Your 2017 Asianscope for the Year of The Rooster

It’s Lunar Year of the Rooster! If you were born in the years below then 2017 is a milestone for you.

1909 1921 1933 1945 1957 1969 1981 1993 2005

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Hi Jessica,

I am in a career where I just take orders, though I don’t like it. At home as I’m the only female, I have the upper hand and I’m very happy that way. I have been thinking of starting something on my own since a long time, but the right money, place and partner is missing. To have it all alone, it’s going to be impossible anytime soon.
Please tell me what I need to be doing in this rooster year.


Happy new year to you Jessica x I cannot leave my message for you in the forum ( it happened since 4 , 5 months ago ) So I try my luck to catch you here . Please let me go straight to the topic. I have a massive week next week start on Monday 30 , 3 days in the role with courts , legal matters, custody children, THEN a property about to settlement while I am totally financially not ready for it. Clearly I’m being puunished for what I have done under Saturn. Everything is “upside down” you… Read more »
Hello Jessica, thank you again for this very inspiring article and a happy Asian year! The last 2 years have been very chaotic (Pluto on IC): unemployed and back living at my parents’. I am a rooster and I can feel I have hit a crossroads. I have decided to move in February but I don’t know if I should go back to London and start from scratch again or move to the south of France (Marseille) for a brand new start. I have to make the right decision as I feel I won’t have a second chance. Any advice… Read more »

Dear Jessica,

I am seeing a big promotion soon but it comes with huge responsibilities, but there is lot of back stabbing from colleagues.
Also I am bit confused of joining forces with someone who means a lot to me. I was born in the year of Horse.
Please tell me if this year is good for me in terms of career as well as relationships.


I’m a Tiger, sun sign Libra with also many placements in Sagittarius followed by Scorpio. I’m wondering if this year will be finally be the year I will reconcile with a friend who means a lot to me-we haven’t spoken in near 7 years. He is a Taurus and Asian sign of Sheep/Goat.

Dear Jessica, Thank you for your interesting and skilled look at Asian and Chinese astrology. I do feel we are all a blend of all and being a Monkey I was keen to see how the Rooster (or Phoenix if you really shedding a skin) will guide me in 2017. I have had a revolution since my last job ended in December and I refuse to go back into someone else’s office to work under neon lights and the secretarial world. I am starting a new job on Monday 30th January completely different for me, and yes it is as… Read more »

HI Jessica,

After a really lousy spell of bad luck – Saturn Return that left me reeling, Uranus knocking me further sideways, etc. – I’m hoping for even the humblest of upturns!

I’m a Fire Rooster with a fiery Western chart…any elucidation would be most appreciated.


All the best,

Hi Jessica, thanks for the 2017 Asianscope it goes very nicely with your other 2017 forecast ! As a rabbit, I almost choked on my coffee when reading the part when you say that business and relationships are closely intertwined ! My husband and I are partners in love and in business and we are both very happy like this ! We have been having a pretty hard financial time in the last 7 years but we are re-viewing and re-thinking things (we are in retail and e-shop). I am learning (finally) about how to manage our finances to put… Read more »

Hi Jessica, I am slightly weary of the Year of the Rooster: as a Virgo/Horse, I really hate bragging and showing off. Whilst Trump is going to love 2017 it seems, is this going to be a very uncomfortable year for me? I would rather be prepared and go away to hibernate until 1918 – oops, I meant 2018. :)

Dear Jessica, I’m stuck in a job I absolutely hate. My bosses LOVE me but my colleagues hate me where I’m singled out as the witch and it’s making me so miserable. January has been emotionally intense!! – I have sun in aries and ascendant in pisces and I’m a water dog. I made a business contact last autumn when I travelled to Asia to join that company but have not heard back since October. I’m not sure if there’s any possibility there. Can you please tell me how this Rooster year will affect me. And with the lunar and… Read more »

Hi Jessica

I was wondering about the new Moon in Aquarius and what if anything it might hold for mevas a Dragon. I have my natal moon at 9 Aquarius along with Ceres at 1.

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about reconnecting with my father’s roots in the Hebrides. I have family there. I’m wondering what the pull is for me and if there might be something there for me.

Dear Jessica, awesome report, loved it :) I have one theoretical question that I can only ask you. I’m a Rooster, and loved your analysis. In it you mention that a Chinese Rooster corresponds to the Aries zodiac traditionally. So, my question is, how will the Chinese year of the Rooster (which is linked to Aries) interplay with our Jupiter in Libra transit this 2017 on a large-scale? Are there any patterns you can spot or predictions you can see? Merci xx

Dear Jessica I am a Rooster and Capricorn although birth time unknown, other than ‘after lunch’. The past few years have been enormously challenging, a divorce in 2008, move back to the UK for financial reasons having lived in Australia for 11 years because of the mining downturn and last year (as it was for many people) was perhaps my ‘annus horribilis’. A long-distance relationship with a previous colleague (Pisces/Monkey) turned sour after it became evident he’d been leading a double life. He had fed me a heap of lies and false promises and then made lies up about me… Read more »
Dearest Jessica, I really value your insights, so would be most grateful for your thoughts on my current situation. After 10 years of working for a very controlling boss, I have handed in my notice in December – I am now regretting the decision to leave and wish had worked harder to find an alternative path within the organisation … it’s still a possibility as I am very good at my job, but worried that I may have burnt my bridges. If not, I intend to focus my energies on a business my husband (10th may 1975) have grown on… Read more »

Hi Jessica
Thanks for the post on Chinese astrology – I’ve always been interested in both Western and Chinese astrology but I don’t think I’ve found reports on both from the same astrologer before. My mum does my astrology and has indicated that something significant should happen in October of this year with my career – I was wondering whether you can see the same thing in my Chinese astrology? I’m the Earth Horse. I feel like I’ve lost my confidence at the moment and that others around me can sense this. Much appreciated.

Hi Jessica,

Happy new year to you.
Being a monkey [putting 2016 as the worst year historically], it’s inherently accurate about the body and daily routine, a new regime is sorely needed, clearly not working with extreme insomnia and chronic illness to name a few.
Jupiter in Scorpio can’t come soon enough, added to the domestic and family issues, power battles needing litigious correction, feel as though the universe is hindering or just delaying the process, hard to tell, your advice as always is greatly appreciated.
Thank You

Hi Jessica happy Chinese new year!!
I am a dragon and your description fits me i do turn the vision in my head into reality.
I have launched a new passive income and building my brand/business too.
Am taking small steps into dating too.
In these two area’s (and anything else that shows up) what will the new Rooster year show for me? please.

Dear Jessica,
My animal sign is Horse; sun in Aquarius; moon in Gem and rising in Sag. What vocation should I pursue? Thanks very much!


Hi, Jessica,

What I can expect in my career position? I have a feeling that something going on behind my back and I just want to protect myself and my family. Will I find a new job and when? I’m a horse. Thanks.

Dear Jessica, Thank you for your interest in Chinascopes! As I am based in the Far East, I do refer to practitioners of Chinese astrology as well Western astrology. I find it frustrating, however, that the interpretation of Chinese astrology here seems to be stuck in the times when people were living in traditional agrarian societies. I really respect the modern and feminist approach and interpretation you bring to astrology and was wondering if you could help me with one pressing issue that has been concerning me. I am a metal Monkey and in Chinese astrology, I have an empty… Read more »

Hi Jessica, Happy Lunar New Year to you! I just have one quick question.
I have 6 aspects in Sagg and 5 in Scorpio and am a Water Ox. The past three years have been, and still are torturous with Saturn. With so many aspects in Sagg and Scorpio, am I experiencing a double whammy( 2014/2015/2016/2017) of Saturn or is it just my imagination? Also should I read both signs when reading my Horoscopes?
Any enlightenment would be greatly appreciated.

Jessica, I’m an Earth Horse and a victim of unfavourable circumstances at the work place in 2016. I’ll be looking for a new and BETTER employer this year. Do you see this working beautifully? Thanks! xo


Hi Jessica I was born 30.7.1965 so understand that was the year of the snake. My husband is a rat … well, not literally !! We have been in some turmoil for a few years with relocating back to our home country , now we are here things still don’t feel right. I have always been a stay at home mum, working part-time intermittently but always moving because of his career. I am now 51 and feel like the best has happened for us, which sounds more bleak than it’s meant to. But where do we go from here to… Read more »

Hi Jessica,

I’m a Pisces, Gemini rising and Wood Snake. Two issues for me: I’ve relocated in the last year, but am being dogged by feelings of making a mistake by moving, or have moved to the wrong place.

Secondly, even though I’m older, I’ve never had a real relationship. Something I’ve longed for my entire life. I’m to the point of apoplectic about it now and sad.

Welp, that shouldn’t be hard, lol. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.


Hi Jessica,
I’m a Goat who is sick and unemployed. This started in the year of the Goat when Uranus transit was in the 1st house. The South Node was conjunct my natal Saturn and conjunct my natal Diana. Thank you for opening our eyes to asteroids.
I feel stuck and need to move.. I Things keep shattering around me, breaking. Can you please advise?

Happy new year Jessica! I am a metal ox, sun in libra, ascendant in virgo. The past 2 years have been tireing. I’ve decided to move this year. Don’t like the appartement were I am right now. To much gossiping. I don’t know if I should move in an another section of the city I am . I haven’t been working for many years and I’m thinking if I should start my own business or work as an employe for some company. As for my love life, I was with a FFF man. Too much misunderstanding. I called it quits.… Read more »

Hi Jessica,

I’m a premium member and also purchased the 2017 report. But have no idea how to access the forums. I don’t see a link up on the menu either. I sent a ‘Help’ request already but haven’t heard back. Can you send me a link on where to access the forums?

Thx a bunch!

Jessica, somehow you manage to post the most interesting articles! This is the first I have read an asianscope…I have looked at chinese zodiacs signs before and being a Metal Dog your perspective is different but also enlightening. Usually for the dog all anyone writes is loyal, steadfast, blah, blah. Too an extent , yes. But when you say we like to roam that made a lot of sense. This was the Sag connection I was looking for. So now I am curious as to how 2017 will turn out for me. I read the section on dog again and… Read more »
Dear Jessica I remember you writing that the new year really does not begin until February and I am beginning to feel this myself. Yesterday I was made an offer for a collaboration regarding work ( I have been virtually unemployed for the last 4 years due to my child’s health issues) I am really going to have to get back into gainful employment and I need to give this person a definite answer soon. If I decide to take her up on it will involve a commitment. She is a colleague and a friend and I really do not… Read more »

Hi Jessica
I have been following your astrology advice for quite a number of years now and have found it very helpful.
April 2015 i left my marriage of 23 years and things did not go well but i found an inner strength i didnt know i had.
Now im with someone who feels like my true soul the only thing is we are living where we both would love to leave and start our new life together a fresh.
Can you see any big changes in my chart
Many thanks

Hi Jessica,

Just reading this, and also my weekly horoscope which included this:

Wednesday 1st February
Mercury 21 Capricorn conjunct Cupido 21 Capricorn
Friday 3rd February
Juno enters Capricorn
Sunday 5th February
Pluto 18 Capricorn conjunct Panacea 18 Capricorn

I have Salacia 21 Capricorn, and I have Pluto 17 Virgo, Uranus 18 Virgo, Chiron 18 Pisces and Ceres 18 Pisces.

I hope this opens the way for a new and better paid work opportunity for me.


Hello Jessica,
According to Chinese Astrology 2017 is going to be an unlucky year for me as I am a Fire Rooster! After reading this I feel incredibly depressed and cannot shake it off. I have a constant feeling of dread. Life has been at times very difficult for a number of years especially regarding housing matters and my husbands work situation. Just as I was beginning to feel we are over the worst I read the Chinese Horoscopes! Can you shed any light for me? x

Hi Jessica, I read with great interest and joy your reading for Dogs this year. As a Capricorn dog (jan 18 1959 08.58 am) I have been not been fully well over the last few years I have been yearning to leave the UK, but have deliberated over where to go. We have spoken before, and I referred to Los Angeles where I was so much at home, but my budgets are constrained. You have been so helpful in the past, would you have any advice for me please?

Hello Jessica, How are you. I am Leo 13 Aug and 36 still single.very unlucky when it comes to Love .Right now I am in a complicated relationship with a pieces 24 Feb n turning 39 man. It’s long distance relationship and I see him once a month only but for few hours. Now it’s a constant struggle to keep this relationship on calm grounds.He is not ready to commit and he is not sure even if in future he will be nor Not. Please tell me about my relationship future and my love life. Should I keep trying to… Read more »

Hi Jessica,

Thanks for another wonderful post. My Asianscope sign is Tiger. Are you able to clarify the meaning of “An old group is calling you. Will you go back?”

Thanks for your help.

Hi Jessica! Thank you for another great article. I am excited because this year falls in my sign of the Rooster. I can relate to the sign to be loud and cocky, and self promoting in order to be successful this year but it’s difficult because it’s totally not my nature to do so. Lately, it almost feels as if I am supposed (being pushed) to do those things and the more I feel it the more uncomfortable it’s becoming. It’s like am constantly fighting myself. I have been feeling optimistic for months about my future in work and personal,… Read more »
Hi Jessica, i have just had the most stressful beginning to the new Asian year…my partner is giving me the cold shoulder and is always snappy at me and putting me down. I feel like I am ‘doing’ every little detail of the family’s daily routine on my own and I am trying to complete a long term study course, whilst managing the daily load (which is a lot as we have a lot of children!). I am feeling very stressed and overwhelmed. I genuinely feel like I have no support from anyone anymore. Is this the start of a… Read more »
Hi Jessica I’m in a quandary about where to live and I know from your readings this is relevant to my sign right now. I moved three years ago to live my parents so they could help out with my young daughter. (Single parent, no involvement from her dad.) Three years later I am still here with my parents and although they are wonderful, feel a bit trapped. Do I return to the north where I have friends, but no family or do I stay here and keep trying to rebuild my life? I feel isolated here, but worry about… Read more »

Hi Jessica, loved the article. I’m a Horse (Libra Sun) and am currently in the process of writing a book whilst working a consulting job to pay the bills. Unfortunately the day job in corporate America hasn’t been giving me as much time as I hoped to focus on my creative ambitions. Do you see any changes coming up in 2017 that would give me more time flexibility whilst keeping me fiscally responsible?! Also is this a good year to start seeking out potential publishers/agents? All the best, Victoria

Hi Jessica, my sun sign is leo with ascendant in Capricorn, born in the year of 1968 Monkey. My mother passed away last year and my only child will be 18 this march, she is my only family now. My mother helped me dedicate the past 18 yrs to raising my daughter rather than me working towards a career. Mum was incrediably ill with cancer for the last 2 years of her life. I cared for her full time as well as for my daughter who has a serous cardiac condition. Now that mum has passed over and my daughter… Read more »

Dear Jessica, thank you so very much for your reply :). I searched the net last night and found your writings on Saturn in the sixth house. I found it very beneficial and fascinating !! Thank you once again for my quest in finding direction. Kind Regards, Roshelle

Hi Jessica- I’ve always thought that the western sign counterpart for the year of the horses is the sign of the gemini. Have I been wrong all along? — I picket this up from a sleuth of books i’ve read throughout the years. Please advise!

dear Jessica I find your website really fascinating. I occasionally read one or two messages people write to you but today, as I was just about to leave this page, I found my cursor had stopped on a message Annie wrote to you on 30 January – I was amazed when I read it as I too have been reading the Chinese warning to Rooster fire people for this year. My daughter is one and I had been quite worried about it. I have not told her but did say she should wear something red everyday and also try and… Read more »

Hi Jessica,
I am born in the year of Rat and have been a Long-term relationship with someone born in the year of rooster (1969). 2017 has started really tough for me. And I keep breaking down each day, feeling utterly alone and depressed.
I stumbled on your website this morning, hoping to get a signal or advice from astrological sources. Can you please help me and advise where do I go from where I have reached in life? The Rooster in my life has shut me out.
Thank you,

Dear Jessica After many years of struggling, responsibility and disappointment, I decided to ‘reinvent’ myself. First I got rid of my old married name, then I had a little cosmetic surgery, then I started a ‘get fit’ plan. The results so far have been great but one of my other main goals is to find my life partner/husband, things have plateaud at this moment, but I have yet to go ”looking” for that person. Many yrs ago someone spontaneously did a psychic reading and said that there was a man with either blonde/grey hair who was widowed/divorced and on his… Read more »
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