Your 2017 Asianscope for the Year of The Rooster

It’s Lunar Year of the Rooster! If you were born in the years below then 2017 is a milestone for you.

1909 1921 1933 1945 1957 1969 1981 1993 2005

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103 thoughts on “Your 2017 Asianscope for the Year of The Rooster

  1. Hi Jessica,

    I am in a career where I just take orders, though I don’t like it. At home as I’m the only female, I have the upper hand and I’m very happy that way. I have been thinking of starting something on my own since a long time, but the right money, place and partner is missing. To have it all alone, it’s going to be impossible anytime soon.
    Please tell me what I need to be doing in this rooster year.


    • Thank you FA. The only person who can change the situation in your career is you. In fact, you are being exploited by the people at work and although it may be scarey to make a stand, you are going to have to do this. You actually do have advantages here and are not in the powerless position you seem to think you are. Think outside the box. The fact that they are ordering you around like this, suggests that you do have talents, skills and abilities that are very important out there. There is life beyond these people and you need to work a little harder and explore a little further to see what you might do to promote and sell yourself to others. Actually, you have not been trying hard enough according to your chart. Have you tried to negotiate a different position, role or set of rules for yourself in this work space? Have you looked at their competitors and how they might treat you? Have you looked at other skills you are not even using? Happy Rooster Year. The energy is building this weekend and throughout February as we go from Chinese to Tibetan New Year and it is time for you to act.

  2. Happy new year to you Jessica x
    I cannot leave my message for you in the forum ( it happened since 4 , 5 months ago )
    So I try my luck to catch you here .
    Please let me go straight to the topic. I have a massive week next week start on Monday 30 , 3 days in the role with courts , legal matters, custody children, THEN a property about to settlement while I am totally financially not ready for it. Clearly I’m being puunished for what I have done under Saturn. Everything is “upside down” you said. It cannot worsen than this . I’m always about to giving up .

    Dear Jess, please be straight forward and tell me what can you next. I cannot afford mentally, physically and financially. I’m being sucked up all the strengthness in me . I cannot afford to handle a little surprise here and there .

    Thanks so much Jessica, you have no idea how much your prediction accurated & guide me all along way . I’m looking forward to hear from you Jess x

    • I am glad the predictions have been helping you. You do have a massive week ahead, with lawyers, child custody and property choices. This is not a punishment – there is no such thing in astrology. You have a large horoscope signature in Sagittarius and Saturn is crossing this for the first time in 29 years. You are learning the hard way about who you are and what you need most in your life. First of all, there will be a new financial and property arrangement in February and it will suit everybody. It will be fair. It may not give you total control. It may not give you every single wish and need you have, but it will be enough for you to live with, comfortably, in 2017 – if you just accept that everyone is going to have to compromise. The issue with the children must be very hard for you, but please trust that you are being given freedom and independence. It takes a great deal to admit it, or even see it, but sometimes custody arrangements free you up from situations which trapped you and restricted you. I remember a similar cycle with a client in New York. She was dumped by her boyfriend very suddenly and was in shock. He told her he was leaving because she would never give him children. Correct. She was not sure if she wanted them or not! The passage of time proved to her that he was the wrong man for her, however, as he went on to marry a woman whom he saddled with children, without contributing financially, and he travelled while she worked. So…I am sharing that story from my files with you, because sometimes it takes a year or two to realise that you were actually being spared a situation which would have imprisoned you, as a mother. This will work out for you. In fact, ultimately it will work out so well that in 2019 you will travel on the trip of a lifetime and very likely consider moving to a different part of town, or a different part of the world. You will be extremely happy. First, accept the new deal in February, please.

  3. Hello Jessica, thank you again for this very inspiring article and a happy Asian year! The last 2 years have been very chaotic (Pluto on IC): unemployed and back living at my parents’. I am a rooster and I can feel I have hit a crossroads. I have decided to move in February but I don’t know if I should go back to London and start from scratch again or move to the south of France (Marseille) for a brand new start. I have to make the right decision as I feel I won’t have a second chance. Any advice would be very welcome! Many thanks. Greetings from France!

    • Hello to you in France. Happy Year of the Rooster. This is your year. You have Chiron and the Descendant in Aries so your Western and Asian charts agree – you are on the planet to promote yourself and push forward. Your choice is London or Marseille and there may be a third, within three months. You will love moving and end up with a superior deal on a house or apartment, either because it is exceptional value for money, or because you may not even have to pay for it. Please look at home exchange and house-sitting. Of course, where you move is dictated by the work you do, but one of the things about the cycle you are in, is that you are not being radical enough. Please think way, way outside the box in terms of your skills, talents, energy, needs and wants. This weekend is perfect to do this. Have a little tidy of your room and drawers, boxes, bags and so on. Create space. This is Space Clearing 101 and I am not the person to tell you how to do it, because Karen Kingston and Denise Linn are the experts. Do look them up online though and begin the new beginning. The actual choice of location is best done a little later and using your Astrology Oracle. Marseille, London or another place? When the time is right, do cast the cards.

  4. Dear Jessica,

    I am seeing a big promotion soon but it comes with huge responsibilities, but there is lot of back stabbing from colleagues.
    Also I am bit confused of joining forces with someone who means a lot to me. I was born in the year of Horse.
    Please tell me if this year is good for me in terms of career as well as relationships.


    • VSN – Congratulations on your promotion – you are fulfilling your Horse destiny. Ignore the backstabbers and read autobiographies of famous leaders who will show you how they handled it. One way to manage the little people with the knitting needles, is to give them work to do – and work they enjoy more than needling you. You could easily mix money with a relationship (or a property with a relationship) starting in October 2017 and have a really deep connection with a lover or partner – partly based on your shared common sense about finances – by 2018. You have a stellium in Scorpio as well as being a Horse, and Jupiter will cross your Scorpio stellium in the final quarter of 2017 into 2018 bringing amazing opportunities.

  5. I’m a Tiger, sun sign Libra with also many placements in Sagittarius followed by Scorpio. I’m wondering if this year will be finally be the year I will reconcile with a friend who means a lot to me-we haven’t spoken in near 7 years. He is a Taurus and Asian sign of Sheep/Goat.

    • You will reconcile with your friend in 2017 or set the situation up now, but connect in 2018. Taurus can be so stubborn, they really dig their heels in – however the time is right – with wheels turning from May this year.

  6. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you for your interesting and skilled look at Asian and Chinese astrology. I do feel we are all a blend of all and being a Monkey I was keen to see how the Rooster (or Phoenix if you really shedding a skin) will guide me in 2017.

    I have had a revolution since my last job ended in December and I refuse to go back into someone else’s office to work under neon lights and the secretarial world.

    I am starting a new job on Monday 30th January completely different for me, and yes it is as my brother said a rewarding job, to help others receive the medicine they need. It will be a challenge to me to be out and about in my town. I also hope this job will allow me to meet interesting people. I am looking forward to getting started.

    I continue to write my super food book, that I hope will help others and my medical advise for stoma users.

    Any hints or tips for this year would be greatly appreciated.

    I hope all is well in your world.

    • Thank you Lou. Your timing is great with the new job, helping others receive the medicine they need – and also writing your super food book. You are a true Monkey, doing a Monkey thing in a Rooster year. Make sure your name and face are out there as you can ‘sell’ the product. You become the brand. That will work very well for you in 2017 and although it might be hard work for you to do ‘Me’ in a public space, that’s actually the key. In fact you have a whole stellium in Aries which is the Western equivalent of Rooster, so you can fake being a Rooster when you have to.

  7. Hi Jessica, thanks for the 2017 Asianscope it goes very nicely with your other 2017 forecast ! As a rabbit, I almost choked on my coffee when reading the part when you say that business and relationships are closely intertwined ! My husband and I are partners in love and in business and we are both very happy like this ! We have been having a pretty hard financial time in the last 7 years but we are re-viewing and re-thinking things (we are in retail and e-shop). I am learning (finally) about how to manage our finances to put enough money aside to buy a house. When you talk about integrity does this mean, how far am I ready to sell my soul to make money without considering the morals and ethics ? I have been working a lot for nothing and have a tendency to not put enough value into the time I spend working. I really am working hard to change this mind set !!! Is this a year when my values about money can lead to money gains? Thanks so much and a happy asian new year to you !

    • Too funny about nearly choking on your coffee. Asian astrology is powerful stuff and you are a true Rabbit. You are actually answering your own question when you say ‘I have a tendency to not put enough value into the time I spend working.’ You’ve nailed it. And only you can make your own budget, putting a price on the things money cannot buy. Once you both figure that out, you will feel much ‘richer’ on a level that makes deep sense to you. And of course, you will eventually enjoy some lovely Rabbit carrots.

  8. Hi Jessica, I am slightly weary of the Year of the Rooster: as a Virgo/Horse, I really hate bragging and showing off. Whilst Trump is going to love 2017 it seems, is this going to be a very uncomfortable year for me? I would rather be prepared and go away to hibernate until 1918 – oops, I meant 2018. :)

    • True, the Horse does not like blowing her own Trump-et/trumpet or being too pushy – she takes the slow and steady path to success. You really do have to make a bit of noise this year, though, or you will be drowned out. It doesn’t have to be ego-led or too over the top. Just sensible and strong – yet when you choose your moment to speak up, or put things down on paper – it really will register with people.

  9. Dear Jessica,

    I’m stuck in a job I absolutely hate. My bosses LOVE me but my colleagues hate me where I’m singled out as the witch and it’s making me so miserable. January has been emotionally intense!! – I have sun in aries and ascendant in pisces and I’m a water dog. I made a business contact last autumn when I travelled to Asia to join that company but have not heard back since October. I’m not sure if there’s any possibility there.

    Can you please tell me how this Rooster year will affect me. And with the lunar and solar eclipse in February, will there be new doors opening on the career front?

    And thank so much for your posts. They really help me get through the tough days.


    • You are a true Dog in that you are drawn towards Asia – and in fact will spend your whole life on the move. I am sorry your job is so miserable, Jo. You obviously want to get right away from these people. You can see the big Capricorn signature in your chart in the Tenth House of career. This is currently your main issue, because Pluto (power issues, people politics) is going through that sign for the first time in 240+ years and you are having the full impact. You have a couple more decisions to make in February and then you can put all this behind you. You will not waste any time making some strong choices. Don’t lose any of your regional or international contacts as keeping in touch is a smart idea, given the stunning opportunities coming your way from late 2018. You will doggy paddle to the right destination then. Looking at your chart I would say half the issue with your colleagues is that the entire organisation has been in flux for weeks and when people feel uncertain, insecure or muddled they tend to find solidarity and stability in banding together to single out a common target. Just like school! You’ll make your own decisions about that but you will soon put yourself out of your own misery by making a major choice – what a relief.

  10. Hi Jessica

    I was wondering about the new Moon in Aquarius and what if anything it might hold for mevas a Dragon. I have my natal moon at 9 Aquarius along with Ceres at 1.

    Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about reconnecting with my father’s roots in the Hebrides. I have family there. I’m wondering what the pull is for me and if there might be something there for me.

    • You have Hygiea in Cancer in the Fourth House of family and homeland, under transit at the moment, so you are feeling the pull to go back. You may need to protect the future, on some level – insure a family situation, safeguard a set-up with a relative or even look after the house, apartment, garden or the home town in a very direct way. Hygiea is about ‘prevention is better than cure.’ As a Dragon, you vibrate to Pisces/Neptune rather than any other sign, and right now we have major transits affecting you. The time has come to take the pictures in your head, the ideals that you hold, or the visions that you entertain – and drag them into reality and make them true – and concrete.

  11. Dear Jessica, awesome report, loved it :) I have one theoretical question that I can only ask you. I’m a Rooster, and loved your analysis. In it you mention that a Chinese Rooster corresponds to the Aries zodiac traditionally. So, my question is, how will the Chinese year of the Rooster (which is linked to Aries) interplay with our Jupiter in Libra transit this 2017 on a large-scale? Are there any patterns you can spot or predictions you can see? Merci xx

    • Interesting question! Yes, Rooster does correspond to Mars/Aries/First House transits in Western Astrology, but Jupiter in Libra is not really going to have much impact. What immediately has an impact, right now, is Mars going through Aries alongside Uranus. The time has come to be upfront, loud, bold, heard/seen, and to talk your walk – and walk your talk. As I write this I can see a massive protest building at JFK Terminal 4 and a lot of the people shouting out loud are Roosters, I’ll bet.

  12. Dear Jessica

    I am a Rooster and Capricorn although birth time unknown, other than ‘after lunch’. The past few years have been enormously challenging, a divorce in 2008, move back to the UK for financial reasons having lived in Australia for 11 years because of the mining downturn and last year (as it was for many people) was perhaps my ‘annus horribilis’.

    A long-distance relationship with a previous colleague (Pisces/Monkey) turned sour after it became evident he’d been leading a double life. He had fed me a heap of lies and false promises and then made lies up about me too. The beginning of this month, he finally emailed what appeared to be a heartfelt apology and admitted his betrayal, lies and took full responsibility for his actions. This side of him, in my 9 years of knowing him was so alien to what I’d ever experienced so it did and has hit me hard emotionally.

    I am self-employed, I actually enjoy what I do – freelance PA in my local area. I am respected and appreciated but I know my earnings will have to increase dramatically to make ends meet long-term within a year or so.

    I also read elsewhere that your own ‘animal’ year is not always the easiest of years to navigate – have you heard this too? I rolled my eyes when I read this but laughed at the same time, ‘keep calm and carry on’ came to mind but any advice on either relationships or long-term career options would be most welcome.

    Thank you Jessica. x

    • I am sorry about your Pisces man – sometimes you come across Pisceans who have really difficult Neptune patterns in their charts and they can be tremendous liars, both to themselves and other people. If you know anything at all about his family (if he ever told you the full story) I am sure you will find that deceit was part of life with a parent or sibling. Never mind. You are a Rooster and now you are in your year, so the time is right for a relaunch. There is nothing stopping you from increasing your profile, enhancing your image, rebranding and so on, and seeing if you can increase your rates, if not for existing clients, then certainly for new ones – or increasing rates for a variation of the work you currently do. It would be an interesting experiment for you. Your entire love life will change within 1-2 years primarily because of other people’s children. You will attract one or more dates who have children from a previous marriage or have paid/unpaid work with much younger people. This revolutionises your life. The cycle runs for many years by which time Mr Flakey Floppy Fins will be just a memory.

      • Thank you Jessica, this sounds very encouraging. ‘Mr Flakey Floppy Fins’… I just belly-laughed when I read this, a most accurate description!

  13. Dearest Jessica,

    I really value your insights, so would be most grateful for your thoughts on my current situation. After 10 years of working for a very controlling boss, I have handed in my notice in December – I am now regretting the decision to leave and wish had worked harder to find an alternative path within the organisation … it’s still a possibility as I am very good at my job, but worried that I may have burnt my bridges. If not, I intend to focus my energies on a business my husband (10th may 1975) have grown on the side and I will be able to spend more time with my children but nervous about this big change. My husband hates the rat race and would also like to leave over the next 2 years. I am so confused (and annoyed with myself). Please do you have any advice.

    • Your timing was in tune with the Full Moon in December and it looks as if you suddenly woke up and admitted to yourself that you had been stuck for quite a long time, despite trying very hard. You have really given this position with your boss a very good shot indeed so congratulations for hanging in there. It is not your fault it did not deliver. February and March are the months to have a quiet conversation about working with the same organisation in a different way. Long-term you will go back to the skills, talents, contacts or basic career ‘themes’ you had some years ago, and you will see why from May. Perhaps that is your husband’s business, perhaps it is your regular job. I strongly recommend you use your Astrology Oracle to dig for more answers. You and your husband are having the same cycle at the same time but I think you’re calling it a little early. It may not be until mid 2018 that he particularly breaks free and by 2019 he could easily be away from the rat race. You may join him at that point, but for now, figure out where things stand with your old organisation. Apart from anything else you need full, final and firm closure.

  14. Hi Jessica
    Thanks for the post on Chinese astrology – I’ve always been interested in both Western and Chinese astrology but I don’t think I’ve found reports on both from the same astrologer before. My mum does my astrology and has indicated that something significant should happen in October of this year with my career – I was wondering whether you can see the same thing in my Chinese astrology? I’m the Earth Horse. I feel like I’ve lost my confidence at the moment and that others around me can sense this. Much appreciated.

    • October is the start of Jupiter’s transit through Scorpio which may be what your mum is talking about – you will have the planet of abundance, opportunity, hope, healing, growth and stunning solutions contacting a huge cluster in your chart. Using the Natural House system this is actually about finance, property, charity, sales/purchases, business – not so much your career, unless you work in money, fundraising or retail. As a Horse you are the person who always gets to the top eventually and this will be true for you all your life, even if you are temporarily off your stride. Horse women often need to take a breather – take time out – and then they keep going. Given the big goals you set yourself it is quite understandable that you would have little periods of doubt, but this is what makes you human! You’ll be back on track when you’re good and ready.

  15. Hi Jessica,

    Happy new year to you.
    Being a monkey [putting 2016 as the worst year historically], it’s inherently accurate about the body and daily routine, a new regime is sorely needed, clearly not working with extreme insomnia and chronic illness to name a few.
    Jupiter in Scorpio can’t come soon enough, added to the domestic and family issues, power battles needing litigious correction, feel as though the universe is hindering or just delaying the process, hard to tell, your advice as always is greatly appreciated.
    Thank You

    • Insomnia is no good. You have to begin with the eight hours a day, you require for proper sleep, so you can handle every other single issue in your life. You have Mercury in Virgo so it is easy to over-think things (and do ‘head miles’ when you should be sleeping. You urgently need to try various methods to get your sleep patterns back. Successful methods others have tried include daily, fast-paced walking and meditation. Yoga. Swimming. You are ideally placed to find the answer as a Monkey so start the search. You should approach it as a researcher would, taking notes on your progress with each method and giving each option a decent sample (try a week, two weeks) before you pass judgement. You’ll be your own best researcher. There may be more methods I have not mentioned – try whatever you can find, that others heartily recommend.

  16. Hi Jessica happy Chinese new year!!
    I am a dragon and your description fits me i do turn the vision in my head into reality.
    I have launched a new passive income and building my brand/business too.
    Am taking small steps into dating too.
    In these two area’s (and anything else that shows up) what will the new Rooster year show for me? please.

    • You’re on track as a Dragon. You just need to get the ideas/images in your head down on paper and start making some edits and changes over the next few weeks, and also bring other people into the vision (merge the vision) so that it becomes even more concrete. The more people who build something the more a Dragon can take it from the realm of imagination into reality. Your timing is right.

  17. Dear Jessica,
    My animal sign is Horse; sun in Aquarius; moon in Gem and rising in Sag. What vocation should I pursue? Thanks very much!


    • This is the Beatles combination. Sir Paul McCartney is a Horse and John Lennon had the Moon in Aquarius. You need to find the group which helps you get to the top. You can also help the group itself get to the top. It doesn’t have to be a band. It can be anything. But small circles of people power are very potent for you.

  18. Hi, Jessica,

    What I can expect in my career position? I have a feeling that something going on behind my back and I just want to protect myself and my family. Will I find a new job and when? I’m a horse. Thanks.

    • Horses go slowly and carefully up the career ladder, taking the Long and Winding Road. I have no information about anything going on behind your back, but I do know that Horse people climb the mountain one step at a time. You will get there.

  19. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you for your interest in Chinascopes! As I am based in the Far East, I do refer to practitioners of Chinese astrology as well Western astrology. I find it frustrating, however, that the interpretation of Chinese astrology here seems to be stuck in the times when people were living in traditional agrarian societies. I really respect the modern and feminist approach and interpretation you bring to astrology and was wondering if you could help me with one pressing issue that has been concerning me.

    I am a metal Monkey and in Chinese astrology, I have an empty house equivalent to the 10th house (representing honor, government office, etc.). I am repeatedly being told that this means that I will have no employer and no husband (as per traditional interpretation). I have not been working full-time for slightly less than one year, and Chinese astrologers tell me that this is due to the fact that the two 10-year cycles which brought 10th-house energy – which I do not have in my natal chart – are now over. I am a bit young to retire yet and would dearly love to go back to working full-time as opposed to just freelancing (my chosen field of work is heavily dominated by the 3rd and 9th houses with some element of the 10th). Should I resign myself to being a housewife and full-time mother as I am being advised to do by Chinese astrologers? (I do not have children yet but would find that quite fulfilling.)

    I would appreciate any insight and look very much forward to the personal forums starting next month! Happy Chinese New Year!

    • Thank you – and Happy Lunar New Year. It should really be counted from both those important New Moons, one for China and the other for Tibet. So you are a Monkey – I am not sure why that means you should resign yourself to being a housewife and full-time mother – my research on Monkey does not show that at all. With Jupiter and Saturn both in Virgo, which corresponds to Monkey, you are extremely well suited to work and in fact shine when you serve others – and perfect your particular skills. Your career is going through a massive, long transition which I am sure you know. It has been happening since 2008 and will peak in 2019, 2020. You could easily go straight to the top then, or switch your current field to another one. The other important thing to say about your East-West chart is that your body is central to everything. I see similar chart patterns in people who become devoted to yoga, healing, vegan/raw and so on. You have some fascinating choices!

      • Thank you so much for the quick response! I agree with you, your comments are spot on! Apparently it’s the combination of the elements represented by my birth time, date and year which has led quite a number of Chinese astrologers here in Korea to advise me to forget about a career and stay home.

  20. Hi Jessica, Happy Lunar New Year to you! I just have one quick question.
    I have 6 aspects in Sagg and 5 in Scorpio and am a Water Ox. The past three years have been, and still are torturous with Saturn. With so many aspects in Sagg and Scorpio, am I experiencing a double whammy( 2014/2015/2016/2017) of Saturn or is it just my imagination? Also should I read both signs when reading my Horoscopes?
    Any enlightenment would be greatly appreciated.

    • Only read your Sagittarius horoscope. You do have a Saturn transit going on, but you are halfway through it (actually more than halfway as it ends in December). I completely understand that you would have been put through tests and trials, with nothing ever changing easily or quickly enough. Do not read any daily/weekly/monthly prediction on this website except for Sagittarius, please, as that’s the system I use for you. What you are learning is priorities. Based on the obstacles of 2016 and the path to climb in 2017, you will learn who and what matters most in terms of the following things – travel, interstate and foreign differences, the worldwide web, books, academia, education. This is a core part of who you are. Figuring out what you are stubbornly going to persist with, helps you master what is required, then you will be delighted at the rewards which come from late 2018, with huge achievements by 2019. You could easily move then or take a few months off with your bags fully packed.

  21. Jessica, I’m an Earth Horse and a victim of unfavourable circumstances at the work place in 2016. I’ll be looking for a new and BETTER employer this year. Do you see this working beautifully? Thanks! xo


    • Sure. It is common for Horse people to be turned down by people who then end up kicking themselves for the next eleventy million years. This happens to Horses because the rejection makes them even more determined and firms up their goals and ambitions. JM, this will work out for you.One of the reasons it will work, is that you are now more determined than ever to make it, just to show people – but also because you have a much, much stronger vision of what is right for you professionally.

  22. Hi Jessica
    I was born 30.7.1965 so understand that was the year of the snake. My husband is a rat … well, not literally !!
    We have been in some turmoil for a few years with relocating back to our home country , now we are here things still don’t feel right.
    I have always been a stay at home mum, working part-time intermittently but always moving because of his career. I am now 51 and feel like the best has happened for us, which sounds more bleak than it’s meant to. But where do we go from here to be fulfilled and happy?

    Always love reading your articles

    • You’re a Sun Leo person so I will look at your solar chart, which shows the headlines of your life. You will figure out the travel/relocation issues once and for all no later than May 2018. You will have amazing work opportunities after that year, and by 2020 could easily be in a different field, or finding new projects within your basic skill area. There is no more stay-at-home mum for you. You two have a lot of karma to sort out together in 2017 and 2018. I don’t know how long you were married but if you were together in 1999, 2000, there are issues going back to those years which need to be continued – you need to collect on the good things you did, and perhaps clear up a situation which has never been resolved. If you were not with him, then this is still about those years, but about your love at the time, or the choices you made to reject a love.

  23. Hi Jessica,

    I’m a Pisces, Gemini rising and Wood Snake. Two issues for me: I’ve relocated in the last year, but am being dogged by feelings of making a mistake by moving, or have moved to the wrong place.

    Secondly, even though I’m older, I’ve never had a real relationship. Something I’ve longed for my entire life. I’m to the point of apoplectic about it now and sad.

    Welp, that shouldn’t be hard, lol. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.


    • Blimey, John, no real relationship – and I have a ton of women on here looking for love! Age has nothing to do with it, as I am sure you will know if you are interested in astrology. You do have a good option to date someone by October who would bring the house/apartment/possessions along for the ride. You have not moved to the wrong place, but you do need to get more involved with that group/circle/Meetup/team/club near you. Perhaps the reason you haven’t, is that you know how powerful it would be. Yes, it would change your life. Maybe that’s a good thing!

  24. Hi Jessica,
    I’m a Goat who is sick and unemployed. This started in the year of the Goat when Uranus transit was in the 1st house. The South Node was conjunct my natal Saturn and conjunct my natal Diana. Thank you for opening our eyes to asteroids.
    I feel stuck and need to move.. I Things keep shattering around me, breaking. Can you please advise?

    • I am very sorry you are ill and don’t have a job. I can’t see your chart, but in general, you obviously have to start with the body first. It sounds as if you have classic Virgo chart placements and if you feel stuck, it is time to have a conversation with yourself about how you truly, honestly feel about serving other people and committing to some kind of daily or weekly work routine. Don’t edit yourself. Talking to a mirror is good. It’s a technique recommended by quite a few people. Figure out why the sick/unemployed is happening. Another good technique is to ask yourself to tell yourself, in your dreams. Keep a pen handy. If not the first night, then keep trying until you get a clear, strong dream message which you will normally ‘get’ upon waking, quite immediately. You’ve heard of e-mail. This is D-mail – dream mail back to yourself.

  25. Happy new year Jessica! I am a metal ox, sun in libra, ascendant in virgo. The past 2 years have been tireing. I’ve decided to move this year. Don’t like the appartement were I am right now. To much gossiping. I don’t know if I should move in an another section of the city I am . I haven’t been working for many years and I’m thinking if I should start my own business or work as an employe for some company. As for my love life, I was with a FFF man. Too much misunderstanding. I called it quits. What is store for me in 2017. Thank you

    • Hard to say without a chart, but in general, if you are a Sun Libra person with an Ox Asian sign, you need to keep it real with work. Talk to people who can advise you – experts in their field – and look at what’s really going on out there, by checking internet forums on your chosen field. You’re in a very ‘unreal’ cycle when it’s easy to get lost. This will help you with your apartment decision. It may be that part-time is better for you than full-time.

  26. Hi Jessica,

    I’m a premium member and also purchased the 2017 report. But have no idea how to access the forums. I don’t see a link up on the menu either. I sent a ‘Help’ request already but haven’t heard back. Can you send me a link on where to access the forums?

    Thx a bunch!

    • I am sorry you are not able to get into the Forum – I am keeping it open on Monday as well, for those of you who purchased a 2017 horoscope. I am going to throw this back to Support right now.

  27. Jessica, somehow you manage to post the most interesting articles! This is the first I have read an asianscope…I have looked at chinese zodiacs signs before and being a Metal Dog your perspective is different but also enlightening. Usually for the dog all anyone writes is loyal, steadfast, blah, blah. Too an extent , yes. But when you say we like to roam that made a lot of sense. This was the Sag connection I was looking for. So now I am curious as to how 2017 will turn out for me. I read the section on dog again and have been rolling it around in my head as to these locations. I do need to figure out where my , hopefully starting in late spring, massage business will end up location wise and have even considered being mobile while I get started on building up clientele. Any insights for this Taurus/Dog!?? Thank you so much!!!!

    • I’m glad you like your Asianscope. You are a Dog with a Gemini chart signature so better suited to short distances, around your region, or maybe 1-2 hours away by plane. Having a mobile massage business would be perfect for you. Dogs like getting around and really need their train pass, car, caravan. You don’t suit ‘cooped up’ and never will – so throw the idea out there and see what happens.

  28. Dear Jessica
    I remember you writing that the new year really does not begin until February and I am beginning to feel this myself. Yesterday I was made an offer for a collaboration regarding work ( I have been virtually unemployed for the last 4 years due to my child’s health issues)
    I am really going to have to get back into gainful employment and I need to give this person a definite answer soon. If I decide to take her up on it will involve a commitment. She is a colleague and a friend and I really do not want to let her down. Is there anything in my chart (and I am a rabbit ) that bears some light on my dilemma? My friend is older than me, 60 years old. And a Gemini, if that is any help. Thank you Jessica.

    • Yes, your New Year just started. Congratulations on the work offer after four years of unemployment. Suggest a short trial period to your friend and put it in writing, along with formal rules of employment which would exist, even if you were not friends. Then enjoy a remarkable period in your life. It will be remarkable for her too.

  29. Hi Jessica
    I have been following your astrology advice for quite a number of years now and have found it very helpful.
    April 2015 i left my marriage of 23 years and things did not go well but i found an inner strength i didnt know i had.
    Now im with someone who feels like my true soul the only thing is we are living where we both would love to leave and start our new life together a fresh.
    Can you see any big changes in my chart
    Many thanks

    • Thank you. Born with the Sun and South Node in the later degrees of Libra, in the Seventh House of marriage and partnership, you are experiencing changes in 2017 and 2018 which can only happen once in your life, as Jupiter conjuncts your Sun and Node and Uranus opposes them – so no wonder you have left a marriage of 23 years and found someone new. Your chances are excellent together and there may be some peak choices in the second half of this year, rather than the first. I would say, however, that you need to be very mindful of your ex partner, and (if relevant) the other person’s ex partner. You won’t actually be able to just cut that out of the story and forget it, there has to be a fair amount of work done there.

  30. Hi Jessica,

    Just reading this, and also my weekly horoscope which included this:

    Wednesday 1st February
    Mercury 21 Capricorn conjunct Cupido 21 Capricorn
    Friday 3rd February
    Juno enters Capricorn
    Sunday 5th February
    Pluto 18 Capricorn conjunct Panacea 18 Capricorn

    I have Salacia 21 Capricorn, and I have Pluto 17 Virgo, Uranus 18 Virgo, Chiron 18 Pisces and Ceres 18 Pisces.

    I hope this opens the way for a new and better paid work opportunity for me.


    • Yes. Mercury and Cupido will conjunct your Salacia in the Tenth House of career and Pluto will trine Uranus at 18 Virgo in your Sixth House of work. The way is clear for new work – it would not be real-world, and in fact it may even be two different projects/roles – but what you hear/read this week will point you in the right direction. Better paid? Not so sure. But if you want something new and fascinating, it’s around for you.

      • Wow this is fascinating. I also have Ops and Salacia 21 Capricorn as well as Pluto and Uranus in Virgo and Chiron and Ceres in Pisces, although at different degrees to California Girl. I also have Fortuna at 18 Libra and wondered how this might play out around 5th Feb with Pluto at 18 Capricorn. I’m looking for some good news in a legal situation right now……do the planets support

        • You do have similar chart placements. Legal situations are hard without the chart of the person/organisation up against you in court. In general, you won’t feel the Pluto square to Fortuna too much, but you will definitely register the Capricorn/Virgo transits in terms of your work in 2017. One project or task will have no relationship with the real world at all – in fact it will be a holiday from reality.

  31. Hello Jessica,
    According to Chinese Astrology 2017 is going to be an unlucky year for me as I am a Fire Rooster! After reading this I feel incredibly depressed and cannot shake it off. I have a constant feeling of dread. Life has been at times very difficult for a number of years especially regarding housing matters and my husbands work situation. Just as I was beginning to feel we are over the worst I read the Chinese Horoscopes! Can you shed any light for me? x

    • This is total bollocks, I’m sorry, and all the research I know about Rooster suggests you will come into your own in 2017. Why? Because you were made to be seen and heard, and the time has come to be upfront and out there. I am not suggesting you turn into Ruby Wax overnight, but you do need to know what it feels like to promote yourself, showcase yourself and also walk your talk. This may be as simple as Twitter or something bigger, but you will be given a chance to do that. Try not to invest too heavily in there being a perfect, forever outcome with your house or apartment, as you are in a cycle when you really have to adjust, year to year, and just change – as the changes reach you. Doing this is part of life and being flexible will help you. You will also learn a lot along the way, about what works (and doesn’t work) for you with property, lifestyle, accommodation and so on. Eventually this cycle ends and you will be settled and secure, so please don’t worry about the very long term.

      • Hello Jessica,
        Thank you so much for replying you have made me feel better already!
        I know what you mean about worrying too much about the changes regarding housing I try to go with the flow but at the same time I absolutely hate being uprooted! We have moved house in 2011,2012,2015 and again in 2016! Is this about the Pluto in Capricorn cycle? I know there are quite a few more years left before it’s over! I place great faith in your Astrology and predictions so I will take your advice and be as flexible as I can.
        Thank you again Jessica and as my mother used to say ( If it’s meant for you, it won’t pass you by!

        • Thank you. I am glad. Yes, the Pluto in Capricorn cycle is behind the uprooting. I have seen people go from one rental to another on this. Nothing will really change until you use your willpower and self-control and either save for an affordable home, or manage to overcome yourself enough to put up with a far cheaper place, or just a more stable one. You will win in the end if you can do this. Pluto transits ask you to boss yourself around, so you can end up in a really strong position.

  32. Hi Jessica, I read with great interest and joy your reading for Dogs this year. As a Capricorn dog (jan 18 1959 08.58 am) I have been not been fully well over the last few years I have been yearning to leave the UK, but have deliberated over where to go. We have spoken before, and I referred to Los Angeles where I was so much at home, but my budgets are constrained. You have been so helpful in the past, would you have any advice for me please?

    • Thank you. As you know, Capricorn Dog gives you one of only 144 possible Asian-Western sign combinations and you could easily move between now and May 2018, once you have made a radical choice about the house or apartment in question. It may not be until March, April 2017 that you are clearer on what is possible and where the options are. Your career is actually the clue, here, as you will have some interesting opportunities and solutions on the table – you may end up going where the work is. Let’s hope it’s Los Angeles if that’s where you felt most at home.

  33. Hello Jessica,
    How are you. I am Leo 13 Aug and 36 still single.very unlucky when it comes to Love .Right now I am in a complicated relationship with a pieces 24 Feb n turning 39 man.
    It’s long distance relationship and I see him once a month only but for few hours.
    Now it’s a constant struggle to keep this relationship on calm grounds.He is not ready to commit and he is not sure even if in future he will be nor Not.
    Please tell me about my relationship future and my love life.
    Should I keep trying to make it work ?

    • Pisces men, at their worst (if they have tricky Neptune patterns in their charts) can be slippery, evasive, elusive, inconsistent and far too ‘mysterious’ for their own good. You are a Leo? Okay, so one way or another you’ll be making decisions about him, or a potential new date, in 2017. You have some far more reliable and rock-solid options out there than old Flakey Fins.

  34. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for another wonderful post. My Asianscope sign is Tiger. Are you able to clarify the meaning of “An old group is calling you. Will you go back?”

    Thanks for your help.

    • You were involved in a club, team, band, charity, class, forum, political party or similar – and it is actually more important in your life path than you might realise. You could return to the commitment in 2017/2018 or just remember the goals and the people and find another way to ‘go back.’

  35. Hi Jessica! Thank you for another great article. I am excited because this year falls in my sign of the Rooster. I can relate to the sign to be loud and cocky, and self promoting in order to be successful this year but it’s difficult because it’s totally not my nature to do so. Lately, it almost feels as if I am supposed (being pushed) to do those things and the more I feel it the more uncomfortable it’s becoming. It’s like am constantly fighting myself.

    I have been feeling optimistic for months about my future in work and personal, and the feelings are becoming more prominent as time goes by. I am bit nervous to react on new ideas as I really do want to dive in and try new things but feel I won’t move forward unless I become this self promoting individual. I usually rely on what worked for me such as ‘the proof is in the pudding’ attitude. It seems as if that is not good enough and I now have to expose a little piece of myself too. I want to do so many different things and want to do them all now but afraid of going over board and things will go sour. Can you tell from my chart if you foresee any major (good or bad) changes coming up? Do you see if too much or lack of self promotion helps or holds me back? I am always telling people to go with their gut feelings but I am hesitant to take my on medicine – the irony. I know whatever you share with me will give me some piece of mind.

    Thank you so much!

    • Thank you Juls. Actually you have a duty to push yourself in a partnership. You have earned some good karma there, and professional duets, voluntary double acts or ‘working’ marriages or personal relationships give you a chance to give back. Jupiter in Libra reveals where and how you have natural protection or big advantages, and it’s about the power of two. If you are not in some kind of see-saw with another, you could try pushing yourself forward to get there. A simple example would be pairing off with someone who volunteers for a good cause. I’m sure you can already think of more personal ways to express your Rooster.

  36. Hi Jessica, i have just had the most stressful beginning to the new Asian year…my partner is giving me the cold shoulder and is always snappy at me and putting me down. I feel like I am ‘doing’ every little detail of the family’s daily routine on my own and I am trying to complete a long term study course, whilst managing the daily load (which is a lot as we have a lot of children!). I am feeling very stressed and overwhelmed. I genuinely feel like I have no support from anyone anymore. Is this the start of a crappy year for me or is my load going to lighten a little? I’m finding it all a little too much to cope with right now. I am a Wood rabbit and my partner is a Water rabbit. Any insight would be a gem right now. Thank you so much!

    • Two Rabbits! This is about the financial side of the deal. It must be very hard to not only be working so hard, but to feel unsupported and criticised. Have a look at the money, possessions, house and/or apartment because that is usually the hidden issue with Rabbits. Sometimes one partner is not expressing what needs to be said, or one partner is not doing what needs to be done. Rabbits always make deals with each other, so ask yourself if your partner thinks he is carrying the financial load. Some Rabbit men do strike the wrong deals with their partner and they ‘pay’ for child care or ‘fund’ their partner’s study when neither person is actually happy about the transaction. The good news is, you will figure it out, one way or another. In fact, you two can sort out exactly the right deal with each other after October. Until then, if you can possibly organise an honest discussion about this, it may help the Rabbits share the same hutch.

      • Thank you so much! Yes, carrot overload in this little home :) I can say you are very accurate in terms of the financial/house load. To say a weight has been lifted off my shoulders when you say we will figure it out, is an understatement. Many thanks xx.

  37. Hi Jessica
    I’m in a quandary about where to live and I know from your readings this is relevant to my sign right now. I moved three years ago to live my parents so they could help out with my young daughter. (Single parent, no involvement from her dad.) Three years later I am still here with my parents and although they are wonderful, feel a bit trapped. Do I return to the north where I have friends, but no family or do I stay here and keep trying to rebuild my life? I feel isolated here, but worry about keep moving my daughter around. I know my pig year is all about my daughter and I want to make the right choices for her as well as me. Her Dad is up north (not in contact at present) but I worry about moving her away from her Grandparents and my support. I can’t seem to find the answers…Please help!

    • I am sorry you are being put through this, as a single parent with no support from your daughter’s father. However, you do have options. You are a true Pig in the Asian zodiac, as it really is all about her – as you know. That does not mean that you have to put yourself second, though, and in fact you must come first, because you are your daughter’s guide, mentor, example, teacher and North Pole in life. You will have a wonderful opportunity to move on your Jupiter Return in the Ninth House of foreign and regional differences, and that will occur in the last quarter of 2018. It will be a complete escape for you, as your Jupiter at 1 Sagittarius is conjunct Neptune at 0 Sagittarius. That is your cue to look across the region or overseas as one door after another will open. Until then, I completely understand why friends matter so much to you. You were born with a stellium in Aquarius in the Eleventh House of friendship. Please be a little bit patient (waiting until at Least May) as old friends will come back into your life in 2017 and you may make a new friend (or turn an acquaintance into a friend). You two knew each other in a past life and owe each other karmic favours. It’s a very special friendship indeed. If you are still looking for answers, please do use The Astrology Oracle.

  38. Hi Jessica, loved the article. I’m a Horse (Libra Sun) and am currently in the process of writing a book whilst working a consulting job to pay the bills. Unfortunately the day job in corporate America hasn’t been giving me as much time as I hoped to focus on my creative ambitions. Do you see any changes coming up in 2017 that would give me more time flexibility whilst keeping me fiscally responsible?! Also is this a good year to start seeking out potential publishers/agents? All the best, Victoria

    • Thank you, Victoria. The true Horse does not actually want success too easily or quickly, and it’s the long slog to get to the top and stay at the top which fulfils you. So, you are ticking all the boxes by writing a book and working in a day job at the same time. I don’t know how your time frame is, but with your Sagittarius stellium in the Ninth House of publishing, you would be far better off getting the book right, then taking it around to literary agents when Jupiter goes into Sagittarius from November 2018, through 2019. You will have one open door after another from that point.

  39. Hi Jessica, my sun sign is leo with ascendant in Capricorn, born in the year of 1968 Monkey. My mother passed away last year and my only child will be 18 this march, she is my only family now. My mother helped me dedicate the past 18 yrs to raising my daughter rather than me working towards a career. Mum was incrediably ill with cancer for the last 2 years of her life. I cared for her full time as well as for my daughter who has a serous cardiac condition. Now that mum has passed over and my daughter is about to go to university, I am lost as to what to do next or which direction to go ? I really have no idea and everyday I keep hoping something will pop into my head & heart as to what to do. Thank you. Kind Regards, Roshelle

    • Thank you Roshelle. You are a typical Monkey in that you are here to deal with body issues and questions about the mind, body and spirit. Your mother taught you that, as you cared for her with her cancer, and also your daughter and her cardiac condition. This is actually your whole life path and when the time is right you will return to these issues – I often see it with Monkey people who get involved with cancer charities, for example, or who even take up part-time jobs as professional carers. If you have the Sun in Leo then your entire working life (including unpaid work) will change from Christmas 2017 as Saturn enters your Sixth House of duty and service, with Jupiter joining in from December 2019. You won’t need anything popping into your head as destiny will well and truly take you where you are meant to be. I am very sorry you have been put through these difficult times, but the path of a Monkey person is often about dealing with the realities of the body’s influence on the soul, and the soul’s influence on the body and you have learned a lot, I’m sure.

      • Thank you Jessica for your reply. All of which I understand to be true, especially the reference to what my mum taught me & how the body influences the soul etc.. Do I wait for the time between Christmas 17 and December 19 for destiny to help guide my direction for career ? I have the impression from your references to the mind, body and spirit that maybe that would be an area I should look into as a career ? I just can’t help feel that I should be making decisions or at least preparing for my life for next year when my daughter attends university. Thank you. Kind Regards, Roshelle.

        • Yes, look into it as a career, or even as unpaid work to begin with. The world needs people who know how to care. You don’t have to sit on your hands until Christmas – just pursue what comes your way – but you will find the doors begin to bang open, once you’re into 2018 and by 2019 you will have chosen one of them – and it’s a big one.

  40. Dear Jessica, thank you so very much for your reply :). I searched the net last night and found your writings on Saturn in the sixth house. I found it very beneficial and fascinating !! Thank you once again for my quest in finding direction. Kind Regards, Roshelle

  41. Hi Jessica- I’ve always thought that the western sign counterpart for the year of the horses is the sign of the gemini. Have I been wrong all along? — I picket this up from a sleuth of books i’ve read throughout the years. Please advise!

    • My research says that the Horse equates to Capricorn. The Snake equates to Gemini. Other astrologers may have a different point of view. I have based my findings on many years of working as an astrologer for Elle, Vogue and other magazines across Asia. And now I’m going to have a cup of tea.

  42. dear Jessica

    I find your website really fascinating. I occasionally read one or two messages people write to you but today, as I was just about to leave this page, I found my cursor had stopped on a message Annie wrote to you on 30 January – I was amazed when I read it as I too have been reading the Chinese warning to Rooster fire people for this year. My daughter is one and I had been quite worried about it. I have not told her but did say she should wear something red everyday and also try and get some jade to wear. {she gave me a strange look!) Things have been working out really well for her and her husband and two kids recently (they have just been able to move house and settling in nicely – but since I too read (not such nice things for rooster fires this year) I have been concerned for my daughter (Gemini). When I read your reply to Annie, I felt much better and I had to write and tell you this. Thank you. By the way I love to look at your website although I am not a member – I love to read the articles, etc

    I’m glad my cursor stopped where it did!


  43. Hi Jessica,
    I am born in the year of Rat and have been a Long-term relationship with someone born in the year of rooster (1969). 2017 has started really tough for me. And I keep breaking down each day, feeling utterly alone and depressed.
    I stumbled on your website this morning, hoping to get a signal or advice from astrological sources. Can you please help me and advise where do I go from where I have reached in life? The Rooster in my life has shut me out.
    Thank you,

    • Josephine, please find Black Dog online right away, which is the best depression resource I know. This is an illness and you need to treat it first. When you are being properly treated for depression and feeling stronger, then you can begin to look at the relationship between you. Way beyond your Chinese signs, there is a lot of information right here on this website. Stay strong and take care. Find the Black Dog!

  44. Dear Jessica
    After many years of struggling, responsibility and disappointment, I decided to ‘reinvent’ myself. First I got rid of my old married name, then I had a little cosmetic surgery, then I started a ‘get fit’ plan.
    The results so far have been great but one of my other main goals is to find my life partner/husband, things have plateaud at this moment, but I have yet to go ”looking” for that person. Many yrs ago someone spontaneously did a psychic reading and said that there was a man with either blonde/grey hair who was widowed/divorced and on his own with his own business and she said he was beautiful, lovely and that finacially he was ‘doing alright’ (whatever that means) and that he wanted me to go with him, but I didn’t know if I should, then she waited and said ‘yes I do go with him for a long time. I did not go to this psychic she was at a gathering with a mutual friend, and I did not ask her for this reading, nor did I pay her, it was completely spontaneous. I thought she must be talking about the far future as at that time I could not imagine being interested in a man with grey hair, any way do you see any future person for me?
    Thank you
    Christine (DOB 12/04/56)

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