The Libra Birthday Horoscope 2017-2018

Libra, this next year will focus on breaking free from your past and seeing your future clearly.

Breaking Free – Psychologically, Emotionally

Libra, starting on Thursday 28th September 2017, you will be free to break free from a situation which is about your past, not your future. You have been living with the planet Uranus in your house of opponents, conflict and attacks for such a long time, that I understand why you still feel encircled by old problems. You have battle scars, right?

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Great read. So, how do I go back to the one(s) who hurt me in order to set myself free? I feel like I have absolutely been in chains for entirely too long now. Could you elaborate on what you mean by setting myself free? I don’t want to miss this opportunity. TIA

Hi Jessica.

Based on this article, birth date 2017 thru 2018 should be interesting. I have 2 questions for you. Why do I need to go back to the person who hurt me to be liberated. Also, I am currently stuck between two potential partners. A Gemini and Aquarius women. The Aquarius, you have told me will be a very challenging journey but eventually workout in the end. The Gemini recently came back into my life but is in a complicated relationship. What can I expect the new birthdate year in regards to potential relationships. Thank you.

Hi Jessica, thank you for this birthday forecast! It really resonated with me because recently I’ve realized that I have to liberate myself by being more direct and honest with someone rather than waiting for them to put all the puzzle pieces together. It’s scary though because you never know how the other party will react. I have a Libra stellium and an Aries stellium so I’m wondering if this means I’m doubly affected by Uranus’ current position.

Hi Jessica I am currently unemployed, re-thinking the type of work arrangement that best compliments my health (both mental and physical – I have been suffering for a while now and it has been a recurring issue), single but don’t want to pursue any of the love things past or present until I’ve done some ‘life gardening’ to use your vocab! Since I have moved back home with my mother (6 December 1959, Dhaka Bangladesh) and sister (31 March 1992, Dhaka Bangladesh, 11AM), we are involved in a house construction project and this house, I can’t consider as my ‘place… Read more »

Dear Jessica,
Outstanding! Thank you so much for this information. You have shown me the keys for the future and been correct about the past. Of course I will continue being a Premium Member as I have found no one to match or come close to you with your generosity and understanding. Wishing you success in all your endeavors, Don

Lovely read very informative love to hear about cylces and how they affect the psychological as well as practical life.

Thank you for the birthday present. I am always scared of leaving the marriage and living alone. My 16 year marriage was very challenging. His family caused a lot of problems as they dont acknowledge his problematic behavior . (06/12/1968 – 18:30 Batticaloa, Sri Lanka) . He had addictive problems when he quit that he replaced it with tense behavior and violence. His family saw it as my failure. I have openly told them I want to go nseparate. He can still cause trouble as the EX. Do you see myself as a single mother successfully bringing up three children?… Read more »
Hi Jessica…this was just a lovely read! I have 5 planets in Libra and 3 planets (Venus, Uranus, Ceres) at 26/27 degrees. Guess this will strongly impact me. I’m hoping the coming months/year could be a resurgence in many ways (work, identity etc) but what I’m still struggling with is a blurry uncertain vision of the future. Given my current income, I don’t know how creating a home for myself will be possible anytime soon but I do hope I can zero in on where I belong. I really wish I’d discovered you and your work much sooner. Your insights… Read more »
Dear Jessica What can I say but ‘wow’! Eyesight – I have had problems in one eye whilst wearing my glasses for some months now and I wondered what was wrong. I have worked out that it is just my prescription that has changed. Property – my husband and I had some extension plans accepted in 2008, a couple of days after my dad died after a short illness. This coincided with the recession and I am self employed, so after a few years we did the front extension but did not feel brave enough to commit to continuing with… Read more »
Hi Jessica, thanks for such an insightful look at the next 12 months for us Librans. Having a Libra stellium in my chart I identity very strongly with the idea of being “trapped”. For me this is about my day job as a lawyer which pays the bill so I can live my dream life as a writer. My book is ready to go out into the world & find a publisher but I feel I can’t quit my day job quite yet as I need to be fiscally responsible. I recently bought a house in the country that I… Read more »
Dear Jessica First and foremost thank you for providing such a wonderful and insightful resource. It’s very much appreciated. I have been experiencing great turmoil in my life over the past 4-5 years due to illness which has impacted on every area of my life to the extent I have recently lost my home (and my whole sense of belonging and community that I had around me and cherished greatly); my business (which I am extremely passionate about and attracted amazing opportunities and clients) has gone down the gurgler. It has also resulted in loss of friends. I am now… Read more »
Hi Jessica Thank you for this annual horoscope. It was only a couple of months ago that I was telling my optometrist ‘I don’t know what’s happening with my eyes’ and after many tries, the lenses I ended up with are still less than perfect. Now I know why. At the very end of August 2016 I severed ties with a job and colleagues I had for 10 years because I felt so embattled, I was becoming this angry person I did not like, and not making one bit of difference anyway. Until December 2016 I was in what I… Read more »

Hi Jessica,

Thank you for this wonderfully lifting birthday horoscope. So, what do I need to break free from?
Very grateful if you could have a look.


Hi Jessica, Thanks for the insight once again. I was in a relationship for some time and the last couple of years, I have been going through a lengthy custody battle and divorce. I can say that now the divorce is finalised , with some financial issues still to be finalised. I can say that the last 2 years of my life were the most challenging I have faced to date. I feel a sense of freedom now with the ability to start looking forward. I am in the middle of the process of relocating again with my current job… Read more »

Hi Jessica, great content on your website. Truly eye opener and quite informative. I was going through Birthday Horoscopes – Scorpio 2017-18. It gives certain dates to watch out in Feb-April 2016. Could you please see if these relate to 2018 dates?


Hi Jessica,
can you please tell me how this may apply to me with the three factors that I have in Libra?
Much appreciated x.

Hi Jessica,
Thanks for another in depth forecast and hoping that all the positives in there will be a turning point for me financially as the last few years have definitely been a challenge. Would really appreciate if you could have a quick look at my chart to see if that might be the case. Also it was lovely to meet and have a beer with you at the recent tarot workshop in Melbourne. My husband Mick and I really enjoyed it! Can’t wait to read your book on Pamela Colman Smith when its finished.

Thanks for the birthday article Jessica. I’ve been reading other members’ comments with your replies to see if I can answer my own question before asking of you again; but haven’t been able to. Questions:
How far back in time is wound? Is it the same timeframe for all Librans? Does my chart yield clues as to what or who, or What And Who, it is regarding? Thank you again, such a pleasure to read your articles.

Hello Jessica
I habe jist necome premium and posted my birth date details of 21 september 1960 on Tuesday nit the birthchart i teceived is incorrect! Its for 1 kanuary at 3.00am 1970! Can thos please be rectifoed asap as i am soo excited to get started

Hi Jessica, I’m new to your site and truly love your viewpoint. I am definitely worn with battle scars & ready to break free. My son is as well (10-13-05, 6:11AM CST) with his peer group dissolving (at one point bullying tho now they’re nice again) so it’s like we’re both struggling to find sure footing. At least I have Sag rising which has given a little respite to Uranus but with his Libra Asc as well it’s been awful. He’s making new friends quickly but it’s been hard- on all of us & the entire family has emotional wounds… Read more »


I was terminated from my job after 12 years service due to lies by one person who has been there for 6 months (husband works there as a manager). How does karma work? I am too old & tired to look for a new job.
PS: I have been looking forward to this time astrologically

This is all very insightful, Jessica. I did acquire a new partner during the past few years, but I have also, as you noted, gained many battle scars since 2011. Much nastiness thrown at me that wasn’t earned, and I have held too much to bitterness because it all felt so unfair and unwarranted. My wonderful partner and I have our sights set on creating “home” in another region of the our country right now, and this is tentatively set to happen in June 2018. We both feel the great importance of “home” on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual… Read more »
Hi Jessica, Ive tried over and over again to figure out your productions according to my birth chart with no prevail. I resonate with libra more than my sun especially about the nodes and effects its supposed to have on my friendships. Ive read everything about the nodes and cant figure out the what and why everything in my personal life is so messed up,besides the Leo Saturn aspect. I had the best of luck back in 1998-2000, thats when i met my now ex husband. He is a Leo with a Leo saturn aspect as well and the past… Read more »
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