The World Cup – A Mercury Retrograde Mess

I really love football but like so many football fans, I don’t love what some officials have done to the game over the years. And…I can’t quite believe that the World Cup draw has taken place on Mercury Retrograde Shadow.

This is the cycle when information, communication and negotiation goes forward, stops, then goes backwards, stops, then goes forward…you get the picture. It’s a mess and a muddle.

Beyond that, December 2017 is a crisis for FIFA. This is a really basic chart below but I am sure you can see Uranus (shock, revolution) at 29 Sagittarius. Football is in trouble and that World Cup was called at a very muddy time.



Fifa Retrograde. Mercury Retrograde and Saturn hit 29 Sagittarius.



On Sunday 3rd December, Mercury stations (or stands still) right on 29 Sagittarius, hitting the FIFA chart. This is about the world game, and the world cup, and Sagittarius rules world connections, so it’s serious. On Wednesday 6th December, Mercury is at 28 Sagittarius conjunct Saturn at 28 Sagittarius, just one tiny degree away. How rare is this? It can only happen every 29 years.

How long will it take to unravel the misinformation, muddle, media madness and mess? Football fans are going to have to wait until Mercury passed that spot one more time and that’s Wednesday 10th January.

When is the beautiful game, not the beautiful game? When FIFA has Saturn on her Uranus and Mercury Retrograde too. The world game is going to experience the world turning upside down, as she goes towards Christmas. When is a World Cup draw, not a World Cup Draw? When you do it on the shadow! We can talk about this on Twitter if you like.

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Hey Jessica! I’m not on twitter so I thought I’d post here instead in case you’re taking questions. Not about FIFA, but about mercury and some other stuff. As you can see I have quite a decent amount in the 28-29 degree range. I know you aren’t so big on the AC being too important, but I feel like mine has played a big role in my life especially with Neptune conjunct. (Birth time is accurate from my birth certificate) As for Mercury I’m usually pretty ok with the retrogrades as I’m a go with the flow person (thanks neptune… Read more »
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