The Sagittarius Birthday Horoscope 2017-2018

Sagittarius, the upcoming year will be heavily influenced by youth and family and the role they play in your life.

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Dear Jessica, I am new to the site&membership and really hooked on your take on astrology which is quite original and your blog having the most compelling reads! I am a Sagittarius (Sun-Asc- Mercury) with a very crowded Capricorn area (Bacchus- Aesculapia – Jupiter – Juno – Salacia -Saturn -Venus) and a very troublesome Mars in Cancer exactly opposite Saturn. I was wondering if you could advise me what am I to expect ahead: I have had so many challenging, stressful, overwhelming difficulties and events mainly of the “Saturn kind” since 2002/03 which have taken/are taking their toll and visibly… Read more »
Hi Jessica, Thank you so much for your birthday present to all Sagittarian ;D I appreciate that . I didn’t have chance to go to Stella forum for many months as my phone doesn’t work with it ( I don’t have another device rather than my smartphone) But here I am . So Jess, right now I can’t wait to start over again with A potential partner – A Cancer – fogiener – AFTER 6 years of being a single parent ( since end of 2011 obviously ;) I have kids my own, he has kids from his previous relationship.… Read more »
Thank you, Jessica. Sometimes I think you have a huge heart in you to answer the queries of so many of us. You’re amazing! Your explaination about Chiron in Pisces on the family front sets right with me. The last some years have seen some bad relations in the family that don’t seem to mend howsoever. If I could please request you to explain me more on this- Uranus moving out and Chiron coming in. It doesn’t sound nice at all to me. The Uranus transit has been tough in itself. Wouldn’t Chiron add more to it or would there… Read more »
Hi Jessica I have been reading your scopes and blog articles for a while and do admire/appreciate your knowledge and wisdom. I am really hoping to get your reply this time Plz give some insight into my chart regarding health, house and income Thanks Sun 25° Capricorn 12′ 48″ Moon 20° Aries 30′ 08″ Mercury 02° Capricorn 10′ 19″ Venus 23° Capricorn 38′ 50″ Mars 04° Leo 07′ 04″ R Jupiter 28° Gemini 05′ 04″ R Saturn 29° Leo 26′ 51″ R Uranus 15° Scorpio 51′ 09″ Neptune 17° Sagittarius 14′ 04″ Pluto 16° Libra 41′ 33″ Chiron 01° Taurus… Read more »
Hi Jessica Plz give some insight into my chart regarding house and income Thanks Sun 25° Capricorn 12′ 48″ Moon 20° Aries 30′ 08″ Mercury 02° Capricorn 10′ 19″ Venus 23° Capricorn 38′ 50″ Mars 04° Leo 07′ 04″ R Jupiter 28° Gemini 05′ 04″ R Saturn 29° Leo 26′ 51″ R Uranus 15° Scorpio 51′ 09″ Neptune 17° Sagittarius 14′ 04″ Pluto 16° Libra 41′ 33″ Chiron 01° Taurus 07′ 03″ Juno 04° Capricorn 44′ 28″ Vesta 22° Scorpio 27′ 52″ Ceres 22° Sagittarius 59′ 46″ MC 29° Gemini 50′ 31″ IC 29° Sagittarius 50′ 31″ ASC 29° Virgo… Read more »

Hi Jessica,
Many thanks for writing the Sag birthday horoscope, I was looking forward to it. I’m in a long-term relationship but we have no children and we are happy like this. Also, I have no real contact with the younger generation. I was wondering how I should interpret the horsocope ? Thanks in advance.

Hi Jessica! Thank you for such a wonderful article. I have a huge stellium in Sag and tend to always have major tipping points and realizations through Sag people or Sag kind of activities. They say that Jupiter in Scorpio is a deep, thinking year for a Sag and after that when Jupiter goes into Sag – that’s when they experience benefit. I seem to be in a cycle where I am starting to get good benefits of Jupiter in Scorp but also experience the contemplative behind-the-scenes energy on behalf of my Sag stellium. How can I use this to… Read more »
Happy Thanksgiving! My concerns are around my kids. My daughter (07/18/2001) is going thru severe depression. Her depression got so severe to a point that she hurts herself. I got doctors and therapist involved. Her school grades and peers and most importantly her dad (08/15/1961) have a lot do with her depression. Her boyfriend is very good to her. I am extremely supportive of her. However I feel I am going in circles with her. She is going to snap and I am very concerned about it. She maybe going to a university outside our state. My son (08/13/1986) got… Read more »
Dear Jessica, A fascinating article. I relate so strongly to what you are writing about Uranus transiting the 5th house. This is the period of time when I had my two children (6 and 4 now) and one miscarriage. Enjoyable experience but also super hard work. Especially so when taking into account a “difficult, cold, unaffectionate” marriage with an Aris sun stellium/ Virgo stellium man. We would have parted ways if we didn’t have the kids despite the “love” we felt for each other. Might sound odd, but stayed together so that kids could have a “family”. Personally, I have… Read more »
Oh my, Jessica, this resonates so strongly with me. Single mum of two beautiful boys, aged 10 and 8. Working FT just getting by and after a few meltdowns recently of feeling overwhelmed I came to the conclusion something had to give. I have given all to them (and glad I did) but have lost myself. Five years on, I am now emerging and after reading your blog, see clearly that I need to find myself and allow the boys independence and to branch out from just me, me, me. They will gain and I will too. Would love any… Read more »
Hi Jessica, You are incredibly accurate as usual. It is just amazing to realise that so many of us have gone through this awful period united in our different scenarios with similar themes. Much of what you have written about here and in other Sagittarian horoscopes relates to Leo and the children or lack of children in people’s lives. Would it be possible to give some general advice to those of us without Leo in our charts and how that affects us? I appreciate you are incredible busy so if not now, perhaps you could touch on it at another… Read more »
Hi Jessica..thanks so much for replying to my last question. About diana in libra..gave me hope that i will find some1 for relationship and have last relationship was 3yrs ago and she was a libra..she was a big part of our lives,if i wasnt at home she was there with my mam.maybe next year ill be given a chance.Your weekly horoscope for scopio is about foreign /foreigners..a foreigner has put a caim in against my car insurance last week,and this week im going for legal advice.As he is claiming for a bicyle that had scratches on it,.he wants a… Read more »
Hi Jessica, I am an Aries and Am constantly confused by the “behind the scenes” “under the surface” stuff you have previously talked about. I feel like I Have missed the boat on meeting “The One” as I was constantly being treated badly by a group of people associated with someone who I thought was right for me and I lost all my confidence, becoming paralysed with fear. I feel like their treatment of me was based on his attitude toward me, and want to move on from it but feel trapped in a repeating cycle. how do I get… Read more »

Hi Jessica, first a thank you for all the information you give. I’ve spend hours reading, still, I’m a bit overwhelmed/confused. May I ask you: could you tell me how this person that, although I’m in a long term relationship, keeps confusing me and why am I so drawn to him? He is an Aries, I’m a Scorpio (premium member). And will life, work! get better?

Hi Jessica I’m not sure how this relates to my situation and would love to read your thoughts. I am hoping to move to Bath in the next year or so and maybe start some courses (perhaps writing/kiln glass/naturopathy/reiki) – the time seems right to focus on myself and my own interests and development after many years looking after my 2 children and putting their needs first (which I was happy to do). My children are now students at uni and I am so happy that they have blossomed into (relatively!) independent and capable adults, despite their difficult journeys to… Read more »
Hi Jessica, I’m new, and just working everything out. My daughter is Sag with Leo Asc and I am Leo with Sag Asc. Her birthday is this week, and this year has been good to her in her work and personal life. This month things seem to have come to a head for us all, in different ways. A family matter for she and my husband to clear up in the coming weeks, and house issues that mean we are being prompted to consider moving – and soon. From what I’ve been reading, the house and family (legacy/family tree) ties… Read more »

Jessica, I hope you’re doing good.
With the coming astrological atmosphere, the planets in my chart are going to get affected majorly. I need your help. I identify my success as a work from home parent. Our plans of opting where to settle are changing too. Could you please advise, Jessica, about the Sun and Saturn that are going to conjunct a whole lot in my chart in the coming days?
Best wishes

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