What Aesculapia means in your Horoscope

Aesculapia is a symbol of resurrection, revival and a miraculous comeback in your horoscope. By sign and house, the position of this asteroid shows you where you can be like the Phantom – The Ghost Who Walks. Just when you think someone/something is over, it comes back from the brink. I used this asteroid to predict the outcome of the 2017 UK Election. By the way, thanks for all your messages about that.

Predicting the Future With Aesculapia

Whenever this powerful asteroid makes exact aspects (patterns) in your chart, you just know there’s going to be a Phantom return. This is exactly what happened on the day that Prime Minister Theresa May called her election. And so, to the prediction, which was based on Aesculapia.

This is what you read.

“To predict the future for groups (political parties) you always use Aquarius, which rules the Eleventh House (communities). Using the Natural House system here, we can see Diana at 6 Aquarius, Panacea at 22 Aquarius, the South Node at 26 Aquarius and Aesculapius at 27 Aquarius. That last one interests me. Why? Aesculapius is a symbol of resurrection. It describes people coming back from the brink – just when you thought someone’s political career was over, it isn’t! There is a real feeling of ‘Ghost Who Walks’ on June 8th and it’s rather like The Phantom. If you are curious about Aesculapius, you can look him up in your ebooks if you are a Premium Member. He’s a powerful asteroid and a relative of Jupiter in our astrological family tree. If you had the plague/were plagued, then you went to this god, in Ancient Rome, for a miraculous cure.”

Predicting a Dead Woman Walking in the 2017 Election

So who was the Ghost Who Walks? Prime Minister Theresa May. When you use asteroids in astrology, you can make predictions that almost repeat the newspaper headlines.


Understanding How to Work With Asteroids

The asteroids like Aesculapia (also known as Aesculapius/Asklepios) can be found at a glance if you are a Premium Member and have your personal birth chart from me. He is in Jupiter’s family tree. All modern astrology is based on these Roman family trees, which began with Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn – and later added Uranus (father of Saturn) in 1781, then Neptune (Jupiter’s brother, in 1846) and Pluto (another of Jupiter’s brothers, in 1930).

The best way to understand how Aesculapia works in your chart is to look back at your own past to find out how you have experienced revivals, comebacks, returns and the rest. If you have Aesculapia in Leo in the Fifth House, for example, you may have paid or unpaid work which brings children back from the point of no return – perhaps in medicine or even in children’s charities. (Leo rules children and young people). At the same time, Leo and the Fifth House are associated with lovers, so perhaps you are the kind of person who can resurrect a dead love affair, not just once, but many times.

Aesculapia and Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale was born with Aesculapia at 27 Sagittarius exactly aspecting Ops, another asteroid (Jupiter’s mother) at 27 Taurus. Florence Nightingale became famous nursing dying soldiers back to life as they lay in their hospital beds, far from home in England, during  the Crimean War. Sagittarius, of course, rules foreign places and people.

This asteroid was found in 1923 and the other connection with nursing/medicine/healing/surgery/the life force comes from the simple fact that in 1923, insulin was discovered. As you can see below, the twisting spiral of DNA resembles the twisting snake on the famous Rod of Aesculapia. You will see the god holding this snake, or staff, with a serpent wrapped around it in most museums. Today, the symbol can be seen on the side of New York ambulances.

Discovering Aesculapia in the British Museum

I am often asked when I will be teaching astrology – particularly Sun Sign astrology – and the answer is, 2019. These lessons and events will be free to Premium Members. One of the very first field trips we will take will be to the British Museum, where you can begin discovering the meaning of asteroids like Aesculapia by looking at surviving sculpture and other artefacts from Ancient Rome. Rome was where our modern astrology was born, after a long period of trial and error, involving Mesopotamia and Greece. The Romans took Britain, and imported their gods and goddesses. These powerful archetypes found their way into British astrology, thus by 1930 when Tombaugh was discovering Pluto and Burney was naming him, London stargazers were identifying this planet with the Roman god who ruled Hades – Pluto the ruler of the Underworld. It all comes from those long-ago exported Italian gods.

Pluto and Aesculapia

Pluto is important in the story of Aesculapia by the way. Pluto wanted human souls in his realm of the dead. Aesculapia made it his business to save those souls, and haul them back before they ever had a chance to enter Hades. A battle ensued. Today in the British Museum you can see the god on the ground floor, a little worn by time, but still holding his famous rod and snake. It is not only a symbol of DNA but of the Chakra system in Indian healing. Those Romans knew a thing or two. Sometimes the snake or serpent symbol will turn up in your life when you are having a transit to  your natal (birth) Aesculapia – or he is crossing something crucial in your chart. I photographed this on a day when a friend had been diagnosed with breast cancer. She survived. Sometimes astrology and synchronicity can be powerful.

The Romans and the Plague

Plagued by the fear of a hung parliament, Prime Minister Theresa May came back from the brink, as we’ve seen. In fact, the Romans set up special temples (their version of hospitals) where people who were ill with the plague would sleep overnight, tended by priests, carrying snakes – hoping to see Aesculapia in their dreams with a cure or solution. Occasionally miraculous recovery would be reported, overnight. In the British Museum, you can see Roman offerings to the gods, shaped to mimic the painful body part. This is a gammy leg (left) and you can see a miniature version of Aesculapia, to the right. The British Museum also has a collection of other body part casts.


Healing, Health and Medicine in Astrology

Old 20th century astrology taught in the mainstream gave us Chiron as ‘wounded healer’ but the Romans didn’t particularly associate him with medicine or surgery – he was associated with herbal medicine, but he was also associated with music, and teaching. Found in 1977 he has been linked to the healing process for 40 years, by some astrologers, but others – notably the late Dennis Elwell – disagreed.

In actual fact the Romans would have thought horoscope-watchers were mad to give Chiron such a big role. And he wasn’t a wounded (past tense) healer at all. He was wounded, in the myth, but he didn’t spring to life and start galloping around rural Italy with his herbal potions. He crawled into a cave.

The Hippocratic Oath which has been such a part of medical history cites Aesculapia and every member of his family, instead. Men of medicine used to swear allegiance to Apollo, who is the father of Aesculapia – and then the god himself. Crucially, the oath also mentioned the two daughters of Aesculapia – Hygiea and Panacea. Of course all these asteroids are in your chart too and just understanding the family tree of healers and helpers, can give you new insights. You can see the famous Aesculapian snake in painting and sculpture showing his daughter Hygiea. She is often shown with a snake and a bowl. In fact, that symbol can be seen on Spanish pharmacy windows.

Chiron is not a Wounded Healer

Chiron, photographed below in Melbourne near our Celtic Club astrology gatherings, challenges our ideas about what is acceptable, or possible. He’s the centaur who gallops through the pages of mythology, testing everybody’s ideas about what a centaur could, or should be!

Chiron does occasionally turn up in medical matters. In the year they found him, 1977, scientists began developing a test-tube baby. As you can see from my picture, Chiron is all man – rather like any hipster you’ll meet in a Melbourne pub – until you get to his waist. However, he is far less a symbol of healing than Aesculapius and his family.

Chiron confronts us. Sometimes, that confrontation happens within a hospital or doctor’s surgery, but if you’re looking at the true family of healers remember the Hippocratic Oath is all about Aesculapius, his father, and his daughters. In fact – swearing a modified version of the Oath is still a ritual for medical graduates.

“I swear by Apollo the Healer, by Asclepius, by Hygieia, by Panacea, and by all the gods and goddesses, making them my witnesses, that I will carry out, according to my ability and judgment, this oath and this indenture.”

Panacea and Hygiea in Your Chart

Once you have gone to Lempriere (now free online) or other classical sources for your information on these ancient astrological symbols, look to your chart to decode their role. The best way to see how they all work in your personal birth chart is just to look at the zodiac sign and house. Apollo was a multi-tasker god who was a leader of men – and he had the ability to heal, just as he was also psychic and musical. Aesculapia, as we’ve seen, was the miracle-worker who could save you from the plague, or pull you back from the point of no return.

His daughter Hygiea, found in the year they made breakthroughs with cholera, is about ‘prevention not cure’ and we get the word hygiene from her. Her sister, Panacea, is about remedies, cures and solutions with an ethical or moral component. To give you a famous example, a sugar pill (a placebo) can be a panacea for some doctors, but is it correct to deceive a patient, if it also means he/she will be cured?

I hope you get more from your astrological chart by understanding how the family works in your horoscope. Of course, like all chart symbols, these asteroids work symbolically. Sometimes there are literal health issues, if the Sixth House and Virgo are involved, and sometimes Aries and the First House. In general, though, you’ll be looking at broad, general translations of what Aesculapia, Apollo, Hygiea and Panacea mean. (If you have Aesculapia in your Fourth House of property, for example, you may have a job as a builder, specialising in renovating dying buildings).


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Hi Jessica, Fascinating! In the past you’ve answered questions re sacred geometry and my Aesculapia 11 Virgo and Mercury 11 Capricorn – career revival. You’ve also commented on my Pluto at 3 Virgo and perhaps a healing modality as a new career push – funnily enough just recently mentioned by a very good Medium I had a sitting with. I’m not sure if this is for me though but we’ll see – if I get any more Pluto power kicking I may just completely give up the ghost! I was reminded of your previous Sacred Geometry blog and Q&As reading… Read more »

Hello Jessica,
another fascinating article!

I wonder why you keep referring to the names as Roman while they are actually greek – the writing on the “gammy leg” (as you call it in your article) is actually in greek language. This is a votive relief for the cure of a bad leg. The inscription says : Tyche [dedicated this] to Aesclepios and Hygieia as a thanking gift.

It was found in 1828 in a sanctuary in Milos, Aegean Sea, Greece.

Aesclepios was the Son of Apollo, first Doctor and father of Medicine.

Thank you

Hi Jessica I hope to join one of yourinteresting field trips in 2019 to the Museum discovering the asteroids. Thanks for taking the time to teach us more about Chiron who confronts us and Aesculapia who belongs to a family of healers. I have Chiron 5 degs Aesculapia 5 degs Aquarius in Eleventh House of family groups, friends, people power. How does these asteroids work out in my personal birth chart? My elderly mother Capricon Sun, Moon in 5 degs Aquarius , Neptune in 12 deg Leo h NN in Leo 14 degs as been verbally abused by her adult… Read more »

Hi Jessica, can you please explain how it affects me with Apollo at 6 degrees, as I have so many other planets also at 6 degrees also! thank you for your time xx

Hi Jessica, thanks for your article about Aesculpia. I have it at 19° Virgo, what does it mean ? Thanks a lot.

Wow! So many blogs lately. I love Aesculapia. I especially looked closely at it in the British museum. It squares my Saturn and Minerva (all wisdom and not easy answers, right?) and trine my Moon in Capricorn. Would love to know your insights on that.

HI Jessica,
I have Aesculapia in Pisces (12 house for me?) exactly conjoint with Mercury. Can you tell me how this shows up? Do they effect Hygiea and Panacea in my chart?
I am looking forward to the online classes!
Thank you!

Hi Jessica,

Fascinating, as always!

I have Aesculapia in 15 Virgo, and noticed Prosephina at 15 Aries.
Caring for the health or other people, and sharing health info daily, is a big part of my life. So is alternative medicine, and creating natural products.

I wonder what else this means, and how should I work with it.

Thanks a lot.

Dear Jessica, I always enjoy your art/ museum references and photographs. You deliver so much soul in your articles! I have Aesculapia in Pisces opposite Juno in Virgo does this perhaps explain why I was not the least bit interested in being married until I was in my thirties? Suddenly I was mad for the idea (-: I also suffered a terrible accident on my horse during a high level competition back in ”88. Looking at my chart, I notice Ceres was transiting conjunct my natal Aesculapia. I recovered, praise the Lord from quadriplegia within hours, but it ended my… Read more »

Hi Jessica, I am so glad the ghost that walks was Theresa May, although Jeremy Corbyn raised his game too, (you was right there was more than one come-back) Does astrology say she will hang on to power and see us through Brexit? There is a lot of despondency around right now. Keep up the good work!

Great article! I would definitely be interested in doing this course in 2019. My Aesculapia is at 24 degrees in Leo, along with Venus, Juno and others. What does this mean for me? Is it a fortunate placement to have? Many thanks in advance.

On Astrology and synchronicity: I found myself reading this post and seeing this photo while in the waiting room after having rushed my 86-year-old mom to the hospital. She too survived.:-) it does not escape me that Aesculapia is transiting both Hygeia and the moon in my chart, the south node having just passed over, approaching the IC. I had never looked at some of these asteroids before becoming acquainted with your work, it’s quite something. Blessings and thanks. x

Hi Jessica!

With Aessculapia 02° Cancer 52′ 21″ in my chart…is there anything you can share with me which stands out?

Thank you!

Hi Jessica – this is fascinating. I have not learned anything about Aesculapia until now. What can you tell me about how it affects my chart? It looks to be at 12 degrees Taurus. Thank you!

Hello Jessica, Another interesting read! I must admit that I have myself quite confused. I have been an ardent follower of yours and am trying to understand the “natural” house method you utilize. I had been following the astro.com site for many years and believe it is the Placidus chart they use, and it has my planets in very different houses than yours. Therefore, there is confusion on where my planets are placed and currently transiting that has me confused, to say the least! I am all over the place as to what is “really” going on in my life!… Read more »

Wow, Jessica you have blown me away, thanks for the great insight. I had been looking at my Saturn placement at Leo 29 and then read this which made me inquire about Aesculpia which was also at 29 Capricorn, my own sign. Is this the resurrection of career and lover?

Nobody has mentioned the Capricorn placement yet, l have some other asteroids at 5 degrees as well. Any effects for me?

Hi Jessica. Enjoyed the article and it got me thinking about which direction in life I need to go. I have Aesculapia 4 Taurus. I’m retired from work so I now look after sickly brothers, mom, uncle and others. Seems that is my mission in life now. Been feeling like its time to do something for myself. Shall I go back to school? I would love to take your astrology class and travel with you but my mom especially keeps me here. Can you tell what else Aesculapia will be bringing back into my life in the near future? Thanks… Read more »

Hi Jess,
I’ve got Aesculapia at 17 degrees Leo. Does this mean a man whom I haven’t been on speaking terms with for 7 years will come back into my life and we can be friends again? If so when? He is a Taurean.

Hi Jessica! Another great article thank you – I have Aesculapia in my 12th house but I don’t really know how to interpret that – does it mean the situations which come back from the brink occur via work done behind the scenes? Would appreciate your insights. x

Hello Jessica, and thanks for another great article – you seem to be ‘on fire’ right now.

I have Aesculapius at 4 Aquarius, Chiron at 5 Aquarius and Juno at 3 Scorpio. Can you please tell me what this might mean in my chart?

Many thanks.

Another interesting article, thank you!!! I found it enlightening where you contrasted Chiron and Aesculapius with their healing attributes as Chiron was always explained a bit differently in other circles. I have asked other astrologers in the past about the aspect between my NN Pisces and Chiron Aries at 8* but never got much of a reply. Couldnt help but wonder if you have some insight on it?? And as far as Aesculapius goes I have it at Leo 11* trining Ceres in Aries11*. So bringing back from the brink children, lovers etc by compromising?? Thanks again for another thought… Read more »

Hi Jessica, wonderful article! I have Aesculapia at 27 Aquarius and after having a quick squizz at the current planetary transits I see that this is exactly where Aesculpia is transiting. And yet I’ve noticed nothing resurrecting itself with regards to my friendship groups/community. Any insight as to how this will impact me would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Victoria

Dear Jessica,
I have been struggling with weightgain for the past 4 years. Can you please comment on this asteroid which is in aquarius in natal chart.
Thank you

Thank you Jessica. You are so correct. My mother is overweight and my grandmother was obese. I am very concerned about the weight I am carrying about my midsection and I certainly have major issues with lending / Spending the money from my hand. Would you be able to please do a reading for me. This weight is really worrying me. I do not eat fast food at all and cook all my food at home. Still go overboard with snacks and so the weight does not come off. Also I sometimes eat when no one is looking. Its all… Read more »
Dear Jessica, what an interessting article. I have Aesculapia in 23deg in Leo as you have little bit decribed in this article yet. When I look back in my own past I don ´t know if I had some very important experience with children . Except that I tried to have my own without success – but it is more about my saturn in Leo. I would like to ask you if Aesculapia in Leo in my birth chart have some connection / influence on my North node and South node which are in 23deg Taurus (SN) and 23deg Scorpio… Read more »

Hi Jessica,

Would really appreciate it if you could advise how I am affected with my Aesculapia being 15° Virgo.

Thank you kindly, much appreciated.

Best regards.

Dearest Jessica,
I was born with Aesculapia at 16° Capricorn conjoint with my DESC, and exactly aspecting Uranus at 16° Virgo. Can you please explain how it will affect my academic career/body/and daily workload?
I am learning from you every day, and really looking forward to join your online classes in 2019!

Hi Jessica,

I loved how spot on your election prediction was and those headlines are spooky! It’s so interesting that Jeremy corbyn had been written off and his revival was so huge, while Theresa may is indeed now a dead woman walking, I could not see this coming even three months ago. In my own chart I have Aesculapia in Capricorn in the fourth house I think, would this mean bringing back career or home situations from the brink? Thanks!

Hi Jessica, Thank you so much for your work. I am really excited by the thought of an online course. Your predictions are really playing out for me. This week I and a group of friends have been successful in a local community election and witnessed the toppling of the old guard. Under their control, the local council had been brought to its knees. This is linked with other voluntary work which I have been doing, fighting a major developer who seeks to destroy acres of beautiful countryside near my home (the final decision on this is January, 2018). We… Read more »

Hi Jessica,

I have Aesculapia 21° Scorpio 20′ 36″ Would you please explain its affect on a newby like myself?

Thank you,


Hello Jessica, I checked my husband’s chart and his Aesculapius @29’29” Pisces is conjunct Mercury @27’57”. He is a counsel, argues legal matters in court, and is known for winning cases everyone has given up on !! Isn’t it amazing! He has Saturn @29 Gemini tying into this. My Aesculapius @14 Taurus only seems to connect to Jupiter @13 Pisces, perhaps Mars @15 Cancer. I am not sure how it plays out in my life. If Taurus is considered the base of my value system, then yes, I have demolished and reinvented my core philosophies multiple times, after agonizing study… Read more »
hello, I have recently ‘discovered’ you and am thoroughly enjoying your posts. I have Aesculapia in Virgo in my 6th but it is square my Sun, Saturn and Uranus who are in a tight conjunction in my 2nd house in very early Gemini. I do have an inherited medical condition which is being treated and am in good health all things considered. However my sister passed from the same condition as hers was identified quite late in its progress. Mine was identified early as a result of a fluke really, albeit a negative one that resulted in finding and treating… Read more »

Hello Jessica, a very insightful article! I have Aesculapia at 27 Aquarius and after having a quick look at the current planetary transits I see that this is exactly where Aesculpia is transiting. Any insight as to how this will impact me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Sue

My son is a Leo born 20th August 1979 at 4.00 p.m south of London and I wonder if the eclipse affect him as I wish for him to settle down and would love grandchildren. Jenny

Dear Jessica, What a powerful article you have shared with us–thank you. I have Aesculapia at 19 degrees Pisces, conjunct my 17 degree Pisces sun in the 11th house. I also have Eros at 17 degrees Pisces. Your work continually inspires me to pay attention to the asteroids and I’m grateful. Work as a mental health counselor and finances related to this job have been extremely challenging since August/Sept. 2016. I also moved in March 2016, right after the March 8 eclipse (my birthday) and am closer to the ocean in Florida. If you have any insight about Aesculapia and/or… Read more »
Hi again: Yes, sorry – thought I had provided my birth deets. My Uranus, Saturn and Sun are in my 2nd house but just at the start of Gemini. I believe Uranus is at 0, Saturn at 2, and Sun at 4 degrees. The 3rd house starts at 8 degrees Gemini I believe. You will see I am not a young chick tho’ I am fortunate to be an example of Geminis aging well; people always think I’m 20 yrs younger than my age. Even my doctors are amazed. Having said that the square to the Sun by my Aesculapia… Read more »

Thank you so much, he has such a stressful job and I worry for him as mothers do!!

Hi Jessica
I see from reading the above questions that many of us don’t seem to understand how to read which house Aesculapia is in.
The birth chart you have produced for me does not show the houses. Is it possible to clarify if i am correct in reading that Aesculapia is at 28 Gemini in my 5th house with the system you use?
And if it is retrograde, does this change it’s effect on it’s interpretation?
Thank you

Aesclapia and the family tree is so interesting. Your perspective on Chiron too – who I am pleased to hear not described as a wounded healer – I much prefer the herbs and music association!

I’m not sure what to make of my Aesclapia placement and all the aspects to planets at 6º and 7º? I can’t think of any revivals of the mind (12th house), only a few near death experiences while Pluto was in Scorpio…Would love your thoughts if you have time.

Excellent article…I have Aesculapia in the 12 House in Piscisis…show this is affecting me?


What an interesting article Jessica and to be honest I’d never, ever heard of Aesculapia before. Another learning curve! Now I see that it’s exactly conjunct my natal Jupiter (25 Aquarius – 11th house) and close to my natal Venus (19), Cupido (26) and Descendant (27). It’s also trine Fortuna (25 Libra – 7), Moon (20 Gemini – 3) and sextile Chiron, Hygeia and Ceres (21, 20 and 18 Sagittarius – 9). Jupiter has always been important for me as it seemed to be a ‘way out’ of a 1 degree cardinal T-square (Mars, Mercury and Uranus). Now I see… Read more »

I have Panacea@ 22 aquarius is conjunct my jupiter. Sth node at 26 aquarius is conjunct my moon and so is Aesculapia . I wonder what this signifies besides health problems although I have just been told I have venous eczema which has been a surprise. Thought the rash was a combination of heat and sensitivity to elastic but ever the optimist there must be some good news somewhere.
Hope you can find the time to answer this question jessica thank you

OK, I think you’ll have my deets now! I know what I was doing wrong .

And admit I find your system confusing…. am going to do more research on it so things make better sense to me.

We’ll try one more time….


I have Aesculapia 9 degrees Sagittarius 25″ 52″ R, what does this mean to me.

Hi Jessica,

Please could you tell me what Aesculapia means for me please. I’m single without children and have not had a love life for years now!



Hi Jessica, I have this asteroid at 8 Cap. I’m feeling a bit at the brink but of what I’m not sure. Also, some owls have taken up residence near us and I hear them day and night. I’m feeling very drawn to them, protective, and wish I could protect them somehow. Not very realistic but it makes me wonder about Minerva and if she is at work in our lives right now. Thank you.

Hi Jessica, Thank you for such a great article. Somehow, your way with words makes me reflect a lot on the realities in my life. I have Aesculapia in Libra. I am basically a Sun in Scorpio with stelliums in Sag, Libra and Cap (in that order of increasing factors). I am beginning to see the benefits of Jupiter in Libra leading up to Jupiter in Scorpio this year which you have me all excited about !!! Any idea on how my Aesculapia in Libra ties into all this ? I have close Libra relatives and always attract indecisive Librans… Read more »

Hi Jessica,

Thank you for your wonderful horoscopes. I am going through a possible end to my marriage, is there any hope of returning from the brink or “point of no return. My monthly horoscope was all about love. I have:
23° Scorpio 46′ 01″
20° Cancer 15′ 54″
14° Virgo 48′ 11″
11° Libra 01′ 14”

Thank you!

Hi Jessica, thanks for another interesting article. My Aesculapia is at 15*Libra. How does this affect me?
Appreciate your insight!

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