Jupiter in Scorpio Podcast

Jupiter in Scorpio is getting a lot of attention on various astrology websites because it's the planet of opportunities, solutions and breakthroughs. For the first time since 2006, Jupiter moves into Scorpio the business, finance and boom sign. There will be a ripple effect around the world which will benefit you if you  have planets, asteroids or other points in Scorpio in your birth chart.

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Dear Jessica thank you for this amazing podcast. I am a premium member and i have Uranus at 00 Scorpio. Can you please tell me more about myself .

Regards Mina

Hi Jessica,
I was restructured and will be out of a job come January. I am hoping you can provide some guidance as to how the Jupiter in Scorpio transit will affect me as I have a number of Scorpio factors. You mentioned that we have to put in the effort in order to reap the rewards Jupiter brings and I am interested in understanding what area I should be focusing on. Thank you for your guidance!!

Hi Jessica,
I have Pluto at 2° Scorpio in 2nd house and Saturn at 23° Scorpio in 3rd. I also have Minerva at 16°. I just got married and lately moved overseas. How might this transit affect me? Thanks!

Hi Jessy,
I have been following you on this website for sometime now, I have been Betting for Mega Millions and Powerball like a week now. Plz help in generating numbers for me.born 5th June 1986 . And when to play them. Plz help fast I need money to pay huge rent and kids not going to school. Thank u

Hi Jessica… I am hoping you can guide my path as to how I will be affected by Jupiter in Scorpio as I am a libran with several planets in scorpio…since the eclipse I have let go of literally everything…my husband my home etc and am having to start again at age 56…any guidance will be so apreciated…many thanks

Dear Jessica, It was interesting to listen to this and especially to hear how other signs (than my own) are affected. Over the past year I have nurtured a relationship with a wonderful man (who I have wanted to marry (and had hoped to summer 2018). Now his ex, a troubled soul quite apart from all this, has come back from Spain to homeschool their child virtually on my doorstep in east London. David (22.09.1972, Bristol, 03:30am) has not sorted things out with her. But even if he does (settle custody, sell house) I don’t see the happy future with… Read more »

Hi Jessica,
I wrote back in March about my 01 degree Aquarian husband being outsourced and voila! he received a job offer today! Once again, he lives out the astrology, practically to the letter. He is also a Scorpio rising with Saturn and Juno in Scorpio. His MC is at 12 Leo. I wonder if it helped that Neptune just moved to 11 and that Neptune at 12 Pisces had been affecting his career, too? Thanks for all comments and insights over these last months. Your website is a huge boon!

Hi Jessica,
I have my South node and IC in Scorpio. How will this transit affect me the most and what do I need to focus my attention on, in order to reap the benefits of this Jupiter transit? I think my House of relationships will be triggered – does this mean boom or bust with regard to relationships in my life? For me, is it romantic relationships, family relationships or business relationships that are affected? Thanks

Hi Jessica,

I’m a multi-factor Scorpio musician and artist with Jupiter currently nudging my Fortuna at Scorpio 1 – could you please tell me what Jupiter’s transit over the next year is likely to bring? Much thanks!!

Hi Jessica, Fabulous podcast and I’ve now listened to it 3 times to help my insight. I understand the sun sign aspect but have questions about the other aspects. I have a Scorpio stellium with Mars 02 Scorpio 44; neptune 24 Scorpio 21; Vesta 26 Scorpio 3; sth node 8 scorpio 41; desc 18 scorpio 35 It’s a stressful time and I have a recurring pattern with money that has come back ( karma and 12 year cycles). My reading of the stellium is its about how I deal with this to allow new growth, particularly around family finances and… Read more »

Hi Jessica! I have my birth chart from you and I have Scorpio in my 12th house where my north node also in Scorpio is, how will this affect my next 13 months? I’m a cancer sun, Sagittarius moon and rising.

Also my boyfriend (Aries sun, Gemini rising) has Scorpio at 0Deg in Uranus is this good or bad?

Hi Jessica, Could you please tell me about the impact that Jupiter is likely to have on my friends/groups over the next 12 months. I have Fortuna at 3, Descendent at 7, Psyche at 15 & Ceres at 29. I’ve all but given up on friendship & communication due to misunderstanding. Becoming a hermit (as I do need a lot of alone time) would be a promising option if I didn’t like being part of something bigger than myself. Also, I read your Neptune article, I don’t think I’m particularly Neptunian, yet I could really relate to it. A very… Read more »

Hi Jessica,
I loved your podcast! I wonder if you can please tell me how Jupiter in Scorpio will play out in my life? I’m a Virgo sun with the Moon at 25º, Neptune at 09º, Diana at 28º, Ops at 20º and Proserpina at 05º in Scorpio and have been rebuilding myself and every aspect of my life over the last two years. I would really like to know what’s in store for me in regards to love, money and career which is what I’m working towards. Thanks x

hi Jessica – My social life is finally picking up after 3 years of rebuilding my life after a nasty divorce. I moved to another part of the country – bought a new home, re-established my career and have slowly started making new friends. Its been a long old haul. So it is great to hear that Jupiter is going to support the my social life over the next year – and I hope my love life too. I finally met someone I am madly attracted to recently and so hope this is going to develop into something more?

Hi Jessica I have renewed my membership! Will my business pick up? I am worried it has slowed. What do I need to do to shake it up?

Dear Jessica,
i have got Uranus at 15 deg, Vesta at 23 deg, Diana at 17 deg, Psyche at 15 deg, all in Scorpio. What do you think, this mean for me? Thank you for your answer in advance?

Hi Jessica! Thank you for everything you do! You are ALWAYS right on! In March I asked you about a past lover that I still had feelings for, and you were exactly right when you said that my biggest chance to re-connect with him would come in August of this year (when Jupiter was passing over my moon at 20 Libra and I randomly saw him at a festival). We have been talking casually and always amiably since then; however, I recently found out that there is another girl in the picture whom he has started dating during our break.… Read more »

Hi Jess,
Lovely listening to the podcast :-)
My teaching work is drying up and I am very hopeful of finding some permanent assured income type of work within policy involving state govt. I am Aries with Jupiter in Sagi and Aesculapia in Scorpio. Appreciate any inputs please.
Many thanks best Jos

Hello Jessica, I have a lot of Scorpio as you know and I have several factors at 0. I see my chart is triggered at the moment possibly in my image and finance areas. I do try and decipher my chart but I feel that I am still guessing so I have returned to you for your wisdom and experience. When is the best day/week for me to approach people about my work in order to have a great business relationship with them? Also, I had a reading with an astrologer who told me my real success will be in… Read more »

HI Jessica,
Thanks for this! Very interesting, indeed! Going through a difficult work and relationship situation at the moment. Will Jupiter in Scorpio ease things for me? Thanks a lot!

Hi Jessica,
Can you provide insight into how this transit effects me over the next 12 mths? Thx a bunch!

For some reason my questions are getting skipped over lately. I understand that you have a lot of questions to answer, Jessica. So putting mine here again.
Good podcast, Jessica!
I have Neptune at 17* Scorpio and MC at 14* Scorpio. How is the Jupiter in Scorpio transit going to affect me? Thanks in advance.

Hi Jessica,
I’m without a computer at the moment. It recently died. Using iPad and iPhone, this won’t download and it is stuck on loop when I try to listen.

Can you help? Or suggest what I might expect with this jupiter go round?
Thank you, I was so excited to see a podcast… been dragging on buying new laptop…wasn’t sure if I could justify spending the money when I have iPad and phone. Any advice appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Hi, Jessica,

Neptune 00°  Scorpio 12′ 26″
Proserpina 22°  Scorpio 19′ 13″
Vulcano 02°  Scorpio 05′ 12″

How will Jupiter transiting Scorpio affect me?

Hi jessica I am curious and hopeful of what 18th October will mean for me with 0,1,2 degree factors and Jupiter. I have just met someone out of the blue who potentially could be very good for me personally and for my business (22.10.1960 Italy). Not sure if you are still answering this comment thread but many thanks if you are.

Hi Jessica

I am so confused. You refer to Scorpio as being the 8th house which i inderstand but i have just read a comment from someobr statibg that Scorpio is in their 12th house and you answered as if that were correct. Do we use Aries as first or our sun sugn (Gemini for me) or our asc (Cancer for me)?

HI Jessica, my partner and I are just humming along together. But the emotional connection is not there, more of an emotional obligation for our children’s sake. I can’t fathom walking away…I literally have nowhere to go, but at the same time I feel rather empty and unappreciated. My heart lifted a little when my son in law’s father actually engaged in conversation with me, it felt so good to be heard and respected. Is this the Jupiter in Scorpio year, my love life looks set to improve? I’m at a loss as to what to do. thank you, the… Read more »

Hi Jessica,

Hope you are doing well. I was hoping you could give me some insight on what this weather might bring my way.

Thank you for all of your insights.


Hi Jessica, I’ve had a rough few years. Onset of chronic illness in 2016, lost my job this past June. My physical functioning is about 50% of my former self. Need to work, but I’m not sure I can and, omg, I’ve never been less motivated in my life, which terrifies me. I’m excited about Jupiter entering Scorpio and the possibility that I will have more opportunities for positive change. I was inspired just yesterday to write a book of my early childhood experiences. I have always wanted to write and seem to have a bit of a flare for… Read more »

Hi Jessica — My doctor recently told me that there was very little chance that I may be able to father a child. With the Leo node (bedchamber, heirs) weather pattern and Jupiter moving into Scorpio (my 4th house), could this create the possibility of a natural heir?

Hi Jessica I hope this comment finds you in best of health. I am writing to ask about my chart. I have recently become a prime member here and although new to astrology, I am catching up quick. It is very interesting and certainly because of your writing and presentation it is a lot more beautiful and easy. Although I have many questions, the most I want to know about is my daughter. Could you check my chart please for me? The reason of my being concerned is because we are shifting to another country and I have obvious concerns… Read more »

Hi, Jessica. Can you help seeing what is coming up for me? I have a lot of concerns about my relationship with an ex (i did not hear anything when Jupiter finally conjunct mercury) and my opponents (about my privacy issue) . (btw I updated my birthtime. The information under the chart is now correct but the chart is not yet updated)

Thank you very much for your help!

Hi Jessica, Great podcast. Thanks. I have been going through a very difficult time in work and finance. I gave up a profession in the law earlier this year (but it has been coming on for a while) and I’m not achieving much in my new career in writing just yet. I’m feeling apprehensive about the future and my finances. Also, it’s been a very long time since I’ve had love in my life. I’m a Capricorn. I was born with Jupiter in Aries in my 11th house. I have Neptune 17° Scorpio 27′ 24″ and Juno 24° Scorpio 13′… Read more »

Hi Jessica,
So much to learn and so much to hope! I have aspects in Scorpio, my south node, MC , Neptune and Vesta. How will this transition of Jupiter affect me? I also have a general questions, most of time when there is a certain good aspect is happening and I have the exact factor and degree, nothing happened for me. I appreciate if you could explain as why my horoscope is acting like that. Many thanks thanks for your input!

Hi Jessica, I’m going to jump
Right in and say l love your work & have become a premium member. So much to learn, l love it !! I have scorpio in Ceres, Juno & Pananea all 00 degress, Vulcano 02 degress and also Neptune 23 degrees. Does any of this scorpio placement & activity have any affect on my non existent love life and lack of substantial money/direction for me ? I sure hope so and I would be very grateful to know what you think. Kind regards, Roshelle :)

Hi Jessica
Have read your website for years and you’ve been uncannily accurate where others have not.
You mentioned Jupiter in Scorpio is great for marriages and love. I had met someone in August (11th) and seriously thought he could be the one. But just like your horoscope mentioned about breakups, he’s disappeared and I have no reason why. I really liked him. Are things meant to change? Will I meet someone else and get married and have kids… I’m running out of time. Thx

Hi Jessica,

I have dated and had relationships since my divorce after a long term marriage 5 yrs ago and they have all ended disappointing and not by my hand. Going forward is it best to take a break and if so when would be a good time to reengage ?
Thank you !

Hi Jessica, Thank you for this remarkable podcast. It incites me to ask about one big issue, it is my job. For a quite long time, one and half year, I am looking for new project (in Construction business). Recently one old contact (and older man) for whom I was engaged during 2008-2009 in Middle East, unexpectedly through phone call, jumped out with some promise for a new project in the same city and company where he is CEO and Managing partner. It was like lightning. I am very excited because last months I was hopeless about new project/job. All… Read more »
Hi Jessica. I joined up today to comment on the Uranus in Taurus article, thinking the closed comments would be open to members, alas this wasn’t the case. Nevertheless, I’m happy to be signed up :) I have Venus in Scorpio at 2°55 opposite Moon at 3°23 Taurus, Venus in mutual reception with both Pluto and Mars. Do you use Vertex, or Part of Fortune? I have both of these in early degrees of Scorpio. My thoughts, communication and sharp mind feel Scorpionic due to Mercury conjunct Pluto being quite tight in Libra, with Jupiter, Saturn, Nodes and more aspecting… Read more »
Hi Jessica, From all the latest astrological happenings this is the one I’ve waiting the most, I guess having sun, ascendant, venus and so on in scorpio triggers this curiosity. Along this there were important changes taking place this last year, like dropping the idea of moving and decide to commit where i lived in the past 7 years…this is the best possible place for me. One of the things I’m considering is to stop working so many hours in a place where I’ve to share a considerable amount of my income with the owner of the place and starting… Read more »

Hello Jessica,

Thank you for the awesome podcast :) I am a premium member and according to my birth chart I have factors Saturn 3 Scorpio, Prosperina 12 Scorpio and Psyche 15 Scorpio. Can you please tell me what Jupiter in Scorpio will mean for me going into the next 13 months. I am a Capricorn Sun and Moon and Aries Rising :)

Thank you again, love your work as always

Hello Jessica, I am very excited about Jupiter in Scorpio because 12 years ago (when Jupiter entered Scorpio) I gave up a career that was stifling me and traveled the world with my then boyfriend now husband. Every one around us thought that we were crazy to give up promising jobs and do what we did but at the time it seemed the most natural thing to do. I managed to make a living using my laptop and managed to achieve the peace and freedom I had been searching for a long time. Since I am a sun Libra I… Read more »

Hi Jessica,i have bben having financial issues lately,will jupiter in scorpio help me to grow financially? Also, i had a dream to travel to Australia,how is it possible. And if i will be promoted to senior level at this phase. Birth date 05/june/86. Thank you

Hi Jessica, I have been through a lot of stress and changes in the last 4 years which have included losing my career and gradually losing my dad to dementia/alziemhers. After spending most of this year visiting mum and spending time with my dad in aged care he passed away on 11 October. I am of course grateful for the time I got to spend with him in this last year which would not have been possible if I was working. I witnessed his emotional intelligence shine through the illness and felt very connected to him and had some very… Read more »
Dearest Jessica I Hv been reading u on this site every day n every night since few years now…I awe ur wisdom n ur spookily accurate insights and always look forward to reading more and more… Bless u always. I am Aries woman… 28 march 1977 born at 11:37pm India….when I think of previous Jupiter in Scorpio cycle 2005-2006 I get scared what might follow in this one…… In the previous cycle I HD lost my husband suddenly and what followed was immense grief pain n loss.. I scare what might follow in this cycle…. Can’t afford to loose more… Read more »

Hi Jessica,
Earlier this year, I just couldn’t understand how my life turned upside down in the last year or so. I bumped into your explanation quite accidentally and the theme of Leo weather makes so much sense right now. Yet, it does not seem like the complete story.
The way you interpret the placement of planets is very different from Vedic astrology. That is what I have been used to all these years. Any guidelines on how to mesh the two ways of looking at the future?

Greetings Jessica, I have a few factors in Scorpio: Ascendant 05 Neptune 23 Ops 04 Psyche 08 I have my sun (and many personal planets) in Cancer, but I have always felt more like a scorpion than a crab. I guess I just do my ascendant better than my sun! Based on my scorpio factors am I correct to believe that I will have an opportunity (Ops) to expand or grow (Jupiter) my wealth (Scorpio) and image, title and reputation (first house transit) and that by enduring tests and trials, and finding my true self, this benefit will last forever… Read more »
Hi Jessica.i have recently joined your premium.so much informatio on it,that its fasinating to read.I have had a horrible past 6mts and i cant understand why.i have jupiter in libra..ive had a lot of stress and worry over my child.i am single with 1 son.My son had a bad head injury in may and another little accident in car in october.his birthday is 22/11/94.1134am..and he will now have jupiter in scorpio..i think he has a lot of planets in scorpio.he has had such bad luck will jupiter in scorpio pick things up for him? Is jupiter justice?as there is an… Read more »

Dear, Jessica,
I have 6 planets ( Hygeia, South Node, Mercury, Neptune, MC, Minerva) in Scorpio.
How it will affect me financially ?
Thanks for your answer

Hi Jessica,

This Jupiter in Scorpio cycle is meant to transit my fifth house of true love, romance, creativity and so on – could you help shed a bit more light on this? Is this cycle more likely for me to meet someone I could potentially have children with? There is someone I met in connection with work recently (pantry conversations), and we have been spending time together. I can’t quite tell if this could go the distance, but hoping for the best. His birth date is 6 September 1977. Any thoughts around this cycle and this guy are greatly appreciated!!

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