Saturn in Your Chart – Five Rules to Try

If you have your natal chart (personal horoscope or birth chart) to hand as a Premium Member, have a quick look at Saturn. Does this famous planet make patterns with other factors? Is it at the same number (degree) as anything else, or even just one degree away? Saturn may have a bigger impact on you than other people. Here are five rules for managing this chart factor...

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This is fascinating and absolutely spot on for me. I was sexually abused for a long time by a trusted family member. The thing is I carried the resentment (although I have mostly healed and forgiven, just so much easier to forgive!) towards my mother, as she suspected all along but ignored it largely out of, you guessed it, fear. So I can totally relate and our ‘delicately emotional’ relationship has really, along with money, quite been the untold story of my life. I am curious enough to ask you though……… I have Saturn in Cancer at 14 degrees, I… Read more »

Oh thank you so much! Absolutely I need to find what life ‘system’ to work with, because right now I don’t have any direction in life. So thanks for highlighting this, and the fact that there is light at the of a tremendously dark and winding tunnel. You are spot on about the time period, I had just hit 10 years old. I have worked through everything by myself, no therapists involved, although I would love to have someone to talk to. Thank you for being my little guiding light. xx

Hi Jessica,

I have Saturn in Pisces at 8 R. What does it mean? 8 is not a hot spot in my chart at all.


Hi Jessica, I have Saturn in Aquarius, and I have always struggled to find a group of friends I feel at home with, do you see any relief. thanks K

Hi Jessica, Thank you for the article. I consider my Saturn conjunct Venus at 25 degrees Aries square moon the aspect that has defined my life the most. Since my divorce 12 years ago I have either been single or in a terrible relationship. I would like a partner, yet haven’t been in love for 7 years. I’ve heard this is all par for the course with Venus conjunction Saturn… but I have so many chart factors at 25 and 24 degrees, is there a greater lesson here? I’ve done a lot of work to try and shift the pattern,… Read more »

Jessica, I’ve been having a horrible time these past 2 years. Multiple moves, job changes, upheaval, illnesses, deaths, and of course as a result, depression. I know things are supposed to get better by this winter. I know you said to look at Jupiter for luck with Saturn but I have both planets in Virgo! I have been and am under tremendous stress and feel like I just can’t catch a break. I am going for therapy, do regular meditation and try to do productive things. Please advice!

Hi Jessica,

I’m gemini (19/06/1976 10H40 am) with Saturn in Leo. What does it means ?
Thanks for your answer,

HI Jessica, thank you for your article. With Saturn moving into Capricorn and given that I have a huge stellum in Capricorn I feel that this is going to have a major impact in my life. So much doom and gloom surrounds Saturn and having experienced many difficulties in my life, I am trying to be more aware. I was born with both Saturn and the Moon at 0 Aquarius and Uranus at 0 Virgo. Which I imagine would be important. You indicated that we should use our Jupiter to our benefit and for me Jupiter is also in Aquarius… Read more »

Hello Jessica,

Thank you for writing about this challenging planet!

I have Saturn in Libra at 15 degrees.
I also have Psyche, Salacia and Fortuna at 15 degrees.

Could you help me figure out how this impacts me?

I’m currently experiencing a very strange situation at work with a man who I feel is embodying Vulcano transiting my 7th house.

There’s an unspoken but visceral tension there that makes me very nervous ( even just acknowledging this here has my solar plexus fluttering)

Very grateful for any light you can shed.

Kind regards,

Hi Jessica I have Saturn in Aries and thisc transit has been a tough one , both my parents were ill at seperate times , the realities of lifecand death came knocking on my door , my cousin passed away from pancreatic cancer , I’ have had to learn to learn to not worry so much about all the what ifs especially when it comes to my kids and the desicions they make but it hasn’t been easy nor do I expect it to be , I’m hoping that once Saturn leaves Sagittarius things will become lighter , I thought… Read more »

Hi jessica as always would love to understand my own chart better. I have had secrets Saturn in pisces 12th house from childhood both abuse and psychic experiences…..these have helped me help others although I still am wary of sharing this.
My question is Pluto and venus/mars and saturn…….would love to hear your insights….relationships have never been easy for me guessing its that hidden side of me!
many thanks x

This is an interesting read–thank you. I find it noteworthy that my adoptive mother, my 16 year old son and I all share Saturn in Taurus. She is a Scorp sun and he is a Cap sun. They both are savers (I can’t save two nickels) and steadfastly hope to become rich and I am sandwiched in between as a Sag sun, hoping for spiritual wealth, instead. Could this Saturn connection mean that our financial fates are intertwined? Also, my Saturn is at 2 Taurus and I have Chiron in Aries at 2. The other close signs are Diana at… Read more »

Dear Jessica,

As always Thanks for a very informative article.
I have Saturn 02° Leo 07′ 58″ What can I expect over the next year or so?

Thx, NP

Hi Jessica, in my chart I have Saturn oppose moon, Saturn sextiles Uranus, Saturn trine chiron, Saturn square Neptune and Saturn semisextile Venus. Did I read somewhere that sextiles are positive, that it is something you already worker out in a past life? I definitely feel that I have had a lot of learning to do my whole life, with emphasis on the last few years haha. Thank you for another great article, I always love your writing!

Hi Jessica your articles are phenomenally interesting! I have Saturn in Gemini and wonder what this means for me ? Best SG

Hi Jessica,
Could you explain me how does it play out my Saturn in Virgo at 7º, making an aspect to Vesta in Aries 7º? And does it makes any aspect to Panacea at 6º in Sagittarius, one degree away?

Hi Jessica, my head is in a spin with all of your information!!! What do I need to be aware of specifically? I have just finished a contract teaching at a primary school for students on the autism spectrum and don’t want to go back because it involves so much work. I want to move forward to a new career, but do not know which one. I am also taking up a role as President for my Lions International Club in July and co ordinating a community festival in November. I have always been a glass full, kind of person… Read more »

Hi Jessica,

I have Saturn at 6 Taurus along with my Desc at 6 Taurus…how does this affect me?


Thanks for another insightful article, Jessica!
I tried checking my Saturn return on Astrodienst, needless to say couldn’t understand how to.
My Saturn is in Pisces, and Jupiter in Gemini. Does this mean I need to communicate about something related to Pisces topics? I have Venus and Neptune making angles to Saturn. And my ascendant is in Capricorn, ruled by Saturn. How does it all work out for me? Would be great if you would explain in for me. Thanks!


I have both Jupiter and Saturn in Libra. so if Saturn teaches life lessons and Jupiter is the gift giver, what do I make of these planets both in my marriage and relationship House.

Thank you for your insight.

Hi Jessica, Waving from New Jersey. You write; Look at what you do, to make yourself feel better about outcomes you quite rightly fear. Do you have Saturn in Capricorn in the Tenth House? Then you may be so scared of ‘not making it’ and so paranoid about ‘not living in the right area’ or ‘not being successful’ that you end up desperately taking jobs where you are exploited, to the point where you have work-related injuries. Then you really do have to lower the bar with real estate, status and the rest. This is an extreme example but I… Read more »
Hi Jessica, I just love this article. Although Saturn is my least favorite, I have great respect for him. My Saturn is in Taurus and understanding what you have written, this is revisit, review and reassess my income streams. I can so relate, I was made redundant (not my fault), and soon after my boss hired another person to continue my research! That was devastating, I was depressed, anxious and fearful of what the days would bring. I found you, thank you :-) I enrolled to retrain, found a job, earned minimum but it gave me focus, something to do… Read more »

I also have Saturn in Taurus as well as Mercury and the Sun but it is the trine to Diana in Cap that has me curious. I love reading your spin on the asteroids/other chart factors!! Can you please tell me more about these placement?! Thank you so much!!

Dear Jessica, I love reading your blogs so much. Thank you! Two questions: 1. I have Saturn (28° Leo 22′ 24″) in Leo — What do you think I should know regarding this astrological aspect. I would like marriage and children someday soon but I am already 38 years old. Does having Saturn in this area create obstacles for me and if so how best can I overcome this? 2. Have you ever done or will you ever do a blog on Victoria and David Beckham’s relationship astrology and predictions of outcomes as one of the most public couples and… Read more »

Hi Jessica, to say I am having a horrible few years is putting it lightly. Can you please tell me if it is due to Saturn and it’s position in my chart? It seems everything is going wrong from relationships to work and everything in between. Will it get better? Soon? Or should I expect more grief ? Please advise on what to expect and if it will be something I will have to face again with Saturn. Thank you.

Hi Jessica, I have Saturn in Leo which squares my Uranus in Scorpio. That is the only aspect I could find between Saturn in my natal chart and other planets. How does this affect me? I have low energy all my life. This has kept me from doing a lot in my life. I have also suffered from low grade general anxiety and the related depression. I remember reading another article of yours where you said that people with an afflicted Saturn feel tired in general. I was wondering if this lack of energy and quick fatigue I have experienced… Read more »

Hi Jessica,

Thank you for this interesting article! I have Saturn in pieces, along with moon and Chiron In second house. I also have Uranus in opposition to Saturn. I always feel lots of pressure from Saturn. It seems that in every house it moves, it hits me hard. My fear is next year when it hits my sun in Capricorn. Do you have any advice for me? Thank you so much for your input!

Hi Jessica – My saturn is at 23 virgo opposing my sun at 29 pisces. Jupiter is also in virgo at 2 degrees. After reading your article I was trying to think of how saturn impacted my childhood and I can’t pinpoint any one specific thing – would jupiter sharing the same sign blunt the effect in some way? Right now I’m in the midst of my nodal return (28 Leo) and have been having tough time since the 2016 US election – both strain to some close personal relationships and dismay bc I worry about the future for my… Read more »
Thanks Jessica for all your insights on Saturn and his family tree, I do wonder if Saturn placements have an element of resolving inherited paternal failings/challenges? Although I read about Saturn placement and aspects, I never seem to be able to apply or get past them. Have been acutely aware of image and how I want to present to the world vs how I do (the gap is wide) yet although I understand this I can’t seem to make changes. Body/health issues and difficulty managing weight (lifelong unresolved hormonal issues) are a big part of this. This all impacts my… Read more »
Hello Jessica, Like Miss M , I too was molested by a close family member and also have Saturn in the 4th house. I only recently reconciled with my mother who also may have been aware of the abuse. We did not speak for most of my adult life and I am in my 50’s! I have had years of therapy and feel I am a balanced whole person, plus the fact I have a degree in psychology was very cathartic. May I ask, what you see with my particular Saturn Line-up? I came from a very dysfunctional home and… Read more »
Hi Jessica, thanks a lot for this amazing article. I have Saturn at 17° in libra but i also have vesta and ceres at same degree. I’m always attracting males Libra or scorpio to my life. Amazing passion and sometimes deep love but it always ended up suddenly with a disaster or a lot of drama and negativity. Does having libra in saturn affect relationships or marriage? cause I’m always struggling and never being able to commit, either something bad happen or I feel I’m with the wrong person so I don’t know anymore if it’s them or me :)… Read more »
My first saturn return I think coincided with the leo/aq nodes? As per advice I’ve thought back to remember 1995 – 2008. A number of significant events occurred, namely motherhood in 98, learning to swim and drive whilst also having post natal depression. He is 19 now and hopefully about to embark on a wonderful journey my quirky Aquarian! I strongly identify with the Leo aspects, I thought the nodes would bring positive change….but my love intetest who thrives on complicated relationships is sticking to the same old script.. as warned! Do I have to wait til Dec 17 for… Read more »
Hi Jessica! Thanks for this article. I quite like the notion that we end up in the reality we make for ourselves. I am watching my chart trying to follow your method (new to me) and I’m not sure if my Saturn in Scorpio at 12° actually opposes Ascendant in 14° Taurus or not. Generally it is considered a yes (eeek!!), but I was reading on the other comments that even 2° is too wide? Also, it seems like it is inconjunct Diana in 12 °Aries (did I make the math right?? Beginner alert..). I was wondering if this might… Read more »

Okay, You have with this article. My Cancer is only (** eek) in MC and South Node.
Can you please enlighten me as I am preparing slowly making shifts and dip a toe into the crypto- money revolution space. Just wish I’d jumped on this pony when you first mentioned it and not today. x Hindsight is a bi$ch, even with an astrologer wisdom like yours on side.

Hello Jessica :)
Thank you for this great discussion about Saturn. As you would know, I’ve got Saturn transiting Sagg at the moment! Big life lessons and learning curve …
I see from my chart that I’ve got Saturn in Pisces at 22 degrees. I’ve also got a number of factors at 22 degrees in other signs, most particularly Neptune at 22 Scorpio. What do these placements suggest to you? Your sagacious thoughts will be, as usual, gratefully received xxx Thanks so much.

Dear Jessica, My Saturn is in 6deg Libra and Jupiter in 5deg Libra. It’s all about relationships for me, in fact I define myself that way. Even if I feel I want to be alone, someone just barges into my life unexpectedly. I have transformed from a stubborn, jealous, possessive , angry and manipulative person to a calm, cool, accepting, and selfless one through my lessons learned through relationships. My kids gives me the most happy moments, they treat me like a queen. With my parents, my siblings, and my spouse, I always have issues. But I always forgive them… Read more »

Hi Jessica,

Can you please give me some insight on what’s going on with my Saturn right now?

Thank you!


Hello Hello Hello!

You have quite the conversations going – you have hit a great topic here!
Thanks for your blogs. They are so easy to read.
Now, I am a little confused about my Saturn though. . . . .
My whole life has been hard bloody slog! Is this Saturn at work or something else?
I would love you insights into this topic.
Have an awesome day
Ms Piggy

I have Sturn
18° Cancer 53′ 53″ R

What does this placement means for me…

Thank you for everything and awesome feedback…

Thank you this is so interesting. I have Saturn in Taurus and have ALWAYS struggled with money-I can make it but not keep or manage it, it’s a lifelong battle! Plus I am always fearful of not having any security. Does my chart indicate I can ever crack it?!

Hi Jessica
I have Saturn in Sagittarius 9 degrees and have noticed I also have all 9 degrees in the following; Salacia in Capricorn, Asc in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Libra and Desc in Gemini!
Can you please help me clarify how these 9 degree placements affect me? Thank you for your incredible insights! I’m still learning!

Thanks for yet another fascinating article, Jessica.
I have Saturn in Aquarius 7 right next to my South node at 8 and in a very busy part of my chart. I have lots of friend groups and dont really belong in just one. Diana is close by as well, and I do love dogs (sometimes more than people!) So I guess my question is about how Saturn would impact upon me with my nodes so close by?
I am going back to read the article again. It certainly deserves a second read!!
Best wishes

Hi Jessica, just thought to join the Saturn conversation with my case! My Saturn is in Libra and between 2010/11 – 2012 (my “saturn return”) everything started going wrong at the same time, and almost all of it was the fallout of my own choices. Then 2012 – 2014 Saturn entered Scorpio, opposite my Sun and it – no exaggeration!! – was rock bottom for me. Homeland, money, career, relationships, I had to start everything over from scratch and develop literally an armour of steel to withstand it all! Now that Saturn is in Sagittarius and I have a stellium… Read more »
Hi Jess, I am certain you have tons of comment awaiting reply. Trying my luck nonetheless! I have been reading on Saturn in Capricorn as I have my Saturn return soon – it mentions difficulty with father figures. My relationship with my father – although now I have broken all ties with him, he is still married to my mum – was awful at all times. To begin with he was absent, and when was around – terribly controlling, negative, hostile and just an awful human being. I suffered mental, psychological and physical abuse which has affected me on a… Read more »

Hi jessica, i have saturn in pisces 29° trine Psyche in cancer 29°, how would you describe that? Many thanks Kerry-lee

Dear Jessica, I see that my Saturn is on 13 degrees of Virgo, accompanied by North node at 8 degrees in Virgo and ascendant at 8 degrees Virgo as well. Things are progressing soooo slow and despite of all positive aspects, it just feels like the grip of Saturn in never to be escaped or managed. Is there any chance being out of the shadow and moving to more successful/ prosperous times? Thank you very much !!!

I tried renewing my subscription on its expiry after one year but the site does not let me. It says you have already purchased this product. Is access to your site a once in a lifetime offer? :)

Reposting this as I think you may have missed my request.
Hi Jessica, Such a great article! This is very intriguing to me as I feel Saturn quite a bit for some reason in various angles of my challenges.
I have Saturn at 5 Aries, Juno 05° Leo, Fortuna 04° Aries, NorthNode 06° Taurus,
SouthNode 06° Scorpio and Ops in 12 Cancer. What are the additional implications of this Saturn influence (main focus on image, appearance, packaging, profile, reputation, title, wardrobe, etc.) due to the Aries factor.
Thank you so much.

Dear Jessica,

thank you for very interesting article.
As for me, I would like to ask you , in which way I can use the rule number three – with Jupiter and Ops. I have Saturn 0 deg Leo, Jupiter 22deg Aries and Ops 4 deg Sagitarius. If Saturn makes me hard time, in which way I can use Jupiter and Ops?
And is there any influence between Saturn in 0deg Leo and Uranus 0deg Scorpio in my birth chart.

Thank you very much!

Hi Jessica, very insightful article on this seemingly “difficult” planet! I have Saturn at 7 degrees Virgo in my 4th house. Curious to hear how this manifests itself in my life, you mention this can lead to major family issues & ive always had difficulties with my family, especially my father. What about the Virgo aspects? My Jupiter is in Leo & I’m currently writing a children’s book so curious to see if this book will be the salvation to the Virgo/4th house Saturn influences (esp since my family are unsupportive of my literary dreams)? Any insight would be much… Read more »
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