Use Your Jupiter Luck in 2017

In astrology, Jupiter is the planet of lucky breaks, good timing, big solutions and huge breakthroughs. Whenever Jupiter makes exact patterns in the sky, the whole planet benefits. You can pick up on these ‘flow’ periods by noting the dates below and surfing the waves. You will typically experience an opportunity, lead, tip-off, favour or clue on the day itself, or the day before/after – depending on where you live in the world. The trick with Jupiter is to take action quickly.

February 14th
Jupiter 23 Libra quincunx Chiron 23 Pisces

Wednesday 8th March

Jupiter 21 Libra conjunct Vulcano 21 Libra

Wednesday 6th July
Jupiter 14 Libra quincunx Neptune 14 Pisces

Tuesday 11th July

Jupiter 14 Libra conjunct Vulcano 14 Libra

Sunday 27th August

Jupiter 21 Libra sextile Saturn 21 Sagittarius

Tuesday 5th September
Jupiter 22 Libra conjunct Bacchus 22 Libra

Saturday 23rd September

Jupiter 26 Libra quincunx Chiron 26 Pisces


How Jupiter Works For You in 2017

Jupiter is the planet we associate with people and organisations which share the luck. These individuals or groups are usually blessed in some way, and believe in unconditional giving. This goes back 2000 years to the myth of Jupiter (Zeus to the Greeks) who was the only child to escape being eaten by his father. He was raised on milk and honey, and when he became a man, he returned to save the world and save his father too. A golden age began.

The exact area of your life which benefits will be shown by your personal birth chart, if you have one from me. If you have anything at 13, 14, 15, 20, 21, 22, 23, 25, 26, 27 degrees then Jupiter will either make an exact aspect (same degree) or a very close one, as he passes through. You can easily decode this for yourself by using any of the ebooks which come with membership. The sign of the horoscope factor at that degree, tells you the area of life where you gain.


Your Birth Chart

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So, if  you have factors at 21 Leo, this is about the role that children or lovers play in your life, because Leo rules the Fifth House of young people and romance. If you have factors at 23 Gemini, this is about your media, publishing or internet projects, because Gemini rules the Third House of communication. You can also read more about Jupiter in my book, Essential Astrology for Women (HarperCollins). If you are curious about Jupiter or any of the other astrology terms mentioned here, just type “Jupiter” into Search – there is a lot about astrology to discover immediately, on this website.



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Hi Jessica, is this exact, or is it one degree either side?

Dear Jessica,

This is a very important year and I’m counting on the all the Divine help I can get to move forward in my career and at the same time, have a baby — I’m trying to complete the puzzle with degrees and signs while wondering if there’s anything on my 5th house that points to this or how will my 22 degrees Libra moon and 22 degrees Sagittarius Neptune or 13 degrees Chiron will affect me? fingers crossed

Thank you for your time,

Dear Jessica

You mentioned today in the Libra weekly that Jupiter is in my sign, is there anything specific please for me that I should look out for?

Thank you as always

Hi Jess,

I have to say that the V word has always been a disastrous day for me, so I can’t be anything other than skeptical over a chart that promises so much. Locked in a court battle and a media blackout, I really can’t see where this wonderful surprise will come from (I know that might spoil the surprise) it seems so unlikely at the moment. If you can offer any clues at this point, they’ll be gratefully accepted!

Thanks again

Hi Jessica, interesting article…..would you be able to tell me how Jupiter will benefit me this year….l am a premium member and you already have all my information….July 8. 1965 born in Melbourne at 10pm……Thank you


I’m new to your site. How will this effect me? I think this is my Jupiter return.

Hi Jessica
Thank you for the alarm.
Since Jupiter moved to Libra, there were awful lot of squares to planets in Cancer and Capricorn. I did 2 interviews and made the eligibility list. I hope I get something.

I have venus 21 Leo, Saturn 20 Gemini, Nodes at 23, Cupid 26 Libra. What are the possibilities?

Plus Jupiter is going to cross my Uranus 17 Libra twice and together they are going to square Pluto in Mid 2017.

You are very gifted and thank you for helping.

Hi Jessica,

Where is Jupiter going to shower me with his gifts?


Hi Jessica,

Half of all my planets are at those degrees mentioned.
Any thoughts ?!

Thanks SO much.

P.S. funny enough, tomorrow is the first day (this year) when it just happens that I have to make an important step in business.

Hey Jessica, I needed to read this article today. Thank you! And happy Valentine’s day! Can I just ask you, I can see that I touch on heaps of those degrees (phew!), and today’s one hitting on my Capricorn and Cancer factors couldn’t be more appropriate. I have enrolled in a course of study which I am starting to have second thoughts about, I honestly feel so hazy and ungrounded. I can honestly say that it feels like my Pisces stellium has taken over my life. I feel like I am walking around in a perpetual mist with regards to… Read more »

Hello Jessica,
Can you please see what Jupiter luck has in store for me with the following placements in my chart:
-Moon in Sagittarius at 23 deg
-Jupiter in Pisces at 14 deg
-Bacchus in Sagittarius at 22 deg
-Apollo in Leo at 26 deg
-Chiron in Gemini at 21 deg
And one degree out from making an exact aspect:
-Sun in Libra at 15 deg
-North & South node at 20 deg in Aries & Libra
Thank you!

Hi Jessica! I have 22 Libra in Jupiter. Does this mean I should use my luck? How do I do that? Looking at my chart, would you be able to give me some examples? Sorry for the all the questions, I am so excited! Thanks for another great article. Juls

Hi Jessica,

I was counting how many factors I have at those degrees and I end up with something around 10…… is this usual?

Cheers Cecilia

Hi Jessica,

I seem to have a lot of planets at these degrees … most seem to trigger virgo and there is cupido at 23 in Leo. I’m at a crossroads in a potential relationship and also am currently facing a wall at work … it seems resistant to almost any sort of attempt at collaboration. Do you think these placements can guide me to take steps towards a more predictable and secure way forward?

thank you.

Hello Jessica, Thank you for this insightful blog. I’ve tried using this information about Jupiter @ 23 Libra to see what areas of my chart are affected however I’m not sure I’m interpreting correctly. Could you perhaps interpret this for me once so I can follow your cues to better understand patterns that follow? I have Pluto in Libra/IC in Cancer/MC in Capricorn – all at 23 degrees. (For context: My concerns right now revolve around my career trajectory and I’m desperate to make the right moves but clarity evades me.) Thank you so much for your time. Warmly, S

Thank you so much for this!!!

Hi Jessica,

I’ve been intrigued as to how Feb 14th might affect me this year, as my Sun is Libra 23. It’s been a quiet day so far, but I’d love to know what areas of my life I should be paying attention to.

Any other particularly important dates for me from my chart would be really appreciated too!

Lisa van Blerk-Nicholls

Hi Jessica

I am due to finish my degree this year and get back out to work after a nearly ten year break. Will this year bring me success? There seems to be a lot of my chart that are at the degrees mentioned above.


Dearest Jessica, All this Jupiter info is wonderful, thank you… I know i have quite a few of those degrees in my chart as mentioned above. Could you possibly help explain what will be coming up for me this year? I’m waiting for what i can only explain as what feels like a fated relationship come to fruition. We both have things to do before we can be together officially. Something keeps telling me that this is all going to come about closer to September onwards this year… It’s been a long time coming… Could you share with me what… Read more »

Hi Jessica, Sorry to be a haunt as I’m reposting duplicate comment. I have the degrees mentioned here in my chart, but I was getting confused. Can you take a look please and let me know. Hope all is well, Thank you

Hi Jessica
When interpreting this ( as I seem to have several of the degrees you mentioned ) , do I take into account the planet or focus more on the sign associated with the degree ?
For example Venus 20 Gemini & Mercury 22 Gemini – how do I translate this in relation to Jupiter’s transit ?
Thank you.

Hi Jessica,

Thank you so much for your article. My labor and economic luck disappeared eight years ago. No job, nor money. In spite of been waiting this year like “rain of summer” nothing has happened. Could you tell me if the luck will return?. I have five factors in libra. If yes, could you see when? please?. Thank you so much.

Hi Jessica , My daughters father 19 .8 58 Leo made my life hell he was violent (in the extreme} and so abusive .Any way I got away in 1994 , we have not seen him since 2007 when I was forced to take a small amount of money for a flat I had bought in my sole name and let him have it, (long story) I have recently been sent a bill for £5000 for council tax for the flat we lived in for tax for the last 3 years !! This is the 2nd time he has done… Read more »
Hi Jessica I just had to write and tell you that I found this particular prediction quite spooky. I am looking for a job and on 15 February I saw advertised the most perfect job for me, in the same industry I was working in back in 1999, when I was living in London. I was offered a promotion there more than once but chose not to take it because my partner at the time was not able to live permanently in the UK. I did end up marrying him so all’s well that ends well but that particular job… Read more »

Hi Jessica,

New member here. Am going through a mediocre phase, and hoping to find a stable job soon. I have been following your horoscopes for a while now and you are absolutely right – am Piscean and doing quite well with regards to publishing research. However, separated from family now because of my present (temporary) job. Could you comment anything on my near future?

Thanks.. Enjoyed my subscription so far..

Hi Jessica,
Somehow my new comments are not getting registered… Hope this one stays…
I have 14 Saturn in cancer, having issues with current house and looking out for new rental. Hope I find a better one… Does Jupiter @ 14 have any impact?
Any other aspect from my chart that I should watch out?

Hi Jessica, Many thanks for more detail on Jupiter. I’m trying to take advantage of Jupiter re career but nothing seems to be working out. I follow up on all potential work opportunities, at least I believe I do, but keep encountering confused situations and communications that twist and turn , plus, people playing power games. I’m quite despondent and a bit worn out with it. Question – can Pluto, and Neptune adversely aspect in my Mercury in 10 th house, trump (sorry for pun) my Jupiter? Love your input and wise words. Sliver of opportunity from old recruitment agency… Read more »

Hello Jessica
I have neptune 14 degrees capricorn, Panacea 14 degrees retrograde aries, is this pattern a trine when jupiter is 14 degrees libra? How will the jupiter pattern affect me this year?

Thank you for your time and wisdom

Hi Jessica!
I have Neptune 15 and Pluto 15, plus Mars 23 and Diana 23. I have two major career-related projects on deck, plus a new, good relationship. Any thoughts on how the Jupiter transits might impact me?
Thanks much! JD

I am asking my question here again.. Thanks.

Hi Jessica,

New member here. Am going through a mediocre phase, and hoping to find a stable job soon. I have been following your horoscopes for a while now and you are absolutely right – am Piscean and doing quite well with regards to publishing research. However, separated from family now because of my present (temporary) job. Could you comment anything on my near future?

Thanks.. Enjoyed my subscription so far..

Thank you very much Jessica. Your comments tie in with what is going on with me in that I am busier now with work opportunities than I have seen in the last couple of years, and many of the projects involve partnerships, which I enjoy – whilst retaining my own independence. I just hope that the opportunities have successful outcomes.

You have such a skill at making predictions so relevant. Thank you.

Hi Jessica,

I love this article. I have been reading a lot about Jupiter since hearing that it was coming into Libra in September. I have 12 factors at exactly the degrees you have listed and another 7 one degree away from the listed factors. Does having this many factors mean anything out if the ordinary? Would you be able to tell me how Jupiter will benefit me this year? I also believe that my Jupiter return is after it moves into Scorpio, will it benefit me then as well?

Thank you for all of you knowledge Jessica.

Hi Jessica. I have numerous factors in Libra Leo and Gemini that Jupiter will either conjunct trine or sextile. Can you paint a quick picture for me as to some of the situations that could arise for me now through to October? I am still struggling with finding a meaningful career so I’m hoping something will ping for me this year. I feel that something is there but I am missing the door that that something is behind! Thanks so much for your brilliant astrology blogs Jessica.

Hi Jessica, thank you for your continued insights and support! With Jupiter in Libra in 10 the house this is supposed to be a great year for my career. I have been told that my job is being restructured and i will be let go end of August. They have told me are that there may be another opportunity within the company. I am not sure this would be the right choice. Perhaps I should be looking for something different or retiring.? How can I use my Jupiter. Any advise about retiring versus accepting the new role if it is… Read more »

Dear Jessica,

I have my natal Jupiter in Libra. What do you see in my chart for Jupiter’s blessings?

Thanks in advance,

I have quite a few planets at the degrees mentioned. The past 4 years have consisted of me waiting on others and taking care of elders. What does the remainder of this year hold? Thanks in advance.

hi Jessica – reading these comments made me count how many aspects I have over the next few months. I have 10 instances where I have degrees in planets in the range you provided. Does this mean this year has particular significance for me. I feel something big is building in the work and relationship areas. Are my instincts in line with the planetary vibes, or am I overthinking this? Many thank.

Hello again Jessica, I have 9 planets dead on these degrees and 5 that are one away so I’m guessing there will be an impact somewhere. I’ll see what I can find in your ebooks. Any chance of discovering the cause of a chronic health problem? Thanks again for your generosity.

Dear Jessica,

I have Jupiter 22deg in Aries, Mercury 22deg in Libra, Diana 22deg Aquarius,south node 23deg in Taurus, North node 23deg in Scorpio, Venus 25deg Leo, Sun 27deg Virgo, Moon 28deg Pisces. Really hard for me to recognise in which area and when will be the impact of Jupiter in Libra the most significant for me.

Thank you for your help!

Hi Jessica,

I know this should go through your helpdesk but they don’t seem to be able to find a permanent fix – every month my subscription expires and every month the system won’t allow me to renew it because it’s not actually expired. It’s driving me crazy and potentially losing you revenue as I’ve seen some comments from other users over the past few months who seem to be having the same issues :|

I have mailed them again so lets see what happens…


Greeting Jessica, Thank you for this post. I have Libra in ASC 22, Pluto 18, and Cupido 28. As per this article and the weekly horoscope, it was indicated that there maybe a doorway of some sort to walk through and although I’ve kept my eyes peeled for a sign of some sort, nothing has made itself evident as of yet…Am I missing something? Truthfully, I would love to reconcile with my former partner but she and I have not spoken since September of last year and there are no current or potential partners on radar at the moment. Hmm….Any… Read more »

Wow, the big joke in our family is that there were no lifeguards in our gene pool. Definitely will take that more seriously and do a little digging. Thanks again for all of the info and insights, I’ll let you know where your read of it leads. May Jupiter spread the good works in your direction in a big way.

Hi Jessica I would love your insights into how Jupiter will play out for me over the next couple of years.. I have been feeling frustrated with Jupiter in my 5th and Saturn in my 7th (as a gem) – ok with Jupiter in my 9th (as an aq) but am feeling the strain of Saturn in my 11th. Have been trying to build relationships for collaboration with a community type initiative and have had positive initial meetings but then absolute silence/no movement afterwards. When can I expect this to clear up? October? Or is it further away than that?… Read more »

Hi Jessica,

My date of birth is 05th October 1974. Birth time 20:40 PM, born in Jamshedpur, India. Being a Libra I am excited about Jupiter being in my sign & the opportunities for expansion & growth it offers. I am looking for a new job & chance to migrate to Australia – no doors have opened as yet. Will I have my breakthrough this year ?

Dear jessica, I have saturn at 23 libra, uranus at 20 scorpio, mars at 22 leo, fortuana at 27 leo, juno at 25 Cancer, and Sun at 27 Aries. I got two jobs, one in general hospital and another one also with a government department both part times and close to home. Now I also have pluto at 19 libra and proserpina at 19 capricorn. What are the headline of my coming life. You once told me that pluto and capricorn factors form T square in my chart. Could you explain it bit more what it means and how it… Read more »

Hi Jessica,
Was wondering about accuracy of birth times and how much leeway one has regarding it. In my own case, am not able to trace my birth certificate so I know from my mother that the time is somewhere between 10 – 10:30 am. Is accuracy to the minute important? Thanks!! And blame it all on my mom for losing track of the birth cert!

Jessica . . . This is so helpful. Turns out February 14th was extremely fortunate for me – after many years of hard work, I officially cut my work week to three days, turning more of my business over to my son so I can focus more on my goal of church/volunteer work. I have Capricorn at 23 degrees. My question is looking ahead at September 23rd, I have 6 aspects at 26 degrees – that seems overwhelming to me. Where should my attention be? Honestly, I am hoping to have some luck with romance – I haven’t been in… Read more »

Hi Jessica, I am greatly appreciative of the time you have dedicated to respond to my inquiry. I realize that astrology will not decide for me, and I look at using it to guide me in making my decisions and hopefully also taking advantages of the blessings. This is all new to me and overwhelming. I have started to do my homework as per your recommendation. There is so much to learn. It is all so fascinating. Thank you again for the time and effort you dedicate to this website and your community!

Hi Jessica,

I have 21° in Capricorn. I’m a Cancer at 25° Sun, and 6° Scorp Asc… What does Jupiter mean for me? I’ve been through the mill relationship wise and with employment issues. So ready for an up and up.

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