Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius 2017

Mercury Retrograde Shadow in Sagittarius begins on Wednesday 15th November, bringing weeks of muddled travel plans for all of us, as we go into the Christmas holiday season. In fact, the cycle won't end until the final shadow on Wednesday 10th January. How will it affect your personal horoscope and what can you do?

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Fantastic read! Very helpful too!
I admire you so much.

My hear just sank – I’m just booking a trip to see my love departing 16 Nov …
I’m somewhat reassured that you’re not deterred from traveling.
But what do you think of my south node at 13 Sag and Christmas Day?
Thank you!

Another fantastic article! Thank you so much Jessica. I look forward to everything you write and definitely heed your advice on mercury retrogrades. Really interesting about how during mercury retrograde people lie too! I’ve experienced that this year with a particular person who only shows up during a mercury retrograde and I end up getting lied to and rejected! I’m hoping I can avoid it this time around. But I do have a Sagittarius stellium with mercury 22 sagittarius in particular. I have two short trips planned on November 23-26th to the beach and another December 20-24th to the Smokey… Read more »

Hi Jessica,
Many thanks for this great article about Mercury retrograde. Having factors in sagittarius, I’m wondering if I will be impacted? I have two majors headlines in my life : I should be moving into my new house before Christmas (well… I hope so) and my publisher should launch my book in January (should we wait ?). Merci !

Hi Jessica, I believe I have 7 aspects in Sagittarius, including my Sun, 12/14/83 if you can’t see my chart. I was trying to file for custody of my daughter before Mercury Retrograde, but the earliest appointment I could get was Nov. 17th. My ex is across the country and has been very tough to deal with basically abandoning us, refusing to talk to me, not calling my daughter when he’s not in town, and not giving me money for the past year. I’m very anxious about resolving this quickly so I don’t have to worry about him trying to… Read more »

Hi Jessica,
I have Jupiter in Sag @ 25 degree and Desc @ 24 Sag .. Also some other placements in the degree range but not in Sag. Could you provide your great knowledge as to how this Mercury retro can / will affect me.


Hi Jessica,
Thank you for all this information it is so great. I am a little concerned because I will be on a cruise Dec 1-4th. My Mars is 17 in Sagittarius. We have a full moon Dec 3rd. Is there anything I should be careful of other then the norm?
Thank you

Hello Jessica, I’m new to this site. The reason why I got premium membership immediately is bcz I’m stunned by your forecast for this year. Although it is not related to this article, may I ask you about 1999 flashback for Aquarius? You mentioned Karma with one person, and this is how it seems to be unfolding in my life now. In late July this year, I met my first boyfriend from 1999-2000 after 17 years. There had been some delays in communication until mid September – also as you stated. From mid September till the end of October, it… Read more »

Hi Jessica,

Well written and balanced article as always. Thank you! I was wondering about those of us who are born with Mercury in retrograde. Do these Mercury retrograde cycles help or hurt us?

Hello Jessica, Another great read, I always look forward to your every post! A Sagittarius stellium here, so 10th of January cannot arrive quickly enough for me. I have started a new business (since 19th July – date of company’s incorporation) with a business partner (Aquarius stellium…) and I can now see how different we are in the way we approach things. This is not necessarily bad as we complement each other on many work fronts, but equally there are a lot of differing opinions which lead a lot of friction (not an obvious one…but you can sense the atmosphere… Read more »

Hi Jessica!

Eeeek! I’m a little concerned because I am emigrating on Nov. 15th to a different province. I’ve just shipped a few boxes via UPS and hoping I won’t run into issues with those. I’m actually flying out on Nov. 15 with four large suitcases! I’ll be moving in with my new housemates that very day and starting a new job on Nov. 20th, however, the contract was signed much in advance.

Can you advise how I’ll be impacted by this mercury retrograde?

Thank you very much!

Thanks for the useful information.
Just a question though. In this article and comments, you have indicated a bit of negativity about Brexit. In your earlier blogs, I felt that words always indicated a positive outcome for Britain. Have I misunderstood? Thanks in advance for clarifying.

Gosh, Would you believe as fate has it, I’m patiently working through – and with – TWO Gemini sun/Sagg rising colleagues! One is currently in hibernation (re my teaching) however the other is a young woman ex client a years back, who has asked to collaborate; she runs a new digital marketing biz – it’s been stop and start 3 times over 2 years and finally I agreed and said yes to her doing my website and assisting to promote retreats (50/50 on attendee$. Our deadline I was really clear on 1 November (before mX etc) and she’s already mused… Read more »

Hi Jessica, I’ve had the hardest time finding a job this year. This caused some serious depression, and lack of self confidence. Which in turn, hasn’t allowed me to make progress in anything else at home. Do you think I’ll land a job after Sagittarius transit?

Thank you so much!

Dear Jessica, I only joined recently but I understood it seems like there are extraordinary times ahead, according to the information on this amazing website. As Jupiter is transiting my birth Jupiter, Mars is transiting my birth Mars (Libra) and those houses together with my Saggitarius house are the strongest, I am wondering what all this means. It’s too complex for a beginner to analyze on my own. I hope you have a bit of time for an insight to help prepare for that period. Many thanks in advance. Anna Jupiter 10° Scorpio 08′ 22″ Uranus 04° Sagittarius 21′ 14″… Read more »
Dear Jessica I am in the process of making inroads into the worlds of: words-images (3rd house- with immense support from a brotherly figure) and worldwide web-publishing (9th house) through: (1) launching my own webpage (2) write ups on 9th house themes: culture, religion (buddhism), philosophy Keeping the astrology in mind I am well aware that: (1) I have my exact saturn return in sag (9th house), in december (2) mercury retrograde starts right on my natal saturn, in december (3) saturn in capricorn will be in my solar 3rd house, in december (I have my natal jupiter at 3… Read more »

Hi Jessica,

I’m interested in your thoughts in regards to the current Same Sex Marriage vote that was announced ironically on the 15th November. The same day as the start of the Mercury retrograde shadow. Do you think this will have an impact on the discussions involving passing the actual law?

Curious to see what the stars have planned for that as everyone is celebrating already & my feeling is there will be hiccups……



Hi Jessica!! Great read as always very informative. I have a Sagittarius stellum and my boyfriend is in the UK and I’m in portland OR. I am a premium member so I’ve been looking at my chart and wonder if this is going to make us being together for the holidays not possible. It’s already been a Shit show (excuse the language) of a year and I just want the past couple of years to go away… and better times to breeze on in haha

Day One Mercury Retrograde – the car has a puncture and will need new tyres. :-(
Travel plans for the next few days all turned on their head.
I hope this is not how it’s going to be for me until January?
Happy travelling Jessica
Pauline x


Jessica! Help! I know we should avoid signing papers during mercury retrograde, but, I might have to for my new house. I am trying to negotiate to close it on or after 23rd, but, not sure if it will happen. I already know that there is some work that needs to be done for the house, but, is there anything else that you see in my chart in the future regarding this purchase, please?

Thanks a bunch!!

Hello Jessica :) I’m so glad to back on as a premium member after a few glitches in the renewal system in the last few days (Mercury retro effect already…?). If you have time, please would you comment on my chart? I have the sun at 7 and Venus at 13 Sagittarius. I’m looking forward to Saturn leaving! I work as an academic and have recently applied for tenure at my university – which is also going through some serious industrial disputes with our union at the moment (for the last two years). I have just moved in with my… Read more »
Hi Jessica, I need to tell you this :). A few months back, you replied one of my query about my ex boyfriend ( he was born on 10 May 1978 at 16:30 pm in Chester, UK) and you mentioned that if we will be back together it will happen during the last 4 months of 2017. Here is the thing; after 13 months of no communication at all, he called me up on the 2nd of November out of the blue telling me that he still have feelings for me and he wants to talk the things between me… Read more »
Hi Jessica, I’m a big fan of yours for a long time now, and have known about Mercury retrograde effect ever since. I always listened to your advice to be extra careful during this period with travel, publishing, signing contracts etc. I’ve been trying to sell my business for a long time without success. But just yesterday an offer came along and Mercury starts its retrograde motion today. What do I do? I couldn’t reject the long awaited offer. And the other party is extremely keen to take over by the middle of December or the latest the 19th of… Read more »
Hi Jessica, I love your posts. I’m particularly feeling this retrograde as I have a number of Sag factors. Not only am I getting lost in traffic and the online world hates me, but I’m also having some HUGE miscommunication issues with someone I was revisiting a long distance relationship with – he’s broken it off just in the last day or so. In fact, he may have reached out to try again around the time mercury was going shadow! We’ve attempted this relationship three times now! So my question is, considering everything I say at the moment seems to… Read more »
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