The Explosive Astrology of February-March 2017

I was sitting down to write your weekly horoscope column the other day, when I noticed an explosive series of patterns in the skies. As they trigger the charts for the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom, Australia and North Korea we are clearly looking at radical change affecting all of them. Worldwide, though, there is a hugely increased risk of war games, terrorism and rioting as March arrives.

Clearly, the protests against the new, politically extreme world we are all living in, show a pressure-cooker situation which people are expecting to blow. The astrology says, it will blow in the final week of February and first week of March. In fact – many nations around the world, as well as the natural world itself (volcanoes, earthquakes) seems likely to mirror what the horoscope is telling us. All times here are set for London, below.

North Korea and the Mars-Uranus Cycle

On 23rd March 2013, we saw a Mars-Uranus conjunction, which we are about to see again (with added intensity) across February-March 2017. North Korea is triggered. Within a fortnight of the 2013 pattern, North Korea ended all peace pacts with South Korea. The country confirmed it was aiming long-range missiles at the U.S. mainland. Within a week of the pattern, there was a cyber attack against South Korea by North Korea and the hotline between both was broken.

Two years later, on March 10th, 11th 2015 we had another Mars-Uranus conjunction. The planet of war and the planet of rebellion. Reuters reported that two days later, on March 13th, North Korea fired seven surface-to-air missiles.

Dates to Watch Across February-March

This is the sequence I’m concerned about, along with many of my astrologer colleagues. It begins with a cover-up on Sunday. An eclipse is always about an information black-out and sometimes a plot.

Sunday 26th February
New Moon. Annular Solar Eclipse. Sun 8 Pisces conjunct Moon 8 Pisces.

Monday 27th February
Mars 22 Aries conjunct Uranus 22 Aries.
Mars 22 Aries opposite Jupiter 22 Libra.

Monday is extreme. Mars is a 2000+ year old symbol for war in astrology. We associate it with violence, unfortunately, and more optimistically, with controlled anger. Uranus equals revolution, rebellion and the world turning upside-down. Jupiter in Libra is a force for good (equality) but it is struggling here, in opposition to Mars.

I took this photograph of a traffic light in Paris, in close-up, because to me it symbolises what Mars feels like, when in transit. It’s white-hot. It’s a red light, warning people to STOP unless they want the worst possible consequences. Red is the colour associated with Mars (the red planet) and also associated with The Red Cross and with fire services. The fact that Mars is in Aries, the sign which is ruled by Mars itself, is a double warning.

One of the countries with a 22 degree pattern is Russia. She was ‘born’ on 25th December 1991 at 5.45am in Moscow, when the Soviet Union ended (data: Book of World Horoscopes, Nicholas Campion, The Wessex Astrologer).

Russia has Venus at 22 Scorpio and Pluto very close by at 21 Scorpio. This will be about big business and the economy for Russia.


Mars rules red and always has (photographed in Paris, July 2014) Jessica Adams.

Tuesday 28th February 2017

The Moon enters Aries today. The Moon often times situations, so if we have not yet seen the impact of the Mars transits from Monday, we will over the next 48 hours. Mars opposes Vulcano, the powerful asteroid, today. Vulcano is the husband of Venus in astrology and in mythology he was the blacksmith who worked with fire and steel. We associate him with ‘volcanic’ emotion and also with, naturally enough, vulcano eruption in the natural world. Watch Russia across this period.

Moon enters Aries
Mars 22 Aries opposite Vulcano 22 Libra

Unfortunately the signature for war is developing, as on Wednesday 1st March we find Salacia entering Aries. Aries is ruled by Mars in astrology. Salacia is the wife of Neptune. I do feel that the natural world will be keeping in step with what the human world is feeling, which is a tremendous eruption of anger.

This famous painting of revolution in France, which I also found in The Louvre in Paris on the same day I photographed the red traffic light, expresses what we will experience in the final week of February and first week of March. My eyes are also on the chart for France, throughout this period. It’s not only the UK and Russia horoscope which is showing strain. The path to March is intense around the world.



Jupiter Opposite Uranus
The pattern culminates on Friday 3rd March with Jupiter’s opposition to Uranus. This is not the first time we’ve seen this. You will remember we had a clash between these two planets on 27th December, when former President Barack Obama shocked the world by expelling 35 Russian diplomats after they hacked the American election and cost Hillary Clinton the presidency. This tells us that the 25th December Russian chart is working – it was hit at 22 degrees, exactly, in December 2016.

Friday 3rd March
Jupiter 22 Libra opposite Uranus 22 Aries

I mentioned the cover-up which begins the issues. There is a reminder about this (cover-ups classically involve the CIA, FBI, MI6 and so on) on Saturday 4th March, with a Mercury-Neptune conjunction. This is distorted information. It’s also the classic signature of what we now call ‘fake news’ or in the new White House, ‘alternative facts.’

Saturday 4th March
Mercury 11 Pisces conjunct Neptune 11 Pisces

The whole pattern peaks again, on Sunday 5th March so this feels like the most intense introduction to a new month, in many years. The Ides of March? Perhaps.

Sunday 5th March

Uranus 22 Aries opposite Vulcano 22 Libra
Mars 26 Aries trine Saturn 26 Sagittarius
The United Kingdom Chart
The repeated hammering of 22 degrees in the heavens across this period triggers the United Kingdom horoscope, which you can click to enlarge. She was ‘born’ on 1st January 1801 at 00.00am in London. You can see she was born with Vulcano at 22 Cancer, so this is a T-Square waiting to happen. T stands for tension and trouble. Common sense says, we are going to see either an extreme reaction for/against Brexit – or a violent reaction against The Special Relationship that the United Kingdom has with the United States, gathering speed since the American President met with Prime Minister Theresa May.

Saturn is also very close by at 23 Leo in the United Kingdom chart, below. We also associate Leo with the Royal Family and Buckingham Palace. This is a very difficult period for the country.



The United Kingdom horoscope


North Korea and February-March

North Korea recently fired a warning shot during a diplomatic meeting between the American President and Japan. Here you can see the national chart. It is set for September 10th, 1948 at 12.00pm (data for the UK and Korea, The Book of World Horoscopes, Nicholas Campion, The Wessex Astrologer).



North Korea horoscope.


In the North Korean horoscope we can see Fortuna (daughter of Jupiter) at 22 Gemini and Vesta, daughter of Saturn, at 22 Virgo. That’s a square, or a point of tension, which will also be triggered by the patterns we see from late February into early March. At this point it would also make sense to call in the natal chart for the new President, but unfortunately the first ‘birth certificate’ supplied to the media was not an official birth certificate at all, and even though a document was later produced as a substitute, I have to say that the chart does not work for me. It does not show any of the crises that have affected the White House since November, so I’m afraid I can’t use it here.

What I do use and trust, is the American horoscope, which you can see below. It is not set for July 4th 1776, which tends not to work for most major events. It is set for the first time the official title ‘The United States’ was used in correspondence, which happened around six months earlier.

What it is picking up is the eclipse (the cover-up) at 8 Pisces which begins this whole intense February-March crossover period. You can see below, that America has Diana at 8 Aquarius. Diana is Jupiter’s daughter. This is about the Republicans, the Democrats or another political group – possibly even a radical protest group – as Aquarius rules these movements and communities. Diana is a symbol for feminism and also for independent women. Here is the chart.



The USA horoscope


The Australian Horoscope
I am also including the Australian horoscope which is set for her official status as a nation, a few days after Australia Day on January 26th – on February 7th, 1788. Thanks to the University of Wollongong for the data. This is a real concern because she was born with Neptune at 21 Libra, so very close to the Libra-Aries chain of oppositions. This is about Australia and her allies, but also her enemies. Watch this space. A new world order will be born on February 26th through March 5th, 2017 but it will be born with the spectre of war looming and a risk of terrorism and violent protest around the globe. The natural world will mirror what is happening in human hearts as we see dramatic earthquakes, electrical storms, wild fires and volcanoes.

A wise friend said to me the other day ‘We cannot control what happens in the White House but we can control what happens in our house.’  In other words, you can run your own house, apartment or life and take care of that – never mind the racism, sexism or extremism which is unfolding around you. I think that’s really good advice. Do use your common sense across this fiery, explosive period, though. If your instinct tells you that a particular person, place or situation is simmering, then move right away. Astrology is about negotiating with destiny. That’s what it is there for.



The Australian horoscope set for February 7th 1788 at 11.00am.

89 thoughts on “The Explosive Astrology of February-March 2017

  1. Dear Jessica,

    thank you for an intersting article. Do you think that this period of time could be explosive for me too as Mars arrive in 22 deg Aries? My Jupiter in 22 Aries in my chart will opose this time Jupiter in Libra. And in my natal chart I have Mercury in 22 deg Libra and Diana in 22 deg Aquarius. Is there something in my horoscope that I should be aware of?

    I appreciate very much the job you make for us.

    • You do have a line-up at 22 degrees and you are going to experience radical changes at this time – there is no way around that. Jupiter is quite protective by nature so the issue will not be your Jupiter at 22 Aries in the First House. Sure, your image/appearance/title/role will be at the centre of this, but you should be more concerned about Mercury at 22 Libra which is where we find a Uranus and Mars opposition. This is very much about your former, current or potential partner. It is occasionally about an enemy, opponent or rival. Be really aware of what you put in writing and what you say, around this time. In general, when in doubt, pull back, lower the volume, reduce the emotional heat and slow down.

  2. Dear Jessica
    I am writing to you from far Bosnia,Am almost terrified with times ahead,with eclupse on 11th Fwbruary conjunct my natal sun at 22 Leo and 23 Leowih second satun return,natal satuen at 0.Capricorn,and with Neptun,entering the eight house.How to protect my kids,myself,what to prevent many deaths in my life are experience i would lime to forget,and now as i feel deep down that dark times are coming again.Please,if possible,give some look,send only two words of encouragement..i will b grateful forever.(dob 16st Aug 1959,05.00 Sarajevo).Thank You.

    • I remember Bosnia well because I was a patron and trustee for a charity called War Child, which I’m sure you know well. Please do not be scared of this astrology but do use your common sense. Right around the world, but also where we live, there will be a lot of tension, and it’s just sensible to walk right away from any person or situation which you feel is on the edge. You’re a Leo and you do have a lot to look forward to, you know! There is a website, blog or social media space online which is very fortunate for you this year. Go back and back.

  3. Morning!
    Your article is both brilliant but also alarming in both a local and global sense!
    You are so right about not being able to control world events but you can control your own home.
    I have a few planets/ asteroids around that 22 degree mark. Concerning indeed. However, it feels as if something has been brewing for some time now. Jittery. electricky.
    Have an awesome day
    Ms Piggy

    • The atmosphere around the world is definitely ‘jittery, electricky’ as you put it so well. Your MC/IC axis is affected indirectly, in Taurus/Scorpio so my guess is, we’re going to see instability which has an impact, temporarily, on share prices or currency exchange rates. If you’re switching dollars for euros or whatever, you may want to pick a more stable time.

  4. HI, Jessica,

    I’m a new member and still learning.
    I’m going to Europe ( I live in the USA currently ) from 23 of Feb – 28 of Feb. and would like to ask you, is it safe to me and my family to travel? Thanks, J.

    • I’m travelling then too so fear not – we just need to be watchful and check online on the day of flying. I am very concerned about the risk of war and terrorism right across that period because Mars has such a reputation in astrology. Yet, we have to get on with our lives. Just switch your radar on. Something as basic as an airport incident in LA can affect air traffic in London, as we all know, so just be hip to that.

  5. Dear Jessica,
    I was going to ask eclipse question for this past Saturday eclipse, as I felt quite gloomy during the eclipse build up. Decided not to post, didn’t want to add to your queue because I was aware what was going on. But now I must, quite a few major players in my chart are around these degrees and I know (from your previous answer) that August eclipse will be very important for me.
    Can you please help me decipher all this heavy energy around?
    Thank you

    • You have the 21, 22, 23 patterns which suggest 2017 is the year you need to be quite radical and reject anybody/anything which has been rejecting you! Let’s not mince words. You have been getting one ‘No’ or ‘Not that interested’ after another in one or two areas of your life. Be real about that and be honest with yourself so that you can make some bold moves and break away to who/what actually does make you feel welcome. There is no point in slogging away, faking things, if you’ve been doing it for a couple of years or more and had very little payback.

  6. Aloha Jessica!

    I know you are very busy, Just a quick question, Please!
    I have Vulcano 22° Pisces 22′ 48. What to expect from it?

    Mahalo and have a great day!

    • Vulcano is that part of you which is very self-controlled, even when you feel angry or lustful. It makes you quite powerful because you have a will of steel. In Pisces in the Twelfth House, this is about a secret you cover up, or a role you play behind the scenes. This is where you will notice a lot of rumbling and shaking. Nobody else will really see, know or understand. And this is also where you need to change things. I sometimes see it with people who are in therapy, or people who are involved with the occult, or those who work for the secret services.

  7. Thank you Jessica
    I was seriously spooked by your red traffic light picture; I thought of fire! Parts of Oz are in the grip of an awful heatwave. That plus dreary political leadership (imho) may lead to a revolution of sorts in terms of climate change and energy management. I hope we are not going to see a repeat of Ash Wednesday.

    • You are reading the photographs intuitively, which is really interesting. I know my beloved Australia is burning up in a heatwave, even though I am surrounded by snow in England. I think you are right, in that the ultimate purpose of the world rebellion against the current administration, is designed to bring us all together so that once the planet is in a position to make hardline decisions about coal, it absolutely will.

  8. Hi Jessica – when you say “if you think something is simmering move right away” do you mean address the issue before the end of Feb early March to avoid the explosion?
    Also are there any hints you can give me for constructive management of this period with respect to my chart. Thanks as always W

    • Ceres at 23 Taurus in your Second House of money, business, charity and property is your whole answer. You will not be directly affected, but other people/organisations will go through revolutionary change, which has a domino effect on you across this period. Expect wobbles and waves. They do stop eventually but be aware that agreements with the bank (for example) may be affected.

  9. Thanks Jessica, wondered about these aspects. My Asc is 22 Libra (1st house cusp) and I have 5 other cusps at 22. Can’t wait to read what you have to say down the track on The Great American Eclipse in August. I’ve got Jupiter, North Node and Pluto in Leo in my 10th – why aren’t I as rich and famous but nicer than Trump?? Joke!

    • Too funny about your President. If your birth time is correct and you genuinely have the Ascendant at 22 Libra then you ‘present’ as one half of a couple, or one half of a partnership, to the world. Even when you are by yourself, you look like one half of a set of scales in search of the other half. Is this the real you? Possibly not, but your entire image is being remoulded in 2016, 2017, in regard to this. That’s the transit.

  10. Hi Jessica – I have my Sun at 23 Libra along with Mars, Venus, Uranus and Pluto all in the 9th House. How will the transits of Mars and Uranus affect me with the ” New Order” you have spoken of in your fine article?

    • Not sure about your Ninth House stellium, but you certainly have the Sun at 23 Libra in the Seventh House of partnership (Natural Houses). Uranus is opposing your Sun in 2017, as he did in 2016, and for the first time in years, Jupiter is conjunct your Sun. You are well-known for the life choices you have made about partners, former partners or the whole business of ‘two’ and this is now at the heart of major choices. Your identity revolves around this but it is time to let others hold up a mirror so you can see who/what is reflected there and make changes.

  11. Dear Jessica,

    Thanks for the amazing insights! I am also expecting events in my life to turn radically on the Pisces Eclipse – thank Goddess! With an early Pisces rising, 5 planets will be in the 1st house. Also, Mars/ Uranus will be conjunct my natal Jupiter in Aries, at 21 degrees. Transiting Saturn also trines my natal moon and conjuncts natal Uranus in my chart on this day.

    I need changes in my life badly in terms of my work and lifestyle. Hopefully this second eclipse of the year will further shake them into being!


  12. Hello,
    Can you give me any insight as to how this will affect me as well? I have a lot at 22 degrees in my chart. Saturn 22 libra, Ceres close at 21 scorpio, venus conj bacchusis close at 23 capricorn PLUS south node 22 capricorn, sun 22 aquarius, minerva 22 pisces, north node 22 cancer, and close also is cupido 21 virgo. Seems very overwhelming… any insight? Thank you so much for all you do and all of your time and energy put into this. It’s greatly appreciated.

    • The transits across 22 (and close by) involving Jupiter and Uranus are very much about the relationship you share with your former, current or potential partner. This also affects other areas of your life, simultaneously. Clearly, there is something gluing up the system, or keeping everything very outdated, stuck or just plain ‘wrong’ – and that’s why 2017 has to flush everything out. Freedom is a terribly important word to honour. Anything which is actually stopping you, him (or her) from being genuinely free just won’t last the distance, and no matter what brings you to that point, you have to try and work with the process.

  13. Dear Jessica,
    What can I expect with my NorthNode at 22° Scorpio & SouthNode at 22° Taurus, during this period? Anything to worry about?
    Many Thanks!

    • Jupiter and Uranus at 22 Libra and Aries trigger your money, property, business or charity indirectly. What you are going to see is other people/organisations going through massive change, and this has a secondary effect on your own finances. You’re actually going to make or save quite a lot of money in 2018 and perhaps this is one of the reasons why.

  14. Hi Jessica,

    Do you think I will be affected? I have Venus 23 aries, and the nodes in 24 aries/libra. I have just started in a new job and have some tough decisions ahead. Thanks!

    • Nothing to do with your job, but everything to do with the quality of the relationship you share with your former, current or potential partner. Huge choices this year, some of them past life/karmic. Of course, you may have a work partnership, in which case it’s entirely about your professional other half.

  15. Hi Jessica,

    The extreme actions and reactions have been exhausting in the last few weeks. This is only the 4th week into new administration and we feel like we have aged already. But, it’s amazing to see so many concerned and involved people in the community. Now these new patterns will obviously affect all of us where ever we live but I looked at my chart and I have quite a few factors at 22,23,24 degrees. How will these patterns affect me at a more personal level? Should I be concerned? More aware of certain changes or situations?

    Thank you for all you do. Looking forward to a peaceful world order.

    • I found the problem in the American chart. She was born with Ceres in Capricorn and Pluto is exactly on Ceres. Can only happen every 248 years and it’s happening now. All hail constitutional and electoral transformation – because it’s coming. In your own chart, you have those classic 22, 23 patterns which make 2017 the gateway to ‘new, better, different, new’ and the trick is to be open to it. If you are very switched on, you will have classic Eureka moments, like lighting strikes, when you suddenly switch direction and make radical changes, surprising yourself as much as others. If you are less in touch, you will find life throws them at you anyway, but the idea is to take the road less travelled this year. You will be helped to do that by people who are positive, upbeat, giving or generous in spirit.

  16. Light & Light Jess:

    My North and South Nodes are @ 22 degrees Aries and Libra…Should I be on standby starting the end of Feb and March 2017???

    Thx Vee

    • Age-old karma about ‘me’ versus ‘we’ and perhaps ‘me’ versus ‘he’ or ‘she’ is unfolding as Jupiter slowly crosses 22 Libra and Uranus moves over 22 Aries. It works for you, because Jupiter always works for everyone, but it is electrifying, confronting, challenging and will leave you feeling quite wired. Time to ground. The choice you make about a former, current or potential partner in particular will change your life. The other trick to this transit is to wish for others, the space you wish for yourself.

  17. Hi Jessica~
    This article was an eye-opening as I’m American and living under these stars daily. (Don’t get me started.) Although it doesn’t appear that I have factors (DOB 11/17/65) at the above exact degrees, strangely I’ve been feeling unrelenting stress re:work and career since the beginning of Nov. 2016. I report directly to a Libra DOB 10/22/69 and my peers are a brew of fire signs: 8/14/83, 4/16/85, 11/28/83. I’m ready to jump ship or to another division to escape these folks. Is my Scorpio spider-sense right on the money? If yes, what is my window of opportunity to find a better situation?

    • Thank you NMJ. See if you can do all your talking in March rather than April as you will hit Mercury Retrograde in April and May and it will affect your work. You are in touch with your own need to be free and that’s a good thing. You could even line something up in April, because a sympathetic person will draw closer to you then, and think about signing, but not actually starting until later in May. The other trick with this cycle is to be wide open to quite radical alternatives and not box yourself in with too many limitations and restrictions about what could work/should work in your career. Once you do that, you’ll be surprised at what you’re shown.

  18. Things are moving so quickly, it’s hard to see the wood from the trees at times. Trying to remain calm in the face of it all, hunkering down.
    What can we do? Us, ordinary citizens, creatives? I have a few things around those degrees in my chart but I’ve been being pinged for a while now. Toughens you up.
    P-hat on!

    • The situation with the birth certificate astrologers were given is just crazy, so I am going to do some research on the American chart and also the White House chart to find out what is going on. I suspect this is actually all about massive constitutional change in the United States, across 2019 and 2020, with the possible abolition of electoral college and sweeping reforms of the voting process. The US chart set for the first time her name was ever used, shows Ceres in Capricorn and we have Pluto going right across Ceres for the first time in 248 years. I reckon that says it all about what’s been going down. So…a story will appear once I’ve drawn up the White House chart!

  19. Hi Jessica, thanks for this. Most interesting, it does seem like we are ramping up towards this (I hate to say war) and the astrology confirms this. I will take your advice to heart about exercising care and caution, my question is about my own astrology which seems to have some parallels per below and with Mars in both Saturn and Libra. I can’t think of any extreme storm brewing in my own life other than indirectly where my partner has a battle with his ex but it’s really his affair. Thank you if you have the chance to take a look at my horoscope, Kate
    21° Libra 12′ 26″
    21° Aries 12′ 26″

    • Yes, there is a real war risk, Kate. There is certainly a terrorism risk – I can’t remember seeing a line-up like that for many years. The issue for you is most certainly your partner’s battle with his ex-partner. I am glad you have separated yourself from it, but it will affect you. The timing depends on minute accuracy for your birth time. Yet in general, 2017 is the year to try and keep the scales balanced, no matter what.

  20. Hi Jess. Thanks for another excellent insightful article.the whole needs a French Type Revolution. People need to come first. Not governments and their rich donors. I have Mars 22 in Taurus and Sun 23 in Aquarius. Is there anything radical happening here in these placements. Warmest Regards JN

    • You have plenty of transits across 22, 23 and yet they are not direct – so basically other people’s radical changes, other people’s life dramas, affect you at a distance. You change your plans and priorities because of what happens to them. This holds good all year.

  21. Hi Jessica

    I have Mooon at 23 Virgo and Mars and Venus in Aries. Two dates are relevant a) 25.06.1983 and b) 23.03.1981. Will this eclipse affect us?

    Thank you for your insight.

  22. Sounds like the film Dr Strangelove, which I watched on Saturday night… explosions, cover-ups, aggressive male energy, unpredictable weirdness thrown in for good measure…

    I’ve currently got Uranus conj Moon at 21 Aries (7th), and Vulcano conj Pluto at 23 Libra (1st) and am trying to be sensible about my ex… but am wondering if I’m basically holding a tinder box just before the lit match hits!?

    Thanks for making astrology feel like a toolkit, not a prescription!

    • Thank you. Actually your Aries stuff is in your First House, but Vulcano conjunct Pluto in Libra is definitely in your Seventh House of love and sex. Dr. Strangelove indeed. You may find it useful to read more about the Vulcano and Pluto myths.

  23. Hi Jessica, reposting as my question might have got lost somewhere. Sorry for the repeat! I have a whole host of things at 22 degrees or near it: Chiron at 22 Taurus, MC at 23 Aries, IC at 23 Libra. On top of that I have Neptune at 26 Sagittarius. Will I face a positive or negative time in Feb & March? Should I brace myself for disappointments?! Thank you!

    • Chiron at 22 Taurus is enough to focus on for the moment, because it is what you will notice most. You have a pattern of seeing what you can get away with, when it comes to money, houses, apartments, business, possessions, charity. There is no ‘impossible’ for you, only ‘possibly possible’ and you do a lot of experimenting in your life. The Jupiter quincunx from 22 Libra will bring that alive in March. The Uranus semi-sextile will also trigger it, in March. By May the Sun has also passed 22 Taurus and by June Mercury as well – so this is obviously one major decsion/issue and you’re about to see if the line can be crossed or not.

  24. Very Interesting. The fact that those planets will be at 22 degrees, the same degree as the recent 22 Leo/22 Aquarius Lunar Eclipse makes it fascinating. The fact that Mars will be at that degree, will it stimulate (is that the right word) events that occurred during that Eclipse? Didn’t Trump and the Japanese leader reach an agreement regarding Kim Jung Un (can’t spell his name) at that time? I wonder what will happen regarding that and North Korea?Trump’s advisor KellyAnne Conway has Mars at 22 Libra, so there will be fireworks regarding her. Astrologer Michael WolfStar wrote an analysis about her. Here is the link
    Great article Jessica. Thanks.

    • Thank you. Correct. The eclipse coincided with the USA/Japan meeting (the one with the long handshake) and of course, the interesting plastic black sheeting which blacked out the window view of the golf game so the media could not point a camera. That for me rang big bells. We typically don’t find out what was going down on an eclipse until we see a planet like Mercury or Mars going over the same degree/sign. That means we are waiting for transits across 22 Aquarius or 22 Leo, and so that has to be Mercury across 22 Aquarius on Tuesday 21st February. That’s stage one of the ‘reveal’ about Korea and/or Japan. What is far more historic and important is the North Node/South Node across 22 Leo, 22 Aquarius, which happens in October 2017. That’s huge. I’ll go and look at Michael WolfStar’s work now, I appreciate the tip.

  25. Hello Jessica! Yikes on reading this article. Thank you for the heads up! I wish I could say I would be hunkering down, but I am travelling that day, coming back from an international rugby sevens in Las Vegas… I see I have an exact 26 Sagittarius in Vulcano. Should I box myself up and ship me home?

    • Saturn is right on 26 Sagittarius so this does seem to be about your international rugby sevens event. It moves off, from 5th March. You’ll experience people/organisations/places which seem stuck to you – and create ‘stuckness’ or slowdowns for those around them – strongly affecting how you travel, or feel about regional or global differences. Common sense Saturn rules say, don’t buy into this too much, engage or get too heavily involved. Why? Because Saturn goes back to 26 Sagittarius in May, so this issue could drag on.

    • Jupiter conjunct Panacea at 21 Aries is about your image, profile, personal appearance, name, brand and reputation. This year is about breaking free of the old labels and boxes and in fact, you started last year. Uranus is crossing over your Jupiter-Panacea conjunction and that can only happen once in your life. The phrase ‘free to be me’ is key and so is the idea of hatching your own egg – giving birth to yourself all over again. Just remember doing this can confront people. Don’t shock the neighbours.

  26. Hello Jessica,
    Thank you for your article and also the excellent astrochemistry ebook. Is there anything I should pay attention to during this explosive Feb/March? On a larger scale, is France still threatened by terrorism in 2017? Thank you again and keep well.

    • Thank you. I’m glad you like Astrochemistry. I’m afraid the French chart tells us 2016 is dangerous all year because of the Gemini-Sagittarius axis in the national horoscope. You have nothing at 22 degrees so won’t be personally affected by the explosive and radical changes you see in friends, family or colleagues – but you will see people desperate to be free.

  27. Dear Jessica,

    The more I learn about astrology the more I learn that there are many types of astrology out there and they don’t all seem to agree. I’m actually quite confused how to use Vedic and Eastern with Western practices and more recently came across a Mesopotamian astrologer who in a purist sense, is quite adamant that sidereal is the only worthy astrology calculating and Western astrology is a anti-pagan Christian corruption that is not correct at all and has become superficial. This hasn’t been my experience per se in my learning about Western astrology for my own chart accuracy but I have found great merit in the Vedic charts and in the Mesopotamian chart I have had done for my self as well. There are a lot of opinions out there and I did search your site to see if you wrote about this idea and didn’t find anything so please forgive me if I missed an important bit of info. I’d like to continue researching astrology but am not sure where to start and what type to ground principles in. The idea of finding the ‘most correct’ astrology, seems to be perhaps I am asking the wrong sort of question. As an academic, I’m not sure how else to approach this. If you have written about this, I would very much like to know what you think in your experience. Thanks so much.

    • Actually, astrology is just about time. It’s alternative timekeeping. If a method of timekeeping (Vedic, Western, Chinese) is popular, it will usually say the same general thing as the next one – just using different language. Time itself is subjective (how you interpret past, present, future) and in fact, science tells us that we make time what it is. We participate in the universe. We observe time and just by the act of looking, we make it what it is. We’re actually choosing one of many parallel universes of time to inhabit, every time we make the choice to look at a horoscope. Wired has quite a few good articles on this – The Arrow of Time.

  28. Hi Jessica. Will I be impacted by this event? I have leo22 1st house, 22 Neptune in libra and aries at MC 21 degrees. thank you Catherine

    • I think you’re saying you have a line-up at 21, 22 degrees, Catherine (though I don’t use that house system). Yes, you will be impacted at a distance, as other people will be making radical changes which are sudden, exciting and liberating to them – and also have an effect on your own life. Their revolution will make waves in your own world.

  29. Hi Jessica,

    Do you do personal chart readings?
    I didn’t see that as a service offered here under the services and payment options.

  30. Hi Jessica, This is another fascinating article. Can you see any effects for New Zealand? Looking out to the world from here, it all seems really scary.

    • The New Zealand chart is something I have in my library in Tasmania and I am now in London, so I’m afraid I can’t check. I know that volcanoes are an issue, though, so let’s hope that Vulcano’s fiery patterns does not coincide with that, in your national chart.

  31. Hi Jessica,
    You made a (very accurate!) prediction for me quite some time ago regarding a young boy I could help (found him!) and that 2017 would mean a change in home/relocation but to be aware of who/what the reality was. The recent lineup at 21 degrees and now this has seen situations shifting rapidly (undiagnosed mental illness and issues from there, car crashing into our house etc), I think this will bring the next big shift in the story given my abundance of factors at 21/22/23.. Incidentally it also sits on his Pluto at 22. Would you be able to shed any further insights in this for me? This Uranus transit on my Nodes is a bone shaking eye opener, that’s for sure!!
    Thank you as always, it’s very much appreciated!

    • I’m glad you found the young boy, Errin. Yes, the line-up we have at 22 degrees in 2017 with Jupiter at 22 Libra, Saturn at 22 Sagittarius, Uranus at 22 Aries will hit you at different points, but in general, this year is about other people making huge shifts in their lives and this affect you too. This is the kind of year when people will surprise you by ending/starting new jobs, getting married, shifting countries and so on. This sends a ripple effect into your own life which triggers change and you’re going to see a lot of it – a property move is very likely.

    • The Aquarius-Leo-Virgo pattern at 22 degrees in your chart is most certainly triggered by Uranus at 22 Aries and Jupiter at 22 Libra. Of this, the most important pattern is Aquarius-Leo in your chart, which describes friends and groups at one end, and lovers, children, youth at the other end. The two stories may be quite separate from each other. The reason you’re going to see changes here is not only the Uranus/Jupiter line-up at 22 degrees, it is also the arrival of the True North Node at 22 Leo and True South Node at 22 Aquarius, which happens in October 2017. This time Saturn is also at 22 degrees, in the sign Sagittarius. I would say 2017 is an epic year of karma for you, as the Nodes always show the past coming back to affect the present, and you will see the first signs across February-March.

  32. Posting my question again , I have an important financial aka investor meeting scheduled on 2 MD match .
    Hi Jessica . I have my north node at 22 Scorpio . Juno at 23 Leo , Diana at 21 Aquarius and Bacchus at 21 saggi . How will this pattern affect me ? Thanks

    • Also as you have made charts for nations , would like to ask if company charts are also valid ? I have a new company born on 10 the Dec 2014 . I have made a chart for the same and it has Jupiter in Leo at 22 degree . The meeting is regarding this new company and would like you to advise me on the whole 22 degree aspects happening around end Feb . It’s been a very difficult year financially . Thanks

      • Yes, companies have horoscopes too and in fact some astrologers specialise in assisting people to set up their company at the right time. You don’t say what your company does, but if you are dealing with regional or foreign connections (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Ceres in Sagittarius in the Ninth House of export and foreign differences) you must know that 2016 and 2017 will be very tough years, as you have Saturn going through Sagittarius, which will sit on (or conjunct) every single Sagittarius factor the company has. Obstacles, stuck situations, thwarted situations are very common. The issues disappear at Christmas. You get your rewards with foreign or regional people/organisations/markets when Jupiter goes into Sagittarius from the final quarter of 2018 through 2019.

        • Thank you Jessica , yes 2016 has been as tough with all kind of stuck situations , we make and sell fashion clothing for the online market . Having sun in libra, saggi is my 3 rd house in sun sign horoscope , And 9 th house in natural horoscope , I believe the Internet business is the problem area in my personal chart till Saturn is in saggi .i hope I’m reading this correctly .

          • Yes, you are reading it correctly. Your whole issue is Saturn in Sagittarius so we are seeing a global slowdown/obstacle course with travel, export/import rules, immigration and all those other aspects of life ruled by that sign. If you throw the internet into that, you have a classic Third/Ninth house opposition with Saturn.

    • You have a stellium in Sagittarius, as does your company, so you are organising this meeting with Saturn in Sagittarius. You don’t say if your investor is foreign or from another region, culture or religion. If so – then this is part of your Saturn cycle and you will need to do twice as much research, go twice as slowly and anticipate a variety of outcomes.

    • You have Jupiter at 22 Aries in the First House of image, which is the part of your chart you will notice most. Jupiter at 22 Libra is opposing that and Uranus at 22 Aries is conjunct it, exactly. Your title, name, profile and appearance are your basic blessing in life. You look good on paper or in person. Even when things are bad, you still look good! Now, you have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to radically change the way you present and package yourself. It will be squeezed out of you, thanks to the Jupiter opposition, but it will also set you free. I sometimes see this pattern when people lose weight, get cosmetic surgery or change their names and get married.

  33. Dear Jessica,

    Your answer to my question about astrology has led me on the most fascinating journey and couldn’t have been more perfect. I researched the arrow of time and its underlying science. It makes clear sense now that our participation in observing the cycles of ‘time’ in the macro and micro sense make it relative and like you said, into a usable ‘language’. There have also been some synchronicities that have been fantastic add-ons – someone suggested watching The Theory of Everything, and even the film’s cinematic structure was an example of the arrow of time. I also randomly had a dream about Galileo last night. I have been reading about his life today and what a fascinating person. I had no idea that he taught medical students astronomy so they could practice astrology as part of their patient care. My confusion has happily been replaced with excitement and many new directions to research. Thanks so much!

    • This is really good to hear and I’ll be interested to see what else you discover. Having a dream about Galileo is pretty remarkable. He is associated with Jupiter in astrology, of course, so maybe the dream’s double message is that here is an opportunity. I was talking to the astrologer, author and academic Garry Phillipson today about the Arrow of Time and the new theories. One way to explain astrology is that when we make the conscious choice to open our eyes and look at a horoscope, we are collapsing all the competing universes into just one – where the horoscope works. Obviously, sceptics and scientists don’t believe or trust, so they never have the experience – they don’t have eyes to see – so astrology for them is almost impossible to judge by its very nature. The real mechanism in all this is synchronicity, though, and that’s the fascinating part. It’s a very special kind of time.

  34. Hi – i have had a house move and been trying to launch an internet based side of my business – and seemed to have had a daily disaster since feb 1st including no internet or telephone for over 2 weeks despite making every plan i could to survive a move! I have a few factors in Pisces including my ascendant and Saturn. is this the new eclipses for 2017? In which case i feel very wobbly for rest of this year! x

    • If you did any of the planning for the internet/telephone when Mercury was Retrograde, all December/January, then you were working against an astrological cycle, as you had Mercury in your Third House, which rules computers and phones. It’s well and truly behind you now, so you can make up for lost time, though I am sure you are still recovering. The Pisces eclipse won’t really have anything to do with your business, so no need to wobble.

  35. interesting i wrote down last year a very good numerologist predicted some sort of terrorist thing in London/UK in March for this year?!

    • I sincerely hope not. Astrology is about negotiating with fate, so turning up the radar on potential issues and being more than usually aware, so we get to avoid them. There are some things we can’t avoid in world affairs, but as individual people we can sharpen our six senses at this time about those around us.

  36. Hi Jessica,

    The eclipse this weekend trines my sun at 8 Scorpio, and I have my ASC at 23 Gemini, DSC at 23 Sag, Aesculapia at 23 Scorpio and Salacia at 21 Capricorn.

    Any ideas?


    • You’ll feel the trine from the eclipse at a distance, as the cover-ups or blind spots of large organisations, governments or people around you will have a ripple effect on your money or property. Your line-up at 21, 23 is more important long-term over the whole year, although you will notice it as Uranus crosses 22 Aries as we go into March. Again it’s going to be felt at a distance, as others undergo a revolution and radical change which has a ripple effect on your own life, specifically money (again) and career – that is what you will see most.

  37. Great article Jessica. I also have planets at 21 22 and 23 degrees but not in Libra and Aries. Am I still affected? Birthday 25th June, 1957 at 9.50pm Sydney Australia time

    • Yes, you will be affected by other people/other organisations who are in the grip of a fierce push for independence and freedom. Their big waves will create smaller ripples in your own life.


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