Your Jupiter Luck in October

Your Jupiter Luck in October rolls from the very first day that the planet of opportunity changes signs - that's Tuesday 10th October. I have all the dates for you here, if you're a Premium Member and I'll look at what the new luck source in your life means for your usual zodiac sign - as well as the personal secrets about your birth chart you need to know.

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Dear Jessica, i feel so relieved to know that the planet of beneficence has finally arrived. after many years of alternative housing (housesitting and live-in) i have taken the plunge to build a house for myself in regional victoria – a big plunge for a pensioner – and already the stress of limited financial resources is weighing heavily on me. taxes and duties and other fees are steadily eroding my little house nest egg to the point where i am regretting my decision. it’s been a very hard 12 years of scrimping and saving – could you kindly advise me… Read more »

Dear Jessica,

I have DESC 00° Scorpio 19′ 44″ what does this means for me?

Many Thanks, NP

HI, Jessica
I have Ops 3 Leo and Mercury 3 Libra and my Jupiter 3 Libra
How it will affect me?
Ross Mery

Hi Jessica, love reading your Jupiter posts! I have Uranus 3 Scorpio and a driving desire to work for myself and start travelling again. Can you see anything else in my chart that gives more clues?
Thanks again

I am so looking forward to October– it’s looking so good with 0, 1, 2 Scorpio and also a 1 Virgo, which could be very exciting. I’m hoping it’s a new job!

Hi Jessica,
Why are the signs and how they are affected, different from what we normally associate each sign with. E.g Cancer would normally be associated with home town, property, apartments, tenants etc. But above it describes this as Leo being affected. Leo we would normally associate with children babies etc, but it says Cancer is associated with them. Sorry but I am a bit confused.

Dear Jessica,

I am a Leo, with two factors with Scorpio factors :

Aesculapia at 18 Scorpio
Jupiter at 26 Scorpio

Would you advise what is the impacts, please?

Thanks for a useful and informative article Jessica. No questions, just encore thanks!

Spot on Jessica. I have Uranus 0 Scorpio and at the end of October, I am due a pay increase at work (backdated – woohoo!). I have a few other asteroids between 0 and 4 degrees. I am intrigued most with the 04 Libra Cupido. What does this mean? Many thanks in advance as always!

Hello Jess!!!
Always fantastic reading your publications. So much of what you projected for this year has come to fruition.
So for Jupiter in Scorpio, what good and positive things may be coming my way? Vulcan and Saturn at 0 and 3 Taurus, my moon is Scorpio 2.

So hope you are well. Be safe in your travels.


Hi Jessica
If I’m reading my chart correctly I have seven signs in 0-4 in with some showing up at multiple degrees (all listed below). This seems like a huge amount all happening at once – can you please help me understand how I should read this? Thanks!
0 Leo
0 Libra
0 Pisces
0 Virgo
0,4 Scorpio
1 Aries
3, 3 Sagittarius

Hi Jessica

I have my natal Venus at 1 Scorpio, Sun at 3 Scorpio and ASC at 4 Scorpio, how will the Jupiter transit affect me?


Hi Jessica, I do several planets in Scorpio, but those are at later degrees, I am curious what Mercury and Neptune in Sagittarius both at 0 degrees and Minerva in Libra @ 1 degree have in store for me. Last year you replied to a post of mine, without quoting, told me your house is where you shine look to December . In fact I did move Last December to a house I really love, but it is not permanent. So I find myself looking for a house to purchase, no luck so far. My areas of concern is with… Read more »

Hi Jessica. I am looking to potentially purchase a home in another state in October with my partner. Can you please see if this is a wise decision or not so? Thankyou

Hi Jessica,

I have a big stellium in Scorpio. If you can give me some insight on what to expect when Jupiter enters Scorpio. I’m hoping to compare my notes to your comments. Thank you for any response you give. Have a wonderful day.


Hello Jessica

Boy I am hoping all you say is good for me. A few months ago I left my full-time job to take a risk on freelance work – I’m no entrepreneur unfortunately but with Venus at 1 degree Scorpio and Jupiter working its way through my Scorpio stellium I’m hoping for some support – it has been good so far. It coincides with the end of my Saturn return – yippee, sometimes one feels one’s really earned a break!

Thanks for all your postings.

Yours, Angela


Hi Jessica,
Hope all is well with you! Im excited to see what Jupiter has to offer hoping all my hard work these past few years will finally pay off, or at least be acknowledged. Things have already begun getting better, staying positive! Is there anything i should watch for or avoid, or go for…lol! Btw thanks for all the learning material last month!!!

I love you different slant on astrology. I do not know whether you can see my chart. I have the sun at 27 degrees Scorpio. Mercury 7 degrees Sagittarius and Mars and Venus 19 degrees Sagittarius and Moon Capricorn 19 degrees. Feeling the sand shifting under my feet all the time. I have been looking for a career breakthrough for years. Work hard doing a number of voluntary jobs. Would really like paid work that is satisfying where I can use my talents and have some financial independence rather than having to rely on my husband. What do you see… Read more »

Hello Jessica,
My name is Juli born 21 March 1974
I changed country 2 years before . If you could tell me if I will find a better job, and about my career, I will appreciate. Thank you in advance

Hi Jessica

Thank you for your interesting article. I have a number of degrees at 00-04 in my chart and feel quite excited about what might be coming up in October.

00,02,04 Scorpio
00 Leo
00 Sagittarius
02 Virgo
01 Libra

What does this Jupiter cycle mean for me? My current personal situation is that I’m married, straight and have no children.
Thank you

Hi Jessica, Hope you’re well! The first thing that stuck out to me is that my Jupiter is in Scorpio at 10 degrees and Mars is in Libra at 4 degrees – what does this say to you? Does this speak to an expansion in my career being influenced by… justice, being involved in the law or meditation? I’m not in those roles currently… I actually took a leave from my work (at a uni) to finish my undergrad but sorting out the paperwork has been excruciating and it doesn’t look like I’ll get in for this term… wondering if… Read more »


i was wondering what jupiter could do for me, i saw in my chart that Jupiter is square uranus. I can only hope jupiter will bring me luck in the money department. I am always careful with my money. Since i know for a time now that the square is in my chart. Im especially affraid when uranus goes taurus next year.

I would love to buy a house , but im affraid to buy one.
Thank you for reading this.

Jupiter 0 Leo, Apollo 1 Leo.
Also curious about the nodes 16Taurus/ Scorpio
Sounds eventful, promising even! Although the last 3 years of turmoil in all areas of life are barely letting up. Except, the gorgeous new man I met back in February, even if it is temporary. He is married.
I get the feeling this also might have something to do with my son (25/09/90)
Still not too good at reading my chart, despite your brilliant articles. I am posting this just in case it catches your eye! Would love your insight.

Dear Jessica,

I have uranus in 0 deg Scorpio, then Satur in 0 deg Leo, IC 01deg Geminy, MC 01deg Sagitarius..
In which way Jupiter show its influence as for my chart?

Thank you very much!!

Jessica, I’ve a Stellium x 3 with Scorpio & Taurus. Also a Stellium x 6 in Capricorn. How will that affect me with Jupiter in Leo please? ME

I am very new to Astrology. And to be honest, I am very intrigued too. I found you, Jessica, through an article in Vogue. I am learning about astrology through your website and I really want to thank you for all the words here. It’s like you speak to me.
These are my details :
Sun 28 Sag
Moon 15 Taurus
Mercury 8 Capricorn
Venus 2 Sag
Mars 14 Aries
Jupiter 27 Taurus
Saturn 4 Capricorn
Uranus 1 Capricorn
Neptune 9 Capricorn
Pluto 14 Scorpio

Your insight would help me. Please tell me what is in store for me in the coming months.
God bless you,

Thank you Jess,
I’ve widowed almost three years now. I am single and live with my teen son. It has been a lot of struggle and now I started to feel stable again. I haven’t dated anyone but I have a friend that I don’t have too much contact and he lives in another country, that I am interested in. Don’t know what would happen with that friendship.

Hi Jessica! I have a Scorpio stellium with Moon 22, Uranus 15, Vesta 17, ASC 8, Diana 13, and Psyche 13 all Scorpio. Also have Chiron 1 Taurus, Hygeia 3 Sagittarius, and Juno 1 Capricorn. Hoping Jupiter will bring me lots of luck in 2018. Anything I need to pay attention to with these placements? Thank you!!

Hi Jessica,
Thank you for another interesting article.
I have:
Jupiter at 0 Virgo
Apollo at 2 Virgo
MC at 4 Virgo
Vesta at 0 Gemini
Venus at 3 Gemini
Ops 2 Taurus
Moon a 4 Capricorn
IC 4 Pisces
Can you please tell me what’s in store for me? Currently single with a potential partner who lives in another town. And I see Virgo coming in here a lot, my current work situation is in a steady(12yrs) but unrewarding job not can it be a very pleasant environment, it has only just turned this way.
Thank u in advance for your insight.

Hi Jessica

Another question from me- I wish you did personal consultations as I value your take on the astrology and how you relate it to everyday life
Anyway, I digress… please tell me….

What my Jupiter return means!

I’ve been told it occurs on the 11th October and I’ve also been told that Jupiter is in my relationships mid October! Do the effects last over the month or yrs into the future?

As an aside question- I’m having a numerology and palm reading next week and was wondering if my birth chart and astrology is all linked?

Thx a million

Hi Jessica,

I’m very excited about moving into Jupiter because frankly, I’m needing some good luck. Can you tell me what’s in store for me? I am currently single with two kids. I have property I’m wanting to sell that would help pay off a large amount of debt and the rest could be used to purchase a home. Will Jupiter in Scorpio make this happen?


Hi Jessica, I have been having a lot of dramas with my love life. Do you see any resolution in my future? I am thinking of the man who is currently in my life at the moment.

Greetings Jessica,

I have an assortment of planets at 0-4 degrees.

Would you be so kind as to decipher what my line-up means exactly?

It sounds like October will bring a huge amount of positive vibes for many people, and I am hoping I am on the list!

Thank you so much for your valuable time and endless positive energy !

What about me…
What will Jupiter bring to me…
Will Jupiter rule out my health and find out why do I have abdominal pain and is this connected to past as far as when I was 11 or 17 year old…

Thank you Jessica…
Can’t wait for your response

Dear Jessica,

I’m in desperate need of Jupiter’s luck. I started an IVF cycle and the results don’t look promising so far. Your Leo horoscope for this week is spot on. Ex delaying divorce filing and property split, but I’m hoping this will sort out soon. Is there anything you see worth noting for me? Thank you!

This is so fascinating and I love to hear your predictions. Thank you for the article! if anything looking interesting in my chart, please do tell! And many thanks, cheers!

Dear Jessica,
I need to make a big decision regarding where I live. The UK or Australia. I need to make this decision whilst Jupiter is in Scorpio. I’m constantly weighing up each option and seeing both sides of the argument but finding it hard to choose a direction. Any advice? – I have my Jupiter Return fast approaching – 0 Scorpio.

Thanking You.

Dear Jessica
Do I have any Jupiter luck in October?
Many thanks

Hi Jessica,

From what I can work out with my VERY limited knowledge of astrology, I have a lot of things going on this month, am I right?
I’m intrigued to know if I’m going to have some kind of breakthrough or let up financially this month, as I seem to have been taking a few difficult hits in that area in the last month or so.
Any insight you can throw my way is greatly appreciated!!
Thanks in advance!

Hi Jessica,

Fascinating articles, really interesting, so thank you.

I have Scorpio factors so I am tying in the Jupiter / October 2017 link into the Taurus/Scorpio change in 2018. Will this be a prosperous financial time going forward for me?

Also on the same subject of financial change, does the launch date of either January 3, 2009 show anything out of the ordinary?

kathryn-louise roberts

Hi Jessica, these are all the parts of my birth chart with factors from 0-4, can you tell me how I will be effected throughout October? I have been unemployed of months now and cannot seem to get a job no matter how much I apply. I am really hoping to break into journalism and have recently applied for my dream job and have my heart set on it!

Thank you,


04° Cancer 24′ 18″
04° Capricorn 24′ 18″
03° Libra 20′ 34″
03° Aries 20′ 34″

Hi Jessica! Thank you for such an insightful post, as always! I have my Sun in Scorpio with stelliums in Scorp and Sag. What is my Jupiter luck going to be like in October? I’m also eagerly waiting for your special Jupiter in Scorpio post so that it can guide me to map out my year ahead. I feel like Jupiter in Libra was all about balancing acts but now I want to go my own way which is a very Scorp thing. I’d also like to use Jupiter in Scorp well so that I can benefit from Jupiter in… Read more »
Hi Jessica, Like a lot of your readers, I’m excited by your posts on October and what Jupiter’s move will bring as I have a few planets at 0-4 degrees in my chart. I wonder if you see anything significant in my chart that will be affected by the transit? Previously you’ve mentioned that I should be better off financially from this month onwards and I’m hopeful that my freelance writing (which is secondary income at the moment) will start to payoff or I get another offer that is better for me than my current day job. The other thing… Read more »

Jessica, I have Mars, Diana and Neptune in Scorpio along with many 0, 1 degree aspect points in my chart. I have interviewed for many roles in the past 2 years with no movement at all. Do you foresee any career/lifestyle improvements for me in the near future? I’m feeling that I need to move on from my current location and totally reinvent my career but not knowing where and what that would be. Thanks for your insight!

Hi Jessica
I am a premium nember.
I am Leo…I have filled in my birth chart.
I have lived in my current home for the last five years…which is Sydney.
I have had a strong feeling I may have to move out of this area as my current home may be sold.
I can see myself moving to a smaller city near the ocean. This is where I lived since I was 12 y.o. to 28 y.o. Some of my family and friends live there.
I feel I am going back..
Do you have any insight for me.

Thank you

Dear Jessica,

I am heavily Scorpio:
Sun in Scorpio 12,31,
Mercury 10 .55,
Mars 18.33, Uranus 07.47
North Node in scorpio and South Node in Taurus 3.35.

I feel I am about to take a new Road. I feel changes in my life .
Please can you elaborate what does it mean Jupiter in Scorpio for me ?

I appreciate your insights, and want thank you in advance,

Dear Jessica, I’m a premium member with so much going on in my life. My chart has so much going on with it too. I have no clue how to figure it out. Can you help me…….please. Thanks So Much. Beverly

Hi Jessica, Love your work and thank you for being such an amazing inspiration. I wonder if I would feel the atmosphere lift with Jupiter’s entry into Scorpio as I would sure use some luck, financially and in getting a full time job. I have an on and off (and indeed complicated) relationship with a person since Jan 2016 (we do not live together) which was a foreigner to me (albeit after such a long time, not so much anymore, but I guess Saturn keeps kicking in). He has seen me struggling with freelancing and applying to jobs and he… Read more »

Hi, Jessica. I am a Capricorn with Aries rising and moon (Dec 22, 1955 1:20 pm in Winnipeg, Manitoba). I have just purchased a motor home and will be living in it full time for at least a couple of years. I bought it in the middle of a mercury retrograde phase but had been involved in the research previous to the retrograde. Do you see this going well for me? Any input you could provide would be most appreciated. Thank you.

Dear Jessica, I have many Scorpio factors and am really wondering how this weather could effect me. My husband is applying for jobs that might require moving, and we are considering expanding our family. I also have several writing projects that will require several more months to complete, but I’m hoping will sell eventually. I have been looking for additional part time work (although I really want to stay home with our little one!). Our finances have been tight, and I am really hoping that we can bring in more income. Anything I should look out for or consider? Thank… Read more »
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