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38 thoughts on “Your 2017 Astrology Oracle Reading

  1. Happy 2017 Jessica

    Do you provide Oracle readings on request?
    I’d be Interested in having it done if you do?


  2. Hi Jessica I have used the oracle a lot last year it’s been very helpful thank you! I haven’t had a great festive time relationship wise, Mr Pisces has been acting really strangely but when I back away he insists he wants to see me… I’m very confused and can’t help wondering if things will work out between us or if someone else is for me in 2017, if you can shed any light at all on my situation I would be really grateful, thank you for your kindness Jessica!

    • I’m glad The Astrology Oracle has been helpful. It would be interesting for you to turn the tables and ask yourself if you actually want a full-time relationship with a man living in your apartment or house with you, 24/7, 365 days a year. If you actually don’t, you are choosing Mr. Pisces for a reason. He gives you what you want, without you having to do anything about it. Ask the Oracle if that might be the case.

  3. Hi Jessica,
    Not sure if the birth chart displayed is for this week? Is Prosperina the oracle card for this week?

    • There is a technical problem with this story (Mercury Retrograde) so I have let my webmasters know. Sorry about this – hopefully it will be back to normal shortly.

  4. Thank you for the Astrology Oracle guidance for a 2017 reading. I’ve just done it as you have advised and it’s powerful stuff which I will need to think about and interpret. As you say, some of it might not make sense until later in the year but it’s already making sense to me now.

    I’ve used the Astrology Oracle a few times this year and it’s been really useful and relevant in helping me see the likely outcomes of decisions I might be considering.
    Best wishes

    • Thank you Pauline. The Astrology Oracle really is quite powerful stuff. I always say that if the ‘what’s happening now?’ cards nearly make you fall off your chair, then the rest of the reading will reveal itself with the same potency, as the year goes on!

  5. Hi Jessica. Love your articles. I will extremely grateful if you could kindly give me an advice. I used to work for a company for about 2 years (in the past) and about mid-December started talks about going back there to work, in February. I didn’t feel uneasy about Mercury Rx since those were people I used to know very well, for a long time and it seemed unlikely something would go wrong. However, the conversations went strange all over December, much to my surprise and today morning got an e-mail saying they cannot give me the job back anymore. Could you kindly tell me if you see an improvement for me in terms of work life, not with that company obviously but in general? I am not doing anyway any big moves till end of Jan. Thank you so much.

    • Thank you. You’ll be fine. You are heavily Virgo and you know how to work hard, serve other people properly, do your duty and play your part. The most successful CEOs or Presidents, Prime Ministers and so on, all have a cluster in Virgo, because they realise that doing the job correctly comes first. This is indispensable to the right kind of employer. Your whole problem at the moment is your Neptune in Capricorn, in the Tenth House of career. This can lead to the most confused or confusing situations, and when we have a lot of planetary action in Capricorn (true, December 2016 through January 2017) you can be left feeling all at sea. Obviously we also have Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn for both those months, as you know! Use this time to research, watch, take notes and bide your time. You are going to see a real domino effect with all the muddle at the top, both in business and politics, yet when the domino pieces fall into place from February, you will have real choice. Genuine choice. You can bring method and order to any situation and do it modestly and calmly, and that is something that is so invaluable – remember it.

  6. Hi Jessica,

    I’m trying to gain some insight into the way forward with some aspects of life this year and when I asked ‘What is the one thing I should get rid of, from 2016?’ I got Neptune and the tenth house and given that 2016 was a complete ‘no go’ career wise I’m somewhat stumped. Could you shed any light on interpreting this for me? Last year I deliberately stepped back and took a career break but the times when I tried to get back in it was either a confusing journey or a feeling of being completely blanked. Now not certain which way to turn: more of the same or complete new direction? Help!

    • Perfect answer! The Oracle was telling you to lose your illusions. I am no fan of Guns’N’Roses, but ‘Lose Your Illusion’ was a great name for an album. In 2016 you were living in a non-real career situation. The no-go for your job last year was a result of not inhabiting the real world. With Saturn in Capricorn in the Tenth House I am not surprised you wanted to escape and drift, cruise, float and bob around out there in a parallel universe, but actually your Oracle is now saying, time to get real, roll your sleeves up, ground yourself and return to us!

      • That was such a meaningful response – Many thanks Jessica. How come I didn’t see it (she asks herself)? A good wake up call and kick up the bottom!

        I just tried again and got Aesculapius and the 10th house when asking for headlines in my life. This rang true and hopefully I can revive career matters soon. I wonder if I could ask another question. When I queried the main issue in my career in 2017 I got Ceres and the 1st – compromise over image? How would you interpret that?

        You do a completely brilliant job at providing guidance for people – thank you!

        • Thank you. Aesculapius and the Tenth House spell resurrection of an old job, or revival of an old skill – or the return of an old boss/staffer. Ceres and the First House is – you will have to compromise over your job title, uniform or role. It’s just an image thing and it may feel rather emotional for you, but you’ll work it!

  7. Hello Jessica
    I am 1 March Pisces
    What about my finances?
    Last 6 years are like hell for me.
    Any hope in 2017?

    • You are a Pisces who has been going through transiting Uranus in the Second House of money. Yes, it can feel like hell when nobody pays you on time, or even pays you at all! It can be hell when you lose your job or have your pay cut. It can also be so difficult to deal with bills you never expected. Please take a deep breath. This cycle is almost over. It will be gone for good from May 2018. You also need to know that you are in the best cycle in 12 years to be abundant. Truly. Please note – abundant may not mean rich in terms of dollars, pounds, coins and euros. You can become abundant by being lent a household full of possessions. By being offered an office at rock-bottom rent. By discovering the best street market in the world which saves you a fortune. Here’s a little 2017 tip. Write down what you are grateful for and sign it with your name, thanking your spirit guides. Then write down what you can give or offer – for nothing – to others. Sign it again. Then ask for abundance, ease and flow in your life, particularly in relation to money and lifestyle. Sign it. Say everything out loud then fold your pieces of paper and put them away. When some twists and turns of fate come your way soon, please act on them. Spirit will help you but you need to act on what you get!

  8. Dear Jessica,

    Many thanks for the 2017 astrology oracle reading, you cannot believe how accurate was the cards and houses I got for each question mentioned by you.

    For instance I got Moon/7th house for the question of “What is the most important issue in my love life in 2017?” !!! When I asked the same question for the second time to Astrology Oracle I got Hygeia/5th house !!! Indeed it was easy to blend both horoscope symbol and the house.

    However I had a difficulty to blend the meaning of the horoscope symbol (Venus) /house (3rd house) for the question of “What is the one thing I should get rid of, from 2016? ”

    How would you briefly blend Venus and 3rd house for the question of What is the one thing I should get rid of, from 2016?

    So many thanks in advance.

    • I am thrilled that your 2017 Astrology Oracle reading was so accurate for you. What you should get rid of from 2016 is an internet (third house) relationship (Venus). It may also be a phone/texting (third house) relationship (Venus). I might also add, you could have worked on a project that was all about words, images and ideas with a partner. Maybe you were just Tinder dating but you didn’t love or live in the real world. Romance novels also come under Venus in the Third House so if you had your sex life by reading Jackie Collins in bed with a bar of chocolate that would also qualify! You get the drift.

  9. Hi and thanks Jessica for the new questions for the Astrology Oracle…very helpful indeed.
    I use the Astrology Oracle frequently and love it, and also keep a journal for all the readings, but sometimes completely do not understand what the Oracle is telling me.
    Having just read the weekly horoscope, checked the factors (and I do have a few), I have been trying to glean what to do about a business matter. Beginning February, I would like to start offering subscription services, yet when I consult the Astrology Oracle, I keep getting the following:
    Vesta/3rd & 11th houses
    Proserpina/7th & 8th houses
    And Ceres/2nd & 4th houses.

    My dilemma is, I work alone, have no business partners and had no eye to bringing in any.
    More than anything, it is those 4th & 11th house cards that’s have me scratching my head.
    I KNOW they’re trying to tell me something…lol But it’s elusive.

    I am using them in conjunction with your forecasts and my personal chart. Maybe that’s my challenge in comprehending? Perhaps I should simplify by just using the Oracle alone?

    I will say that I loved when Chiron/12th house showed up….I will need steel pants to offer the subscriptions but I think it will work….HA

    What say you?

    • You need to clarify what time frame you are asking about. If the cards repeat then they are telling you the truth but you may be vague about your timing or not even specifying. Do you mean January 2017, all of 2017, or you mean the next five years? The Third House is subscription services because it is internet, post and telephone based. Vesta tells you it’s a one male/many females situation. The Seventh House is your competition in business, not just your partner (although you may acquire a business partner later). The Eighth House is the financial side. Proserpina tells you there will be a go-between or middle person involved. Ceres in the Second House is a similar message – the Second House is about money, Ceres is about compromise and sharing. The Fourth House is your home (home office perhaps) or maybe a home town/homeland/family member connection to work.

  10. Hi Jessica,
    I also have a cluster of Virgo factors. Several months ago I left a work situation at a Drs office, working in his OR, I am an RN, due to what I felt was back stabbing. I had never experienced that in my work environment, but I had always worked in hospitals in the past . I just had that deep feeling in the pit of my stomach, that something was off for several months. I turned in my resignation letter. Now looking to go back to hospital nursing. I had been out of nursing for 20 years before returning, and it all came back rather easily. I’m middle aged(ugh) , but still have the passion and energy for nursing. Do you have any insights for me? Have applied for 3 positions, had one interview. Thank you for your help with this.
    Blessings to you for all you do,

    • Thank you Teresa. You actually describe emotional issues in terms of the physical body, so you are a true Virgo type. Back stabbing and ‘pit of the stomach’ are descriptions of how your feelings affect you and it’s all felt very physically! The world needs great nurses. You will have no trouble at all finding a part-time or full-time job pursuing that this year, but the question is, how can you be happier? How can you be a more fulfilled Virgo stellium person? Now that you have some time off, you may want to do a little 2017 exercise. Turn to The Astrology Oracle and ask about the present to check your reading is accurate. It should be spookily true immediately! Ask ‘What do I need to get rid of from 2016?’ and then ask ‘What is the best thing I can take from 2016 into 2017?’

  11. Hi Jessica
    Happy new year. I was hoping you could give me some advice if you have the time. My work has been very quiet for a number of months and not only does that make me worry about future prospects, I also find it quite depressing to spend all my time trying to drum up work rather than do the work I enjoy! It’s causing me to rethink everything – I just wish things would get busy for me. I feel as though everybody around me is surging ahead and I’m just treading water. Do you see any improvement or have advice about how I might do things differently? Many thanks for your time. x

    • I would like to help but I’m afraid you’re not logged in so I can’t see your chart. I suspect Neptune is the issue here as you say you are ‘treading water’ while others are ‘surging’.

  12. Dear Jessica, you’re a life-saver! I noticed that Proserpina & Psyche turned retrograde in Virgo, can you please let me know when they’ll turn direct, if possible? Thank you, I’d be very grateful! Merci xx

  13. Hi Jessica,
    I am working in a small firm for nearly an year. In the beginning , everything went well. But, Lately things went sour between myself and the person who brought me into this firm. I was having similar issues in my professional life since 2013. Though I was needed by them and job security is never an issue in this case, I felt very uneasy and wanted to find a different job. In the last couple of monthsI was seriously searching for jobs. Many a times, things appeared very promising and then faded away. Mine is a highly technical career. In my years of experience, I have never experienced any thing like this. I was always able to find a job when I need one. Please provide me with some insights on How to approach career in 2017(positive and negative time periods)

    • It’s just a Pluto transit and it only happens every 240+ years. You were born with some Capricorn factors which Pluto is crossing, in your Tenth House of ambition and career. Actually, the whole point of the change (and it will continue) is that you find your power. There is something about your professional life which is preventing you from being in control, and you need to sit down and ask yourself just how empowered you could be, professionally or academically, and what it would take to get you there. Pluto tends to shift us around like this, until we realise the whole point of the instability is to force us to retrain, or just push out into a different area, or with a different work environment – so we can pull our own strings and run our own show for a change, rather than have others do that for us. This cycle is major and continues with Jupiter and Saturn across 2019, 2020 so your whole life path is actually being transformed. You will eventually look back from 2021 and realise why 2016 had to happen.

  14. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for all your insights. Could you please tell me what the combination Fortuna and the 8th house means? Last couple of years have been very, very difficult: a friend died, I lost my job, my husband lost his job, I found a job and lost it again. I’m at the end of my tether and feeling stuck. Is there any light?

    • I am sorry you have been through such a dreadful time, losing your friend, your job and also dealing with your husband’s job loss. I don’t know what question you were asking, but if it was a general question about 2017, then Fortuna and the Eight House tells you that every low point becomes a high point. This is about the house, apartment and/or money. Even when you feel you are at rock-bottom you are already on the way up. There will not be a tremendous amount of stability or certainty this year, though, so try to be philosophical about finances and property in particular. It’s like a spinning wheel (literally the Wheel of Fortune, which Fortuna owns) and you may as well kiss the joy as it flies, and know that what goes around comes around, and what goes up, must go down! If you don’t want this kind of year, then ask ‘What can I do to stop this from happening?’ and ‘How do I contribute to Fortuna and the Eighth House”? Oracles are there for you to negotiate your future.

  15. Thank you Jessica for your answer. Can I ask another question? (my oracle question was if I would find a job this year). How is this all to be seen in the light of me being a scorpio (born 6 nov. 1963, asc scorpio too). I still have the feeling Saturn is playing a very big part in my life. Thank you very much for your time.

    • Your career past will come back to change your career future from May 2017 and by 2018 you will see how all you achieved, or needed to learn, years ago is about to boomerang into the present. This will have a huge impact on your search for a job.

  16. Hi Jessica,

    I asked for headlines in my life right now and got Pluto and the Tenth house followed by Chiron and the Tenth. I read this as other peoples power struggled affecting me – I do feel completely powerless right now re career – and to see what I can get away with? Not sure what that would mean anyway. Wold love your thoughts.

    Thanks x

    • Your Astrology Oracle cards are accurate. Your present is in fact about your career, and you say you feel powerless. Other people are playing Pluto and Chiron, so they are dominating – and also seeing what they can get away with – to the point where your jaw is probably on the floor. You don’t need this in your life. Ask the Oracle again, ‘Over the next six months, what is the one career issue I need to address and concentrate on, to find happiness and fulfilment’?

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