Uranus in Taurus Predictions

In this story I am going to look at specific dates about world finance, starting on the first day of Uranus in Taurus, May 16th 2018 until the cycle ends on April 26th, 2026.

Money is ruled by Taurus in the horoscope and also by Scorpio. Using those two signs it is possible to make accurate, dated predictions about the sharemarkets.

Prediction on this website dated August 17th, 2017 about December 3rd – almost four months into the future:

“You are going to see major financial and business stories near 3rd December. The reason for this is Jupiter (abundance) in Scorpio (dollars, pounds and euros). You will see this in your professional or personal life. We’re also going to receive major headlines about particular economies, currencies or trade deals – probably on Monday 4th December, the first business day after the Supermoon.”

So what happened next? This! The New York Post reported on 4th December, Stock market reaches record highs after Senate passes tax bill.

The New York Times validated the astrology prediction.

“The Dow Jones Industrial Average reached a record high on Monday, with banks and retailers surging and technology companies falling as investors realigned their portfolios in hopes of benefiting from expected corporate tax cuts.”


New York Stock Exchange Record High December 4th 2017

The Facts on Scorpio and Taurus

Scorpio and Taurus are 2000+ year-old symbols for wealth, but why? The ancients associated scorpions with the creatures who have sex, only to sting each other to death, or even eat each other alive. It was their little joke. In ancient times, money and property were linked to marriage and family mergers. Dowry, bride price and dynasty. Scorpio rules ‘what goes first’ in a divorce and it also rules what we inherit  in a legacy or leave to our godchildren.

Most commonly it is about the mortgage that goes with the marriage and the legacy or will that one spouse leaves to another, and often to the children. At its absolute darkest, Scorpio is about the life insurance discussions gay men have with each other if they are marrying but dealing with banks who need to know about their HIV risk. Scorpio can feel dark, forbidden, buried – as well as sexual. It’s about deals and contracts which are ‘until death do us part.’

Death is encoded in the root ‘mort’ which we also find in mortuary and morgue and morbid and mortality – sorry to be such a downer, dear reader, but Scorpio is about ‘death and taxes.’ If you’re a Premium Member, and you haven’t heard the Jupiter in Scorpio podcast yet, and you know you have Scorpio factors, you should probably listen. You may want to know how this planet and its 12-year cycle in Scorpio affects you.

In this story I am going to look at patterns in both signs to find the biggest changes.




Taurus – Similar to Scorpio but Different

Taurus is about the bull, as you know. Bulls were the ancient world currency. We talk about the stockmarket, well that’s the ‘stock’ of a prime breeding bull. We talk about our stocks rising and falling. We talk about ‘stocking’ cattle.

Taurus the bull is about gold bullion and the Bull Market. Sue Tompkins, the brilliant author and astrologer who is at the London School of Astrology, has written a great deal about this. Astrology is about association. Connection. Correlation.

Bulls are stubborn. They won’t yield. That’s why they have rings put through their noses. They still dig their heels in. We talk about ‘yield’ and ‘yielding on price’  and that’s essentially Taurean. We get capitalists, socialists and philanthropists with this sign strong in their personal birth horoscope. Do you have a Taurus stellium? More than three factors? Then you’re deeply affected by being rich and poor – but also, by the rich and poor. From May 2018 your life changes.

You know, astrology is the most rational (yet irrational) thing in the world. Built on what Carl Jung called ‘synchronicity’ it is alternative timekeeping. So, you end up with CNN Money using pictures of bulls, based on the Wall Street bull market association, for a piece on the Nasdaq. You can see this below. These people are not astrologers!

When Uranus, the planet which is associated with ‘the world turning upside-down’ enters Taurus in May 2018, if you have Taurus stuff in your chart, then a slow but relentless earthquake will shift your ideas about money, houses, apartments, shopping, charity, poverty, wealth – for years. Uranus is about world-flip. Your known world will flip, in slow-motion, because your chart says you need to know what is valuable. Only being rich or poor can teach you.


Astrology and the Nasdaq – Taurus the Bull.Astrology, Wall Street Prediction and Patterns



Uranus in Taurus Predictions  and the Dow

So, let’s go back to that accurate, validated prediction about the all-time high for the Dow.These are the patterns in the heavens from that crucial weekend of Saturday 2nd, Sunday 3rd December 2017.

Apollo 11 Scorpio semi-sextile Sun 11 Sagittarius
Jupiter 11 Scorpio trine Neptune 11 Pisces
Jupiter 11 Scorpio semi-sextile Sun 11 Sagittarius
Apollo 11 Scorpio trine Neptune 11 Pisces
Jupiter 11 Scorpio conjunct Apollo 11 Scorpio

Using this same technique – exact aspects and Roman-named asteroids – we can also predict the rest of the decade

That August Prediction: “Let’s Make a Deal on the December 2017 Supermoon

Quote from August 17th, 2017 on this website, before the GOP tax plan near December 3rd, 2017:

“We tend to see ricochet effects from unusual patterns like the one above. You might also call them ripple effects. It’s time to make a deal, on the back of another (bigger) deal which could be made by anyone from a President, to a Prime Minister, to a CEO. The big question on this Supermoon? How can I do so much more with the substantial amount of money I hold in my hands, so that I can create future growth and abundance?  In the world around you expect to see more focus than usual on year-end bonuses, annual profits, year-end mergers and so on. Okay, so this is about George Harrison’s Piggies. Capitalist pigs and bulging piggy banks. But – we could all gain.”

Prime Minister Theresa May and the Failed Brexit Negotiations

Also predicted August 17th about December 3rd, 2017 

“We are going to see a female political leader or CEO take centre-stage close to Sunday 3rd December. This may be obvious to us on the final working day of the previous week, Friday 1st December – or the following Monday, 4th December. This woman will hold in her hands the future of at least one currency, economy or sharemarket. This may be Brexit. Watch the Swiss banks closely near the  Supermoon of Sunday 3rd December as although they will be background issue – it’s a big one. This is not just about one woman’s choices affecting economies, sharemarkets or currencies – it is also about the role that Switzerland plays in the world’s finances!”

This is an interesting example of how astrology can get two messages about the same thing. Because – as you’re already no doubt seeing – this planet-changing Supermoon weekend also saw all major media outlets  reporting a Mueller investigation into Deutsche Bank and the finances of Trump.


Theresa May’s future in the stars


The Castration of Corporate White Males

Uranus rules castration. He lost his testicles and penis when his son Saturn cut them off with a scythe. When Uranus changes signs to Taurus (business) in May 2018 we will see a sudden, shocking castration of corporate white males. Of course it will be symbolic! But – they will be unmanned. Emasculated by a younger generation. How? Digital currency.

How else? Hacking. Uranus rules electricity and all new technology. Why? Because he was the father of lightning. Computers and smart phones are Uranian. In May 2018, high-technology will be used to emasculate the elders. In Taurus this is going to be about banks, credit cards, paper currency, coins, taxation, shares and the rest.

May Day is always a time for socialist, communist and anti-globalisation protest. May Day 2018 will be like no other.


Uranus is purple blue in colour, like electrical storms.

Three Days That Will Shake the World – May 14th, 15th, 16th 2018.

Sunday 14th May, Mercury (negotiation, press releases, contracts, paperwork) enters Taurus – the money sign. This is the global cue for some of the most important sharemarket, taxation and/or banking news of the year. This is a lunch time meeting in London. Maybe a private social gathering between politicians and bankers. Mercury moves into Taurus at 12.40pm. The Moon then enters Taurus at 6.15pm. Sunday in London (adjust for your time zone) is crucial.

All you astrological detectives out there might want to check out which functions and events are in store for that weekend. Because, something is going to go down.

Taurus the bull has long been associated with gold bullion and bull markets for obvious reasons.

Monday 15th May 2018 starts everything off. At 8.51am in London Mercury at 1 Taurus is semi-sextile Chiron at 1 Aries. At 7.26pm that night,  Mercury at 1 Taurus is semi-sextile Diana at 1 Aries.

Aries is the ram. Pushy, aggressive, assertive, energetic, confrontational. I know that most astrologers don’t use Diana, but she is a powerful little asteroid associated with independence.

This is about people going their own way and doing their own thing, about their money. They don’t want to join in. It’s a weird combination of stubborn behaviour around finance, property (Taurus) and sheer selfish aggression (Aries).

Tuesday 15th May 2018 is hugely important. Jupiter at 17 Scorpio (the deadly serious side of the money markets, mortgages and taxation) is opposite Bacchus at 17 Taurus (gold bullion, the bull market) at 2.00am, which sets the world up for the New Moon at 11.47am, London time, with the Sun at 24 Taurus conjunct the Moon at 24 Taurus. We then have the shock of Uranus entering Taurus at 3.16pm.

Bacchus is about bankers and gamblers who drink or take drugs. It is also about a money ‘high’ and it is about the madness of Wall Street at its coked-up best. You really have to wonder what’s ahead of us on Tuesday 15th May, into Wednesday 16th May, because it’s like Wall Street, the movie.

So this is a follower of Bacchus, whom the Greeks called Dionysus, photographed in the British Museum. This is what Wall Street is going to look like for some people very close to May 15th 2018. Is this person holding a Euro, a dollar, a pound or a Bitcoin?




Uranus is Essential Electrics – All Eyes on May 2018

Uranus is Essential Electrics, like this van I photographed in Melbourne, Australia in 2017. It is associated with lightning bolts and electrical storms, so there may literally be some memorable weather in mid-May with flash flooding, lightning strikes and so on. Astrology works in mysterious ways.

The number plate on the van is SHOCK and the last thing you expect to happen, is going to happen. It seems impossible, unthinkable. Yet – it influences our bank accounts, for years to come.

Why is the electricity of May 2018 essential? Because you’ve been in chains and you didn’t even know it. We all have. Ask yourself at what point borrowing money from people you did not know, became normal. For me it happened at school. Seriously. I was given a bank account at the age of nine. When did it happen for you? Borrowing is going to disappear, or borrowing is about to return, but with radical, exciting, shocking  new rules that finish off old banks.


Uranus rules shock and electricity.

Wednesday 16th May 2018 and the Mars-Uranus Square

Lots of astrologers have been talking with me about this one – the famous Mars-Uranus square of May 2018. Mars (heat, speed, friction, conflict, war) squares Uranus (shock, radical change, independence, freedom) in Aquarius, which rules groups like the United Nations, trade unions and other communities – at 7.03am on the morning of Wednesday 16th May. This completes a sequence, starting Sunday, which suggests ‘Three days that shake the world.’

Russia is strongly Aquarius and Uranus based. Russia will shake, as will their post-Communist economy, very close to May 16th, 2018. We will see a symbolic ‘castration’ of Vladimir Putin.

Trump, his male relatives and associates may lose their balls at the same time – by which I mean their golf balls. The Conservatives in Great Britain and Australia (the clue is in the name) may also be ‘castrated’ near May 16th, 2018 . Why? Because Uranus transits are about the old guard. The old gods.

There is always ‘the past cut away’ with Uranus. In mythology he had his penis and testicles cut off by his son. What we’re going to see in mid-May is a ‘castration’ of the older generation of white, male bankers and white, male politicians by younger people of all colours, classes and genders. Remember, Uranus rules shock. As I write this in December, it’s really obvious Bitcoin is on the march. This May 2018 outcome is even stranger than that, though. It is possible that the May Day protests we always see about the banking and taxation system will peak in the middle of the month and maybe W.B. Yeats was right about 2018, the way he was right about 1939 – Things fall apart, the centre cannot hold.

What to Do in May 2018

Astrology and history tell us what to do when Uranus is on the march. You let go! Be open. Be flexible. Do not stubbornly hang on to what was there before with your money, because it’s not going to last. Forget what you used to know about the traditional world of mortgages, credit cards, paper currency, taxation – because it’s not going to last.

The people who do best on Uranus transits, when this planet enters a brand new zodiac sign and stays there for years, are those who keep moving. They watch the way the wind is blowing! They don’t resist change. They don’t fear change.

The good stuff? Uranus will liberate us from a banking and taxation system that has enslaved us, even if we did not realise we were in chains. We will become free. Independent. Uranus transits typically shock us, then confront us, then challenge us – and with any luck, help  us realise how blind we were to the entrapment.

I photographed this at the Science Museum in London. This is actually about Mercury Retrograde, not Uranus in Taurus, but ‘the nervous system of commerce’ jammed on a major boom and bust by electric telegraph in October 1929.

There is no Mercury Retrograde in May 2018 but Mercury (computers, smart phones, the internet) in Taurus from May 14th to 29th will result in a frenzy of buying and selling on world sharemarkets.

Some will make a fortune. Why? Jupiter in Scorpio, the same month. He moves across 20-21 of Scorpio and will oppose Mercury very close to Saturday 26th May 2018. That’s a huge deal, probably on Friday 25th or Monday 28th May.


Uranus is castration.

Do You Have Scorpio or Taurus Personal Chart Factors?

Uranus shocks, confronts, challenges – because whatever goes down when he goes into a new sign, brings the distant future into the immediate present. May is going to be like that. Take a deep breath and embrace it. This is especially true if you have Taurus factors at 0 degrees of the sign. You are first in line for the revolution. If you have Scorpio factors at 20, 21 you could gain from the revolution.

If you only do one thing in May 2018, watch the financial news and update yourself as often as possible, as quickly as possible, about the way things are changing. Old, white, corporate males will be castrated. You’ll be affected.


Your Birth Chart

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Possible May 2018 Outcomes for the World Economy

Using astrology it is possible to predict that in May 2018 we might see –

Britain walk away from the EU towards No Deal. Shocking!
A Flash Crash on Wall Street.
A Flash Crash anywhere.
The end of at least one major bank, possibly more.
The end of household name corporations.
Major Bitcoin developments that either end it, or reboot it.
The arrival of new digital currencies to rival Bitcoin – born overnight.
The death or departure of an important politician  which affects the sharemarket.
The new hack of offshore tax, following Panama and Paradise Papers. The names will stun us. Who knew?

Let’s talk more on Twitter.


Uranus in Taurus Predictions – Astrology Dates to Watch to 2026

I am writing this on Thursday 7th December, 2017 peering about ten years into the future.

Back to 2018. I can see Pluto (a change in power) at 20 Capricorn which rules Presidents, Prime Ministers and CEOs. Ceres is at 20 Leo on June 2, 3, 4 and although the majority of astrologers ignore Ceres, I always use her.

Following a sharemarket shock close to May 14, 15, 16 there is a reshuffle at the top around June 2, 3, 4.

November 2018 – Jupiter 28 Scorpio trine Neptune 28 Pisces – champagne economy booms on big bubbles. It’s not going to last but while it’s there enjoy the unnatural high. Ceres enters Scorpio that month. Deals!

This whole period in 2018 feels like the ‘almost’ revolution. False alarm for one-world digital currency! Yet once we are into 2019 it’s real. Watch November, December 2018 and January 2019 with Ceres in Scorpio, though.

December 2019 – The Turning Point

Ceres in Capricorn, which rules big business and government. Jupiter. Saturn. Pluto. This is rare and it will permanently transform how corporations and politicians operate. With Uranus (revolution) in Taurus as well this looks like deconstruction and reconstruction at the White House, Wall Street, Downing Street and all other power centres.

Mercury is there for the paperwork, closures, mergers, start-ups, appointments, resignations and the rest, so we can nail this down to December 30th 2019 to January 16th 2020. The South Node is also in Capricorn so karma is at work. Capricorn is the mountain goat who climbs to the top (below) so skyscrapers and towers will come down or be built.


May, June 2021 – Ceres and Uranus in Taurus

Another furious period of deal-making. Jupiter enters Pisces in May as well, joining Neptune, so we are now moving into full-tilt virtual reality and virtual currency. As the financiers and bankers and politicians lose their grip on taxes, cost and also market price, we’re going to see a wild, weird and wired period of experimentation.

Jupiter goes back into Aquarius in 2021 just long enough to see the rise of ‘the people’s banks’ and ‘the people’s markets’ which will be like a cross between Paypal, eBay and Bitcoin, but in a truly 2021 version. Friends will trade with friends . Groups are where the buzz is. So this brings social media in too.

You can see how serious social media is becoming as Saturn moves into Aquarius too in 2021. These ‘communes’ of friends pursuing their own banks will realise that friendship costs.

Throughout this period Pluto in Capricorn continues so the deconstruction and reconstruction of the establishment goes on. There is a transfer of power away from those at the top, to the people.

This may come about from class action lawsuits or just jail terms for corporate or government crime. A radical change to a socialist model of government in the USA and UK would be another example of what pushes this along and much of it would come from the years 2018, 2019, 2020.

New technology powers the shift. In the same way that Air BnB threatened the hotel trade the new ‘banks of friends/banks of trade’ will threaten the banks as we know them today. You’d have to suspect the constant threat of hacking would also hit even legal tax-avoiders with reform on the way. No more offshore? Seems likely.

We are extremely likely to see ‘back-billing’ for major tax avoiders by governments 2018-2021.

The era of political donors may also end as the risk of corruption is too great.

You can see where this is taking us! Globally there is a swing to the left, and maybe the radical left, once Uranus moves to Taurus in May 2018. By 2021 when people power is pushing commerce, the old 20th century looks very old indeed.

I hope you can see that this new banking and business model of social-media led organisations (co-operatives and collectives) has its roots in the old crowdsourcing and crowdfunding. Groups of friends and acquaintances and not suit establishments, are the new reality of 2021, 2022, 2023 when Saturn is in Aquarius. By now Uranus will be halfway through his currency revolution.

January 2022 – South Node in Scorpio, North Node in Taurus

The Nodes are karma so given that Europe was central to the 1939 patterns across the global economy horoscope, you would have to say that the Second World War with all its financial and spiritual debts and credits, is back in 2022. With Ceres also in Taurus in January 2022, as well as Uranus, the first month of that year looks like D-Day for Europe. It’s not the first D-Day they’ve ever seen, but in its own way, for trade and currency, it’s like 1944 all over again.

May 2023 – Jupiter in Taurus – and Life to 2026

This is where life becomes really unusual. From May 2023, Jupiter (solutions, breakthroughs, growth, improvement) is in Taurus, the currency sign. The same month, Pluto moves to Aquarius for only the third month in our history. It doesn’t spend too long there, but May 2023 looks like an unforgettable month for these people-banks of friends.

As we go into 2024, Jupiter and Uranus continue in Taurus so the whole period will be full of booms, highs, surprises and new freedoms. We will look back at 2017, the year I am writing this – and wonder how we ever coped with dollars, pounds, euros, old-school taxes and banks lending us money – the old way.

There is a price to pay for all this, though, and Pluto in his new sign of Aquarius in 2025 is a stark reminder of how a group of social contacts and friends doing business with each other, can be just as powerful as a corporation. By the time 2026 rolls around, Uranus is nearly out of Taurus, but Chiron is almost on his way in. That’s another story!

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Dear Jessica, I have Uranus in 0 deg Scorpio and than I have north node in 23deg scorpio and south node in 23 Taurus. I don ‘ t know what is the main reason but last couple of years I think that my whole life is concern about three areas – having baby(without success (i know my saturn in leo plus stelium) and the value of my personality (what I am worth of as for work) and security as for money ( great stress for couple of years if i will have enough money for normal life- starting my iwn… Read more »

Hi Jessica

Thanks you for a great article which is absolutely fascinating.

I have been reading about crypto – currencies and block chain in particular and it’s other uses as a digital ledger of transactions for some time however never had the courage to invest in Bitcoin.

I have Taurus factors in Diana, Proserpina, Vesta, Bacchus and Desc and Scorpio factors in Asc and Hygenia. Is there any insight you can provide as to what I might expect.

Many thanks.

Thanks Jessica. One more question. Uranus conjuncting Vulcano and then my North node at 11 Taurus. How would I read that? Uranus in Taurus will about the same time square my sun at 12 AQ.

Wow Jessica. I’m going to keep this article close in the next year. With Neptune at 17 degrees in Scorpio I’m curious as to how the Bacchus opposition would impact my finances. I’m really looking at housing in 2018 and wondering if this Scorpio/Taurus aspect will help me financially or to really skip this time period. I’m so excited for a turnaround this coming year and am keeping a close eye on crypto currencies.

Hi Jessica!

I have my Taurus sun at 1 degrees. My Scorpio in Uranus at 24 degrees, what will this mean for me?

Thank you!

Dear Jessica
This article is incredible , I am in shock. You are amazing!
I. have learned a lot! I have to – with my large Taurus stellium containing major planets and with Uranus 3 degrees Scorpio square DSC and Leo Mars.
i have to gain insight and you helped me a lot!

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