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Sun Sign Astrology – The Elephant in the Room
My name is Jessica Adams. I am a Sun Sign horoscope columnist and I work in a branch of astrology which is the elephant in the room. Everyone in our profession knows it’s there. Everyone knows it’s noisy and enormous. Yet after nearly 90 years of its popular existence, nobody in our profession seems to know what to do with it. Sun Sign work continues to be treated like Babar banging around in the bathroom. And nobody. (Astrological Journal)

Business Intuition: The Little Sage speaks with Jessica Adams

Jessica Adams on Explore Your Spirit with Kala Radio
On this episode of the Explore Your Spirit with Kala Show, Kala speaks with Jessica Adams, the astrologer for Cosmopolitan magazine and author of three astrology books. Her new book is Modern Astrology.

Psych on Psychics: Jessica Adams (Astrologer)
Joelene Pynnonen and Belinda Hamilton talk to astrologer, Jessica Adams, about life and the stars.

Your 2012 Chinese Horoscope from Jessica Adams
Respected Australian Astrologer Jessica Adams charts your 2012 Chinascope – the Chinese Astrology Horoscope.

Your Six Month Chinese Horoscope from Jessica Adams
There are only six months to go before the Year of the Dragon ends and the Year of the Snake begins. What’s in store for your Chinese zodiac sign? And how has your year been to date? 10 August 2012

Astrologers’ Secrets with Jessica Adams
Here are some of the tricks of the trade – the stuff that astrologers talk about over lunch. I’m happy to pass it on to you!

Mysterious Astrologer Jessica Adams: Secrets and Advice
Jessica Adams’ article on

The Horoscope Junkie – Jessica Adams
Star struck!  What’s in store for 2012. Horoscopes, Astrology and Psychic prediction from renown astrologer Jessica Adams

Life and Love in 2012. Jessica Adams Vogue Horoscope
Vogue Australia’s astrologer Jessica Adams charts the new year for your life and loves in 2012.

Top 100 Horoscopes for 2012 – Jessica Adams
Jessica Adams horoscope for 2012 ranks 9th place amongst world wide astrology predictions for 2012.