrology Oracle.

  8. Thanks so much Jessica for the insights. Will most definitely keep an eye out on how to give back. Yes, I guess you can say I am lucky re real estate – it is my profession!

  9. HI Jessica..The moon in cancer actually falls exactly where I have my moon…what that means for me? I also have a lot of aspects in Capricorn…is thais actually some sort of new begining.. I have Jupiter in that house too.

    Many thanks


    • The Cancer-Capricorn axis of your chart rules your ambitions at one end, and your home life at the other. There will be new beginnings and/or crossroads decisions to make about both, in January 2016.

  10. Hi Jessica.. I started reading the calendar and there is a new moon in pocos in February… I have lost a lot of money and my friends nanci situation is really not good at all.. I have Quiroz Neptune mars and Venus in my second house … will the moon in Piscis be a hope gor a new beginning ?


    • Dear O, yes, you can use the New Moon in Pisces to make a fresh start with your money – this time with rules. The friendships are harder work for you, but please do all you can to make amends and maintain faith that one day things will turn around with these friends, as if you put the work in during 2017, in 2019 you could easily find all is well again.

  11. hi jessica,could you please explain the moon calander for me,or read it for me,very gratefull kindest regards Diane

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