Mercury Retrograde Dates to 2020

Mercury Retrograde to 2020 – Get the Dates Right!

I am reposting this story, which first appeared on August 26th 2016 (a year ago, as I write this). Why? Because I still see some media, like The Sun newspaper in England, and various astrology websites – getting the Mercury Retrograde dates wrong. Please – it’s not over until the shadow is over

Do you want proof of that? For all you people ion Twitter posting astrology memes saying ‘Mercury Retrograde is finished, relax’ yesterday – check the weather across America right now. Beyond #Irma, how much more chaos do you need?

I am sorry for venting, but I see so many people ending up with chaos in their lives because they were given the wrong dates. Mercury has a pre-shadow and post-shadow and sometimes the biggest chaos unfolds on the post-shadow. Now, once and for all, here are the correct Mercury Retrograde dates to 2020. And just a tiny hint. If you’d noted these dates a year ago when I first posted them, you wouldn’t be stranded in some American airport now. Okay? (Vent over!)

Mercury Retrograde to 2020 – Details

Reposted from August 2016. On Mercury Retrograde there are always major computer, transport, internet or travel problems across the world, usually in influential cities like New York, Sydney, London, Los Angeles or Paris. These affect your life by six degrees of separation so you will hit delays or reversals to your plans. Always have Plan B on Mercury Retrograde. Always allow for extreme weather, strikes, internet issues or other problems to alter your schedule.

It’s a great time to rehearse and review. It’s a smart time to have alternatives. If your personal birth horoscope is triggered in a powerful way, it can be the wrong time to begin or launch any crucial plan. Check with your astrologer (and make sure she is using the shadow periods, please).

I have included all the risky Mercury Retrograde Shadow periods in the dates below. The Wall Street Crash of 1929 happened on the shadow. They are often the most difficult parts of the cycle so be aware of that.

If you read different dates online it because some astrologers do not use the shadow. I always do. Why? Because it works! The shadow period in August 2016 saw Delta flights grounded in America, Southern trains stop in England and a national Census fail in Australia. Mercury Retrograde Shadow is key. It also rules the big stuff that creates global chaos.



This Twitter image from London shows a classic Mercury Retrograde train delay.


Allow 24 hours either side of the start and end dates, for the world to catch up with itself.

2017 July 25th to September 19th
2017 November 15th to January 11th 2018
2018 March 9th to May 5th
2018 July 8th to September 2nd
2018 October 29th to December 25th
2019 February 20th to April 17th
2019 June 20th to August 14th
2019 October 11th to December 8th
2020 February 2nd to March 30th
2020 June 18th to July 26th
2020 September 23rd to November 20th



Mercury Retrograde to 2020 – illustrated by this Kate Spade card.

How Does Mercury Retrograde Work?

Mercury is the planet known to the Romans as the Messenger of the Gods. The astrology we know today is Roman so to understand what happens when this planet appears to travel backwards, we need to understand how the Romans saw their postal system. It was created by the Emperor Augustus for the Roman Empire and had thousands of stations on roads, to take the messengers on their horses, mules, donkeys, oxen donkeys, and oxen – from as far as Rome to Egypt.

How long did that take? About the same length of time as the Mercury Retrograde cycle today.

If you update the idea of the old Roman postal service to include e-mails, text messages, contracts, Skype calls, airmail, couriers, telephones, faxes and the rest – you can see how chaotic the world becomes when Mercury the Messenger appears to be running backwards.

The Shadow periods (called the pre-shadow and post-shadow) are part of the cycle.


The Wall Street Crash of 1929 and why you should always use the shadow

The Wall Street Crash on Black Tuesday, October 29th 1929, was the most chaotic event of the 20th century, leading to years of Depression around the world. It happened on Mercury Retrograde Post Shadow.

During the Pre-Shadow Mercury fools everyone by appearing to travel normally. Deals are done. Contracts are signed. Meetings are successful. Statements are made. Trips are booked. Shares are bought and sold.

PRE RETROGRADE SHADOW September 8th through 24th, 1929
Mercury travels forwards through Libra at 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 degrees.

RETROGRADE September 25th through October 16th, 1929
Mercury travels backwards through Libra at 23, 22, 21, 20, 19, 18, 27, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8 degrees.

POST RETROGRADE SHADOW October 17th through November 2nd, 1929
Mercury travels forward through Libra at 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 degrees.

Wall Street crashed on the Post Retrograde Shadow on October 29th. Always use the shadow!



Dear Jessica,
I have just gone through a terrible divorce after 10 years of marriage. My husband cheated then filed for divorce. It has been devistating. I have been alone for 2 years. I need to know if things are going to get better? Is this Mercury Rentrograde? I was born in California, USA, February 4, 1966 at 9:30pm
Thank you for being a light for us here in the dark

Hi Jessica I seem to have a permanently terrible time with Mercury, retrograde or not: my emails go constantly missing, important documents and payments get lost, I touch any electronic equipment or machines and it tends to crash or bug (my husband is the only one allowed to pay at car parking payment stations). The last episode was on Tuesday when the check-out in a shop in Lyon (France) crashed during my card transaction and I ended up waiting 45 minutes in the shop before they let me go (the check out had still not recovered and I could tell… Read more »
I just had the worst Mercury retrograde ever! 5 Major areas – child, child, security, finances outlaid for the forementioned, sibling, and my phone blew up! leaving me without contact during a truly frightening time. The worst that had happened so far during retrograde was two speeding tickets during one travel work trip. Since i have a heavy Saturn influence i guess it was that energy plus Mercury Retrograde that did it in this last one! However its done and the silver lining is using the Sagittarius energy i had to expand change my way of thinking. What i believed… Read more »
Hi Jessica I feel like I have been struck in a pit hole for 10 years. Made so much effort to break old patterns from relocation, took a new qualification, changed my career path, tried to create my own business all for nothing. It doesn’t lead me to any success as other astrologer have told me. I have no motivation, no friends, no one that i can share anything or talk to. I just want to know what happened to me and when will my time come? Am I also affected by Mercury Rentrograde? I was born on 9/9/1982 at… Read more »
Jessica; I divorced in 2007. My ex was terrible with finances. Our a son who suffered health issues from this. The ex had a massive stroke three years ago and has been hospitalized in England since. Due to my son’s work, he has not been able to return to England since October. I now travel there for a few weeks every couple of months or so. It helps us all to heal. However, I have difficulties with trips and communications when Mercury is retrograde. My son and I hope made investments in his tech/app startups in the last couple of… Read more »

Hi Jessica,

I am seriously considering buying a piece of land near where I live in order to build my future house. At the moment, I am negotiating with the seller and am a bit worried because this person seems a bit disorganized. Could you tell me if this sale is going to happen and if I am making the right thing ? Will I be happy there ? Merci mille fois for your help, all the best from France

Hi Jessica, so pretty much nothing has gotten done prior to the 10th and I feel like Mercury Retrograde knocked on my door on August 1st. Everything I do from trying to make a simple doctor appointment for my son is met with frustration and the end result is zip, nada, still at the same place. My car which is a lease is being inspected tomorrow to be returned so this should be lovely. So is it the Post Shadow that’s the worst because the Pre Shadow wasn’t good. How does my chart influence this Mercury Metrograde (LMAO, Metrograde) Hope… Read more »

Hello Jessica! I am a little nervous about this Mercury Retrograde! Both myself and a colleague (a very special friend) are both Scorps. he, Oct 27, 1969 and me Nov 13, 1970. We work together in a labor union and we have a very important arbitration case scheduled for late September. We were just notified of the date yesterday, August 10th. Any insight on what to expect?

Does Mercury Retrograde also cause restlessness? I know this sounds like a stupid question but I have always saved my paperwork, documentation or any legal stuff thnx to your blogs. However, I’ve always noticed a heightened degree of restlessness something that you can’t point your finger on but bothers you and eventually depression for reasons unknown. I’ve noticed this peaking during Mercury retrogrades. As it is patience is not my virtue but with Saturn stationed in Sag I’ve learnt to go with the slow yet sure flow of saturn but Mercury retrograde does stir a bit of anxiety for unknown… Read more »

Hello Jessica

You have such a fun sense of humour. Your replies and tweets are very funny.
So. Here’s a general mercury question. I was born with Mercury in Sag (direct, not retrograde) so why is life like a constant mercurial retrograde day time soap drama. More misses then hits. Lots of re-writes, re-dos, changes and the like. . . . . Just wondering. When Mercury retrogrades come along, I don’t really seem to notice much difference. . .
Have a peaceful day!


We are selling our portfolio of shares today. Is this an OK time?
Thank you.

Hi Jessica, I had been preparing for a practical course teaching younger generation very practical knowledge to kick start with their career in my chosen field. I have been recruiting some interns to make my name of it as a start. I was trying to get them all sorted out by Wednesday before Mercury Retrograde shadow hits but for some reasons it didn’t happen. Could you see if the change of direction in my career will succeed and when? What I need to do to make my dream comes true? My DOB: 25/11/1966, 11:17am in Shanghai China. Any professional insight… Read more »

Hi Jessica, Hope all is well with you.
This mercury retro is happening in my twelfth house which is going to cross my natal Mars in 27Degree Virgo. Am I going to have heated arguements over and over? Thanks. There are a lot of hidden anger. I am sick of avoiding conflicts and trying maintain peace and harmony in the past with my in laws. Guess what I am the one who is in and out of counselling and physichiatry. :thanks

What about Mercury retrograde in my case …
What will happen with my work….
This is like revolution
Everyone is jumping ship and moving on

Hi Jessica, Your site is fab! Thank you for so freely sharing your gifts and research. If it’s ok to ask, I was hoping you could help me shed some light on a couple of things. We’re immigrants trying to settle long term in Scotland. The education I am currently finishing I am enjoying but it has not been an easy road and I’ve been attending uni for over 18 years (10 years of semester time!) now I’m ready to be finished. The good problem I have is there are many directions I could take afterwards (some require becoming fluent… Read more »

Hi Jessica,

I am a Sagittarius born on the 25th November 1966 at 11:17am in Shanghai China not a Scorpio. So is it Mercury Retrograde in the house of friends and groups or something else?

Thank you. Lauren

What if two people were to get married on a Mercury Retrograde period (Dec 28, 2016)? Female June 1,1965 and Male Dec 28, 1962.

Hi Jessica, things have not been good with my husband and me, not sure how this is going to play out but our horoscope for Sunday 8/14 has me uneasy – Aquarius Venus is the great deal-maker of the zodiac and she holds the scales that weigh the diamonds and gold for rings, as well as the scales that measure what is fair and equal between two people. Your money, property, business or possessions now require quite a deal. And how. Libra Your ruler Venus is now one sign behind you, drawing your attention to the issue that can be… Read more »

Hello Jessica,
Funny I am reading your article now; I had conversation with my Mom about my life and what I have been going through – it is a story for a book “big one”! How does Mercury retrograde impact me. Mercury is @10′ in Capricorn. I happen to have Venus 17′ in Cap too. I have imprtant financials and house decisions to make in the next couple of weeks. Best regards

Hello Jessica! I am planning to launch my website in this Mercury retrograde I am sure astrology would advise against but I have delayed so long and it needs to get up! However, please can you tell me what my chart says? Also, a client I am hoping will finally come through next week (but of course don’t know). The business is a service providing Middle East cultural insight so have been paying attention to your articles about sagitarrius!… Thank you as ever for your help (and ps the “life gardening” you advised me of in relation to love, sex… Read more »
Hi Jessica, my son and his girl (Lindsey) have been in the process of purchasing this particular house since April 16, 2016. The whole process has been stop and go and they are currently at the end of the process and Lindsey is panicking over closing on the house pre and and during Mercury retrograde yet unfortunately as it stands, this is likely the time it will be happening. I don’t know what dwarf planets or asteroids are in there chart. The only Virgo position for both of them is my son Virgo 12 sun sign. Any advise would be… Read more »
Why does Mercury Retrograde affect me ALL the time (I might be exaggerating)? The costs are always huge! Either money (numerous instances; one example – spilled water on a brand new laptop), flight delays (I travel every week) throughout that period, I rescinded an accepted offer (which actually turned out to be good) and now it is causing havoc already – even in the shadow period. I called an airline agent to find out the costs for canceling a booked ticket and the agent actually canceled it after saying please contact your company travel agent! A miscommunication between my co-worker… Read more »
HI Jessica, I didn’t quite know where to put this question, but my family and i are on the verge of becoming homeless. I thought I would post it under Virgo, but then I saw this post and given that this has happened during a Mercury retro, I thought it might be better here. Anyways, bottom line is we are struggling to see how we can get ourselves in a situation asap to find a safe happy home for our family, especially with such limited resources at present. I am scratching my head to see where the Jupiter in Libra… Read more »

I understand Mercury retrograde but being a Virgo with a stellium, I am worried that the actual dates over a year total many months. That is a big chunk out of the year!
Trying to avoid buying certain products is not always possible. My son needs a new laptop as he is off to university in 2 weeks. The money wasn’t available earlier, plus we have done lots of research into the best one for him. He has taken a few months really looking into it.
We now need to purchase it this weekend, do I presume we’ll have problems?

Hi Jessica,
The Mercury retrograde phase is repetitive event and it lasts for months in one year. I have Leo natal retrograde Mercury and I am always late, on everyday activities, but also on flights etc. Few times I missed them. I had a solar eclipse this August on my natal Leo Mercury . How it can affect my life since Mercury is my ruler? I am starving for changes in all important areas of my life. Completely stuck for about two years.

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