The South Node in Aquarius 2017-2018

On 10th May 2017, the South Node moves into Aquarius, and stays there until 6th November 2018. In your personal chart, if you have factors in Aquarius, you will see an important repeat of issues involving groups and friends, over these time-frames in your past. You will be put strongly in touch with your Aquarian side.

Aquarius is about the group – the community – the friendships. It’s a pure expression of togetherness, but without the complication of a relationship. Ellen de Generes is a good example of the Aquarius sign, as she has her Sun there.

If you do have Aquarius factors, then what went down with your friendships and groups in the following periods will return to you. Why? Because across these dates, Uranus (change) and Neptune (fascination) were both in Aquarius too. From May 2017 the South Node will slowly move across the original Aquarius placements of these planets, triggering flashbacks and karma.

  • January 30th 1998 to August 23rd 1998
  • November 29th 1998 to March 10th 2003
  • September 16th to December 30th 2003

You’ll note that 1998-2003 were the years that groups dominated the headlines, around the world, and questions about group loyalties, the people power within a circle, friends and allies fascinated us.  This was the period that Friends ruled.

Aquarian friendships are platonic, equal, go across the boundaries of race, colour or nationality. They are cool, light, friendly. Aquarius is an air sign. There is an easy, breezy feeling to Aquarian friends. Jennifer Aniston (below) is a Sun Aquarian and she was the perfect person to appear in the show. In 2017 and 2018, friendship will make a big comeback. And so might Friends.


Aquarius cycles and Friends.
Aquarius cycles and Friends.



The transiting (or travelling) South Node brings back everything that was learned and gained from the last cycle. We benefit from what we earned and discovered, last time. If there is anything unresolved from the last cycle, that needs to be laid to rest, that will also come back. There is usually a tremendous sense of fate about a South Node cycle. Everything feels as if it’s coming full circle.



Your Sun Sign horoscope shows the headlines of your life – the front pages – and it’s a good, reliable indicator of what lies ahead. The South Node rules karma and repetitive situations, stemming from the past. In its new sign of Aquarius, what you will experience as one long, slow flashback from 1998-2003? Your sign gives the clues.

Sometimes the long flashback is literal. It’s the same place or person. More commonly, it’s symbolic. It’s thematically the same.

ARIES – Clubs, teams, political parties, trade unions, committees, social media, friendships.
TAURUS – Career, unpaid work, university or college degree, ambition, achievement, success.
GEMINI – Travel, the worldwide web, regional and foreign differences, publishing, education.
CANCER – Finance, property, business, charity, ownership, taxation, buying, selling, banks.
LEO – Former, current or potential partners. Enemies, rivals or opponents.
VIRGO – Lifestyle, body, work, unpaid work, study, daily routine, doctors, drugs, food, drink, fitness, healing.
LIBRA – Babies, children and Millennials. Younger people. Lovers who can bring a younger generation closer.
SCORPIO – Your house, apartment or land. Your household or family. Your home town or homeland.
SAGITTARIUS – The worldwide web. Multimedia. Your ‘voice’ across all mediums. Communication.
CAPRICORN – Property. Finance. Business. Taxation. Charity. Everything you own, earn or owe.
AQUARIUS – Your image. Your reputation and profile. Your name. Your personal appearance, shape and style.
PISCES – The secrets you conceal from other people. Any role you play behind the scenes, unrecognised.



During much of 1998 to 2003, we saw Uranus (revolution, excitement, freedom) and Neptune (escape from the real world) both in Aquarius. In your own chart, and in your own life, you would have experienced something quite extraordinary and unforgettable. Your Sun Sign chart (above) will tell you what other people saw – what was so public about it. Your personal birth chart, if you have Aquarius factors, will reveal the very special friendship or group that privately changed your life. It may have been a charity. It may have been a cause. Perhaps it was a team, or an ensemble cast. A band or club.

We have even more repetition of the past going on, besides the Uranus/Neptune in Aquarius cycle I mentioned above, when Friends ruled the world. We are going to see literal or symbolic repeats of stories from 1943, 1962, 1980, 2000 – because in these years, we also saw the South Node in Aquarius.




The Beatles respond strongly to South Node in Aquarius cycles. Their first recording session at Abbey Road Studios, when they put down Love Me Do, happened with the South Node in Aquarius in 1962. Whenever we see this cycle return, popular culture is more than usually preoccupied with bands. The bands become bigger symbols for the Aquarian message, which is about equality, sisterhood and brotherhood within a wider group. Aquarius is also about people power. It’s coming back.

John Lennon had the Moon in Aquarius and Yoko Ono has her Sun in Aquarius. In 2000, The Beatles released Anthology, as the old 1962 cycle returned. Part of the purpose of Anthology was to celebrate the life of John Lennon. His life on earth was tragically taken on another South Node in Aquarius cycle in 1980.




The Aquarian ideal – ‘together we can change the world’ – will come back in 2017 and 2018. On another South Node in Aquarius cycle, in 1942,  the American Federation of Musicians, started a strike against the major American recording companies because of disagreements over royalty payments. The 1942–44 musicians’ strike remains the longest strike in Hollywood history. We can predict something similar in 2017, 2018. 

When the Friends cast all used their people power in 2000 to push for higher pay, they were sending a very strong Aquarian message. We tend to see stories emerge on this cycle that ‘advertise’ the meaning of this sign, which is about the community making change, to benefit the community.

As Sun in Aquarius woman Ellen de Generes has shown, this sign is not about the selfie, it’s about the group selfie. As the South Node comes back into this sign we’re going to see the narcissism and ‘Me, Me, Me’ of the Uranus in Aries cycle fade, to be challenged by a new sense of togetherness, unity and community. It’s about all of us, together. Male, female, black, white, straight, gay. And all the fascination (Neptune) and excitement (Uranus) we felt about that years ago, is coming back.

The most Aquarian thing Ellen ever did.
The most Aquarian thing Ellen ever did.



We also find that trade unions and political parties concern us more on these cycles – they affect us more personally and emotionally. The British Labour Party leadership election of 1961 happened with the South Node in Aquarius. The issue of nuclear disarmament caused a huge split in the party. The leader favoured nuclear weapons in the UK, whereas the left wing of the party supported the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.

This is how astrology can make another prediction. The Labour Party will see a leadership split with Jeremy Corbyn in the 2017-2018 cycle, on the same issue. Nuclear weapons. In this case we may see history repeat exactly.



Did you know that the teenagers of 2017 and 2018 who grew up watching Teletubbies are Generation Aquarius? In the year 2000, this famous show about a very Aquarian little community, won a Daytime Emmy Award, as the South Node went through this sign, and a BAFTA as well. Today’s teenagers are also the children who have grown up with another South Node in Aquarius obsession – Harry Potter. Also in the year 2000, with the South Node in Aquarius, J.K. Rowling produced Goblet of Fire.  Harry, Ron and Hermione are a powerful example of what this cycle can ‘tell us, about this zodiac sign and its deeper meaning. Harry even has the symbol for Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius – a lightning bolt – on his forehead. Then again, we know J.K. Rowling has drawn up a horoscope before now!

The Teletubbies/Potter generation are about to fulfil their karmic mission in 2017 and 2018, as those who were born with the unusual combination of Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius, will have the South Node cross that sign in their chart. Watch how they begin to use all they learned from their childhood entertainment, as they pursue people power together.


Harry Potter and the South Node in Aquarius
Harry Potter and the South Node in Aquarius



The original Aquarii were actually Christians who substituted water for wine in the Eucharist. They were a sect. They believed that water (aqua) was the source of life. The old symbol of the water-bearer may come to us partly from this. It is also very likely to come to us from the actual Roman job of Aquarius – water carrier.

Writing in Greek and Roman Mechanical Water-Lifting Devices: The History of a Technology, John Peter Oleson notes that “Aquarii could draw water for gardens, or fetch it for baths,and probably also regulated the flow of conduits and pipes in public and domestic gravity-flow systems. The aquaria supplied water for fire-fighters and checked there were sufficient water supplies around the city.”

This idea of sects, or cults, or circles of people seems to have combined with the idea of water bearers ‘feeding’ the community (especially the community at the Roman Baths) and given us the symbol we have today in astrology. Aquarius is about people who are outside the group, yet supply it with what it needs. Bob Marley, a Sun Aquarian, was apart from The Wailers, but also crucial to them. They needed him – and he needed them. Together they used people power to change part of the world.

Aquarian Bob Marley Wailers




The Roman Baths saw young and old, rich and poor, men and women all join together in one central place – not only to bathe and swim, but also to gossip, play games and even offer up prayers. Without the Aquarii, there would have been no such place for the local community. Historian Mary Beard comments,  “The baths were a great social leveller. Imagine, everybody’s here in the nude. It’s then that the poor man aged 20 with a great body can turn the tables on the 60-year-old Roman plutocrat with the paunch and the hernia.”

Too funny (I love Mary Beard). This idea of levelling, equality, fraternity, freedom, sisterhood and brotherhood is very important if you want to know what will feel so radically different about 2017 and 2018, though.



Allies and friends from your past may come back to you now. The idea of team spirit or group spirit will become very powerful around the world. In 1943 when the South Node was in Aquarius, the Americans, British and Canadians together led the Allied Invasion of Italy.

In 1943 Allied forces also took back North Africa. US General Dwight D. Eisenhower became the supreme Allied commander, and the idea of brotherhood and sisterhood in a common cause gripped the world. In another South Node in Aquarius cycle in 1980, trade union membership in the United Kingdom hit an all time high of 12.2 million. Will the changes in both British and American politics bring the unions back to life? Return NATO to the world stage?

South Node in Aquarius cycles also teach us about equality, sisterhood and brotherhood in sport. The 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia took place on that cycle and Aboriginal athlete Cathy Freeman opened the games. In the 1980 Moscow Summer Olympics, also on a South Node cycle, President Jimmy Carter announced a U.S. boycott of the Russian games.

If you have Aquarian chart factors ask yourself where your Olympics was, or where your allies were, on the 1980 cycle, or perhaps the 2000 cycle. Debts and credits written into your karma will come back. Aquarius Nodal transits show us that friends matter as much as girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands, wives or children. Friends can be family! Bridget Jones Diary appeared on a South Node in Aquarius transit in 2000 to remind us.

So very South Node in Aquarius. Bridget and friends.
So very South Node in Aquarius. Bridget and friends.



Typical South Node in Aquarius questions revolve around the Leo-Aquarius themes of leaders versus groups. Leo rules the ‘Kings’ and ‘Queens’ of any situation and whenever we have the South Node in Aquarius, we automatically have the North Node in Leo. In 2017 and 2018 we’ll see some major news stories that get us thinking harder about the power in a group. Does it come from the leader, and if so, what happens when that leader is no longer there? Does the group carry on, or not? Just how important is the court to the King or Queen, and vice versa? For some gripping reasons, in 2017-2018, we’re about to find out.


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Dear Jessica –

I was born in 1962 with the stellium (1-26-62) in AQ so the transiting NN opposes the stellium. However, my NN is @18 Leo and SN in Aq. Is this called the “Nodal Return”?



Thanks Jessica! I have my descendant in Aquarius and I have read from this website that it can symbolize spouse or partner. During 1998-2003 I met my former husband and my group of friends grew to contain his friends, too. I’m currently single. Do you think this transition with South Node might help me meet someone?

Wow.. Jessica, you’re amazing!!! I read this article and got chills! I have Leo North Node and Aquarius South Node. I was also born in 1980. My North Node is in the 7th house as well. I remember 1998-2000 very fondly… I graduated high school, got heavily involved in music, began to find myself, got into the internet, began chatting/making friends online, and in 2001, I met my first love who later became my husband who’s now my former husband. I also met a girlfriend who I began going to clubs with every Saturday between ’02-’04; we were very close,… Read more »

Hi Jessica. I have several factors in Aquarius. How do you see the South Node going into Aquarius affecting me?

Hi Jessica

I have my South Node in 27deg Aquarius. What will this mean for me? Currently single with minimal friends, last year was particularly hard in this area of my life.

Thank You

Hi Jess
I have a lot of Aquarius factors being also born in the 1962 stellium. Can you advise of any key likely happenings from my chart? Many thanks!

My sun is Capricorn and I have Aquarius rising, I don’t know much about the other things. What can you tell me about how this will affect my life?

Hi Jessica,
I just have the moon in Aquarius, but I feel like this node period will see a shift in several of my relationships that began in 2014. And interestingly enough I can see some echoes from Nov. 98-March 03, though the events are unfolding in a different order. Any insight?

Hi Jessica, Fascinating and focused, as always. The Nodes will be in my ascendant and my moon sign. The repeat of the Aquarian issues from the time frames you reference came into being for me right before Christmas, with all that shocking Uranian energy. The full moon last week organized and confirmed a lot that energy. During the previous Aquarian South Node cycle, I was a milliner working on a storytelling program with kids. Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, had lobster claws for hands, and went on a chemical treatment for four and half years. So, that project… Read more »

Hi Jessica,

thanks a lot for this article! My ascendant sign is Aquarius (sun in Taurus)…what can expect concerning soulmates, relationships with this transit? Thanks a lot for your answer!

Hi Jessica, My birthday is Feb 4,1966 @ 9:30pm My ex husband is Aug 12,1968. Not sure of the time. He lied, cheated after many years of marriage. We never talked about what happened. We never had any closure. I miss him, my life being married . I feel stuck. I found a job that isn’t exactly what I want but am hoping it will turn into something better. I am a teacher. I worry about being financially ok. I would like to be married again. My self esteem needs some work. I am Aquarius my ex is a .Leo… Read more »

Hello Jessica, I have few factors in Aquarius – Salacia, AC, Psyche And Fortuna. Is there anything in particular you’d suggest I look at? Thank you.

Hi Jessica,
Great article. I don’t have any Aquarius factors in my chart. How will this new cycle affect me then?

Dear Jessica,
I am a bit overwhelmed with the nodes and so on on my chart. Can you please give me a hint of how this will affect me please.
In the year 2000, I moved to the country where I live now.
If you can share your insight, I will appreciate it a lot.
Thank you

I’m a Leo and I have 3 factors in Aquarius but they’re all asteroids, will this have much of an impact on me?


Hi Jessica. As always, thank you very much for your insightful advice.
I’m a Leo with a DESC in Aquarius and I’m trying to understand how all of this will impact me , primarily in my personal relationships. Is it going to be positive for me?
Thank you!!!. Laura

Dear Jessica, This was the discussion that I was waiting for. I have a south node in Aquarius at 8degrees, North node in leo clearly, Diana at 9 degrees in Aquarius, (also at 9degrees Chiron in Pisces, Pluto in virgo). I have Saturn at7 degrees in Aquarius, (also at 7 degrees Minerva in Scorpio). And I have one other Aquarius factor Proserpina at 17 degrees. moon 17 in scorpio, Salacia 17 capricorn. I spent 1998 -2003 overseas and finishing a major relationship in 1998. I have recently applied for a job in a conflict zone in an area I travelled… Read more »

Hi Jessica,
Happy new year!!!
I have salacia, Minerva and south node in Aquarius. What should I expect in 2017-2018.

Hi Jessica!! I got my professional degree in 1999, married on Jan 1, 2000, gave birth to my son in August 2003. Looks like karma will be active with the node in Leo. Will my natal node have a say in this? My son is a Leo sun, mother a Leo moon, husband a Leo ascendant.

What should I look out for?

Hi Jessica, This article is exactly right, 1998 – 2003 was actually one of the best times in my life and 2000 – 2001 is the time I moved to my home that I reside in still. The grand cross of the late 90’s had huge impact on my life as well – for the better. Almost all of my family lived here and we all love this place. That was the public/external story. On the more personal side is my old friend. You previously have told me that this node transit would rebalance karma with an old friend dob… Read more »

Thanks Jessica, Although I only have Aquarius in Diana, Salacia & Proserpina at varying degrees, I love this blog as I’ve been impacted by people with Aquarius factors – along with Ellen and FRIENDS! Namely my mum, oldest friend both Sun Aquarius and a dear Cappy friend with Jupiter in Aquarius (interestingly, my child Sag also has this placement!). My mum has passed on & my friends & I have drifted apart. I’m hoping 2017 will see my daughter and I start to rebuild the ‘village’ that seems to have dissipated with these water bearers!

Hi Jessica,
Well in Aquarius I have IC at 18 deg, Ops at 29 deg and Salacia at 19 deg.
What does this entail or me please?

Hi Jessica,

I’m not sure if you received my reply to your answer from my previous question, but I added my birth time and I wanted to know if I will find love during this Node transit, being that it’s in my birth Node sign.

Here’s my info

Minneapolis, MN

Birth nodes:

North Node – Leo 27 7th house
South Node – Aquarius 27 1st house

I hope I’m not being bother! But thank you kindly for your help!

Hi Jessica,
Thanks for the post!
I remember 1998-2003 very well. I was in college and then starting my career. I remember I felt lucky during that time and was feeling really great about the path ahead for me. I believe this is my return and I have a few other factors in Aquarius and Leo:
South Node/North Node 29
Fortuna 29 Leo
MC 17 Leo
Panacea, Salacia

Does this return mean I should expect a change in my career this time around?

Hello Jessica. How uncanny is this article! I have Saturn in Aquarius at 18 deg and I was involved with groups at that specific time 1998 – 2003. I was involved with a speaking group and a meditation/psychic circle. Honestly, with the psychic groups I had larger than life experiences! I had a meditation teacher who turned out to be a fake psychic in 1999. A few people in that particular group had negative experiences with her and I came out unscathed compared to the rest. I soon moved onto a grounded teacher who was a good influence. Interestingly, the… Read more »

Hi Jessica

I have an array of Aquarius placement please can you see what is in store


Dear Jessica hi and a happy new year!
I was wondering with mars and moon in Aquarius how the south node in Aquarius will affect me??
Thank you,

Hi, Jessica,

The upcoming nodal action in Aquarius is going to touch on my natal Saturn conjunct South node in Aquarius. I’ve had a lifelong challenge finding my “tribe,” broadly speaking, and in light of the social upheavals present and future, I’m feeling like plugging into a community is esential for many reasons. Going it essentially alone, as I have during prior nodal returns, seems like folly in these current times. Thoughts and advice welcome!

Hi Jess,

I had been wondering quite why I’d been taken on a trip back to 1997 & 1998 recently. Now it all makes more sense. Some of it I can’t comment on for legal reasons, but another extraordinary coincidence is that a new colleague has started at my workplace and sits in the other corner to me. We’ve known each other from way back and I last saw him in 1997 !

Keep up the good work,

Dear Jessica,

I met the love of my life and married her between 1998-2002. I have Juno in 3degrees, and Salacia in 10degrees Aquarius.
What will be happening during this Aquarius cycle for me?

Thanks a lot,

Hi Jessica:-) I think my comment got lost in the universe so I’m reposting… Loved this read! As you know I’m Aquarius Sun & Chiron. In 1998 I didn’t do much socializing with friends as I had a one year old, four year old, five year old and 15 year old. After this election I pretty much have no friends (a true learning and shocking realization) I’m curious and intrigued to see what happens for me. As for Teletubbies I’ve spent many years enduring there torture (although not nearly as torturous as Barney that my 1992 & 1993 daughter and… Read more »

Hi Jess and happy new year,
Thanks for the post. I haveProsepina, Diana,Saturn and Apollo in Aquarius together with the South Node. Seems like a lot! I have heaps of things going on with both work and home. How will this affect me?
Thanks again

Hi Jess Cheers for sharing your skills with us – I think you’re a touch stone for so many – including myself. Thank you! I have a very airy chart and have lived a very shifty/adventurous life… but through a mix of luck and strategy (thank you :)) have set myself up with a very solid financial and emotionally supportive base. The period of SN in Aquarius is coincidentally (or is it ;)) the period I have eyed off as the time to start my family- either with a) a partner (he is keen for baby) where we have been… Read more »

Dear Jessica,

I have three heavenly bodies in Aquarius and five or six heavenly bodies in Leo so I think this transit of north and south node will be important theme in my life for the next two years more than transit of north node in my sun sign in Virgo last and this year. But when I look back in 1998-2003 I can remember what was happened so important .
Can you help me to see where major events – karma could happened?

Thank you very much!

Hi. What if my nodes are vice versa? North node aq south node leo and mars aq? 1998 motherhood. 2001 retrain in New career. 2003 qualify. Mars in aquarius…have to say I’m known for being a battler/straight talker…! Thoughts welcome thanks.

Hi Jessica, this is really interesting, thank you for the article!
I am curious about how the passing South Node in Aquarius will play out opposing my South Node in Leo and meeting my North Node in Aquarius? What do you reckon?

Hi jessica . Posting again, as my comment is still awaiting moderation. An interesting article Jessica! Thank you so much for this interesting read. I want to take an opportunity to ask few things. I have Diana at 7 Aquarius south node at 6 Pisces North node at 6 virgo Jupiter at 6 virgo Ceres at 6 aries And two more factors at 7 degrees if you want to consider them. Does any of this is of any significance as the degrees are close to 7 Aquarius. My problem has been that I am an introvert but often find myself… Read more »

Hi Jessica,
DOB Feb 6, 1966
Scorpio Ascendant
aquarius 4th house with Sun, Mercury, Venus

What can I expect!?
Love your astrology and your teachings!

These are potent dates for me too and I have a stellium in Aquarius, hoping this means easier times ahead! And Jessica, Brexit! The next few years up here in Scotland are going to be

Hi Jessica
I only have Chiron @12 degrees in Aquarius and my IC @22 degrees in Aquarius and not quite sure how I would relate to these Aquarius factors. Hoping you could shed some light! Many thanks for all your work Jessica.

Hi Jessica

I have my moon in Aquarius- how does this affect me and impact on my south node of repeating events?

I need your insight: my DOB is 11/17/65 w/GEM ASC. I’m with a Taurus 5/13/60 whose separated from Aquarius 1/24/65. We’ve been together since 2008 but he met his estranged wife 1998-2003. How will this node shift affect us?


Hi Jessica,
I’m sun in Libra and have my north node and Mars conjunct in Aquarius. I’m trying to figure out how this might pan out for me…any thoughts gratefully received! Thanks.

Hi Jessica,

Hope you’re still answering question regarding this. So, the dates you mentioned above were not very good for me .. in fact life kept getting progressively worse until 2005 when I had to make a shift. Naturally, a bit concerned here. I have Jupiter 8, Mars 8, MC 14 – all in aquarius. Nothing in Leo. Will this be a repeat? How will it effect me? Thx a bunch!

Hello Jessica
I have Saturn and Cupid in Aquarius which seems like a strange mix to me! What does it indicate for me astrologically?
I had a lot of things happening for me between 1998 and 2003 both with friends, workmates and lovers – I’m wondering which of these are likely to resurface with the South Node form May 2017? Am I interpreting this correctly and what do my Aquarian factors indicate?
Many thanks

Hi Jessica, not sure if my previous comment posted correctly but in any case loved the article! I have Aquarius factors in the MC, Aesculapia and Salacia so curious to find out how you see these aspects panning out for me in 2017? Many thanks.

With 7 degrees Aquaruis in Saturn and this Saturday 8 degrees Aquarius- in addition to significant Aquaruis stellium placements; 3 13 62- I have fears, frankly petrified – the last four years were periods of complete aniliation in a marriage and financial loss, is the period coming in 2017 one to fear?

Thank you for any insight you can share- in light love and intregrity.

It seems my comment got lost thrice. I’m reposting…. Hi Jessica, I have Aquarius in 14deg Salacia and 9deg in my N.node. From 1998 to 2002, I was doing my graduation, really enjoyed with so much attention and fun. I fell in love with a guy and we wanted to get married later on, but we couldn’t be together as we had to part ways due to unexpected and unanticipated events in each other’s home and family. We became geographically apart but it was easy for me to move on than him, but life was never the same with any… Read more »

Hello Hello Hello
Bugger! I got leap frogged . . .
I love your blogs. They are a fab read indeed.
I don’t have much in Aquarius apart from an ASC. How would that affect groups/ friends etc given it isn’t a planet or asteroid. Bit tired of being Nigel No Friends of Franny Fringe-Dweller for the last gazillion years due to family circumstances. I would love your insight.
Have a totally awesome day
Ms Piggy

During 1998 I had my terminally son Jake a Leo,
Met my husband 1999, 2001 I had my daughter and 2003 i split from my husband (divorced been mostly single since) and moved across from NZ to Australia.

With all this karma and eclipse affecting Leo Aqua im feeling something is coming both good and an ending.
What does my chart point towards

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