The Scorpio Birthday Horoscope 2017-2018

Scorpio, this next year will be about scratching the itch to expand your horizons both personally and professionally.

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HI Jessica, Many thanks for your insightful 2018 for both Libra and Scorpio. I am a Libra with an ascendent sign in Sagittarius: 23° Sagittarius 07′ 35″ and many Scorpios in the following: Venus: 23° Scorpio 10′ 24″ Mars: 04° Scorpio 15′ 49″ Uranus: 06° Scorpio 30′ 21″ Vulcano: 24° Scorpio 00′ 47″ North node: 03° Scorpio 35′ 41″ Aesculapia : 04° Scorpio 38′ 00″ 2017 has been challenging for me so far (even though Jupiter is in Libra) and I am not sure if 2018 would be better for me. Since I have Jupiter running through Libra, Scorpio and… Read more »

Hi Jessica!

I have a question about my chart. I have a lot of Sagittarius factors in my chart as well as NN in Capricorn? Are they related to each other and how will it play out if they are connected.

Thank you for a great blog and all that you do!


Hi Jessica, I am new to the site and really enjoy this website. I am a Leo with Taurus Ascendant and I have a few planets in Scorpio. With Leo and Aquarius eclipses in 2017 – 2019, Saturn in Capricorn as of December 2017 and Jupiter now in Scorpio, I am hoping for some relief. I recently read Uranus will be in Taurus May 2018 – July 2025, a long time. I have a lot of planets in Taurus. Property, relationship, new job are all topics for me 2017 – 2019. Do you see any progress in sight? Sun 11°… Read more »

Hi Jessica, I am 30 Oct 1980 born at 2.20am. I have had many challenging relationships and it had been difficult to continue and enjoy anything I did. What do you suggest about this year?

Hi Jessica,
I tried to submit a post on the Scorpio stellium forum but fairly sure it didn’t work – I currently don’t have access to a PC with Firefox which seems to be the only way to post on forums – and just so happens this is the biggest stellium in my chart which is amusing. Can you let me know when it will close in case I can get to a PC with Firefox before it does.

Hi Jessica,

I have a few questions about the Uranus transit and the Jupiter in Scorpio transit.

These are my factors in Taurus : MC 13 deg Taurus 32′ 06″

and these are my factors in Scorpio:
Venus 03 deg Scorpio 18′ 03″
Pluto 05 deg Scorpio 27′ 28″
IC 13 deg Scorpio 32′ 06″
Cupido 27 deg Scorpio 54′ 25″

Can you please tell me how I am affected by these factors in the next year?
Thank you so much- Sar

Hi Jessica – thank you so much for your clarity. I am definitely in the area if growing with new oppurtunities arising and I am actively seeking a new job so I can grow in all directions of life. I was recently offered an amazing position out of the blue and I decided to accept however I have had no response after I asked some questions about the position before accepting. Does this transit mean I will grow once I continuously push on? I want a new job , I feel like I cannot grow where I currently am. I… Read more »
Hi Jessica, (I am posting this again, sorry.) Great news about the yacht! My best wishes to you. May it be a beautiful journey for you.. I had written to you earlier asking about my daughter since we are emigrating due to my husband’s relocation there. The thing is a country where I know very few people, with a small baby, I fear I may make mistakes. According to you, the Leo factors affect children. Jessica, I don’t have any factors in my fifth house as you can see. My husband who is a Scorpio sun has only Ceres and… Read more »

Hi Jessica

How does having Saturn in Scorpio affect my chart now that Saturn moves to Scorpio ftom 2018? Also broke up friendship with a friend born 25.06.83 on 26.10.17. Looks serious?

Hi jessica…i just joined your premium and im amazed i have 9 planets in scorpio.the last 6mts have been awful…head injury 20 may which i had to do a lot of healing and rest,and 2 incidents with car,1 of them has cost me money,being my fault.With jupiter in scorpio bring any luck as i have i think 5/6 planets in leo.i read your your leo weather and i dont think im in for a good single,no kids and live with my mam.shes a gemini with a lot of planets in cancer and leo..9th june 1970..20.25..she has being under a… Read more »

Hi Jessica,
I have both Bacchus and Proserpina at 26 Scorpio – could you please tell my what kind of impact this month’s new moon on that same degree is likely to have for me in coming weeks or even beyond? Much thanks – I just love your Star-wisdom btw!! ❤️

Thank you Jessica!

Ugh…nothing to look forward to in love life…?


Hi Jessica! Thank you for such a great article, as always! So far I have had several realizations using the travel aspect (due to my stellium in Sag). I understand that Jupiter in Scorpio is about meeting a partner halfway and what I need to do in order for this to happen and thrive. I’m a bit confused about scaling the Everest of the past aspect you mentioned regarding ambition, mission and position? Can this apply to meeting a romantic partner as well and / or help me in anyway? So far the work-related travel aspect has interfered with me… Read more »

Hi Jessica,

What happens when transiting Ceres passes over your Uranus in Leo and the node transits over your Vesta in Leo at around the same time, like within a week or so of each other?

Thank you,


Hi Jessica,
I just recently became a premium member, and my love life has been all over the place with one relationship in particular- is there any advice for what is coming up? should I keep trying with the current situation, or just let it go?

Hi Jessica,
I have Diana at 25 degrees Scorpio as well as all these other aspects at 24-26 degrees, how will the scorpio weather affect me. (Apollo 26 Leo, fortuna 26 cap, asc 26 libra dec 26 aires, mars 24 R cancer, jupiter 26 gemini R and saturn 27 leo R). I have been having horrible luck with relationships as well as finances since May. It feels like all doors are closed. Please help with any insights.

I submitted multiple questions on different article you wrote and somehow you don’t see them or is it something wrong with my computer…

Hi Jessica,
I’ve been meaning to ask you … my sun is at Scorpio 8 and my Neptune at Scorpio 10. What impact is the upcoming Venus-Jupiter conjunction at Scorpio 7 likely to have on both my love and professional lives? I’m currently single and looking for a way to turn my artistic talents (I’m a painter/sculptor and singer/songwriter) into a healthy income stream. Any advice as to how the astrological weather might help me is greatly appreciated!!

Hi Jessica,

Hope you see this message – the node thing of friends from the late 90’s coming back keeps happening, I went to two memorial services in the past two weeks and had two totally different groups of old friends at each.

At least it has been pleasant.

it’s been too much on this node transit to be coincidence.

Thank you –


Hi Jessica I wish to know more on what 2018 will bring in terms of relationships, as I had a lot of changes and heartaches. I don’t know what information I need to give you, so I am copying my birth chart from your site. Sun 14° Scorpio 55′ 25″ Moon 04° Virgo 09′ 32″ Mercury 07° Sagittarius 53′ 14″ Venus 27° Libra 12′ 48″ Mars 06° Libra 44′ 41″ Jupiter 09° Aquarius 05′ 01″ Saturn 28° Scorpio 51′ 28″ Uranus 16° Sagittarius 15′ 42″ Neptune 01° Capricorn 40′ 41″ Pluto 05° Scorpio 05′ 38″ Chiron 13° Gemini 25′ 48″… Read more »
Hi Jessica, I am a premium member and love your website and service. Below is my birth chart from your site. Sun 24° Scorpio 08′ 58″ Moon 14° Gemini 22′ 24″ Mercury 09° Sagittarius 02′ 44″ R Venus 07° Libra 38′ 12″ Mars 18° Scorpio 25′ 11″ Jupiter 08° Sagittarius 44′ 05″ Saturn 04° Capricorn 27′ 21″ Uranus 21° Leo 01′ 50″ Neptune 07° Scorpio 20′ 21″ Pluto 06° Virgo 02′ 42″ Chiron 22° Aquarius 47′ 31″ Juno 21° Scorpio 09′ 07″ Vesta 05° Scorpio 31′ 03″ Ceres 21° Sagittarius 22′ 31″ MC 26° Gemini 08′ 40″ IC 26° Sagittarius… Read more »

Hi Jess
I am a newcomer to astrology but I am learning from your excellent articles. If your birthday falls on anew moon does this have greater significance? I appreciate your comments. Thankyou.

Hello Jessica, I have six factors in Sagittarius, does this mean I could be up for much more change than usual or in more ways? I found the travelling insight fascinating as my wife, three young kids and I are going on a 5 week holiday December 7th to Asia, Europe and USA. I didn’t get a marketing director promotion recently but I do feel change will happen within the year from a work point of view as I’ve been doing this job for 5 years which is the longest I’ve done by far, I’m even considering going into semi… Read more »
Hi Jessica, This is a weird time for me, It was my 30th birthday 2 weeks ago. (Born: 6/11/87 approx 22hrs in London) I went for dinner and my table did not look how I thought it would look. People who I thought would be there were not. I never thought 30years old looked like this. I feel like I have so much work to do. This year I feel like I worked out finally what is most important to my existence. Being a good mother and sharing all that I have with my loved ones. Becoming a mother has… Read more »
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