Jupiter and Venus

Jupiter and Venus


Jupiter and Venus, the planet of opportunity and the planet of relationships, both meet in the finance sign of Scorpio on Monday 13th November, 2017. What does it mean for your horoscope? This event can only happen every 12 years and it spells good fortune for every sign of the zodiac in astrology but in different ways.

Jupiter and Venus and Your Zodiac Sign

How does the rare Jupiter-Venus conjunction benefit your sign? 
ARIES – Money, property, business, insurance, legacies, finance, sharemarkets, banking, loans, repayments, settlements.
TAURUS – Former partners, current partners, potential partners, feuds, contests, battles, divorces, separations, marriages.
GEMINI – Lifestyle, work, health, duty, service, the body, daily routine, chores, health, surgery, medicine, food, drugs, drink.
CANCER – Pregnancy, adoption, godchildren, nieces, nephews, sons, daughters, IVF, children, students, lovers.
LEO – Houses, apartments, home town, homeland, family, household, family tree, culture, heritage, roots, property.
VIRGO – Multimedia, communication, education, information, the worldwide web, hearing, speech, writing, publishing.
LIBRA – Cash flow, ownership, debt, rewards, income streams, interest, windfalls, profits, loans, possessions, property.
SCORPIO – Image, appearance, name, profile, identity, public face, personal appearance, reputation, brand.
SAGITTARIUS – Secrets, classified information, confidential concerns, privacy, solitude, therapy, mediumship, the occult.
CAPRICORN – Friends, groups, clubs, teams, political parties, rock bands, charities, networks, circles, Twitter, acquaintances.
AQUARIUS – Career, success, status, achievement, ambition, social mountaineering, promotion, the top of the mountain.
PISCES – Travel, foreigners, emigration, foreign countries, distant regions, education, academia, publishing, the web.

Jupiter and Venus in Astrology

Astrology is Roman, and when the Romans exported it to Britain about 2000 years ago, Jupiter was easily one of the most popular new arrivals. Both the planet and the god are associated with growth – Jupiter is a giant planet – and in astrology he is the ‘fertiliser’ who turns acorns into oak trees. In fact, Jupiter has been associated with oak for centuries. The idea that ‘from little acorns, big oak trees grow’ is what Jupiter is all about. In the zodiac sign of Scorpio, which rules the economy, trade, big business and banks, Jupiter will bring expansion, opportunity, solutions and breakthroughs – on, or close to, 13th November. Are you a Premium Member? I recorded a podcast about Jupiter in Scorpio, available to you on this website now.



Spotlight on Venus in Astrology

Venus can be seen in any museum or art gallery. Sometimes she is called Venus, her Roman name, and sometimes she is called Aphrodite – her Greek name. If you go to the Louvre you will see the Venus de Milo in all her seductive glory, being swooned over by tourists using their iPhones to photograph her. It is amazing that this goddess still has such a huge impact on us, 2000 years after she was such a hit with the Romans. Yet – there is more to her than meets the eye. Especially when she’s ‘in bed with’ or in exactly the same zodiac sign as Jupiter – and at the same degree (both meet at 7 degrees of Scorpio on Monday 13th November). As you can see below, Jupiter (left) loved close and complex relationships, but what will he bring with Venus?



In Bed With Jupiter and Venus in Scorpio

Venus, as a Roman goddess, was passionate, emotional and preferred her relationships with people to be hard work . In fact, for Venus, the chemistry is everything in life. She had a son, Cupid and prospective daughter-in-law, Psyche, who gave her some of the biggest dramas of her life – but you sense Venus enjoyed herself with every twist and turn. Venus was also unfaith to her husband Vulcan. She was caught in bed with Mars (which is why Venus and Mars are so frequently bracketed together). She lived for love – ‘The heart wants what it wants’ might as well have been her motto.

We are going to see some rather passionate agreements and encounters in the realm of finance, sharemarkets, trade and the rest as Jupiter meets Venus (a conjunction is an astrological term for occupying the same sign and degree) on Monday 13th November. Of course, a marriage/mortgage is a classic example of Venus and Jupiter in Scorpio. All around you, people who have patterns in their horoscopes which are at 7 degrees will benefit either directly or at a distance from this event.

Do You Have 7 Degree Birth Chart Factors?

If you have 7 degree birth chart factors (for example, the Sun at 7 Taurus or the Ascendant at 7 Capricorn) then the Jupiter-Venus conjunction in Scorpio at 7 degrees will bounce off this part of your chart and you will benefit. What can you expect? Well, other people’s money moves, property choices or financial decisions will help an aspect of your own life. That aspect will be reflected in your own 7 degree placement. So, with the Sun at 7 Taurus in the Second House of cash, you would gain through money. With the Ascendant at 7 Capricorn in the Tenth House of career you would gain professionally. If you are curious about this, please hit Search for topics like the Natural House system, Capricorn, Taurus and so on. You can also ask me questions on Twitter.


Do You Have Scorpio Factors?

If you have Scorpio factors in your birth chart then you have them in the Eighth House of your horoscope, using Natural Houses. The Eighth House describes the last will and testament, legacies, life insurance, bank loans, joint bank accounts, divorce settlements, child custody payments and almost any paperwork of a financial or property-based nature that has a strong human side to it. In other words, it’s not just about the pounds, euros or dollars – it’s about the blood, sweat and tears of human relationships, from marriage, to birth, to death and beyond.

The Venus-Jupiter conjunction for you, is likely to result in a major shift in your own region, country – or on the world stage – which directly benefits you, even though the event itself is broad in scope and affects millions of people. As we have all just been through the saga of seeing big names like Her Majesty the Queen and Bono singled out for multi-million offshore tax avoidance, it is tempting to think that there might be some reform in this area. However – if you have Scorpio factors you are going to see opportunities, open doors, solutions and breakthroughs all over the place – so keep your eyes open. Venus and Jupiter in Scorpio are worth using, although you may want to allow a couple of days to see the full benefits, as your own horoscope may have other patterns which also need to come into play.

If you are curious about your birth chart then please try Premium Membership and you can instantly have it calculated for you. And if you are already a Premium Member, don’t forget to listen to your Jupiter in Scorpio podcast again to hear specific outcomes for your sign, in more detail.


37 thoughts on “Jupiter and Venus

  1. Hi Jessica,
    This looks very close to my NNode 6 Taurus and SNode 6 Scorpio and Minerva 8 Capricorn.. and my Sun is at 10 Taurus. Things have been on hold in my love and work life these last 2-3 years. I understand this is because of Saturn in Sag . How is this going to affect the NN and SN
    Thanks a lot for your answer
    Love your website

    • Thank you SN. You are in a very good position to benefit from an evolving relationship based on a house, business asset, apartment, charity stake, investment or similar as Jupiter and Venus at 7 Scorpio will stretch across your Nodes. I am sure you know the Nodes indicate karma and you have acquired some credits in this life and also previous lifetimes which you will be able to collect. Give this a day or two to show up as you may be waiting for the Moon to arrive at 7 Libra on Tuesday 14th November as this is halfway between your Nodes and Minerva at 8 Capricorn. I am sorry you have not seen anything move forward with your love life and job for three years. Saturn in Sagittarius has nothing to do with that as he has been transiting your Ninth House of travel, publishing and education. Unless your love life and career directly involve those areas of life, it is not Saturn you have to blame for the stuck situation. I wonder if you are in the right environment? You were born with Jupiter at 26 Cancer in the Fourth House and Uranus is moving to 26 Aries where it will make a square. This seems to be an opportunity waiting to happen. Have a look at the actual town/village/city/region/country where you live and consider your dating chances or career prospects on the basis of the geography. We have a New Moon at 26 Scorpio in just a few days which will make an angle to your Jupiter so I reckon it’s timely to talk to you about this. It is amazing how often women in particular find themselves without a lover purely because they are living in a town with bad demographics for single, straight men in their age group. And of course, work is so dependent on location.

  2. Hi Jessica,

    would you be so kind to comment on the aspect the Jupiter/Venus conjunction is making on my chart and how can I use this energy to follow the right path? I feel like I am at a crossroad and I have been working on my Saturn for rather long now but I feel I might be justifying my decisions in a self-sabotaging way. I am looking toward the New Moon in a couple of days that will conjunct my natal Saturn exactly and I am planning to give some fresh air to my Saturn. The eternal question, should I stay or should I go?


    • Adriana, Mercury at 7 Aries in your First House of title, image, profile and Proserpina at 7 Taurus in your Second House of business, money and property are being aspected by Jupiter at 7 Scorpio and Venus at 7 Scorpio in your Eighth House of finance. There is incredible potential in November for you to promote yourself and further your interests in saving or making money, at the same time. Watch what develops in the first half of the week.

  3. Hi Jessica
    A fascinating read as always- thank you! I have some Scorpio factors but not at the degrees mentioned. I also have Venus at 8 libra- would that come into play?
    I’m currently buying a flat and have recently applied for a job overseas (though I am only in the reserve list for this due to visa complications with my personal circumstances- I’m divorced, the job is in the Middle East) Do you see me being affected in any way? Many thanks in advance.

    • Thank you. Vulcano at 7 Capricorn in the Tenth House of career is receiving a sextile from Jupiter at 7 Scorpio and Venus at 7 Scorpio in the Eighth House of business today. I am not surprised to learn you are applying for a new job. The visa issue is Saturn at 25 Sagittarius in your Ninth House of emigration square your Hygiea at 25 Virgo in the Sixth House of work- that was the delay. We now have Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius until January 10th so the Middle East story will go backwards and forwards with several changes and delays as Sagittarius rules foreign people and places, as you probably know. Once you are past all that, though, you will make or save a substantial amount of money through work or in your personal life.

      • Thank you! You told me once before when I commented on a blog piece that from September 2018 I would move abroad with work so I will keep the faith and hope it all works out! If I get the job it will be a (much needed) financial boost for me. I hope the romance comes with it as that could do with a boost too lol! Many thanks!

  4. Hi Jessica! I was hoping you could take a peak at my chart and help explain something to me. I have quite a bit going on. I have ASC 8 Scorpio so Venus/Jupiter will conjunct there. I also have DESC 8 TAURUS opposition. Add in Mars 7 Leo, Apollo 8 Virgo, Cupido 6 Gemini, and Salacia 8 Aquarius. And if I’m looking at this correctly my ASC, DESC, Salacia, and Mars make a grand cross at 7 and 8 degrees??? I also have a grand trine with my DESC 8 Taurus, Apollo 8 Virgo, and my Fortuna 9 Capricorn. I was hoping you could explain both the grand cross and grand trine in relationship to the Venus/Jupiter conjunct. And in general what those two things mean in a natal chart? I’m reading your ebook and didn’t see too much info on those topics. Any other solid references I could use to research? I’ve googled some and see that a grand cross might be considered bad luck?? I’m hoping this is another falsehood? Please let me know if I’m looking at this incorrectly too. Thank you in advance.

    • Okay, so your Ascendant and Descendant depend on a pinpoint accurate birth time and if your mother was even slightly out, it may not be today/tomorrow that you see the benefits of Jupiter and Venus at 7 Scorpio. I will look at what you think is your Grand Cross in a moment. Assuming your birth time is accurate, then this is very much about your reputation, name, image and identity in the context of finance, charity, property or business – and you can expect a huge boost. If you’re not so sure about the time, then the angles (the Ascendant/Descendant) should be put to one side, and you really need to focus on what is actually at 7 degrees in your chart, which is Mars in Leo, opposite Salacia (by one degree) at 8 Aquarius. This is a classic tie-up between lovers, the world of children and younger people – and the importance of particular friends and groups in your life. This is the chart of someone who explores her responsibility to a junior generation through parenting, being a godparent, engaging in paid/unpaid work for children and so on. At the same time, particular friendships or groups (clubs, teams, societies, associations) would also be very much involved. Now, along come Jupiter and Venus at 7 Scorpio to square your Mars and you’re going to find that what you cannot ‘square’ about a situation involving a lover who could bring children into your life – or the world of younger faces – is actually quite productive. In other words, it’s not easy or comfortable, but it’s useful and good things come out of it. You could honestly work with just this pattern in your chart and learn first-hand how Jupiter operates. The Grand Cross you are seeing is dependent on an accurate birth time as the angles are involved, but if this is the case, you’ll instantly have evidence. This goes beyond what cannot be ‘squared’ or made to fit, with lovers, the world of children or younger people – into a really major inner conflict about different needs and wants you have! Yet – because Jupiter is the transiting planet, this is going to actually serve you. It’s going to work for you. I hope that helps!

  5. Hi Jessica! Thank you for this great article! My mc is 8 Scorpio, does this have much of an impact for me? I️ also have a few other placements at 8 degrees, is this close enough to the 7 mentioned above to have any effect? Thank you and hope you are well. Also, how did the Stonehenge cake turn out?!

    • Thank you. My Stonehenge cake was supposed to be in the hands of a friend’s daughter, but I never heard about it again, so rather than inflict my dreadful cooking ‘skills’ on the people of London, I nipped downstairs to Fortnum & Mason and bought a Christmas cake and some square-shaped chocolates, and with some help from Karen Krizanovic, the well-known writer, the Stonehenge cake was constructed. Now, your MC (or Midheaven) at 8 Scorpio really does depend on an accurate birth time. If your mother was slightly out with the time, it may not be for another day or two that you are thrown an opportunity to make or save money. You have quite the line-up at 8 degrees, though, as you say – and so Jupiter and Venus will move onto 8 degrees quickly enough for you to feel happy about the end of 2017. Minerva at 8 Virgo conjunct your North Node is a fantastic placement for work, unpaid work or university anyway – it’s really your karma to be the advisor, counsellor, sought-after expert and so on, in your chosen field. What happens as Jupiter and Venus form the sextile to that, should give you a wonderful niche to call your own, professionally or academically. (And if your birth time is bang on, then this is so clearly about your career, because your MC is your vocation).

  6. Hi Jessica,

    I was hoping that the Venus Jupiter conjunction would bring me a settlement for money that is owed to me. Will there be a payout according to my chart, it has felt like an endless battle to chase what I am owed.



    • Claire, with Venus at 8 Scorpio in the Eighth House of finance, property and business, you are a little early, but the stage is being set. You have an exact line up at 7 degrees of Aquarius, Virgo and Pisces which is most certainly being reached by Jupiter and Venus today. I am not sure if it is this particular amount of money or some other way to save/make cash, but you are in a fantastic position here. A couple of points – Aquarius rules groups and friends, Virgo rules work. So what we have here is a person or organisation (Jupiter) which is seriously good news, surrounding your chart. The Moon goes to 7 Libra tomorrow, Tuesday, which may be a trigger too. One way or another your chart is looking after you, so stay open to what comes and be quick to spot an obvious opportunity, too – and try it.

  7. Hi Jessica,

    I have Leo and Scorpio stelliums. Also, I know my chart has been affected by some significant transits like Uranus and other major aspects recently. My career is quite important to me and I’ve worked very hard for it in the past couple of years. I’ve been studying and accomplishing so much in regards to my education but surprisingly have had so much difficulty with landing a job I want. I’d really appreciate your insights on my career and love life (I’m single).

    Thanks so much for your time!

    • Thank you Zara. Venus conjunct Ceres at 7 Leo in your chart was just ‘squared’ by Jupiter and transiting Venus, so go back to the world of babies, children or younger people and look at what just happened. Sometimes it’s about a potential lover who has children from a previous marriage, or a potential lover who could get you pregnant/help you adopt. More usually it’s about godchildren, nieces, nephews, sons, daughters or paid/unpaid work with a younger generation.

  8. Hi Jessica!

    I have these Bacchus 07°  Sagittarius 02′ 59″
    Aesculapia 07°  Leo 12′ 23 . What does this mean for me? I can tell this much , on Monday I had 2 interviews out of the blue via telephone, 1 I am really interested in. And today I scheduled 2nd round interviews for both. I am hoping for some shining light. What about relationships for me?

    • Hopefully by now you have heard ‘yes’ or said ‘yes’ but your chart is a good example of what can happen if you have two factors at 7 degrees and along comes Jupiter and Venus at 7 degrees. I just had another reader get the job offer of her dreams. The thing to remember with Jupiter is that even if you don’t get the full package you want, you should still go back and get part of the package. In other words even if they do go with another person, remember they were headhunting you and go back with some other proposal or suggestion. But it sounds like you’ll get what you want.

  9. Thank you for another fascinating read …. I feel as though this cycle is affecting my love life as well ? … confusion with the man I love Mr Virgo (24/09/63) and my ex Mr Leo( 9/8/56) will either of these be in my future.
    Thank you so much for any response & insight xxx

    • Any Virgo at the moment will be both confusing and confused, as Neptune is transiting Virgo’s Seventh House of love, sex and marriage. Without seeing a chart it’s hard to comment in a more specific way but your Astrology Oracle could be useful there.

  10. hi jessica..thanks so much for responding to my comment in the scorpio birthdsy..now i want to ask you about the new moon at 26 scorpio is right on my natal jupiter at 26..juno 27..pluto 28..juno commitment ?ive read and re read about the family tree and got a shock when i seen i only have diana in libra..so that means no marraige,relationships for me??

    • Diana in Libra in your Seventh House means a lot of things, but of course it does not prevent marriage or relationships. Diana in mythology had at last two lovers. One of them was Endymion, who was asleep, so she could be independent. You often see people with Diana in the Seventh House in Libra fall in love with people who are passive while they are active. The ‘Endymions’ are quite happy to allow their partners to travel, for example, so it’s common in the airline industry.

  11. Hi jessica
    My progress venus is at 8deg cancer… what dose this mean for my relationship status (single)when it trines the jupiter/ venus cheers deb

  12. Hello,

    I’ve been reading about the natural house system and I have a lot of factors in scorpio. If I’m correct, my 8th house is about finance, sex and death. But then I’m reading that the jupiter & venus cycle affects my career, achievement, and recognition. Can you explain more what I can expect from this cycle?

    • You have two horoscopes. One is public, and shows the headlines of your life – that’s your Aquarius horoscope. In that one you have Jupiter (opportunity) passing through the Tenth House of career. In your private birth chart, you have the same planet going through your Eighth House of deadly serious finance/sexually powerful property so there are opportunities there too, especially as Jupiter will conjunct or sit on your Scorpio factors. Putting all that together we might assume that you’re going to take a work project or new job between now and next year which is lucrative. (Or you may end up shagging your boss, ahem).

  13. Hi Jessica

    You mention the date of the 13th. I Assume this means in Australia? If living in the US, do the effects take place on 12th in the US?

    Thanks and love your site and explanations of what’s happening in the skies!


    • Actually, Gabrielle, in astrology these days we always allow a day either side, because Auckland has to catch up with Los Angeles and vice versa. Anyway – by now you’ll have seen the impact of the Jupiter-Venus conjunction. In Australia, for example, it was the legalisation of gay, transgender and lesbian marriage.

  14. Thanks for the podcast Jessica, informative as always. I have high hopes for this Scorpio return and having Venus in my opposite sign. Romance has stagnated recently (as in last couple of years!), so I hope this puts a fire under it!!!

    • Your chart should work on both levels by the end of next year as you will have transiting Jupiter (opportunity) in your Seventh House of potential lovers, and in your birth chart, Jupiter will of course oppose Venus, the planet of complicated relationships. So a door will open if you want to go through it.

  15. Hi Jessica, my descendant is 7 Scorpio. I am Capricorn Sun 26 degrees. What does the Jupiter/ Venus conjunction mean.? Does this impact more on my marriage or friendships. My husband was born in Sydney NSW at 9:30am 25/5/1967. Thanks again for these insightful articles.

    • If your birth time was strictly accurate then you would have seen the impact of Jupiter and Venus by now, actually at both ends of the Descendant/Ascendant axis, so this would have been about your husband (Descendant) but also your image (Ascendant). Two or three quite potentially life-changing opportunities would have come sailing past you.

  16. I hoped the Venus Jupiter conjunction on 13th would be a turning point to help me find and secure my ideal property and change my finances but this has not transpired after many years of difficult living… I have left where I was and the move to a new location has been successful but not found my forever home… I have a Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio and this could be the issue. I would really welcome any thoughts

    27° Aries 48′ 48″
    18° Virgo 12′ 30″
    Mercury Venus
    17° Taurus 31′ 56″
    29° Taurus 38′ 33″
    18° Taurus 16′ 27″
    01° Scorpio 31′ 35″ R
    Saturn Uranus
    10° Taurus 14′ 49″
    05° Libra 51′ 37″ R
    Neptune Pluto
    00° Sagittarius 21′ 02″ R
    07° Aries 33′ 34″
    12° Leo 45′ 59″
    25° Virgo 14′ 39″ R
    Juno The 23° Pisces 29′ 52″
    02° Aries 26′ 10″
    2 of 5 09/11/2016 16:53
    MC IC
    29° Capricorn 24′ 50″ 29°
    03° Gemini 17′ 44″ 03° 44″
    Cancer 24′ 50″
    Sagittarius 17′
    Select Month
    Diana Fortuna
    13° Capricorn 05′ 42″ 22° Capricorn 05′ 36″
    Minerva Bacchus
    18° Cancer 47′ 03″ 13° Taurus 23′ 52″
    Apollo Aesculapia
    27° Taurus 40′ 12″ 05° Leo 49′ 41″
    Hygeia Panacea RECENT
    14° Gemini 33′ 13″ 06° Aries 02′ 55″
    Jessica Adams on Your Scorpio Factors and the October 2016 New
    06° Gemini 48′ 44″ 00° Aquarius 00′ 51″
    Proserpina Cupido
    26° Scorpio 38′ 33″ R 26° Aquarius 00′ 01″ Moon
    Vulcano Psyche
    08° Cancer 19′ 40″ 17° Aries 23′ 53″
    NorthNode SouthNode
    11° Pisces 02′ 24″ R 11° Virgo 02′ 24″ R

    • You have nothing at 7 Scorpio so I am not sure why you thought the Jupiter-Venus conjunction at 7 Scorpio would have any impact on your chart – if you want to work on your horoscope look at your Cancer placements in the Fourth House (property) and aspects to those. Jupiter in Scorpio will trine anything in Cancer on his way through your chart by late 2018.

  17. Hi Jessica, I have Hygeia at 7*Leo. Not sure how that would make an impact. I am curious to know how does my MC at 14* Scorpio and IC at 14* Taurus are working in my chart. My career has been affected for the last few years, not sure if because of this placement or Saturn in Sagittarius, or pluto in Capricorn. Everything in my life seems to be suspended in time, like the tarot’s hanged man, my career, Love life and a place to call home. When is my life moving ahead? Looking for some light shed on it. Thanks in advance!

    • If you’re held up, it’s because you’re not doing the work – you’re not actually shifting your position, attitude, point of view and circumstances. Actually the situation is waiting for you, in terms of the family tree or the property, but the astrology can’t make you do anything – you have to reach for it, in this case. Then everything would transform quite dramatically.

  18. Hi Jessica, I had been anticipating the Jupiter/Venus Scorpio alignments for a few months. (I have natal Jupiter @ 7 deg. Scorpio, 8th house). And yet, it now Seems “much ado about nothing”. Jupiter sat directly on my 7 degree Jupiter in Scorpio 8th house for 4-5 days, and pffff! Nothing. All that occurred were cancellations of business meetings, and, (yes, ok that’s nice) a romantic Monday Nov. 13. But, really, big deal, those types of things happen often… Did I miss something in my intepretation? Thanks in advance for any input you may have time for.

    • That is unusual. I just had a reader who has her IC at 7 Scorpio and MC at 7 Taurus and she was made two important career offers and also had her former boyfriend announce he was buying property in her village. I can only think that you have such a large pattern at 8 degrees that it is hooked into that, and what you may be waiting for is Jupiter to move to 8.


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