Decoding Your Birth Chart

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Thanks for this , Jessica… As always I’m enjoying some new insights; your approach brings Astro to life so easily for me to understand. I’ve been wondering if it’s a good time to ask a question and this info here around stelliums has me ready. You see in my chart that I have a Virgo stellium… and with Saturn sitting on my moon (feels more like my hip bone – all jokes aside, during the transit on my sun – dad died; and now on my moon – my cycle hasn’t come back in 3 months). Anyway, it so happens… Read more »

An amazing read Jessica. Thank you for all your knowledge and hard work and the imparting if your wisdom.

Thankyou for this…
Yes even in the past few days I’ve felt a real clarity & readiness to move off the couch – I’ve set things in motion already and have for years wanted to run retreat style events in lush nurturing locations.

Blessings to you

Hi Jessica, Thank you for the amazing post. But I have one question: You always say to consider an orbit of 0 to 1 degree when working with the aspects. On the other hand there is the astrologycal weather, and at this post you said that Uranus is in Libra opposing the Libra stuff. The thing is, in this case, should I consider only the factors opposed by Uranus at the time it happens, or should I consider the seven house an all its factors triggered by Uranus from the first house for all the time Uranus will be in… Read more »

Thoroughly enjoyed this and true to point i can see my two large stelliums gemini and sag i cant stop learning and work on Youtube! Soaked this up have read your book, love the blogs excellent work! Thanks Jessica

Hi Jessica
I haven’t posted before so hope this finds you well… life has been difficult the last 4 years with everything – home, relationships and career – whilst always being a pick myself dust myself off and start all over again kinda person – I did it 4 years ago and again a year ago – am running on empty! have lots of aspects for upcoming Jupiter Uranus have used your info to try and make sense but any advice much appreciated :) would like to get a professional chart reading can you recommend anyone?

Thank you so much, Jessica. Your wisdom is amazing. And your generosity with it is also humbling. Blessings to you xx

Hello Jessica, I did an astrology oracle and the card Jupiter came up, so I’m excited about that. As a Virgo, I was wondering if Jupiter in Scorpio will be most prominent in my 3rd house or 8th house? For my natal chart, I have a Cancer 10 asc, so maybe the 4th house will get Jupiter influenced too. I have 4 Scorpio signs, so I do hope the 8th will be Jupiter activated too – my chart on this site puts those Scorpio planets in the 8th. I also have 5 Libra signs, 4 Taurus signs and 4 Virgo… Read more »

I wish you can see in my chart why am I hearting so bad in abdominal and ovarian area….
Will be seeing doctor tomorrow…
I need Jupiter to help me…

Hi Jessica. Love your work. Have jist become a premium member and soo excited to be here. My birth date: 21 September In Kawa Kawa New Zealand at 3am. Would love your reply. Thanks

Hey Jessica,

Hope you’re well and enjoying England.

I have a Libra stellium – 5 factors in Venus, Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter and Juno. I also have Diana in Taurus and Minerva in Sagg (0 deg), Ops in Leo (1 deg), Asc/Desc in Taurus & Scorpio (2 deg), Vesta in Virgo (3 deg) and Jupiter in Libra (4 deg).

I’m guessing the coming month/s is significant for me. What should I be mindful of in coming weeks to make the most of Jupiter’s luck? Thank you.


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