Venus Retrograde and A Day Without A Woman

Venus is the planet of complicated relationships. She is about to go retrograde, or appear to move backwards, from Saturday March 4th,  2017. In one area of your life, ruled by Aries, you will also experience a complex kind of chemistry with others which never resolves as it would normally. She’ll also dance backwards through Pisces – so that’s two areas of your life which are on rewind.

This is a good painting of Venus by Rubens, who captured her in various poses. This shows her vanity. She’s often pictured with a mirror. The ‘complicated’ part of the relationship is usually down to ego or narcissism and a tremendous concern with physical appearances. The Venus symbol in astrology – a circle on a stick – is actually a neat little reduction of the hand-mirror symbol. (Rubens: Wikimedia Commons. Planets: New York Public Library). 


Venus by Rubens – Venus Retrograde rules.


The Venus symbol (second from Left) is a stylised mirror.



Premium members can check their chart below, just by logging in. Which area of your life is most affected by these unresolved, complicated questions about appearances, vanity, ego and relating to others? Well, it you have a stellium (more than three personal chart factors) in Aries, in your personal birth chart, it may well be You, You, You which is the area of delay and reversal. A typical example would be a relaunch or rebranding which goes forwards, backwards and sideways – and often stuck along the way. Venus gets stuck at 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 degrees of Aries so if you have horoscope factors there, women or female influences in particular, having an impact on your image, will take you back and forth.

If you have Pisces chart factors then the Venus Retrograde is about the secret you cover up, or the invisible and uncredited role you play behind the scenes. Again, it may be females or female influences taking you back and forth. Venus will retrograde at 26, 27, 28, 29 Pisces.

Your Birth Chart

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If there are no Pisces or Aries signature in your personal chart then you’re more likely to feel the Venus Retrograde ‘stuckness’ in the area of your Solar Chart (Sun Sign Chart) which shows the headlines of your life: First of all, with Venus Retrograde in Pisces, you can expect replays/rewinds regarding ‘complicated relationships’ in these areas. We’re talking a loop that goes round from February to May 2017. Normally I wouldn’t rate a Venus Retrograde as particularly important, but as you already have Neptune (confused and confusing situations) in Pisces too, it looks as though March in particular will take you backwards, forwards, sideways, up and down. It will take a bit of time to sort this out, particularly if women are involved.

PISCES Name. Face. Persona. Profile. Presentation. Packaging. Reputation. Style. Shape.
ARIES Secrecy. Invisibility. Classified Material. Confidential Information. The Unsconscious Mind.
TAURUS Friendship. Groups. Camaraderie. Community. The Hive Mind. The Collective.
GEMINI Success. Achievement. Status. Ambition. Position. Mission. Vocation. Calling.
CANCER Education. Academia. Travel. Foreigners. Publishing. The Worldwide Web.
LEO Finance. Business. Taxation. Philanthropy. Values. Materialism. Inheritance. Mortgages.
VIRGO Partners. Former Partners. Potential Partners. Enemies. Rivals. Opponents.
LIBRA Routine. Lifestyle. Service. Duty. Body. Rituals. Drugs. Doctors. Drink. Food. Healers. Fitness.
SCORPIO Children. Babies. Pregnancy. Godchildren. Young Relatives. Youth. Lovers. Sex.
SAGITTARIUS Home. Home Town. Homeland. Family. House. Apartment. Household.
CAPRICORN Communication. The Worldwide Web. Multimedia. Language. Hearing. Reading. Speech.
AQUARIUS Money. Property. Charity. Possessions. Salary. Debt. Banks. Savings.

For Venus Retrograde in Aries, you’re looking at the headlines of your life being affected as follows –

ARIES Name. Face. Persona. Profile. Presentation. Packaging. Reputation. Style. Shape.
TAURUS Secrecy. Invisibility. Classified Material. Confidential Information. The Unsconscious Mind.
GEMINI Friendship. Groups. Camaraderie. Community. The Hive Mind. The Collective.
CANCER Success. Achievement. Status. Ambition. Position. Mission. Vocation. Calling.
LEO Education. Academia. Travel. Foreigners. Publishing. The Worldwide Web.
VIRGO Finance. Business. Taxation. Philanthropy. Values. Materialism. Inheritance. Mortgages.
LIBRA Partners. Former Partners. Potential Partners. Enemies. Rivals. Opponents.
SCORPIO Routine. Lifestyle. Service. Duty. Body. Rituals. Drugs. Doctors. Drink. Food. Healers. Fitness.
SAGITTARIUS Children. Babies. Pregnancy. Godchildren. Young Relatives. Youth. Lovers. Sex.
CAPRICORN Home. Home Town. Homeland. Family. House. Apartment. Household.
AQUARIUS Communication. The Worldwide Web. Multimedia. Language. Hearing. Reading. Speech.
PISCES Money. Property. Charity. Possessions. Salary. Debt. Banks. Savings.


Venus, Cupid, Bacchus and Ceres by Rubens.



If your personal birth chart reveals Pisces or Aries factors at these degrees, you’ll be strongly affected.

Normally we wouldn’t really care about a complicated relationship that goes back and forth, but because Venus is also alongside Uranus (revolutionary change and independence) in Aries, it looks as if March, April, May will be particularly important in deciding how fast and far the changes will happen, and how smoothly. If you have Aries factors at 1-13 then this is personal; it’s about the way you look or appear to the world. If you’re on a diet to lose weight with a female counsellor, she may go back and forth with you, or you may find your weight loss goes backwards and forwards. That’s one example. Another one is your profile as a single or married man. If you have Aries 1-13 factors then a woman/women may stall that with you.

Pisces factors at 26, 27, 28, 29 degrees are also important in your birth chart. This is about what you cover up and hide. It is about classified and confidential concerns. It is about any invisible role you play behind the scenes where others are the name or face and you are submerged from view. Again, what we seem to have here is a woman/female influence taking you backwards and forwards.

Including the pre and post shadow periods, what we have is this time-frame:


Venus Retrograde in Pisces and Aries 2017 – Diary Dates

Venus (complicated relationships, female influence) crossed 26 to 29 Pisces from 30th January to 3rd February. She then repeats herself from April 3rd to 28th. Venus does the same complicated dance in the sign of Aries, from February 4th right through to May 19th.

One way to check is to look back at the headlines of your life (see lists, above) and note what was going down in February in both areas of your life. Complicated relationships? Female/s in the picture? Nothing resolved yet? Tick, tick, tick. Please allow even more time for these connections to play themselves out.





It’s pretty much what you’d expect. When she’s moving normally, Venus coincides with important affairs, or crucial phases in existing marriages or relationships. When she’s not all tied up with the male-female dance of intimacy, Venus is usually the star of the show when there is female-to-female jealousy. Venus loathed competition from other women. Thus, her reputation for complicated relationships – they are not necessarily about sex between a man and woman, they are sometimes about a mother-in-law and her daughter-in-law. They can also be about a mother’s intense relationship with her own son. I’ll make a note of the important Venus aspects in your weekly and monthly horoscopes for March, April and May (into early June, when the cycle ends) so you can track what’s going on. I’ll leave you with another Rubens portrait. This shows her with Adonis.



Venus and Adonis by Rubens.



Venus rules complicated relationships, as we’ve seen. These can be with lovers, husbands, sons, or daughters-in-law. What happens when Venus is retrograde, or appearing to travel backwards, in the sign of Pisces? Pisces rules the Twelfth House (secrets) of your personal birth chart. If you happen to have horoscope factors at Pisces 26, 27, 28, 29 (or the other person does) there may be a confidential, classified or clandestine relationship which goes backwards and forwards.

Venus Retrograde, in Pisces or Aries, is a bigger deal than usual in your horoscope – because she is accompanying slow-moving outer planets like Neptune and Uranus, both of which are change-bringers in your life. So the ‘extended play’ of a complicated relationship, either behind the scenes (Venus in Pisces) or directly affecting your image (Venus in Aries) will have a stronger impact than usual. Of course, placed in Aries, Venus Retrograde is front-and-centre. She’s obvious! I’m sure you know that red is the Aries colour. On the ‘women’s strike’ across the world on March 8th, right at the start of Venus Retrograde, the organisers have asked both men and women to wear red that day, in sympathy.

Photo by Corinne Kutz. Day Without a Woman.



If you want to know a real-world example of how astrology works, look at the Wednesday 8th March protest, A Day Without A Woman, where women around the world are going on strike for the day, or wearing red in solidarity. Even the lights on the Statue of Liberty have gone out! If you think about Venus ruling women, and her turning retrograde just as women freeze their lives for 24 hours, you’ll see why a retrograde can result in situations sticking, or standing still, or turning backward. My daily horoscope column for March 8th, 2017 will not appear in solidarity. Please wear red to support us, even if you can’t also go on strike. I guess this is a case of the astrologer making a prediction that she then fulfils…but I hope you understand why your daily column will not appear on March 8th and why it matters. 


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Hello there!

The only thing I have going on in Aries i believe is my IC. Any significance? Or should I just be looking at where my sun is in this case?

Thanks Jessica

Dear Jessica, I can think of a relationship with my female and a male relative that is like you stated above, and currently it is at its worse. We have lost trust and love and affection for each other due the circumstances we are in. Jealousy and insecurity is also a part of this drama.It makes me very sad sometimes. But we are also in the process of becoming independent of each other leaving behind the codependency. I have Moon at 27 Aries Venus at 28 scorpio Only other factor at aries is ceres at 6 aries. How will this… Read more »

Dear Jessica,
My Aries stellium is Jupiter, Chiron & Panacea right?
Which area of my life should I be concerned about?
Thanks a lot! NP

Morning jessica
I have retro venus passing over my sun… what would that mean for me in the coming year since i see venus is retro in my solar return….is there a old flame coming back…i am currently single..thank you

Hi Jess, What a whopper of a clue you’ve just given me there with Venus and Adonis. This really is 1999 all over again, isn’t it? We’ve just come off an eclipse now, with another on 21st August across the US. The 1999 UK eclipse was 11th August when Venus was also retrograde. Do you think this is a case of the 21st century taking one last step back before its infancy is finished for good and it becomes an 18yo adult? For me, so much of my life is mirroring 1997-99, it’s utterly ridiculous. But, I really would like… Read more »

Hi Jessica,
Thank you for another interesting article. I have Jupiter 16 Aries, Fortuna 21 Aries & Diana 26 Aries . Could you please offer your insights?
Many thanks in advance,

Hi Jessica,

I have a fair few planets in Aries – Sun, Venus, Bacchus & Psyche in 0-13 degrees. Is this a tricky time for me?

Many thanks,

Hi Jess, how will I fare during the retrograde of dear Venus?

Thanks K

Love & Light Jess:

I have a stellium in Aries. What’s going on with me and Venus?

07° Aries 22′ 58″
07° Aries 24′ 59″
11° Aries 13′ 26″
24° Aries 11′ 07″
22° Aries 22′ 20″


Hi Jessica …I have factors in Pisces and Aries including quiron ….how this will affect me? gracias as always


Hi Jessica! I have Ceres at 12 Aries will this have much of an effect on me? Thank you very much!

Hi Jessica,

I have Mars 03° Aries — So this going to be personal, if I read correctly? I just signed up today and am completely new to this, so forgive me if this is a dumb question, aha.


Hi Jessica,
Thanks for another great article!
Do you have any thoughts/insight when looking at my chart?

Hi Jessica,
Will the Venus retrograde affect me? ( I have Ic at 1 Aries )
Thanks for your great astrology site!

Hi Jessica just ended a friend relationship with a narcissit who ive known since 2003. I wont be letting her back in.
How does this affect me i have 4 in Aries, 2x21Jupiter &panacea, 1 @24 chiron 14 Vesta?
Thanks for the great article and feedback.

I have Jupiter in Aries at 1, Mercury in Pieces at 1, as well as the North Node in Aries at 11. Can you offer any insight?

Thank You

Hi Jessica,
Thank you for the article and insights.
I’ve always wondered how a Venus Retrograde phase might be different if you are born with Venus in Retrograde (like me, Venus R Aries). Also, I’ve heard many astrologers warn against marriage during Venus in Retrograde. I did, am very happily married. I could say I didn’t ‘feel myself’ appearance wise at the wedding, but feel this is superficial. I’d be interested in your thoughts.
Many thanks,

This makes so much sense, usually, I do the whole resolution thing in January, but this year I only got enthusiastic about exercising more, thinking about my appearance, etc., in February. Lots going on in Aries.

Hi Jessica, I have Aries ascendant in 5 degrees 32, and Mars in aries at 20 degrees 22. What does this mean for my love life?

Capricorn 10°50′ Ascendant Aries 5°32′
Moon Libra 22°30′ II Taurus 11°13′
Mercury Capricorn 27°46′ III Gemini 9°15′
Venus Sagittarius 18°09′ IV Cancer 3°45′
Mars Aries 20°22′

Hello Jessica,

As I write this I have just met with my Piscean friend that I used to teach with.

I am always amazed at how the astrology is so literal in my life.

I am currently trying to decide if I should return to work. My children ( a crab and a lion) are 3 and 1.

Could you please tell me how my chart is affected?

Thank you very much.
Kind regards,


Greetings Jessica,

I have a number of different planets at the degrees mentioned in your post:
Mercury 7 Aries
Bacchus 9 Aries
Juno 26 Pisces
Aesculapia 27 Pisces
Oh, and Aries is my seventh house. What might I come to expect to encounter this Venus Retrograde? I always appreciate your insight!

Dear Jessica

I have 3 planets in Aries, but the Venus retrograde for me will trigger Mars at 6 deg and Aesculapia at 11 deg. My relationship with my husband often gets ‘complicated’. :)

I would dearly love to know your insights into how this season affects me.

Thanks and Blessings

Hi You always make lovely analysis & relevant to modern day. In science female sign is represented by mirror? I also felt that 1998 – 1999 theme is returned a while ago. With Jupiter in Libra , it is not all rose and lolly pop. I have taken domestic violence due to my husbands temper, to my uncle who have confronted my husband etc. Unfortunately my husband has bullying violent nature which I put up with 16 years. He blamed me for his addictive habits, tense behavior & drinking habits which I now realize as emotional violence. He doesn’t like… Read more »

I’ve seen some mentions of north node hits…but my south node is in Pisces, how does that figure? (also have MC and Cupid in Aries being activated.)

Thank you!

Hi, Jessica. Will you help me understand how Venus Retro is relevant in my chart? One with no aries signature? I get that I am a Libra and partners, etc., but anything specific I should see with this retro action? Thank you!

Would Venus at 12 Aries be the root of a lot of drama with most women in my life? Whether ‘best’ female friend, mother, mother in law, sister in law etc etc….I am not consciously at least jealous of any of them, though some of them apparently are envious of me. I long for a peaceful co-existence with others and form close-knit bonds but haven’t succeeded much.

Hi Jessica –

I have Hygeia at 8 Aries, North Node at 13 Aries, and Chiron at 3 Aries. I have no factors at all in Pisces, but plenty of other horoscope factors in the degrees mentioned above, but not in the same sign. What can I expect during this Venus retrograde? Many blessings to you for all you to to help us!

Hi Jessica, Hope you’re well. I am a bit concerned about this Venus retrograde because some things in my life seem like they’re finally starting to shift and I’m afraid of getting my hopes up and being disappointed and disillusioned yet again. My Uranus has been doing my head in. A person that is very hot and cold ‘came back’ at Christmas and again today. Both times completely out of the blue. I can’t work out if this is good or bad. It makes me smile when it happens, but then it evaporates so quickly and I’m left thinking “What… Read more »

Hi Jessica,
Thanks for another wonderful article!
Will Venus retrograde have any impact on me?

Hi dear Jessica, I was wondering how does a Venus retrograde affect someone with a natal Venus retrograde? I am sensing this as an extremely important time in my life, a sort of a turning point and I feel like my chart is gonna light up like a Christmas tree in the coming months (Venus retro @ 6deg, Mercury @ 7 deg, MC @ 12 deg… Also this lovely Venus rules my 0 deg Taurus Sun, 2 deg Moon and 25 deg Mars). I’d appreciate if any insight on what I should focus on would be given :-) Thank you… Read more »
Hello Jessica, I am a novice at all this astrology stuff, but absolutely fascinated by your seemingly scientific approach to predicting events. This has been really convincing as I have been following you for a few months now, and trying to get at least a vapour of how all this works. If I give you what I know about my birth plus one or two big moves, can you give me some pointers to how to begin marrying up events with what looks like your geometry? I was born 28th September, 1953 in the jungles of Paraguay about 200 miles… Read more »

Hi Jessica,
Have my moon @23 in Aries. How do I read this phase? I still haven’t got over my image thing. My jib profile downgraded after migrating in Aug’15. Still don’t see that improving in near future..

Hi Jessica,
almost all my Aries stellium are in the numbers you list, and I have Chiron at 26 Pisces. My relationship situation has actually improved recently so the idea of a Venus retrograde right now makes me a little depressed!

HI Jessica,

Thank you so much for your reply re Venus Retro – very interesting!

I just wanted to check something: My birth chart that appears on the website, is that what is considered a ‘progressed’ chart? I notice the house positions are different from my original birth chart. Ie Gemini was on the Asc/1st house, not Aries as it is now.

Thanks again,

Hello Jessica,

Another wonder perspective / insight – I a currently involved in a complicated re-connection with my mother (after a Thanksgiving 2016 family-shattering event involving my sister), and having numerous transits involving Pisces 8-13 (Chiron, Mars, Bacchus, and Mercury) along with being an Aries – Aries rising. Can you offer any other guidance over the upcoming months and anything involving direct contact with lawyers, family, and being able to rebuild a bond which has been broken by financial greed?

Thank you.

Hi Jessica, I am so glad that I discovered your site back in November; I absolutely love it! I was wondering if the Venus retrograde will reveal anything about a previous relationship that I was in. We first started talking in late June of 2015 (about a month before the previous Venus retrograde) and broke up in late November of 2015 (because I didn’t like the arrangement that he wanted). I still think about him all the time. I have Venus at 6 Aries Proserpina at 6 Aries Ceres at 7 Aries Diana at 23 Aries Since I have my… Read more »

I feel like I’ve been through the wringer this week and I’m not done yet. Reading about the retrograde makes me feel like I’m about to go relive a bad period in career that I don’t care to repeat and I want to stay optimistic like my Leo Sun but my natal Pisces ascendant is making me cry at work these days. What gives?


Hi Jessica, thanks for your amazing insight and knowledge. I met somebody special last september 2016, and it has been complicated. He has a sun in capricorn, moon in libra at 22 degrees 30, and Aries ascendant at 5 degrees 32. He also struggles with commitment issues as pointed out in your ‘Jupiter in Libra predictions’ article for his particular degrees. His date is 1st January 1989, timing is 11:38 am. My date is 30 september 1990, and my timing is 23:8 pm. Please advise me as to whether this will work out. As you can see, he also has… Read more »

Hi Jessica,

Fascinating read as always!

I have Aries across 1-13 degrees in Chiron, Hygiea and north node. How does this impact my work life with regard to venus retrograde?

Thank you.


Its been some time since I last I’m an Aries I feel like this is personal!!
Id really appreciate some insight into the direction of my life the next few months, looking forward or looking back?


Dear Jessica,

I have Moon in 28 deg Pisces and Panacea in 13 deg Aries. Since January I sarted my own business. And it advance veeery slowly. Should I expect the problems in this area of my life?

Thank you!

Well, that first painting was like looking at my own torso’s reflection in the mirror!
I have Pisces and Aries factors all over the place. Specifically, is there anything that may affect my body issues. ?
I am not going to even ask about complex relationships…that seems to be my fate.
Thank you Jessica. I do love the way you integrate works of art into your articles.
By the way I live in a country known as the island of Venus :-)

Hi Jessica!

As always, a great article! I have a huge stellium in Pisces and just one planet in Aries. I have been through some difficult times in relationships for a very long period. This has really affected my self esteem in the dating area. I have a hard time putting myself out there – almost as if I malfunction as soon as someone shows any interest!

Does my chart show movement in the dating arena and maybe even an improvement in how I approach it during this retrograde?

Thank you for your insight.

Love and light,

Jessica, I thought I would really feel the solar eclipse along with Venus rx and the upcoming full moon. Nothing much happening for this piaces girl. What’s really going on with me.

Hi Jessica,

I have Aries factors at sun and moon at those degrees. Is my image/face going to be affected? I’m surrounded by mostly men at work but I do live in a house with all females but there hasn’t been any drama there. In fact, that has been going well. On the other hand, work and office politics has been intense where I do feel the stuck-ness.

Dear Jessica,
My IC is at 28 Pisces. My birth chart is exact. What do you think I can expect? In which area of my life? Thank you for your answer in advance.

Hi Jess, I do have a strong aries / pisces chart so there will be no doubt in my mind that this Venus retrograde will stir up lots of house 1 & 12 issues for me. However, what I wanted to know is with Jupiter in Libra for a greater part of this year, will this be as good as time as any to meet someone new? Tx :)

Hello again, Jessica, Thank you for being patient with me – I am logged in now, as I thought I was before, when I wrote to you on the 4th. I am the English Libran, born in the Paraguayan jungle, on 28th September,1953, on a Spring ‘early’ Evening. Also, I am a snake in the asianscope which I have just been reading, and which is so enlightening and delightful to read. I have also just glanced at my next week’s guide from you which is extremely pertinent. I have been experiencing increasing health issues over the last 25 years, and… Read more »
Morning Jessica, This is a not related specifically to the above article but about this week’s horoscopes and just wanted to get it in somewhere. I know it is only Monday morning and the week is just unfolding but wow,wow & triple wow. In the cast of my life, you have absolutely nailed all the current & ongoing themes for the different players. Loving the crystal clarity and appreciate all the information and your unique interpretations which we can use as guidelines, reference points and support systems as we then grow, learn, navigate and support ourselves and others. Bless you… Read more »
Dear Jessica, I hope this finds you well in the UK. My comment is rather a question about the whole Pisces shooting match at the moment particularly with regard to persona. As an actor/writer/director and teacher i wear lots of hats and while that may confuse a lot of people it absolves me from the tedium of doing just one thing. However, financially and in the fame stakes i just puddle around in a very restricted fish bowl. Could you kindly give me some sense of action i need to consider/ implement to enable me to become more mainstream –… Read more »
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