Aquarius 2018 Eclipse Weather

The Aquarius 2018 Eclipse weather is coming. In astrology, Aquarius rules groups of friends and acquaintances who come together for a cause. It may be your local football team. It may be a political party. If you have Aquarius chart factors you may be personally affected by the blind spots and cover-ups to come. Even if you don’t, you still need to be aware of the eclipse dates, as the Sun and Moon’s unnatural behaviour in 2018 will also see some unnatural mysteries on the world stage.

Eclipses don’t reveal, they conceal. This photograph (below) looks rather like the pupil of an eye affected by strange light patterns. Well, that’s a good image to remember for any eclipse period. Your line of vision is not what it should be. It won’t just be you – the whole world will be ‘flying blind’ at such times. Using astrology, though, you’ll know exactly when you need to be far more wary of what comes to pass with groups, and friends, both of which are ruled by Aquarius.



Aquarius 2018 Eclipse Weather Starts 31st January

On Wednesday 31st January 2018 we have a Total Lunar Eclipse as the Full Moon falls opposite the Sun in Aquarius, the sign which rules people power, groups and diversity. On the same day, Ceres is also opposite the Sun in Aquarius. Then, remarkably, Mercury changes signs to Aquarius.

This is the beginning of some intense Aquarius weather for 2018 which will affect you, if you have Aquarius factors in your birth chart – and the people around you, who are strongly Aquarian (they may have three or more factors in Aquarius in their personal horoscope). Even Aquarian countries like Australia and Iran, both ‘born’ in February, will be part of this Aquarius 2018 weather.

Do You Have Aquarius 10, 11, 12 Factors?

If you have Aquarius 10, 11, 12 degree factors in your chart, then very close to Wednesday 31st January there will be a cover-up or dramatic absence of facts, about a friend and a related group. Why? The Sun is at 11 Aquarius opposite Ceres at 11 Leo. The Sun is also at 11 Aquarius opposite the Full Moon at 11 Leo. This is also a Total Lunar Eclipse.

People Born on 31st January, 1st February – Harry Styles
If you were born on 31st January or 1st February, then your Sun is at 11 Aquarius or very close by. Harry Styles is a good example of this kind of Aquarian. This is the zodiac sign most associated with groups and he has been in two – One Direction, but also the ensemble cast for Dunkirk. There is a mystery around Harry Styles at the end of January 2018. It may become obvious – something is missing or not fitting – or he may be prominent in the news then, but nobody has a clue about what is really going on behind the scenes in his life. Eclipses are just what you might expect: nobody can see! They are neither good nor bad within themselves. For all we know, Harry Styles may be plotting a major charity event (Aquarius rules humanitarian causes) at the end of January 2018, or secretly planning to join a new band. You really have to take the whole birth chart apart to see what is being triggered. Iran, for example, shares the same birthday as Harry, within a degree. (Nations have births too). Her chart is undoubtedly serious and critical, now to 2020, so what happens in Iran as January ends and February begins will chime with a cover-up which masks difficult transformation.

Eclipses are Cover-Ups – From Diana and Prince William to Princess Grace

To give you an example of the kind of cover-up or mystery that eclipses can bring, think back to 1982 when we had seven of them. In that year Princess Diana was pregnant with Prince William and secretly threw herself down the stairs, in front of Her Majesty the Queen – according to her biographer Andrew Morton, who was given tapes for his book by Diana. In 1982, Princess Grace (who befriended Diana) passed away. Another mystery typical of a heavy eclipse year. This Press Association photograph from 1981, the year before, says so much. The eclipses are a year away.



Eclipses and Conspiracy Theories

1982 was sadly the year that Grace Kelly (Princess Grace of Monaco) passed in a tragic car crash. Questions linger about her daughter Stephanie being the driver (she has denied this) but also about Kelly’s possible cult membership just before she died. 1982 also saw proven cover-ups involving The Falklands War and another strange mystery – the disappearance of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s son Mark. Information on him is still classified. Eclipses are unnatural and unusual. They often work two ways. So, for example, when Princess Diana was deceiving the public by playing the happy wife and mother, she was also being deceived by Prince Charles and Camilla.

Aquarius Weather in 2018 and Eclipses

Beyond the January 31st eclipse we have another on February 15th at 27 Aquarius – the Sun and Moon line up in the same sign and degree. There is another one, quite dramatically, on July 27th 2018 when the Moon is at 4 Aquarius opposite the Sun at 4 Leo. This Lunar Eclipse is another cover-up or full-blown mystery.

What happens around February 15th is personal if you have Aquarius factors in your birth chart at 26, 27, 28. Similarly, the situation around July 27th will affect you more deeply if you have Aquarius factors at 3, 4, 5. What you will experience is a patchy, unclear situation – you will be on the receiving end – but you may also be deliberately covering things up too, depending on your full personal chart. The area for this unclear situation is Aquarian in nature. So – friends, clubs, teams, bands, political parties, secret societies, associations, communities, communes, and all networks which involve friends. I really like this eclipse photograph (below) because it shows the impact on a group of you. So, what are the rules of eclipses?

The Eclipse Rules

The Eclipse Rules are – avoid judgment calls or big action plans the day before, the day of – and the day following – an eclipse. Why? Even if your chart is not directly affected, there will be a chain reaction of blind spots and cover-ups right around the world. With this kind of ‘weather’ it is far more likely that life will be confused and confusing. If you see headlines about rock bands or sports teams on these eclipses, or political parties (all Aquarian groups) – ask questions!

What is Repeating in Your Life? Aquarius Weather 2018

For my world predictions, filed last year, please look here.

In your own life, The South Node in Aquarius brings back familiar faces – in Aquarius, we would have to say this is old friends, but perhaps old groups you were once a part of. In 2018 you may find a blast from the past coming back. An old ‘friend of a friend’ would be typical. If you left a trade union or political party, charity or (even) a bridesmaid line-up the last time the Node was in Aquarius, or you had other Aquarius weather – well. In 2018 maybe it’s time for final closure.

You may literally have an old, old friend walk back into your life so that you two can finish something you never truly closed.

Patterns repeat too. So, there may be a theme or symbolic story unfolding for the second or even the third time in your life in 2018, involving friendships or groups. It’s really worth watching your chart if you have Aquarius factors to see it pan out.

Your Aquarius Factors at 0-15 Degrees in 2018

The Node moves from 15 Aquarius as I write this on 10th January 2018, all the way back to 0 Aquarius, before it vanishes on 6th November. If you have Aquarius factors at 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 – then watch the Node as it moves across Aquarius at those degrees (there is always a list showing this on the front page of this website).

Sometimes you will only see the North Node in Leo mentioned on astrology websites and in books. It is always exactly opposite the South Node in Aquarius at the same degree, so if you see a day when the Node in Leo is at 9, assume the other Node opposite is in Aquarius at 9.

Aquarius-Leo Issues in 2018

Astrology is ancient and the zodiac sign Aquarius goes all the way back to Rome. An Aquarius was the water-bearer who supplied the communal baths (like the famous pool in Bath, pictured) and other community centres. When you go swimming and find yourself in the water with all ages, sizes, classes, colours and genders –that’s Aquarius. Leo is the King or Queen who has a private swimming pool in the palace nearby. Yet, without the people in the communal baths, Leo is nothing. You can’t rule without the people. These are the central Aquarius-Leo issues of 2018 which you will see played out around the world but perhaps in your own life too.

Just avoid making your mind up, or taking dramatic action – particularly if involves a group, club, team or ‘hive mind’ enterprise like crowdsourcing – when those Aquarius or Aquarius-Leo eclipses unfold. And watch for major cover-ups involving The Olympics – there’s a tip!


An Aquarius fed Roman communal baths.



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Hi Jessica, I’m a Cancerian and always aware of full moons, let alone eclipses. This eclipse is conjunct Psyche in my chart, the last full moon on 2 January was conjunct my MC and Mercury. I just knew something would happen and it did. By coincidence, I met a former lover, on 1 January. It was an on off relationship because he wouldn’t commit and I’m careful around him nowadays. We had a brief chat, I love you, I love you he repeated several times. Since then we have had a couple of phone conversations, I’m still careful as he… Read more »
Thank you for the south node discussion. I was un aware of the importance of this. This is interesting to read, as this period of time I am going through transit Pluto conjunct my ascendent. ( a topic Again I do not understand and have not found a cleat define meaning on the transformation). Jessica may I please ask if you could try to bring the south node meaning ( of past life) and explain how my natal charts plants of Aquarius have these (natal Venus at 15deg. Chiron at 4 deg. And mercury at 2 deg.). Jessica I have… Read more »
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