Neptune Astrology

Neptune Astrology goes beyond book interpretation of your horoscope. If you haven’t tried it, then open yourself up to psychic interpretation of your chart. That means playing with symbols and images and using your intuition. Why Neptune? Because this planet is the number one indicator of psychic ability in the horoscope. This planet rules alternative realities and other worlds. Often, they are best expressed visually. Use your inner sight (the French call this clairvoyance or clear-seeing) to work with the pictures in your chart. Something as simple as a zodiac sign – the picture of a ram, bull, crab and so on – can be a powerful trigger for understanding who you are and what you are all about.

Neptune Astrology

Using Neptune Astrology Techniques

Techniques to open up your third eye, also known as your second sight, depend on getting yourself into an altered state where the usual rules of time do not apply. Time is far more interesting and mysterious than mainstream types tell you.  In fact, it is entirely possible to see the future. First, though, get away from watches and clocks. If possible, put the calendar out of your head. Clear sight, or clear seeing, depends on sweeping your eye across your life as if the year, month, date, time were not important. Leaving the tick-tock of reality also depends on peace and quiet. Put ear plugs in if it’s noisy.

Neptune Astrology is really about a poetic or abstract way of reading the signs and symbols. You could even take Neptune himself as an example of this. Go beyond the book meaning or website interpretation of Neptune. You’ll read he  is about ‘daydreaming, fantasy, escapism’ but for the best interpretation, go to the original symbol. Neptune was the Roman God of the oceans. Work with those ideas of the sea – see where they take you.

I’ll give you a solid example of this. Neptune is about water, right? Well, sitting with that image and idea back in February 2017, it was possible to see that Watergate might flood America, at the same time as substantial flooding. In fact, seven months later,that is exactly what came to pass in the United States as Neptune triggered the national horoscope. I’ll explore this more, further down. By the way, you can follow me on Twitter for these intuitive or psychic news flashes.

Neptune Astrology is really about leaving behind the rational, scientific world and understanding that reality functions in another way. Astrology does not make sense. It is not a normal way of looking at things. Yet, for well over 2000 years now, it has worked well enough for people from the Romans, through British monarchs, all the way past Ronald Reagan, for people at the top to rely upon it. In fact, crucial decisions in history, like the coronation date of Good Queen Bess, Queen Elizabeth I, were made using horoscopes. Think of Neptune astrology as a message from the universe, outside the usual rules of time and space. To do this, you are going to need a good knowledge of the images and pictures, the stories and myths, associated with the 12 zodiac signs, the planets and the asteroids. Premium Member? You have a key to unlock this, through the features and ebooks on this website.

Neptune Calling!

Neptune Astrology and Your Birth Chart

Rather than just looking up Jupiter in a book, or on a ‘list’ website, do something else. Go into Google Images and look up the mythology of the Roman god Jupiter and look at the art. Read up on the ancient traditions associated with this planet, which the Romans associated with acorns and oak trees. That should get you thinking about growth, planting, abundance and so on. Astrology is about following sign posts. If you want to live on Neptune Street (below) then look for the signs and walk.


Neptune Astrology in St. Kilda.

Neptune Astrology in Prediction

Neptune Astrology is really about trusting. Start to keep a journal to record your impressions and predictions for yourself. Give yourself marks out of ten. Begin to rely upon your second sight, or clairvoyance as you become accustomed to working with the strangeness of signs, omens and so on.

Neptune Astrology works best for people who have a Pisces stellium (more than three factors in Pisces in their personal birthchart). If you also have one or more aspects (patterns) involving Neptune, exactly, then the chances of you being a natural Neptune type increase.

I mentioned earlier that back in February 2017 it was possible to predict a ‘Watergate’ moment for America as Neptune patterns swirled around the horoscope. This is what you read.

“Nixon Quits 1974 over Watergate – This Pattern Repeats in September 2017 

Presidents, Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton were both impeached and acquitted but on August 9th, 1974 President Richard Nixon actually resigned. We have a line-up in the American horoscope at exactly the same degrees in September 2017.”

Neptune Astrology is not about computers, statistics, the scientific method or anything else. That is why sceptics and some scientists are frustrated by it. It does not jump through their hoops. Yet, as you can see from these headlines below, strictly psychic astrology really works. How can it work for you too? Remember, this prediction (the word Watergate appears in the Newsweek September 2017 story below)  was made to the month, a full seven months before it happened. Have you used your Neptune ‘eyes’ to see the other clues on the page, below? The background to the Trump photograph looks like an aerial shot of the ocean. It’s random. It’s chance. But it’s Neptune astrology and we are most certainly seeing a Watergate repeat.

Neptune Astrology and Trump
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Hi Jessica,

Thank you for this article I actually keep a journal for dreams etc due to things we have corresponded about before.

Is there anything you can tell me about how the Jupiter transit may affect my life in the coming year or so, I have a big stellium in Scorpio.

Thank you,


I like the idea of the journal as something that can calibrate or teach someone to sift clairvoyant thoughts from the white noise of the mind, which is really the trouble with subtle intuitions.

With regard to the Watergate issue. Again, I think you are on the money. I also think recent comments about the then president elect having his communications being netted in a FISA warrant shouldn’t be ignored. You’re were correct–just not politically.

Hi Jessica Thank you for your post! I love Neptune. I’ve always felt a connection- maybe because I was born in a town named Neptune and have always lived near water. I have always felt a connection with astrology and a sense for reading people, situations and even rooms and spaces. I feel a psychic sense but I need quiet and meditation. It’s hard to find these days. I wish I could connect more. My thoughts are all over the place. It makes me feel a little anxious. Is there anything you can tell me about my chart? I have… Read more »

I love love love this Jessica. This is so up my alley, I so believe in signs and omens and try to pay attention to it and when I don’t pay attention, I look back and see the signs that I didn’t pay attention to. I’m a lover of synchronicity because I view it as magicial, it makes me realize how amazing the universe is. My Neptune is in Jupiter so I’m unsure of how this placement plays into Neptune Astrology? Thank you

Hi Jessica! Love this, thank you. The images you find are always so playful. I read that Neptune also ruled photography – a medium that is at heart an illusion of reality. Jean-Luc Godard said, not a just image but just an image, referring to photographs. It never leaves my mind! I wanted to squeeze a short question about my natal chart in here. My Neptune aspects (Neptune trine Moon and square Ascendant Libra, in particular) reinforce my overly sensitive nature. I am sometimes so unsure of my ability to succeed and make meaningful work as an artist that I… Read more »

I always was a Neptune baby. I remember every summer as a child, when I went swimming in the sea, I would worship the Gods of the sea in my little girl ways. Now I seem to be deluged in omens, angel numbers, signs..hopefully I will be disciplined enough to note them and keep track over a long period of time. Is there anything triggering this in my chart now? There have been some beautiful coincidences, and lucky events during my recent trip to Scotland, like I was being watched over by my guardian angels :)

Hi Jessica,
I have Neptune at 11 degrees Scorpio in my birth chart. Can you let me know how this affects me? As Scorpio is a water sign how does it affect the Pisces stellium I have in my chart? I would be really grateful if you could let me know.

Thank you, Jessica. I have Neptune at 22 Scorpio and am interested in your insights. I was reading your other – magnificent – post on here about understanding astrology and decoding your birth chart, In particular, I am interested in stelliums – mine are Capricorn (6 planets/asteroids); Scorpio (5) and Leo (also 5). I’m interested in how this all relates: do I have blurry vision about e.g. shared debt? My ex husband ran up a $40k tax bill and did not tell me! I have often benefited from partners in terms of money e.g. ex husband was, initially at least,… Read more »

Dear Jessica,
Thank you for this more thorough and positive info. With Neptune@4 Libra and Sun@5Libra I would welcome both your astrological and psychic comments.
Thank you for the enlightenment.

Hi Jessica,
I have a stellium in Pisces , Cancer and in Scorpio, so Jupiter will be good for me when it will trine my placements or conjunct in Scorpio ? I have Sun and other placements in Taurus but as I read somewhere Jupiter in opposition is not bad, right ? Thanks for your insight …really waiting for some changes in my life . felt like being stuck the last few years..
thanks again,
PS : learning a lot on your website :-)

Jessica , you write the most magnificent articles! Thank you for your posts !
A couple of years ago I became aware of my third eye ability . First a bit scary but now I truly appreciate it.
My sun is in Cancer 15°, my rising sign is in Libra at 25°28′ Neptune . What does that say ?
If you have the time to comment it would be greatly appreciated !

Hi Jessica the current planetary positions page seems to be out of order as there are no results for the planetary positions on the side.

Thank you. Interesting I’m not sure why I have been avoiding reading the above maybe the eye put me off. As when I read it, it made a lot of sense.

I have got into meditation in the last year and keep a diary with dreams and higher guidance that comes in meditation. I would recommend it to all.

Re. Your boat broadcasts are you the new pirate radio : ) as radio 2 celebrates its 50th birthday that started with pirate radio Caroline.

Blessings. I look forward to tuning in.


Neptune 13 Libra
Pluto 14 Leo
Venus 14 Aries
Mars 12 Aries

No planets in Pisces, the only empty house in the chart. But I have a strong intuition that I trust and a tendency to daydream. I really don’t know how all of the above aspect and affect each other and what if anything it has to do with intuition. Thanks Jessica.

Ha ha. I will look that up. As a child a teacher had my hearing tested because I often drifted off and she thought maybe I just couldn’t hear her. And moments before reading this I was thinking that I miss the water a lot and maybe some sort of water activity would get me exercising again. You’re so accurate, it’s amazing. Thanks very much for sharing your gifts, I’ll see what I can find on Neptune aspects.

That last comment rang bells for me about water – nothing more I like than long comfort baths and my water bill is enormous! I’m not really a day dreamer but I do get horrible nightmares especially over the past few months to do with stress at work. This Jupiter in Scorpio I am hoping they will fade away as good things come my way.

Based on what has happened recently, it is clear that your prediction about a Watergate moment is coming true. It might already have.

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