Happy Tibetan New Year – Here’s your 2017 Asianscope

Happy Losar – Tibetan New Year!

People often talk about Chinese Astrology and Chinese Zodiac Signs, but the idea of one sign/one birth year stretches right across Asia.

In Vietnam, the Ox becomes the Water Buffalo and the Rabbit becomes the Cat. In Japan, the Pig becomes the Boar. In Tibet, the Rooster becomes the Bird.

When I began researching Oriental astrology I quickly realized that the twelve famous sign cycles of the Dragon, Sheep, Pig and so on – all had matching cycles in the West. Not only does Jupiter take 12 years to return to a sign, from New Moon to New Moon it takes 29.5 days. So, we have about 12 New Moons a year.  Chinese New Year falls on a New Moon. Tibetan New Year falls on a New Moon.

Lunar New Year or Asian New Year has a ‘twelve’ pattern and in the West we also use a ‘twelve’ pattern. The two systems agree with each other.

To celebrate Losar, premium members can download an exclusive 2017 Asianscope, which covers all the 12 Asian horoscope signs for the next 12 months.

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Hi Jessica,

I can’t download the file, please check.


My question is unrelated to this topic but I am desperate. Sorry…. My date of birth is 3rd Oct 1986. I am having extremely tough time writing for my website, which generates my main source of income. I understand that Saturn is going through my third zone which is the communication. My question is, when can I expect to see any relief? I *think* I read in one horoscope (can’t remember which) that April 2017 will shine some light. I am not sure. I am a HUGE fan of you, Jessica. I follow your website almost obsessively. As soon as… Read more »
Thank you for the Asianscopes e-book Jessica and for the 2018-20 predictions. I am a Rabbit and have Scorpio as a Rising Sign. I can so see myself in the Asianscope description you have written. I found my ideal occupation in mid-life as a grantmaker to charities and when this was taken away from me in the 2008 financial crash and then again in 2012, I took a big drop in salary and became a trusts and foundations fundraiser for charities. I saw this was what the market needed and adapted my skills. I now have much less money but… Read more »

site won’t allow me to download my asianscope even thou I am a premium member please help :(

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