Love and the Last Libra Weather

The last of the Libra 'weather' is coming and it has a profound impact on your relationship with lovers - past, present or potential. By December 9th 2017, Mars in Libra will end a cycle with fantastic potential, no matter if you need to settle your differences, start a relationship, or make a commitment to pregnancy or marriage. We're all affected!

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Hi Jessica, thank you for the article on love & the last Liberian weather. I’m learning so much from your work :)
With the Leo weather still in play, I’m wondering if you have any info on how having Cupido at 22″ in Leo will effect me or what events might transpire for me ? Kind regards Roshelle

Thank you Jessica for the article. The themes ringing very true as my partner (21/10) and I are intensely discussing mortgage, marriage and babies at the moment. And the follow on Scorpio weather makes me feel this situation is going to carry on for some time to come!

Is there any particular significance for me with Libra placements (Pluto, Minerva,Desc) and the North Node in Leo? Appreciate any insights or wisdom with many thanks x

Dear Jessica – I appreciate the time you put in to writing your articles. I have a libra stellium in 5/6 house and just had a major job opportunity come up which after hesitating in June, I decided to take in August. I am hoping I did the right thing. It feels right but somewhat risky leaving the security I currently have. Jupiter has been working hard for me. There is a person in my work life who helped me immensely. It feels like so much more than work this connection. This feeling has been there since November and got… Read more »
Fascinating article, Jessica! Thank you for pointing out that Jupiter creates healing so that new seeds can be sown from endings. What I notice in my chart is that I have a few Scorpio factors – Neptune being the big one, but also Psyche, Panacia, and path of fortune. I’m working on a creative project and also have celebrated a year with a new guy just recently. Also, as Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and I’ve had Pluto transiting my sun for the last few years, I have been transforming my identity and relationships. Does Jupiter in Scorpio affect that… Read more »
Jessica, I have had some pretty bad luck in the area of love/partnership and was wondering if you could look at my chart and give me some insight as to what might be going on. I don’t have much going on in Libra but quite a few Scorpio factors including a pluto/mars conjunction. I have just, in the past month came out of an on/off relationship that has completely drained me and I feel has completely changed my personality but I really do feel like somethings shifted and I am ready to let it go. Any insight would be very… Read more »

Hi Jessica, excited to see what the weather brings in for this Libran! Any insights into the love stuff with my libra stellium?
00° Libra 29′ 33″
15° Libra 57′ 29″
17° Libra 02′ 59″
14° Libra 50′ 32″
28° Libra 18′ 28″
16° Libra 28′ 53″
Many thanks, Victoria

Thanks for this article, Jessica! I’m wondering if you have any insight for my chart – I’m perpetually single and the only “should I stay or should I go” decision I’m considering is whether to move away from my current city. Thank you for any info!

Wow, again perfectly written! Thank you Jessica. So spot on, you predicted I will have to make an important decision by September with a relationship and how right you were. Im finding closure very soon, and how difficult it might seem, Sun will always come after rain. I have a question regarding the combo Leo/Libra. What does it say when I have my NN in 24 Libra, and the man in question has Juno in 22 Libra and 25 Libra in his twelfth house. Do you see anything meaningfull with this or anything else that can guide me through this… Read more »

Hi Jessica,
The last decade has been so tough and now perhaps some kind of crossroads ahead. Looking at my chart – is my world going to blow apart or is there a happy ending? I have no idea what’s ahead for me, but for some reason Sept – Dec, and your article terrifies me rather than excites me. Will my chart be strongly affected by Jupiter in Libra, then Scorpio? Any words of wisdom? Thanks xx

Hi Jess,

I enjoy reading your articles, love horoscopes but must be honest – I’m just amateur in astrology.
Please, would be awesome to see a positive input from my birth chart if you see any goodies in Libra Weather for me:-) Please, note that my birth time is uncertain, only I know it was day time before 2-3 pm (That’s my Mom only remember:-))
It is been hard for a few years (money department) and continue not getting better.
Thank you!
Have a Blessed Day!!!

Hi Jessica. Great article. I met an Aquarius women back in March of which you had foreseen. It started out great at the beginning but now things have cooled off a lot. I know she is interested in me because we still see each other as friends of and on. My horoscope talk about balancing the scales and reaching a compromise with my current or future partner. Will things get back to being good again. She is Aquarius born 1/21/76

Dear Jessica, Thank you so much for all of your amazing content, and for all of the work you do responding to so many people! I have never posted before, so I’m a little nervous, but with all of this Leo/Aquarius/Libra weather, I just can’t help myself! I have Leo and Aquarius stelliums, and am married to a Sun Libra. We have a small child, and are thinking about adding another. I also just wrote a book for children with a friend that we are trying to get published, and I am starting to work on rewriting a previous (solo)… Read more »

Jessica can you please tell me what will happen in my case. I am going through a divorce and going through hell especially since Jan last year and have been looking so much forward to my Jupiter return with Jupiter coming to Scorpio but from December when Saturn changes into Capricorn it is my Saturn return. Scary. My ascendant is in Sagittarius and with Saturn in Sagittarius I’ve gone through hell. I am worried. Please answer me. Thank you so much.

Hi there, looking forward to you announcing dates for Dublin!

So Libra rising 7 and Libra Pluto 21…I’ve had my heart thrown around and have never been too lucky in matters of the heart…only short term fun here and there which sometimes suits but between now and December am I to expect more of the same with closure on a door I never wanted to close or something far more uplifting and exciting with my amour?! <3


Jupiter in Libra may have done something in the dark that I can’t see. Will Jupiter in Scorpio be any different for my love life?

Dear Jessica, I have just came back from the unplanned summer vacation spent with someone I met two years ago (when you see a person across the room and you think this is it, that kind of story). But nothing happened then, it just stopped, we were meeting occasionally at parties, concerts… Unexpectedly, me and the Aries man ended up spending this summer holiday together, and again I felt the same thing as two years ago, maybe even stronger. We are very different personalities, I am quite an introvert and a real Virgo overthinker but little by little everything seemed… Read more »
I hope you could see this. I am trying to find a refuge to go with children after 16 yrs of marriage. I put this off many times wanting to live like a family. It is quite depressing. The last thing the children need is two depressed parents. Feb Leo eclipse fell close to my venus..when my partner punched me on my face. . Family members mediated and I stayed together but it is not getting better. I have made up my mind to leave. When in crisis I couldn’t leave or call the police so planning to leave whe… Read more »

Hi Jessica,
I’m not sure my comment went through, I’m reposting it. I’ve had a difficult couple of years with my partner. But as things started to improve between us, I met that woman in July and I must admit that I have developed a stupid crush for her. I’m totally ashamed about it as she’s 13 years younger than me and she doesn’t live in the same country. We’re still in touch on Facebook but I’m really not sure what she feels and I’m myself confused about my feelings. She was born on 24 April 1988. Thanks for your help.

Hi Jessica, as a Sun and Libra Ascendant I’m really interested in what you say about Jupiter not always being straightforward and easy, also perhaps with the cycle of oppositions to Uranus in Aries it has been going through in mind. Every other astrologer seems to go on and on about how great a cycle this is for Libra sun/rising, but my experience has been the complete opposite. 12 months ago I was blissfully engaged to a man I loved dearly and trying to make the logistics work to move to a family home we had found together. My creative… Read more »

Hi Jessica,

I am having real problems trying to re register the page just does not seem to let me proceed. Support is trying to help.

In the mean time I would be grateful to have any advice for my 7 planets in Libra. As there is a lot going on at the moment.

Hi again:

Please let me know how am I going to come out of this Libra weather, as I have no factors in Libra? Thanks!

Hi Jessica,
I recently met someone who seems promising – total gentleman and really sweet person, and we have been going out for about 2 months now. His birth date is 25 Januray 1984, Sun Aquarius and our Venus signs are well-matched too. He does travel a lot for work so I wanted to see if this is a match that could go well and has potential to go the distance??

Hi Jessica,

I think Jupiter in Libra has been great for me over the last couple of months. I’ve set higher standards for myself and cut off ties with toxic partners. But I’m starting to come to the point where I can’t open myself up to meet people anymore and feel like dating is way too hard. Do my placements in Jupiter paint a good picture? I hope there’s some light at the end of the tunnel!

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