The Aquarius Birthday Horoscope 2018-2019

Karmic rewards and all the healing you have given others in your life will be returned to you. By 2019, you will be in a much stronger position, physically, mentally and spiritually.

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Hi Jessica

Great insight and your blogs are always great to read and shows your vast wisdom and mastery of the Astrology

Just wants to know about stability in my health (one medical issue leading to other), financial security and owning a house (had relocated a few times)

As u mentioned in January Capricorn horoscope about scorpio factors at 20,21,22 and I got Vesta 22° Scorpio 27′ 52″ So my lucky breakthrough is coming around 30th January


Hi Jessica , I hope you could see this.
Thank you for this most wanted post.
It is about a friend’s son, born 30/1/1992 Colombo 11:54am
He has a relationship with a woman much older and she has 2 children plus there is a former partner as well. Mother is worried about her son in this mix. How is this relationship going to go?

The boy is so smitten by her.

Thank you for anything you could tell me


HI Jessica, Quick question. You state: ” The Node is associated with karmic rewards.” Is this the North Node or South Node? Would one’s natal placement of the North Node indicate where there are karmic rewards? Or only transits to the North Node? Thank you!!!

Hi Jessica
Thank you for the birthday forecast. I’ve just started learning about astrology and your website is so incredibly informative. I’ve just moved to my country of ancestry which has been my dream for a long time. But how do my astrological aspects look for finding work? I work in the healthcare industry. Thank you.

Dear Jessica,
Thank you for this detailed article. Was looking forward to it. I’ve tried to ask several times about improvements in love but never got your attention. Could you please take a look?
The eclipses, Jupiter transits, and all the activity never triggered my empty 7th house. Been entangled in what I know are karmic patterns; is there any moving forward soon?

Thank you Jessica for sharing this.

It seems the year that to come will be quite on the introspective and the spiritual. This sounds a bit scary to me but the outcome sounds highly positive !

Yet, as of today, my main focus is my work as I am launching a new business. Do you have any views on this ?

Thank you

Hi, I’m mystified by your focus on the node in Cancer for 2018, when it doesn’t enter Cancer until November 2018, though I acknowledge you say it won’t play out till end of 2019. Wouldn’t it be very important for Aquarians that the node is in Leo most of 2018, its opposite sign, with the south node in Aquarius? What would this signify? This Leo-Aquarius nodal axis will touch Aquarians charts directly via conjunction & opposition — at least those born before 15 January, given that the node starts the year at about 15 degrees Leo and takes until November… Read more »
Thank you Jessica for such a welcomed good read. I always look forward to your articles. Late 2016 and 2017 were very trying and difficult times for me. I went through a “surprise” breakup with a longtime partner (8 Aug 1973 USA) and lost a close family member to cancer. I feel like I have spent the last few months trying to sort everything out. On January 11th, I accepted a new job and start on the 29th. On a side note, I work in the healthcare industry. Can you provide any insites to my chart please? I’m hoping this… Read more »

Hi Jessica!

I read this forecast with a weird mix of excitement, apprehension, sadness and relief.

I have very recently broken up with my partner of 4 years. It was a mutual split, respectful and caring, but obviously still painful. I have started a new role at work, have a 7 year old son and am caring for my elderly father.

Do you have any suggestions as to what I should be doing to move forward, and how the NN will help me do so?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Jessica
What are your thoughts on true node/ mean node matters? My north node is either very late Cancer or very early Leo. Mercury and Saturn are in early Aquarius so just trying to apply your overview of the upcoming astrological weather for my chart.

Thank you Jessica, I feel like I’ve be a Nurse/Caregiver all of my life. People usually say that I’m very maternal. In fact my Mom was in the hospital recently and prior to her getting her room she was in the emergency room with countless patients I realized a few days after how I helped people or got help for them, I pretty much took over and it comes naturally. I just find that I’m their for so many people because I want to be and at 58 it’s hardly reciprocated. What’s up with that?

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