2018 Love Horoscope

What does your 2018 Love Horoscope have in store for your love life ? Pisces could easily become engaged. Scorpio needs to stop working so hard. Leo has choices about children to make.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Jessica.

Can you tell me more about my 2018 please? I’m married to a Gemini and we have kids. Not planning on having any more at my age :)

Thank you!

Jessica, thank you for writing this article, I have been waiting for the stars to align in this area, as a single mom of one I wonder, Is this blind ambition or is 2018 my year?

My karmic debt I have identified is with a married man. To date we are platonic, we work in the same circles, he is older than me, The intensity of the energy is crushing. Maybe its fear, I just stay physically far away from him. Miles, terrritories, far physical distances and when I’m in the same room with him, I feel home and complete unconditional love. However in the non physical realm I contemplate , do I owe the karmic debt with Saturn at 7 degrees Aquarius? Or does his Saturn Leo at 4 degrees with Sun Virgo at 12… Read more »
Hello Jessica, My wife of 20 years and I are both Scorpio. My wife really wants a house, and I’ve agreed that we could in the second half of next year after renting for some time as long as we can find the one we want. I’m considering work options as I’ve previously written to you about, and a slower pace to focus on health and our youngish family is one of the options. I feel like a house in the next two years might be more financially advantageous to us but our relationship might be better served by getting… Read more »

Will my 4 decade stuck marriage end, can we clip the chains that bind us?
North Node 17 Gemini, Uranus close in degree in 7 th house, how do I break through fear and pull the preassure valve? I tell myself I do not want a divorce.

Karma? Saturn in Leo. Any insight to assist me in seeing what is to be would be greatly appreciated.

Dear Jessica, As a new Premium Member, my compliments to you and the work you do. Thank you! I am an American who has lived in Rome, Italy for the past 30 years and am married to an Italian (Gemini sun/Leo asc born 17 June, 1966), we have 2 children. During the Saturn transit in Sagittarius in August 2015, I found out that he had been unfaithful with a Scorpio woman. Since then, I have gone through a huge transformation (physically, I have lost 32 kg and have become strong through weightlifting…emotionally, I have invested 2 1/2 years in therapy… Read more »

Hi Jessica,
What a way to start the next year – lots of hope for us all! I’m not going to lie, I’m a hopeless romantic and single but it’s funny, I’ve relocated back home a few months ago and I’ve just felt like this is the time for me to ‘settle down’. I don’t know why I feel that way but it’s just in my gut – fishy intuition. Not sure if it’s a past lover or someone new. At Christmas, I drew the marriage coin from the Christmas pudding! A prediction to the year ahead!

Wow, thank you Jessica, interesting reading!
So, December has been about talking through our divorce, my husband is struggling with this still. I want to get the ball rolling next month. I think you may recall his drinking problem. I have had a terrible few years.
But…..a family friend living overseas contacted me in October, I’ve completely fallen for him, another man was the last thing on my mind. The only birth details I have are, 29th April 1964.

I just think he’s the one Jessica.

Hi Jessica.Thank you for such a powerful article. What you wrote for Virgo resonates with me. :( The situation with a narcissistic Aries spouse has turned me into a hermit resigned from the world, and I dive deeply into spirituality for survival. It is frightening to think of starting a brand new life at this point. Can you see anything in the stars to guide me please?

Dear Jessica, I am divorced since 1996 and single from every aspect since 2008. The specific field was deserted. At any rate there was none temptation so that I would think about. I have two children. My focus was on work (diplomat ). I think I’m doing well with the solitude. However I’ve started wondering what are the chances to create a long lasting affair. Sun 22° Libra Moon 27° Leo Mercury 17° Scorpio Venus 22° Scorpio Mars 11° Cancer Jupiter 28° Sagittarius Saturn 12° Capricorn Uranus 24° Leo Neptune 08° Scorpio Pluto 07° Virgo Chiron 27° Aquarius Ceres 15°… Read more »

Hi Jessica, this website is a treasure trove of information that just keeps flowing. Thank you. I was wondering if you could throw some light on specifics that you may spot in my chart as potential or opportunities in this space. I’m single and was, till recently, in a year long relationship that does not have any future.

This is a nice New Year’s present for us all – especially for me! “Love” this – all of it. You are on point as far as travel goes, as I have imagined finding a romance outside of where I live. I have applied to study/teach abroad (in Greece, my second home) through Fulbright for the year 2019. I am curious as to how you see “love” panning out with my chart – and even more curious as to why you think it will be just a romance and not much more? Or, maybe more? Based on my chart? Hope… Read more »
Happy new year, Jessica! I hope it’s a good one for you! I’ve been following your forecasts for about 3 years and have been intrigued by the accuracy of your “former, current and potential partner” influences in my life. The last couple of years have been a rollercoaster for me, and have made me question my beliefs about who I am, my marriage, my role as mother, where I want to live, and what to do with old hurts. I’ve been living down under since 1996/7 but the motherland (and an old friend) is pulling me back… Therapy this year… Read more »

Great article Jessica and best wishes for the year ahead! This year has been amazingly rewarding in terms of introspection and self-created happiness. I’ve been single for a year and child-free. What can you tell me about 2018 and my personal relationship? Will I have the opportunity to co-create with -hopefully- a soul mate? Many thanks.

Hi Jess, attached Taurean for a long time to a Gemini but I wish to be single and free but am scared to do so for certain reasons. Is divorce/separation a likely possibly in 2018 with little volatility? Will I ever find a loving companion have had snakes so far ? Thanks

By the way you are absolutely right about living in my head about romance. When I read your love post your words nailed what I’ve been doing for years, fantasies in my head about a partner, love and happiness but none of it is really sadly. Thanks again

Thank you for this love treat Jessica. I am currently single with 4 grown children. Your outline for single Virgo is intriguing in that it looks like a Should I Stay or Should I Go now dance. Based upon my current circumstances (no job, no prospects), how will this 2018 love forecast impact me. I have been single for so long, not sure how to begin to envision a special someone. Happy New Year to both yourself and your wonderful team!

Hi Jessica, I just posted a comment but am not sure if it ‘took’ as I wasn’t logged in at the time. Anyway just wanted to say that the ebook portion about personal planets really resonated with me – especially the woman with venus in Gemini and MC plus Mars in Aquarius portions. I was just wondering if there are careers that are more suited to certain planets in certain positions and what the might be for me as feeling a little lost in that direction currently. sun and mercury cancer moon and Uranus libra asc, venus and saturn Gemini… Read more »

Hi Jessica
My scorpio son a workaholic. Still single middle aged, no kids
What can you see for him in 2018..thank you
I am a Leo, single.
A premium member. What does 2018 hold in store for me..
Thank you and a happy new year 2018 to you.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Jessica to you and your family,
Thank you so much for these beautiful intellectual articles!! I am trying to digest Cap II, it is fascinating!

Okay following your instructions: I am single! So what’s up with my love life; or is it simply bad luck:) will I have Taurus man long distant love restricted by powerful influence? Morales and ethics are high on my list; is it about that? Thanks

Happy New Year Jessica,
I am single, a sun sign Libra but have a lot more factors in Sagittarius & Scorpio. What will love be like for me in 2018?

Dear Jessica,
2018 certainly sounds like the relief that is required. I really like the idea of mind, body, spirit rejuvenation. I certainly don’t have plans for children, although I am getting a new dog this week who has been seized from abusive owners,( so a strong mind, body, spirit recovery theme) and i guess that she counts as a fur child. I am single and would love to know what opportunities lie in my path this year!
Happy 2018 to you!

Hi Jessica I have been seperated from my husband for the last four months and I don’t see us particularly getting back together…I felt like I had to get out of the relationship even though he was my best friend…would love to hear what you see for me. I have a sag moon. Apreciate any guidance or input. Thank you “Happy New Year” to you :-)

Any chances of better life with a two decade stuck marriage? He’s a Taurus. One kid is off to college, and one to high school. Been a mom and dependent mostly but would love some independence and vitality.

Hi Jessica A very Happy New Year to your and for all the brilliant work that you do.. I look forward to each new year. So being a Scot, Hogmannay has to be celebrated and the new year greeted in a positive way. I am a gay woman and have been with my partner (Sagittarius) for nearly ten years…no children and we don’t live together, its how I like it! Just wondering what challenges I may have in 2018 concerning my love-life which can be lack lustre/not passionate but do love them as a companion moreso than a lover! Thank… Read more »

Merry Christmas Jessica and happy New Year as well. Can you tell me what my love life would be like in 2018? Will I finally settle down and start a family. I just turned 40 and the past 5 years have been rough in regards to relationships.

Hi Jessica, i was reading your predictions and felt a little scared. I’m not really into long distance or internet cause i’ve being doing that stuff and know it doesn’t work for me. I’m looking for stability. As I’m a premium member, can you look at my chart briefly?
Thank you very much and have nice holydays!

Hi Jessica Thank you for your wonderful posts! My husband and I have finally found a house to buy right before Christmas and we are currently in the process. It will change a lot of our routine as it is further away from my job but also could be really great. We are nervous but hopeful it is the right move for our little family. We spent most of 2017 trying to plan and make this big decision. In your posts you mention Pisces and children as a big theme. This makes me nervous since our new home is very… Read more »
Wow Jessica – a positive outlook for Gemini singles in 2018! Happy New Year! So glad to see this. I have been single and childless by choice for a very long time and have also been caring for my elderly parents while working part-time which has been my focus over the last year and will probably be in the next year too. There doesn’t seem to be time or energy to focus on personal relationships. I work in charity fundraising and was very successful at this at the charity I work for in 2016, not so successful in 2017, so… Read more »

Happy (almost) new year to you Jessica! Another great article from you thank you!! Would be most grateful to you if you could look over my chart and give me some additional insights. Single, no children. x

Hi Jessica,
As a Capricorn I always hear about work, career, money, properties but My soul is looking for love constantly. I don’t know what part of my horoscope has such a strong will. However it seems that my path has been trimmed completely from any male coming into my life. Recently I met a single Sagittarius that I deeply feel connection with but there has been no progress although I feel he has feeling for me. Will there be any chance for us to get connected? I appreciate your help. This is very important for me.

Happy New Year Jessica. Thank you for all your posts and insights for 2017 and thank you for answering my questions.

My husband is a cancer 19/7/69 1.30pm.
We have been married 25 years and have two children 11 and 13. Scorpio and Libra respectively.

Any insights or guidance would be appreciated.

Hi Jessica, Happy New Year to you and yours! Like many others I’ve had a difficult and life changing year. I am so ready for positive change in 2018. Any insight into the year ahead for me personally would be helpful and much appreciated.

Hi Jessica. I am so glad to be a premium member, I learn so much from your articles and always enjoy your song references! I have been reading up on Saturn in Capricorn because it will square my libra sun pluto mars three times in 2018 and I’m dreading it! Will you have a look at my chart and give me an idea of what to expect? I’ve been in my current place of work since August 2016 and was recently promoted but am not sure if it’s what I really want to do or where I want to be.… Read more »

Hi Jessica,

Can you help me to see what is going on in my love life. I was married at a young age, which didn’t last and so I am worried about committing again. I have an Aries partner of 12 years his dob is 17.04.72. You mention travel or a big move, which goes beyond a holiday? and is it possible to say if this would this be the year for a great marriage?
With love, Clairex

Happy New Year Jessica. Thank you for all the years of deep insight I have gained from your website posts and forecasts. I would like some insight about an ex-partner/ex-lover and the future. His birth information is February 13, 1954 born at 12:00 AM in Jackson, Mississippi, USA. Thank you for the continued valuable meaning and insight you provide on your site.

Happy New Year Jessica and thank you for all of the great posts. I am in a transition period. My daughter who is my only child has moved away to another state for college. I am not in a relationship and am now feeling some freedom enough to be open to marriage and partnership. I am a Taurus and you are right on the money with this forecast. I have been in theory and for the last seven years educated myself out of marriage. I think it is a good idea to shift out of that mode. What does my… Read more »
Well as I sit here in the UK waiting for the clock to tick over to 2018, I have not (for a long time that I can remember) been so excited about 2018 and so relieved to see the back of 2017. I have been a single mum, really since 2008 yes a couple of lovers have passed through my life, but have not stuck. Mostly due to me and my son, and our life together. I have to say I have largely given up on love for myself. It has been hard with Ascendant Libra, in fact so many… Read more »

Hi Jessica,
Wondering if you can give me more information on my career opportunities and if something concrete will be coming up soon that I can get excited about. Also, a view into my personal relationship and if it will lead to commitment? I am involved with a Gemini man (June 16th 1963), we’ve been together for 3 yrs. Thank you!

Happy New Year Jessica & team !! As usual, l have enjoyed reading your lastest posts :) & extra information via membership. Thank you for all the information. I can relate ti so much of it & am really hoping 2018 brings a much needed changes to my love & work life. I am single & my daughter will be moving a few hours away to attend 1st year university. Do you think there might be some action in my life since I will be on my own ? So hope so, lol. Thank you x

Happy & healthy New Year to you & your fabulous team Jessica. My partner of 9/10years (24/11/73 SA. Australian. born noon’ish) & I (22/6/71 Nth Is. NZ.born early morning) are looking at IVF embryo saving soon then placement for pregnancy in 2019. My wonderful partner is going through a nutritious diet to detox of heavy metals & pray for healthy bacteria back into his gut. He is also trying to slow work down with more time for himself and us. Will we conceive our miracle child or will we have to look at surrogacy, adoption, other options? Also, work wise,… Read more »
Hello Jessica, Happy New Year to you and yours. I am child-free, legally single and ‘discontentedly’ settled with an Aries – an we live in our separate homes. Clearly I would like the “discontent” gone. Through my own fidelity (and lack of pluck) I cruelled the opportunity of a new relationship with a friend of long-standing (a Taurean) a couple of years back, and still hanker for her and what might have been. Vocationally 2017 was particularly bruising to my Capricorn moon; and none of us are getting any younger. I am beginning to wonder that fulfilment in love and… Read more »
Happy New Year dear Jessica! Thank you for all your Posts and insights, which have helped me! I am in a Transition period, because I am leaving soon Germany, in a month time, as you well predicted, to go to another Country, my home Country, for work reasons. In the last 7- 8 years, I have had not that much luck in love, most of the time beeing single. Can you give me some insights, how my love life is going propably look like in 2018 to 2019! D.O.B – 4 nov.1976 – I am a Premium Member too! Thank… Read more »

Hi Jessica, Happy 2018 to you! I was hoping you’d write something on love in 2018 and was delighted to see such an informative article on the site. I’m currently a (child-free) singleton (for the past 4 years or so) and am curious to hear what the cosmos has in store for me as its been a dry desert thus far after a long and tumultuous relationship. Love to hear your insights into the love stuff in my chart
Thank you and all the best to you.

Happy New Year Jessica! This start of the year feels both light and heavy at the same time for me..I feel like the year will bring me amazing things but the full moon on 1 Jan (I’m in Asia) is precisely on my sun which is at 11 Cancer. I sat outside staring at the moon and thinking about stuff for 5 mins! My feelings are running deep also because there is an Aries guy I feel so much for – His birth date is 21 March, 1992, and he’s quite the typical Aries as this year for him is… Read more »
Hi Jessica, I like this guy, and from the little I know about his chart, I noticed a few things. I have my North node at 12 Scorpio, and he has his moon at exactly that. I have Pluto at 10 libra and he has Uranus at exactly that. I have Ascendant and Dc at 0 degrees, and he has his N Node and Sn at 0, mine is Scorpio his is Pisces though, if it matters. He’s a Scorpio sun with a ton of planets in Scorpio including Jupiter, I’m pretty sure he’s a Capricorn Ascendant. I’m actually interested… Read more »

Hello jessica,
I’ve had a torrid on/off time with an Aquarian over the last year and am now a little battered and I guess single again! As a Scorpio the house/workload issues in the forecast don’t entirely tally with my current dilemmas, but perhaps they will. Anyway any guidance or insight from my chart would be very much appreciated to help deal with the muddle.
Thanks so much and happy new year to you…

What an inspiring Website! Thank you Jessica! Greetings from Austria! After quite a long relationship I’m single since over10 years, no kids, and sometimes wondering if I’ll ever manage to have a relationship again. I have a platonic friendship with a man (Capricorn, Cancer AC) who is in a relationship. Spirituality became a big theme in my life, and writing. Wishing you a wonderful New Year!

Hi Jessica thanks for the horoscopes, as a permanent Singleton I’m looking to know if 2018 will bring some happiness into my love life! I’ve had a series of intense but non committed situationships for years but never anything I could call a proper relationship. I always seem to be more invested than the man. I read for both Aries and libra (rising sign) and interesting you mentioned relocation/travel romance is a strong possibility with Sagittarius factors (I have a stelium in Sagittarius). Would love to know what you see for romance in my chart. Thanks!

Happy New Year! (I’m just reposting this, can understand you having to answer a loooot of questions from others).

I don’t care much for any new love/romance in 2018 for myself (I’m legally single and child-free) and my overall reading sounds fabulous and strikes a chord re: the web. However, I just saw another member asking for an insight about their former lover, and realised that I would like to know the same. His details are 31 October 1979, Dhaka, Bangladesh. I think he is in some form of a relationship. I don’t have his birth time though.

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