The Natural House System

The Natural House System

The Natural House system in astrology is really easy to understand. It also happens to be great for prediction. Unlike the extremely complicated chart below, it’s clean and tidy – so what follows is a quick guide on how to use it, and understand it, when forecasting your future or figuring out  your personality.


The Natural House System Starts With Aries 0 

The Natural House system starts with Aries 0 degrees on the cusp of the First House and follows round. In other house systems like Koch, Equal, Placidus you put your Ascendant or Rising Sign and degree on the cusp of the First House. Not so with this one. In fact, your angles (Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven, Immum Coeli) will end up in their own houses.

The Natural House system, for example, puts Princess Diana’s IC or Immum Coeli in Aries, straight into her First House, as you can see below. This is a horoscope calculated for 1st July 1961 at 7.45pm in Sandringham. The First House always shows image, profile, appearance, public face and here we have the IC (her family) dominating everything, in the sign of Aries, which is associated with battles, feuds and fights. I am going to use a photograph to show how a family member in the military passed on his genes to Diana. They look very much alike, and it’s a good example of how accurate the Natural House system is. This is the 7th Earl Spencer, below. What is also interesting, is that Diana famously took on land mines.


Princess Diana’s ancestor, the 7th Earl Spencer.



The natal chart of Princess Diana.



The Natural House System Follows the Natural Zodiac
I hope you can see that the Natural House System follows the natural zodiac. Aries 0 is on the cusp of the First House. Taurus 0 is on the cusp of the Second House. Gemini 0 is on the cusp of the Third House, and so on, until we we arrive at Pisces 0 on the cusp of the Twelfth House. If you have anything in Aries in your chart it will also end up in the First House, just like Princess Diana. If you also happen to have the IC or Immum Coeli in Aries in the First House, which would be exactly like Princess Diana, then you may well physically resemble a family member who was in the army, navy or air force.

Looking for Packed Houses
Using the Natural House System (and asteroids, which as a Premium Member you can see instantly in your chart) it is possible to eyeball your horoscope and find out who you are. Which houses are packed? Diana had a packed Fourth House and Fifth House. She had a majority of factors in Cancer, which rules the Fourth House, and Leo, which rules the Fifth House. Cancer is about motherhood, family, property and one’s country. Leo is about lovers, children and young people as a whole. It is also rather obviously a symbol of royalty, as the lion is an ancient icon in many European courts.

Transits in Packed Houses
The events which make us who we are, tend to happen when there are transits in these packed houses. So, using Diana as an example once again, her marriage to Prince Charles took place over the height of the British summer, when the Sun was passing through Cancer (her Fourth House, in July) and into Leo (her Fifth House, in August). It was across this time that she married into the royal family, became the future Queen of her country and began the path to motherhood. If you look at your packed houses, it should not take you long to figure out that every year, when the Sun goes through Cancer, Leo or whatever, it is in those months that defining events take place. If you have a packed Leo house like Diana, for example, it will be when the Sun passes through Leo from the final week of July to the third week of August that your connection to lovers, babies or the world of children – or young people – is shaped. For better or worse, that time of year will define who you are. It’s easy to find out when the Sun is passing through any particular zodiac sign – the birth dates given in any horoscope column will tell you. Scorpio people are born from the last week of October to the third week of November. That’s when the Sun is in Scorpio.

Natural Houses and Other House Systems

You can use Natural Houses with the Solar Chart or Solar House System very easily, and this will give you two perspectives on yourself and your destiny. You might also want to try the Natural House system alongside Koch, Placidus, Equal or whatever. All house systems work. They are a personal preference of the astrologer. I like Natural Houses because they are so good for pinpoint accuracy with prediction. They are also ‘clean’ in that they don’t owe anything, to any particular person. Placidus houses were popularised by a monk called Placidus, living many centuries before us. As you can see from the Comments section on this website, very few of my readers are monks! That’s why I like a house system that is – well – natural.

Your Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven (MC) and Immum Coeli (IC) in Houses

The Natural House system horrifies some astrologers who cannot believe that you can put an angle like the Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven or Immum Coeli into a house. Yet – it works. Thinking about your Ascendant or Rising Sign, for example, if you read your profile, role or public face through the ‘windows’ of that house, you will see how its concerns and themes are a reflection of how people view you, for better or worse. Similarly, your Midheaven or MC, once placed in a house, will show you which themes and stories in your life, suggest your true calling or vocation. It may have nothing to do with work.

Experiment with the Natural House system now. If you are a Premium Member, your astrological birth chart will automatically be drawn, using this method. It is sometimes called Aries 0 Rising or Aries 0 Ascendant, but actually, as the houses follow the natural order of the zodiac, it really is natural!

11 thoughts on “The Natural House System

  1. Hi Jessica,

    Can you please help me with this as i’ve always found this a bit confusing? My ascendant, descendant, IC and Midheaven would be houses 1, 7, 4 and 10? If the sun is in scorpio then why is it considered to impact my 4th house and not 8th?
    thank you.

    • Your Ascendant is Aries and MC or Midheaven is Capricorn. Your Descendant or DC is Cancer and your IC or Immum Coeli is Cancer. I’m using the solar chart/sun sign house system for the information about the Fourth House.

  2. Hi Jessica
    Thanks for explaining the Natural House system so clearly!
    Looking at my chart I immediately noticed that my MC is in the sign of my husband, Leo, the ASC is in the sign of my son , Sagittarius and the DESC is in the sign of my daughter, Gemini!
    Can you explain a little more how this plays out?
    I would say my life has definitely been about my family and looking after them through their illnesses, even though I have always worked outside the home.
    Many thanks

    • Thank you Maria. The explanation for your husband, son and daughter all having chart patterns that tally with yours is that you go through the same things together – specifically, moving or travelling together or dealing with nationality/citizenship issues (Sagittarius-Gemini) and of course, Leo rules children.

  3. HI Jessica. Just wanted to say a quick thank you for your ‘scopes. Through time, I’ve found yours to be the most practical and far-reaching as far as me being mindful about the things going on (and coming up) with my life. =)

  4. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for the explanation on your system, I think any book I’ve read previously has used placidus but I much prefer the accuracy of your horoscopes! Are there any books you would recommend on the natural house system? Also I’ve often wondered about my chart not having anything in Virgo or the sixth house using your system. Is this significant? Thank you

    • Thank you. I stopped using Placidus many years ago because my poor Cosmopolitan readers were fed up with having their sex lives analysed with a house system popularised by a celibate old monk! There are no books on the Natural House system but if you remain a Premium Member in 2018 I am taking an online two-month crash course in that system, and also the asteroids. If you happen to be in London, you can come to the real-time classes at The Astrological Lodge, just off Baker Street.

    • You have a lot of factors in Leo if you look at your birth chart. If you then look at the ‘clock face’ of your round personal horoscope you will see all those factors in Leo together, in one section. That is your Fifth House. It rules lovers and the world of babies, children and younger people. You express a lot of your personality through those areas of life, for better or worse. The Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Minerva and Apollo are all in Leo so that is a big, complicated, interesting story which you will ‘write’ your whole life. If you were using a different house system, those factors would be in a totally different house, or life area. I prefer to use this one, because I have found it’s so accurate. Here is one way to test. Ask yourself who or what defines you. Is it godchildren? Your paid or unpaid work on behalf of younger people? Your lovers? I often see this pattern turn up with school teachers who have two children who are also very important to them – and those sons or daughters are also ‘taught’. Here is another way to check. Whenever the Sun goes through Leo from the final week of July to the third week of August, every year, it will highlight and spotlight your Leo qualities and also your Fifth House concerns. So, for example, you might have a pregnancy confirmed in your world then, or you might break up with a lover. I hope that helps explain how this house system works a little better. For more, hit Search and look up Leo and Fifth House.

  5. Hey Jessica,
    Thank you for this article! I still don’t really understand much yet about the houses :)), but I’ve been reading many of your articles lately and I find mylsef more and more interested in astrology! Thanks for all the helpful articles!


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