Cancer Birthday Horoscope 2017 to 2018

What do you do when you find your world has turned upside-down? Or, if the world is the right way up, but you are upside-down? Cancer, this is not just about your position and mission. It is also about your family tree, your roots and where you come from - who and what grounds you. The potential is vast by July 2018 but there's a little work to do.

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Hi Jessica

Thank you for taking the time to write this , it all sounds very exciting and something to look forward to

Hi Jessica,

Wow this resonates with me so much – I am excited for the year ahead.
Are you able to divulge how the next year works with my chart? I have a Cancer and Sagittarius stellium amongst others.

Thanks in advance.

Dear Jessica, you are spot on about Uranus and about the 10th house, not only career wise but really like life-goals-wise. Since 2010 I have changed jobs, I ended a 6 y relationship last June because he cheated, I fell in love in October with a foreigner and due to circumstances out of our control, I am now again at the starting position because he has to attend a duty first. And now he is in his country. I got a promotion at the beggining of 2017 and I love what I do. And now I am considering buying a… Read more »

Hello Jessica,

I look forward to all your articles, but this is the one I look forward to all year.
Thank you for writing it.

Could you please tell me what you see for me this year?

Kind regards

This really strikes a chord with me. I am absolutely comfortable being in a job that does not make me happy or satisfied, yet pays the bills. Complacent is the word. Moreover, I have been contemplating moving closer to my parents and siblings for while now, but transition seems quite daunting, given, it would uproot my husband too. If you could please take a peek at my chart and let me know if there are any job or home related changes coming up in the next few months?

Dear Jessica, All I have to say is WOW! This is spot on! I have been going through a rough couple of years at work caused by things that are totally out of my control. I have been trying to deal with it because I want security combined with fear of the unknown but now I see clearly that if I want stability, I need to leave because my workplace has turned into the epitome of unstable! I am trying to find a new job but my work is specialized and I really don’t want to have to move because… Read more »
Hi Jessica Thank you so much – I actually feel much better knowing that this is a cycle ! Brings perspective on some situations understanding now the influencing energies of Uranus in Aries, Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Sagittarius and the way you have explained them. I have been turned 180 degrees and upside down a few times since 2010 but have also been deeply, if at times painfully, woken up & transformed. On the whole, a slow revolution with sharp shocks thrown in. I’ve had real estate ups and downs, a house move and a very slow renovation… Read more »

Dear Jessica ,
Thank you for taking time in writing this in depth articles , will appreciate it if you could please have a look at my charts and see how the year may unfold for me , work wise and home , things have been a bit up and down and my ex stopped paying school fees , will I manage things ,will things get better for us , me and my child 25.3 .2005 , many thanks for your time and insights

Dear Jessica

Oh my Golly Gosh how I waited for this! Thank you!!

Please can you tell me what there may be for me this year ahead? I have stelliums in Cancer, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Virgo and Aries.

Thanks and Blessings

Hi Jessica, Thank you for the generous birthday post. I certainly had a few AHA! Moments through reading your words. June 22 is my birthday and I spent most of the day in a sort of trance (while eating the most divine chocolate brownie), and found a sense of feeling liberated within my attitude towards life. Points that resonated for me while reading: – feeling the tension of holding onto a job that will eventually end (contract position), while it satisfies my desire for community and creativity, I know it’s my time to go but having a difficult time figuring… Read more »

Hi Jessica,

The paragraph on Uranus reflects my professional life for the past few years. Up and down and lots of changes. I wonder how my love life will look in 2018. Any insights or a bright light on the horizon? Are there any other changes I should be looking for?

Hello from Michigan! This horoscope seems to apply to me although my birth chart says something a little different. Could you tell me if the Cancer horoscope applies to me better then Leo? I’m not sure what to make of the Libra stellium either.
Thank You!!

Thank you so very much for your reply and your thoughts Jessica. I just wanted to leave some quick feedback to validate how accurate you are. You referenced my natal Virgo placements – I am a great believer in natural healing and began a degree in natural medicine 19 1/2 years ago which I loved. Some years before I started that course ( and part of the impetus for deciding on that path ) was discovering a book on Bach Flower Remedies ( ! ) and implementing them into my own wellbeing. My gosh, how specific your insights are, you… Read more »

Hi Jessica,

This definitely speaks to my professional life. I feel I’ve come to a crossroad. Do I want to continue down my current path or prepare for something completely different within the next few years? I feel I’m at a decision point with my personal life as well. A relationship that is stagnant due to circumstances that are unlikely to ever change weighs heavy on my mind.

Any additional thoughts you have on those two points would be most appreciated.

Thank you

Jessica Thank you for the insightful guide to the next year for us Cancerians, I have been delving into spirituality to connect with my soul for well into 2 years now, following on from a nervous breakdown and walking out of a demanding job into an office job. Where I was mostly on my own and able to read, watch videos and listen to talks by inspirational people which resulted enlightenment and my first book coming together. This job ended in December and i have no desire to go back into the 9 to 5. All I wish to do… Read more »

Hi Jessica

Thanks for another in depth year ahead! Just wondering if this year the niggly and annoying health issues will go away or is this still part of getting over the cycle from 2010. The younger generation in my life are becoming more independent and I’m wondering what’s ahead for me.


Thanks for the roadmap. I was happy to see it’s a good time for the remodel of our guest cottage. I am in the US and I worry about our new government and the future for my family. Anything you can share from my chart for the coming year? Opportunities or pitfalls to avoid? Thank you!

Hi Jessica, thank you for sharing your gifts with the world! It is indeed so accurate every single time. Can you please look at my chart and tell me what I can expect the next 12 months. I am getting married this August and a lot of change is what I foresee in every direction. Also professionally I don’t like what I do but then I make good money hence I can’t quit.

Hi Jessica, My question being reposted 4th time I had a breakup in 2012 and i am still clinging on to the memories of it. She ditched me and I can’t take the memories out of my mind. Someone came into my life in 2016 who is a great support for me in every way and I feel good being in her company. This is a work relationship as well. We don’t get to see each other much personally due to her family commitments. We do have a very intimate relationship but due to the hurt feelings from my previous… Read more »
Hi Jessica, I count myself among your US fan club and most ardent admirers. Self-employment (creative fields) and loner tendencies have pushed me off the grid, for good or ill, and yet your forecasts frequently touch the wire of what’s happening in my own life. What you’ve revealed about this birthday circle left me filled with both wonder and worry. I find myself nearing the end a process with a project of enormous importance to me. I’ve told myself that my next phase would be to firmly reconnect to the grid — a job or joblike commitment — and, now… Read more »
Hi Jessica, this sounds like an exciting year. And what an interesting read! Thank you. What you said about feeling suspended resonates with me. I have moved from NZ to US in April. Wonder if that could be counted as upside down. Lot of inner work going on for a long time now, life has been a huge learning curve for last 7-8 years. Feeling exhausted from dealing with all the challenges life has been throwing my way, in personal and professional life. I do feel lost as to what next, to rebuild a career, feel like I need direction… Read more »
Hello Jessica and thanks for such an interesting article. I’ve just joined as a Premium Member and so glad I did. My chart has several placings in Cancer and I have experienced implosions in my life over the past six years or so. It has been very hard, especially during the Pluto/Moon squares since 2015 and Uranus/Moon conjunction in 2016. I hit the ground, and not running, when the two aspects occurred at the same time. Optimism has been gradually withering about the possibility of forming a good relationship with a decent bloke, I am attracted to charming, flirty manipulators… Read more »

Hi Jessica,

Not sure if my comment was lost in the sauce…but here goes try number two!

Hi Jessica,

Always love reading your thoughts, birthday year especially.

Could you please tell me what you see for me this birthday year?

It’s been a very trying time most recently in love (triangle) and with finances. I’d appreciate your thoughts on those topics and all others which need special consideration, handling and awareness!

Thanks so much!

Hi Jessica,

Very intruiging and much rings true for me over the last 5 or so years. Is there anything in my chart you see that stands out?


Hello Jessica, It’s always exciting to read your articles at birthday time. I have a Cancer stellium and several other stelliums. I am not used to a quiet life that seems to be gaining traction. Partly to address this I am trying to get my young children’s book published although I appreciate this process can often take years. If this doesn’t work out then I need to find another creative outlet. I sometimes feel in a state of flux and certainly feel that I am in a ‘waiting game’. Another focus is family support but this can be difficult with… Read more »

Hi Jessica,

Thanks for the above, it’s very interesting. Maybe it was just because I have so many planets in Libra but I found it easier to figure out where I was going with last year’s horoscope (or maybe it’s just baby brain!). I’d be grateful for any insight into this year’s.


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