How May 2018 Changes Everything

How May 2018 Changes Everything

May 2018 changes everything in astrology – and in your life. No wonder this piggy bank has such a stunned expression on its face. In the space of just a few days, starting on Sunday 13th May, we will be thrown into the biggest revolution of our lives. It will affect taxation. It will affect currency. It will affect the sharemarkets.

The Piggy Bank here looks stunned, but why? (Photo Fabian Blank).


Dates to Watch in May 2018

On Sunday May 13th at 12.40pm in London, quite a few interesting lunches will take place between the Piggies (as George Harrison used to call them) of international banking and business. At that moment, Mercury enters Taurus, the money sign, and the conversations, text messages or e-mails will fly. Normally this would not be a big deal, as we find Mercury the planet of communication in Taurus, the planet of money, every year. This time, though, it’s different. Within days, what happens will affect the U.S. dollar (below) and every world currency.


The US Dollar will not survive Uranus in Taurus.


Uranus the Planet of Revolution

Within hours on Sunday 13th May, the Moon also enters Taurus, at 6.15pm so from lunch to supper in London, a great deal will go down – beyond the roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. What is interesting about this time is that anybody who is not using astrology will have no idea at all about the shocks ahead.

What we’re seeing is a classic case of Mercury starting discussion, deals and paperwork – and probably some confident announcements – and the New Moon on Tuesday 15th May bringing a new beginning. Then, the shock. Uranus is the planet which always hails revolution and it tends to happen when people least expect it, in a way that they least expect.

On Tuesday 15th May at 11.47am, we see a New Moon with the Sun and Moon in the same place, at Taurus 24. This is then followed hours later by the arrival of Uranus in Taurus at 3.16pm. Zap!

What to Expect – the Unexpected

On Wednesday 23rd May, Mercury at 16 Taurus opposes Jupiter at 16 Scorpio and as both these signs are associated with deadly serious finance, big business and banking, we are likely to see some huge announcements within 24 hours. Uranus at 0 Taurus on the same day will also conjunct Panacea at 0 Taurus. That’s a shock.

Two days later on Friday 25th May, Jupiter at 16 Scorpio is trine Neptune at 16 Pisces. For billions of people who were born with Neptune at 16 Scorpio, back in the 1960’s, this is a phenomenal ‘bubble’ of opportunity.

These people, who have risen to become the CEOs or leaders of the world, will experience a personal Big Bubble which must logically be coming out of a global big bubble.

This is just one of the reasons that May 2018 changes everything. This is especially true for the United Kingdom. The horoscope is below, set for 1st January 1801 when the country became a new nation. She was born with four factors in Taurus in the Second House of currency, business, trade and the economy. She was also born with Neptune (bubbles) in Scorpio, right opposite.

Brexit and May 2018

Starting in May 2018, with a bang and a boom, the United Kingdom will see her pounds and pence reshaped over the course of many years as Uranus, the planet of revolution, freedom and independence, slowly crosses every Taurus factor she has. Could the United Kingdom walk away from the European Union without a deal? In May 2018 many will be pushing for that result as Uranus is not about compromise or co-operation, it is about rebellion. This goes beyond trade, though, into the actual nature of the currency itself. Forget Bitcoin. The new one-world digital currency is coming from May 2018 and the United Kingdom will be pulled into a revolution. If you are a Premium Member and have your personal birth chart, look for Taurus and Scorpio factors. If you have more than six across both signs then May 2018 is also going to change your financial future. Watch this space.



The UK astrological chart
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Wow Jessica, that does sound scary, or maybe not? I have loads of Scorpio factors- should I worry about Uranus opposing all the factors there?
I also have Chiron at 2 degrees of Taurus (so uranus will touch that by July 2018). How can this manifest?
Thank you

Hi Jessica, so far you were right about everything. I asked in the previous columns about my daughter and you said it’s going to be okay and voila, everything changed the way you said it would. How does Uranus moving into Taurus affect my chart? I’m an Aquarius with Scorpio ascendant and Scorpio moon. Thank you!

I don’t have many Taurus, Scorpio factors but I do have the nodes at 16 Taurus/Scorpio and Neptune at 20 Scorpio. After a lifetime of struggle and instability despite successes I wonder if this signals a change for me. I am at point where my previous profession isn’t viable now and despite a clear vision and absolute determination, my new profession as a (Healing)martial arts instructor is not yet in a position to sustain me. Once again, I have to do this with the skin of my teeth including recovering from almost total physical breakdown in the last couple of… Read more »

Hi Jessica,

This is going to be an extraordinary event and thank you for sharing with us at this early stage. Can i ask you how these changes will affect me, I am a Virgo sign, with Aquarius ascendant, and Gemini moon. You have always been very accurate, thank you so much.

Hi Jessica,

I have mars in Taurus in my 10th house. Natal Uranus in 4th. How could this affect me?
Hopefully in a positive way:/

Dear Jessica, Thanks for writing this post which leaves me on the panicky side about my own personal chart which has 7 Taurus and Scorpio factors. Sun – 26° Taurus 54′ 19″ Mercury – 09° Taurus 55′ 29″ Jupiter – 27° Scorpio 09′ 17″ R Neptune – 05° Scorpio 00′ 49″ R Apollo – 00° Taurus 36′ 09″ Ops – 07° Taurus 46′ 47″ Proserpina – 15° Taurus 47′ 18″ Can you help me understand what is ahead for me during the “what to expect” period. I am green on this subject so I thank you for any guidance you… Read more »
Hi Jessica, Another interesting article. Thank you. These are the sort of articles that prompted me to become a premium member recently. Can you let me know how this set of events will impact me please? On the professional level, I am trying to change my area of expertise within the same industry. My current expertise does not seem to have a future. Have been trying to upskill myself in a new area (which uses some of my previous skills) for the last 1-2 years with little to show .. Haven’t been fully committed, I admit. At my current workplace,… Read more »
Hi Jessica, I would very much appreciate your insight I have Hygeia, Proserpina & Bacchus in Taurus and Psyche, Neptune & Panacea in Scorpio. Proserpina & Neptune oppose each other at 13 degrees. Reading your previous post re the Scorpio birthday year, you mentioned the North Node moving into Cancer in 2018. My NN is 20 Cancer. I have a big decision to make regarding selling my home & have been going backwards & forwards for some time over this. It will be a life changing thing for the family. Something I don’t really want to do as a Cancerian… Read more »

Hi Jessica

I have 5 Scorpio factors and 3 Taurus factors. How could this affect me please? I am looking for a job and hoping to be gainfully employed way before May 2018.


Hi Jessica, So are you saying that the US Dollar would plumit down? As you can see in my chart I have 5 Taurus and 5 Scorpio factors. Is there anything I should especially be concerned with? Also my live in partner has 6 Taurus factors and 2 Scorpio. I’m including the chart info on his as well. Anything for us to watch out for with so many Taurus and Scorpio factors between us? Should we prepare to lose our money or anything scary?? His Taurus and Scorpio factors are: Mercury  02° Taurus Saturn  20° Taurus Ceres  21° Taurus MC … Read more »

Dear Jessica,

Thank you very much for your reply. That is all making more sense now.
And thanks for reminding me of Gerald Durrell ! My Family and Other Animals was given to me by my father when I was young and became one of our favourite books.
Will give that a read again and look into the Durrells. That will remind me not to be fixed on an outcome but to work with all possibilities and even take a leap of faith.
Best wishes.

Hi Jessica, I have a few factors in Taurus (Psyche, Panacea, Vesta, Mercury) at various degrees – some earlier, some late. When can I expect to be hit by Uranus, so to speak?!
Anything especially momentous that I should look out for? I’m hoping when Panacea is pinged that it particularly fortuitous, because that’s a forever story… I take on board all your advice!
Many thanks!

Hi Jessica,
I see you’ve made the comment to a few people not to worry about their ascendant. My ascendant is 29 degrees Taurus. My Pisces sun is 17 degrees in my 11th house, and it looks like Neptune will be conjunct my sun soon after Uranus enters Taurus. I have Neptune 13 degrees Scorpio. Any clues about how these big changes will affect me? Your articles are wonderful, and love being a subscriber who gets to read all that your write. Thank you!
With gratitude, Carmen

I’ve been following this for a while now, being a small business and e-shop owner. I am seing how things are changing and I really do hope that banks have less power and that we can have alternative ways of doing business and making money without these institutions. Since I have North node in Scorpio, I guess I am affected too more on a business level than personal. Thanks !

This is so beautiful!! Finally :-))
I am actually feel so happy about it even though other people might be scared…, I AM NOT!
Hi Jess, would you tell me please why I feel this way? LOL

Love & Hugs

Hi Jessica,

can you please provide some insight on the Mercury / Jupiter opposition where Jupiter will close conjunction my Neptune as Uranus squares my Sun? Also, are there any other influences to consider?
Thankyou in advance.

Dear Jessica,
i love your website. It’s the first thing I look at in the morning and the last thing I look at at night. Thank you for all your information. I am a new premium member. I would like to know if you see anything happening for me regarding a job, a move and a possible romance. Thank you again.

Dear Jessica,
Thank you for your wonderful web sight. I have just started my premium membership. I am really looking forward to reading and learning so much.
Do you see anything to look forward to for me? A job, romance?
Thank you again for making astrology so much fun!

Hello Jessica,
After having lived through a horrid year 2017, cant wait till it is over. I am dreading what is in my futjre in 2018, I’m a gemini born on 30.05.1964, and I have many factors in taurus and scorpio for ebg,IC 46′ 38″”in Scorpio, Mars 04’22” Taurus Mercury Jupiter 24’05” Taurus,Neptune 50′ 58″ Scorpio, Juno 37′ 49″Scorpio, MC 46′ 38″ Taurus, Minerva 52′ 42″ Taurus, any info you can give me is very much appreciated, thank you Cecilia.

HI Jessica
I’ve got Taurus ascendant and 6 factors in Scorpio.
I’m 51 and still haven’t worked out what I’m going to do when I grow up ;)
Will May ’18 provide some astro support for me career-wise or monetarily?

Hi Jessica,

I have 5 factors in Scorpio and 2 in Taurus, including the North and South nodes. I am in the process of changing residencies and jobs. There is a lot of pressure involving my personal life and for the past year, I have been juggling personal and professional lives. Now, I am at the crossroads. How bad can it get?

Hello Jessica. Love your website!! Thank you! This year has been a horrible rollercoaster ride for me. A “friend”/neighbor borrowed a substantial amount almost 3 yrs ago; Neighbor signed a contract, promising payment within a year. After begging to return my money, the stress took a toll and I suffered a mini stroke in May this year. Subsequently, I sold my house (stress n tension) in.August and moved away. Filed in.court n court date has been set for Dec 14th. I just signed a contract to purchase a house. Extremely worried if I made the right decision and worry… Read more »

It is not the first time you mention this big revolution on the blog!
I’ve been trying to keep an eye on possible changes and maybe some clues, especially since I’m a small business owner and, possibly a small e-shop owner in the future.
I’m betting it all on my small corner of the internet and I’ve been trying to make it work and prepare for any eventualities.

I do have Hygeia and Minerva in Taurus. And Pluto, Moon, and Ceres in Scorpio.
Could you tell me how this will affect me? Any advice on how to handle May 2018 revolution?

Have a lovely day!

Hi Jessica, Great article! I think this is exciting? I have a lot of Scorpio in my chart and Taurus on my IC. I’m not sure how to view this (other than getting professional financial advice). How will this impact the business that my husband and I are slowly growing (will we earn enough so I can quit my day job?) and our home? We have the opportunity to purchase a newer, but a more expensive home that we think will better fit our needs, but the mortgage will be significantly higher, so we haven’t moved on this. Thanks in… Read more »
Hi Jessica You have mentioned the revolutionary times with regards to currencies & financial markets in several previous columns. Generally I get quite excited as I love revolutions, yet despite trying hard to stay open to what or how I might save or make money from next May, I remain fearful and cannot see anything positive about my financial future….low income work, no savings, several properties that I cannot sell as they are worth half what I bought them for and hence no future pension either. With 9 Taurus and Scorpio factors I wonder what could shift so dramatically in… Read more »
Hi Jessica, I have 6 Scorpio/Taurus factors and with Neptune and my MC at 13 Scorpio and IC at 13 Taurus and Ceres close by at 12 Taurus. In addition, I also have my SN in aquarius which will also be crossing over this area, I believe around the same time. Having lost my job recently at the age of 55, I am not sure if I should retire or start looking for a new job. I work in Human Resources and I have a professional accounting degree, but I’m not sure If i want to get back into the… Read more »

I have mine at 16′ Scorpio true north node, how will this affect me please?
Thanks Jessica

Hi Jessica, I’ve been a long time reader of your free and generously provided horoscopes but only recently joined a Premium Member, and am glad I did. I’ve been reading all night! I have Chiron in Taurus and a few Scorpio factors in my natal chart. I’m wondering how this weather will affect me seeing as I’m currently at a crossroads about which way to go with my career and earning capacity. I feel I need to make a decision about finally being able to set up financially but at the cost of being full-time with more stress and broader… Read more »

Hi Jessica. The topic of financial revolution has gripped me for months.

Have you any thoughts on blockchain technology? I read this article today and it dings so loud. A quick google on blockchain after I read it confirmed how big this will be, the fastest growing skill in the finance world.

What are your thoughts on Dubai already using this system, saving millions of hours of resource already? And do you think London could benefit via brexit and a cutting of it’s financial chains with Europe?

Dear Jessica, Six months ago you wrote about the Uranus transit into Taurus, and of course being. a Taurus woman, I was riveted. My question relates to the following: Moonin Tarus at 1 degree, MC 5 Taurus, North Node 14 Taurus, Sun 17 Taurus, and Mercury 27 Taurus. It is the Moon that will be highly affected with trines to Mars 25 Leo ( and my rising sign), trine Jupiter 28retrograde Sagittarius in the 5th House. The Moon sextiles natal Uranus at 25 degrees Gemini and Venus 0 degree Cancer. I hope this note is not cumbersome, but I welcome… Read more »
Hi Jessica. I so appreciate your wisdom and spiritual insight. I’m concerned about my financial situation as it’s precarious with a small massage business and how that will affect me. You said forget Bitcoin? Is there going to be another global currency come to the fore? Any ideas? I have 3 factors in Scorpio & Taurus. NEPTUNE – 00 Deg Scorpio, VESTA – 10 Deg Scorpio, ASC – 00 Deg Scorpio. Also DESC – 00 Deg Taurus, OPS – 07 Deg Taurus and Vulcano – 09 Deg Taurus. Thank you so much. I really look to you/ astrology for guidance… Read more »
Hi. I’ve got a couple of close friends who work in IT for banks and I try to talk to them about this stuff, but my Astro talk comes across as some form of necromancy lol. So I keep digging and make Google dance to find more info to help build a clearer picture in the hope it clicks and then they can help me with useful insight from the banking perspective. Today I found Wells Fargo is one of the big four American banks. Founded March 18, 1852 in San Francisco. Having a look at the chart for that… Read more »

Hello Jessica.
I’m one of those 60’s babies and also having a wonderful Scorpio year which is supposed to carry on to October next year. Will this May be a bump in the road for me or another opportunity junction? I have only 5 factors in Scorpio and Taurus.
Thank you so much for your contributions, I’ve become a massive fan of astrology because of you.
Sincerely. AC

Hi Jessica.
Very impressive work!
I am an Aries Sun and MC with Venus at 24 Taurus and (at the moment a very happy) Moon at 15 Scorpio. Mars at 20 Capricorn.
The company I work for is being sold as we speak, I am supposed to transfer to the new company with my present contract. BUT I am feeling itchy, needing change.
To risk it or not, that is the question.
Any ideas?

Hi Jessica,

Thank-you so much for this intriguing post … I’m a native Scorpio with seven factors across both Scorpio (6) and Taurus (1) and was wondering what kind of personal impact the larger events of May 2018 might have on my chart? I’m at a huge financial crossroads in my life right now … much thanks!!

Hi Jessica,

Nathanial Popper (NY Times) here gives a great history and mentions what you have mentioned- the possibility of competitor digital currencies

thanks for setting us onto this: we are all able to keep abreast of developments in the skies and the cloud/s (!) with you!

Hi Jessica,

I feel I am slightly seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, though monetary gains have not been in the picture.
My Cupido is in 15deg, prosperina in 13deg, Chiron in 15deg, Diana in 25deg in Taurus and Scorpio factors are moon in 2deg, juno in 5deg, and uranus in 29deg.

How do I gain in May 2018?


Hi Jessica,

I’m new to your site and quite confused on how to read the last 2 numbers in my birth chart. what does the 50′ and 57″” mean? And looking at my Taurus at 22 degrees to the moon, how can I tell which house it’s affecting?
22° Taurus 50′ 57″

I have been following your daily horoscopes and I have to say they have been extremely accurate to the exact date for a recent property purchase! Even my friends were shocked when I show them what was predicted on the day. Thank you!

Thank you Jessica for your reply. Appreciate your insight and guidance. You are so right! Lost more than l wrote. Hopefully the courts will settle in my favor. Have a written contract.
Thank you again!!

Great article once again Jessica!
This is going to be an extraordinary event and thank you for sharing with us at this early stage. Can i ask you how these changes will affect me,? /in January I am going to the court against a bank about my mortgage..
Sincere Thanks

Hi Jessica, will the is the release of the Paradise papers be connected to May 2018? I wonder if the legal avoidance of tax avoidance will once and finally be resolved, now even the Queen (or her advisors) is implicated? If you have time, could you have a quick look at my chart, what do I need to be looking out for in May 2018, I run my own business, which is struggling at the moment and I’m worried about it. Many thanks x

Hello Jessica. A fascinating article. Certainly the trine between cautious conservative Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus the revolutionary in Aries has been interesting in economics and politics. Are we having a revolution or going back to tried and trusted? You suggest the move of Uranus into Solid fixed Taurus will pull the scales down on the side of change. Interesting times ahead. I have five factors in a Scorpio, including Sun and Neptune, three in Taurus and Capricorn. Natal moon in process of being conjunted by Pluto, which will Trine factors in Virgo and Taurus. I have been doing a… Read more »
Really interesting article Jessica. Another one! Jessica I have my IC at 13 degrees Scorpio with the Part of Fortune conjunct. I’m thinking of moving house in the near future. Should I move before May 2018 or wait until later, especially as transit Neptune has been opposing my natal Saturn for quite some time now and won’t finalise for a year or so? My solar arc Jupiter has just progressed to 1 degree Taurus, my solar arc Ascendant is at 3 degrees Scorpio and my solar arc Moon is just minutes away from conjuncting my Ascendant at 27 Leo. Is… Read more »

Dear Jessica,

Thanks to your advice I did manage to survive a taugh situation with an opponent and recover from a severe health collapse this year. I am still fighting though, trying to drag myself to the end of the year:)).
THANK YOU SO MUCH, Jessica, for the hope that you gave me!

I am from the generation which will turn 52 next year. How can I protect my finances:)?

Here you can see Scorpio and Taurus in my chart.

19° Scorpio 25′ 49″
03° Taurus 43′ 58″
21° Taurus 08′ 49″ R
21° Scorpio 08′ 49″ R

Thank you so much for your advice!

Hello, Jessica. Can you please let me know how the changes in May 2018 might impact me? I have 7 Taurus factors, including Hygeia at 0 Taurus, Sun at 5 Taurus, and Bacchus at 6 Taurus, so Uranus will hit these points in 2018-2019. Also, Uranus will immediately trine my natal Jupiter at 0 Virgo once it crosses into Taurus. I am especially curious about how it might impact my career and finance because I am actively trying to figure out a new direction, and the road really is not clear. I keep getting into situations where my hard work… Read more »

Hey Jessica, thanks for all the great info :) Does my chart say anything related to business or good news/ what to look for..good or to handle, etc? Also wondering how the upcoming transit of Saturn in Capricorn will play out…Saturn in Sag has been a tough one but I can see how it has helped a particular relationship become unbreakable, so I am ok with that ;) Thanks for your time!

Hi. When Uranus last entered Taurus, Pluto was 23° Cancer. Next year when Uranus returns there, Pluto is 21° Capricorn. The nodes are also opposite on the Leo/Aquarius axis. I realise I’m fishing a bit here, but your arricles mention that you think Brexit will likely result in Britain opting for the Swiss model for trade. As the infamous secrecy around Swiss banking was created in 1934, I was wondering if the combination of the Pluto and Nodes reversals and Uranus charged freedom may mean that instead of secret banking being enshrined in law, that open and transparent banking will… Read more »

Hello Jessica
I have been a premium member for some years and have never posted before. Your interesting article prompted me to write this time. Having had a very stressful two years financially and a rollercoaster ten years emotionally, I am aching for a more settled life and financially stable situation. I need more control over my life. How will May 2018 affect me? Many thanks, Chrissy

Wow, this seems scary! It is a global depression of some kind?

I’m planning on selling my house. Should I seal the deal before May 2018?

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