TRUMP! True Astrology, New Astrology

Was Trump really born on 14th June 1946 at 10.54am? We just don't know. What we do know from the American chart is that the 2nd December 2017 would be a major moment for the White House.

TRUMP! True Astrology, New Astrology

Kepler College, America’s leading astrology university, told us the facts some time ago – we do not have Donald Trump’s birth time straight. I ditched the horoscope when he won the election, because the chart (using the data we were given) was completely wrong. And as you all know, I ditched any stories I had written about Trump because I did not want to waste any more of your time on a horoscope which (for all I know) could be for another baby.

The New York Daily News reported on 12th December 2017 that Trump had given the wrong birthdate in the mayoral election (out by a month) so…who knows? Maybe he’s a Cancerian after all. But here is some good news –


Trump birth data – third version – so, which horoscope?


P.S. You Can Trust the American Horoscope

The American chart works with uncanny accuracy. And we can use it as a spot-on guide to take us through the current shocks and scandals, and through 2018, 2019, 2020 – the years of extreme change for the United States. We’re going to see a total transformation of her constitution, structure and very foundations. And it begins with Trump.


How September was a Watergate Moment

Back on 18th February, seven months before it happened, you read on this website that September would be a Watergate moment for Trump and the White House. This was the prediction, below:

“Nixon Quits 1974 over Watergate – This Pattern Repeats in September 2017 

Presidents, Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton were both impeached and acquitted but on August 9th, 1974 President Richard Nixon actually resigned. We have a line-up in the American horoscope at exactly the same degrees in September 2017. The Watergate pattern repeats exactly in the American chart.”

Below, are news stories that appeared right on time with the astrology prediction. On 1st September, The New York Times reported on Russian hacking and in the same month, Newsweek even used the word ‘Watergate’ in the headline, below.

I didn’t need Trump’s supplied birth details at all to make that prediction – it was done using the U.S.A. data – so we can keep on using that chart as a reliable compass for the future.



TRUMP! The True Astrology

People sometimes ask me how far ahead astrologers can see, in our alternative timekeeping. My esteemed colleague Michael Lutin, while at Vanity Fair magazine, wrote this prediction about the years to 2025 in January 2007:  

“The words “patriot” and “treason” will lose their meaning, and in some cases they will become interchangeable. What is treason to one person will be patriotism to another—just as it was back in the 1760s and 70s.”

Michael was using the American ‘birth’ chart set for 4th July, when he wrote those uncannily accurate words about what would become Trump’s America, some ten years later. This is one of two charts which work really well for prediction.

 Was Trump Really Born on 14th June 1946 at 10.54am?

Was Trump really born on 14th June 1946 at 10.54am, at Jamaica Hospital, Queens, New York?  We just don’t know.

What we have known, for months, is that using the American chart it was always the case that 2nd December 2017 would be a major moment for the White House following whitewashing a few months before, in August. As you may remember from my website story (below) this was filed on July 17th, 2017.



That July 17th Astrology Predictions – Why 2nd December Counts

From this website, July 17th 2017: “In the astrological chart of the United States set for 2nd January 1776 (when the nation was first officially dubbed ‘The United States of America’) we find Leo factors. In fact, the U.S. has her North Node at 16 Leo so she will experience her Nodal Return when the transiting North Node moves to 16 Leo between December 6th and 17th, 2017. As we’ve seen, this is big. It can only happen about every 20 years. There is karma here with the United Kingdom and the United States. It goes back centuries. It is due at Christmas. We can expect a major event then, affecting The Special Relationship.”

This Leo Node point is the ‘Nixon’ point in the United States chart. When Nixon quit, America’s North Node at 16 Leo was transited exactly by Jupiter at 16 Pisces. That happened back on August 9th, 1974. It’s also the ‘Obama’ point in the United States chart. When Barack Obama was made President on November 4th, 2008 the country’s North Node at 16 Leo was under transit from Chiron at 16 Aquarius, which was of course also exactly conjunct her South Node at 16 Aquarius too.

I know a lot of astrologers use the July 4th  (Born on the Fourth of July) horoscope for America, but the 2nd January 1776 chart is reliable in every way. In fact, I have given it a whole chapter in my ebook, 2020 Astrology 


Quite apart from that Node Return for America (her Nixon and Obama moment) we will see powerful Leo weather as early as Saturday 2nd December when Ceres 17 Leo conjuncts the transiting North Node at 17 Leo, which in turn is just one degree away from America’s own North Node at 16 Leo. This is a White House White Christmas but it will follow on from a White House Whitewash, a few months earlier, in August. Let’s have a closer look at that, because this is a tremendous cover-up we need to be aware of.

If you are asking questions about American politics then, have a look at Carolina. In fact, I made a prediction about Russia, Trump and Carolina one year ago. Why this part of America? Because it bears the full brunt of the eclipse. 


Trump New Astrology Predictions

If you are looking for key dates for impeachment, resignation, or any other kind of departure from the White House for Trump, then you really have to look at the timing for the sale of Salvator Mundi. Really? Yes, really. I’ll explain why.

You probably read that this painting of Christ by Leonardo da Vinci  sold on 15th November 2017 for $450.3 million, becoming the most expensive painting ever sold. It was owned by Dmitry Yevgenyevich Rybolovlev (RussianДмитрий Евгеньевич Рыболовлев) who was born on 22nd November 1966.

In 2008 Dmitry’s family bought Maison de L’Amitie from Donald Trump – a Palm Beach mansion. Trump has claimed that the sale of Maison de L’Amitié, which he purchased for $40 million four years earlier and sold to Rybolovlev for $95 million, is the only dealing he has done with a Russian. 

When I look at the dates for the sale  of the painting, the birth of Rybolovlev and even the Chicago vote in 2016 I see them light up the American horoscope like a Christmas tree.


Salvator Mundi, Leonardo da Vinci (Wikimedia)


The Big Trump Turning Points

Let’s go further into the American chart. What are you watching for peak Trump outcomes? Well, first of all, the original date I picked out many months ago, Saturday 2nd December. That is a critical point. Ceres at 17 Leo is conjunct the Node at 17 Leo, right on America’s Node at 16 Leo.

We then have a Supermoon Full Moon at 11 Gemini on Sunday 3rd December. I am sure you can see below, that America’s Sun is at 11 Capricorn and Chiron is at 11 Aries. That’s a direct hit. Stress over America!

I would also draw your attention to Mercury at 28 Sagittarius conjunct Saturn at 28 Sagittarius on Wednesday 6th December. That picks up America’s Juno at 28 Libra. That day is going to be all about the ‘special relationship’ with the United Kingdom and it is extremely serious. You might say, it’s the heaviest test in three decades for the British and the Americans. They might have been ‘shoulder to shoulder’ back on 9/11 but near 6th December it’s shoulder to the wheel.


Watching America on Wednesday 20th Thursday 21st December

The beautiful painting of Christ which plays such a fated part in the Trump story, has a double meaning as we go towards Christmas, the Christian global celebration. It also happens to be just five days after the historic arrival of Saturn in Capricorn.

This takes place at 0 degrees of Capricorn on Wednesday 20th December and there’s another pattern the following day too on Thursday 21st December. There is a direct hit on America’s Mercury at 0 Capricorn. This can only happen every 29 years so I am suggesting that this is the most serious moment of truth of all for Trump, for the Republican Party and for the White House.

Who or What Comes Back?

Something else really interesting happens around 20th December. Aesculapius at 0 Aquarius in the Eleventh House of political parties is also hit. Now, Aesculapius is the powerful little asteroid in Jupiter’s family who revives, resurrects and ‘brings back from the brink’ I associate it with ‘dead man walking’ or ‘dead woman walking’ sometimes.

Put all that together and we have a very sombre moment for America’s constitution, as it stood in 1776, but you are also going to see one politician, or one political party coming back. Just when you thought he/she/they were over, there’s a breath of life again. Thursday 21st December is also key as the Sun conjuncts Saturn at 0 Capricorn, again hitting Mercury at 0 Capricorn in the American chart.

January continues the ‘continuing story’ of what will become America’s historic transformation in her structure, statutes, identity, status, global positioning and maybe even her currency and flag by 2020. That’s when the Capricorn weather peaks, after a pretty intense 2018, 2019 period. I’ll come back to you with more January predictions soon and a forecast for the next three years. I’m happy to talk more about this on Twitter as the Trump ‘Watergate’ story rolls on.

Birth chart for the USA from Solar Fire set for January 2nd 1776 at 12.00pm in Cambridge, Massachusetts.




Watch 15th May, 2018 for Trump Shocks and Sharemarket Lightning Bolts

Even though we don’t have a reliable and trustworthy birth chart for Trump, we know he is a Gemini. He will forever be associated with Twitter in the pages of history. Solar charts, or Sun Sign charts, are excellent predictors of ‘the headlines of our lives’. They were created for the media, in their modern form, by the media.

So why are we watching Tuesday 15th May, 2018? Because in the Gemini horoscope, Uranus (shocks) moves into the Twelfth House of secrets. At the same time it moves into the world chart of sharemarkets, like Wall Street, because it is in Taurus and the world’s Second House of money.

It’s an unusual day. Using London time, we have a New Moon with the Sun at 24 Taurus and Moon at 24 Taurus at 11.47am. We then see Uranus, the planet of revolution, rebellion and ‘the world turned upside down’ moving into Taurus at 3.16pm. Mercury will have entered Taurus a couple of days before, at 12.4o pm on Sunday 13th May.

He may still be in the White House by then, he may not, but the astrology suggests – this is the big one. This is the month to watch. Why? Because it breaks up a big, stuck, global economic pattern that keeps so many people trapped! This goes beyond a mere man, into way bigger concerns.


The World Turns Upside-Down

What is also interesting is that this historic combination of the New Moon, Mercury and Uranus (lightning bolts) in Taurus also occurs in Hillary Clinton’s Seventh House, which describes her enemies, rivals and opponents.

So, you don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to know this is about Donald Trump. A lot of astrologers I know are also obsessing (rightly) about the Mars-Uranus square on Wednesday 16th May, with Mars at 0 Aquarius square Uranus at 0 Taurus. This is like fireworks with dynamite in the box. You have to remember (even though I am writing this on 3rd December 2017, some five months ahead) the month of May is about May Day – usually a massive day of protests by Anonymous and other organisations about the global banking and tax system.

Uranus was discovered in 1781 when the world turned upside-down. America beat Britain and became independent. A black slave, Elizabeth Freeman, won her freedom from her white master. When the British surrendered at Yorktown, they were literally playing a song called ‘And the World Turned Upside Down.”

This has to be connected, right? The shocks about Trump’s secret life go together with the shocks to the global economy.



The American Horoscope and that May 2018 Pattern

This zero degree pattern in May 2018 also takes us right back to the American chart, which shows she was ‘born’ with Mercury at 0 Capricorn in her Tenth House, which is the White House. Take a look at that horoscope again. This is a picture of global economic ‘upside down’ trends having a direct impact on the White House and United States government.

Uranus at 0 Taurus and Mars at 0 Aquarius will hit America’s Mercury at 0 Capricorn in a pattern you and I have never seen before and will never see again.

Can you see the picture of a very particular May outcome, building here? Even if the only thing we know about Trump is that he is a Gemini, he has Uranus (lighting bolts, electrical storms) landing with a crack, in his Twelfth House of secrets, confidential documents, classified information, and so on. As I write this, he is a man under investigation by Mr. Mueller.

On Tuesday 29th May we have a Full Moon with the Sun at 8 Gemini opposite the Moon at 8 Sagittarius. This is a natural end point for the Full Moon (Supermoon) we saw on the weekend of Saturday 2nd, Sunday 3rd December 2017 when Flynn admitted lying about Russia and Trump, to the FBI.

All eyes on May 2018. December 2017 is just the beginning. The American chart works, let’s keep observing. It’s my intention to be in New York for this momentous month, so if you’re local, let’s meet! I’ll post dates on Meetups. 

Uranus is the planet which times freedom, independence, release and relief. The only people who ever have a hard time with Uranus are those who are hanging onto the past. In Taurus, it’s about taxes, money, the sharemarkets and the banks. Remember, Uranus was found in 1781 when America won Independence Day. The trick is – keep moving! Keep changing!


Dubai, Sunday 3rd December 2017. Updated in Melbourne, 13th December 2017.

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33 thoughts on “TRUMP! True Astrology, New Astrology

  1. Hasn’t the damage to the special relationship between the USA and the UK already happened? Trump’s tweets about Muslim attacks on Brits (and Danes) are not only untrue, they are slanderous and libellous. If he doesn’t retract his comments then Mrs May will have no option but to withdraw her invitation for a State visit.

    Fascinating stuff Jessica – I am enthralled.

    • Thank you. The damage around Trump’s cancelled visit to Britain (according to The Daily Telegraph, it’s off) is just the start of the story. The really big moment of truth comes later, when we find Juno (commitment) in Libra (special relationships) in the Seventh House (partnership) in the American chart being hit…so this is something else. Maybe something bigger.

      • Something I really wanted to ask you.

        The top of the UK hierarchy is of course the monarchy and, as we all now know, Prince Harry is to marry an American TV star – a beautiful, lively, intelligent and caring woman from all accounts.

        Unfortunately a couple of well known psychics/astrologers have gone public with their view that there will be a breakup before the wedding takes place. What do their charts show Jessica? Juno (commitment) in Libra (special relationships) in the Seventh house (partnerships) being hit doesn’t sound too good if it applies to Meghan and Harry.

        • I had dinner with a famous astrologer who wondered if they would make it to the wedding. Elle magazine asked me to analyse the two horoscopes and that story will appear shortly – I will flag it on Twitter when it’s live.

  2. if Biden had ran, I wonder how his chart would have hit the US 1776 chart since he was an incumbent’s Vice President and a likely stronger candidate than HC (even though a Bernie fan) I believe that one moment of free will (Biden not running) was also an impactful moment on the US chart.. prayers for the U S A

    • I am so curious about Bernie right now. I wish he had verified birth data but we only know he’s a Virgo. I have felt this for over a year but I think he will develop a relationship with the UK-USA after Brexit and take a huge role.

  3. I have never felt this hopeless and saddened by all that is happening in America as I have felt today. I just don’t see a way out of this moral morass. Where’s the decency, the kindness, the compassion and love? There’s just greed, greed and more greed. (Yes, I am referring to the latest tax bill) It breaks my heart. Look at the news – pedophiles, sexual harassment, rise of Neo Nazis. Jessica do you see us changing course or is it straight to hell from here? Sorry to be so negative, I’m just really sad right now.

    • When Jupiter (breakthroughs, solutions, positive outcomes) enters a sign, we usually get a detox and clean-up relating to the affairs of that sign. So, Jupiter went into Scorpio (sex, money, business) in September and we are seeing the #MeToo campaign begin to clean up sexual harassment in the corporate and career world. We had Jupiter clean up sexism when he was in Libra and now he’s starting on sex…this does work out. As for the United States, it’s about her constitution. It’s going to change. And that will be a good thing.

    • I used this asteroid (Aesculapia) to predict the UK election and Theresa May came back to power, literally described as ‘dead woman walking’ in The Evening Standard. It’s an awful phrase, but if you take the idea that Aesculapia was the Roman god who brought people back from the brink, we begin to get a picture of perhaps Hillary Clinton (‘over’) but also perhaps Bernie Sanders (‘over’) and maybe even Jeb Bush! Time will tell.

  4. You know Jessica, I wonder if DT’s continually pushing the birther thing with Obama was really a signal to his own circumstances…he’s pushed every other known boundary on standards, so why not this one?

    • That had also occurred to me. I have never seen a situation in American political life where the details of a birth place, time and date were so hard to obtain, or so changeable. Kepler College has filed the best work on the issue. Mrs. Trump herself gave one time, but then we were given another so I stopped using the horoscope I had, in 2016 and deleted all stories associated with it!

  5. Hi Jessica,

    Really amazing timing, especially in light everything around Flynn now too. My ascendant is 15 Leo 53, so the North Node will be passing over that really soon. Can you explain a bit more about that I can expect with that? Or what I should be thinking about or doing? The full moon on 12/3 is conjunct my Jupiter and a couple degrees away from my natal North Node (and I have Sun & Merc in Gem)… I’m hoping all that is good? And, Chiron retrograde is within 2 degrees of my natal Chiron (this is my “almost” 3rd return). Seems like several major things all at once – like maybe some major turning points?? Thanks so much. Can’t wait to read your January and beyond forecasts!

    • The American chart has stunned me and it is not the usual horoscope that most astrologers use. Now, your Ascendant is based on accurate timing for your moment of birth. If you are sure you have that, then your image, reputation, profile and ‘brand’ in the world is very much about children or much younger people. It is also about your courtship/s. We find it common with teachers, for example, and people who put in unpaid work for children’s charities. It is also very common in the lives of people with intensely romantic, storybook affairs. The Node across that is basically going to give you a ‘repeat, repeat, repeat’ story about that image or brand of yours. In other words you have done this before and you’re going back to it. As for the Full Moon – please hit Search and read what I wrote about that. It’s always D-Day. The Sun is opposite the Moon – they are pulling in different directions in different zodiac signs. So you have the natural opportunities, luck and benefits of your Jupiter working for you, but it will come out of a situation which is inherently hard work and stretches you or others in extremis. I suspect it will be about the worldwide web if you have that Gemini-Sagittarius signature, or possibly multimedia, education or travel, also ruled by these signs. Finally your Chiron Return is about understanding that there is a part of you which seeks to sail past the barriers and boundaries of life and see what you can get away with. Chiron was discovered in 1977 when punk rock changed the music industry. Chiron was in part a music teacher. He was also half-horse, so you can see how his very existence challenged what was supposed to be possible. Try to ‘do’ your Chiron as he will want to gallop away with you now and it could be very exciting.

      • This is so incredibly helpful and completely fascinating, Jessica. Yes, I’m sure of my birth time (have a cute little handwritten card from the hospital with exact time on it). Intensely romantic, storybook affair? Check. (’nuff said) I’m hoping to self publish my book in the spring (Gem-Sag axis), so right now I’m digging in to build solid and smooth-running systems around brand/image (i.e. social media and web presence) – I’ve tried this so over & over these past few years and I always balk before it gets serious. It’s out of my comfort zone to be so public. Yet, at the same time I have so many exciting ideas about sharing word/images/ideas – it could be really fun, and I want that! But, I always get stuck on the confidence/self-power/sharing myself (hello, Chiron – I know you just want me to be me and stop worrying if I’m “good enough”). I want to sail past that boundary, as you say – this time it really feels like now or never. And, I’ve been seeing that the subject of my book seems to appeal very much to millennials – I feel an uncanny resonance with that generation, much more than my own (I’m 52) or people in their 40s & late 30s.

        I so appreciate how much I’ve learned from you over the years! Amazing stuff happening – global, national, personal. It’s so nice to have a reliable guide on the journey.

        • Thank you very much, I am glad you are squeezing the most from astrology – using it in a proactive way is so worth it. You will get a great amount out of Jupiter in Sagittarius when he finally moves into that sign later in 2018 and 2019 may end up being a golden year.

  6. As an American, unable to move away to some place safe and sane. I have a lot of concerns that things will not get better. Trump shows what’s been under the covers since the country was born – stupidity, small mindedness, racism, sexism, radical inequality.

    One of my many concerns is for the judiciary. Trump is appointing highly incompetent right wing/alt-right judges to the federal benches – for lifetime appointments – 95% white males, that will be a lasting legacy likely to undermine the rights of women and minorities for 3 or 4 decades to come. Will the judiciary in this country recover?

    Will the Trump supporters ever see who he actually is and be disgusted with his incompetence, self dealing and lies or will they dig in deeper with their cognitive biases?

    Will the truth ever be the truth again?

    • I am sorry you are feeling so personally affected by what is basically politics. Yet, from the comments I have been seeing on this website since the election, it does seem to be affecting people heart and soul. I understand what you are saying about the judiciary, but I also have my eyes on the line-up of Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter and Ceres across Capricorn (people at the top, the administration, the system, the establishment) which begins just before Christmas – in around two or three weeks. It takes three years to reach full momentum but I do not think your white males in suits are necessarily going to last the distance. When you ask ‘will the truth ever be the truth again?’ you are talking about Neptune in Pisces. I’m fairly sure I posted on this years ago before the cycle began if you want to hit Search. And yes, the truth will come back.

  7. Hi Jessica,

    Here in the states, senate just passed a tax reform bill that I feel synchronizes not just with the full moon this weekend but also with Uranus on its way to Taurus. The implications are huge.

    Also, as the Russia investigation goes on, some congress people are starting to put together enough info to start to impeach Trump.

    There is a lot going on.


    • Yes, CG, I published a prediction about the Supermoon and our finances (American finances are world finances, of course!) many months ago. I will try to find it and put up a link. I think Donald Trump’s presidency is not long for this world, don’t you?

  8. I find this article fascinating and look forward to seeing how the astrology is Iived out on the world stage. Thank you. I am curious what might be coming up around December 6th, as my moon and Ceres are at 28 degrees Sagittarius . What part of my chart is this affecting? Would you have time to explain how this might impact me? Thank you again. I look forward to your articles.

    • Saturn conjunct your Ceres at 28 Sagittarius can only happen every 29 years and this is really about your travel, foreign, regional, educational, publishing or internet agenda. Of course two categories may cross over – there may be a specific foreign country and a web question involved. You are going to have to deal with the realities here. Take your time and take good advice. Ceres in Sagittarius is often about dividing your time, or sharing the controls in some way and it is common in the charts of flight attendants and people who go between countries or regions. It is also very common in those who are quite powerful when it comes to the whole field/business of travel, the worldwide web, academia, study/teaching and the book trade. It really depends what life path you chose. Deal with what is unavoidable or inevitable then move on. Just remember Mercury is retrograde in Sagittarius so it may not be until 10th January that this plays itself out to the last.

  9. Oh Jessica, I really feel for all my American friends during this difficult time. I have several friends that have experienced great distress since Trump gained power and I really hope this spells the end of all this as they are truly suffering. I too have been distressed as I worry about one in particular who has had a mild form of depression since Trump was elected. He is a very sensitive soul but I now have hope for him. I will encourage him to join as a member so he can read this article. I also have some of the same factors in my horoscope as The United States though and with 17 Leo, I received a shocking communication from a much younger close relative who has now blocked me from communication with her. She is a troubled soul and I would love to reach out to her to help her but can no longer do that which distresses me immensely. It was my Watergate moment. I also have 23 Taurus and 0 Capricorn so hoping you can guide me personally on what may affect me directly in the coming months. Thankyou for another amazing prediction. I always get excited when I see you have posted something new.

    • I am sorry about this younger relative. Many people are now going through the karma of the Node in Leo in their Fifth House, which rules younger faces, the next generation, heirs and spares. Donald Trump is going through it. You are going through it. When the Node appears we pick up karmic debts and credits. Trump is experiencing this privately with his daughter Ivanka and younger son-in-law Jared Kushner and his own son, Donald Trump Junior. Publicly it will all play out next year. For you, this younger relative is also ‘doing’ karma with you, or vice versa, as everything which has been given must be accounted for, and a proper karmic exchange or balance must be achieved. It takes time but this will be sorted out next year and then it’s done! Your 0 Capricorn factors are about work and you’ll know the story just before Christmas. Your friend with mild depression should be directed to the Black Dog website (a quick Google will take him there). Thank you.

  10. It somehow feels appropriate that Trump’s birthtime is fake! ;-) I’m fascinated by May and lots of astrologers seem to be focusing on that timeframe, so it will be interesting to see what comes of it. Have you looked at Pence’s chart? I am hoping that he will be removed along with Trump, I don’t like him any more than I like Trump.

    • Too funny. We don’t have any watertight birth details for Mike Pence either, but as he is part of ‘the system’ I suspect that Saturn (hard times) moving into Capricorn (the establishment) before Christmas will not be his best friend. I’m still fascinated by Aesculapius in all this, the ‘dead man/dead woman walking’ asteroid. And now they’re talking up Mitt Romney. Ghost who walks?

  11. Hi Jessica

    This is fascinating and I wonder how this will impact Australia since Turnbull has announced a royal commission into the banks and has expanded the terms of reference to include all things finance.

    May 2018 will be very interesting indeed!

    • The clue is in his name ‘Turn, bull’ and the Australian PM is also a Scorpio! He will play his part in exposing global corruption, money laundering and the rest. Watch him in May, June 2018 – the bull will turn.

    • This is the second time Donald Trump, or his staff, have changed his birth details for astrologers. July 14th was given to the New York authorities, not June 14th. The original birth certificate was also questioned, and it was changed. This is why I never use the Trump ‘horoscope’ any more, or even the one which replaced it. I use the American chart, and the American chart says – he is at the core of the biggest shake-up in the constitution the United States has ever seen. By 2020 it is a new country.

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